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  1. @Fastbasher can you remember the reset date for the Hong Kong league? I remember from past saves there it's a long off season
  2. Been trying to get this going again but keep loading and quitting save in different leagues nothing that's keeping me going. Wanted to try in South Korean but doesn't look like any team gets relegated from the lowest tier. Look at Hong Kong as I've had a few good saves in the past there but again I can't see if they can ever qualify for continental competitions.
  3. @DrPoods good luck. Might have a little look today in starting this again. I'll try the reset dates. That's always a good thing with Brazil later on you could pretty much give youth most the state championship games. Alot of game time to offer
  4. What country you looking to start in? I was either thinking Brazil, Uruguay or Peru.
  5. Been loading a few leagues today nothing taken my fancy, Not been to south america for a few editions. Only thing i find is SOuth American seasons can be long
  6. i guess its hard at beginning but as long as your slowly getting players through and the ones that are selling bring in funds i guess thats classed as progress. You seem to progressing quickly through the seasons.
  7. @Fastbasher good win to stay in ligue 2, slow process. But hopefully you can keep it going. Team should be a year older and slightly stronger?
  8. Well it finally happened with 5 games to go we were relegated. A horrible second half of the season saw we tweak with the tactic and change formation in the end to try and not be too attacking and hope to grind some results out. The same sort of goals kept happening and i could nearly tell you how the highlight was going to pan out, the amount of goals from corner and free kicks played short and scored from outside of the box. Over the top balls and throw in goals i did concede was a lot throughout the season. Back to the drawing board. We did have the 8th top goalscorer and the top assist player in the league of my sacking what was a week or two away from seeing what the youth intake would have been.
  9. Was going to attempt this in switzerland but with one of the teams from Liechtenstein who can play in the swiss leagues. But after holidaying realised the team that could be promoted was already in the league to start with. Back to the drawing board. I want to try a random country but no doubt just start an england save as im determined to have another crack at it. 8 games still to go though in my current game 15 points behind from safety.
  10. @Lashley congrats, a nail biter in the end. Good job staying up. Fantastic second half of the season
  11. dont worry my first attempt doesnt look too good either. I pretty much have to win 8 out of 13 i guess to stay up. I should really just stop and start again but i want to at least finish the season and see what happens.
  12. @Lashley sadly if you get relegated from the lowest tier playable you get the sack.
  13. After the halfway point, its all gone wrong cant seem to buy a win. 12 in a row lost.... bottom of the table and safety is getting further away. 14 to play.
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