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  1. Finally got round to finishing both your saves in fm20. Truly epic.
  2. That's okay then sorry another random question does the team have to have no manager or can you replace said manager
  3. What's the rule on a newly promoted team that last year fixture list had friendlies and one cup game in the 1st round. Still okay go proceed said team??
  4. Finally caught up with this thread it's a challenge that's I've never really attempted fully. Had a small half arsed attempt in fm20 with barwell that went horrible wrong. Sadly with my MacBook being too old doubt I'll get fm21 unless I get a new laptop. If touch was spec less then I might be able to attempt it on there. I'm guessing it'll have to be attempted on a older version even though I prefer 17.. I guess I'll load up 20 and give it ago. What sort of tips would people give someone new to this challenge. I normally like to be teams that are in a little insecure countrie
  5. This year will be the first year that I won't be buying FM since fm10 at least due to MacBook being too old and can't run the latest version so I'm wondering if the specs is differt for touch. If it not then I guess I'll have to try the Xbox version and play an older version on the MacBook
  6. After not been getting into a save for a few editions i thought i'd go for something a bit different and start off with a big club. It's something i dont normally do. So i thought i'd give this a shot of trying to take united back to the top. First Season. Transfers - Not much happened in this department, near enough straight away matic forced a move away, after trying to find a replacement with 35m pound budget i lost out on a few players but brought in Van De Beek in the end. Tactics 3 tactics ive set up are a 4411, 442 and 4141 Was going to played 442 but martial a
  7. It's getting get frustrating I have to save every week now so I don't lose too much. As it's annoying to keep doing it if it crashes. Yeah it's done well and tbh it's struggled since fm17 for me but I only use it for FM so can't bring myself to buy a new machine to justify it just for FM
  8. I'm on a 2011 Mac and I get these crashes quite a few times in a session. I think it's just the Mac getting older and not able to run FM as efficiently. It tends to happen more of i leave FM open in the background for a bit then go to it.
  9. We finally register a win in october just before the quarter final of the leichtenstein cup against Eschen / Mauren II For the Xamax game onwards we changed to our 4411 formation. Lugano we played our strikerless formation trying to spark some sort of performance. Match against Lugano first goal came after 4 minutes, corner to the back post and there right winger jumped higher than my right back to send it back across goal. There second came after 27th minute, we just didn't know how to tackle inside the box. (trying to upload the goal at present) Stats of the game after 34
  10. A few injuries have happened this season and a couple of key players are going through inconsistent form.
  11. A winless September shows that we are lacking converting the chances we are creating. Defensively we quite strong but sadly offer not much going forward same old same old.
  12. League campaign started off as bad as it could have back to back losses 2-1 against Winterthur and Schaffhausen. Back to back wins followed against the two newcomers Yverdon and Xamax 1-0s another loss against Lugano and 2 draws to finish the month of august.
  13. disappointing second leg we just wasn't in the game at all. Poor performance and going out on away goals and a shorter run europe this season. Rest of pre season hasn't been the greatest too many friendlies for the size of squad we have. Next year i'm not going to make the same mistake. The liverpool result was a team full of under19s and sadly the game crashed after the Vallecano match after we drew 0-0, on the reload we was outclassed losing 3-0
  14. We've been drawn against Mura from Slovenia, first leg is at home. A late equaliser shared a few blushes, a game where we didnt take our chances remembrance of last years tie against Malmo.
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