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  1. Just about start this challenge. So i thought about holidaying to the end of the season and then save it just before relegation teams come up into Serie C. And keep reloading until San Marino come up instead of getting the extra database. Have to restart as i didn't select Serie C or lower, but i checked the national teams fixtures and this result surprised me.
  2. hi there, i have had similar problem, it happens and then goes away for a little while and it then happens again. It also does the flicker on 2d not all the time but still happens. Below is a picture of what my screen looks like on the flicker.
  3. @Sanno11 nice system there i got that one last year and it proved to be intriguing to say the least. You did a good job achieving what you have.
  4. Thanks for the feedback @westy8chimp it was certainly an anti climax indeed. I thought we could hold up our first half of the season form, i had a settle tactic. But the inability to win any games saw us fall down the table. I could have tried a more attacking system to play and more aggressive mentality but i didn't want to take too much risk by that increase in mentality. As you can see my result in my first game against Juventus losing 6-1 kind of put me back into being a more conservative approach. My right full back did get his duty changed mostly in games but only when i knew we had control in that flank of the match. As we can see we concede most assists down our flanks and thats playing a little more conservative. I have thought about try this tactic longer but at present i haven't done so. if both players was on attack on that flank they wouldn't have occupied the same space as i have the right mid sit narrow and cut inside ready for the overlap Politano had his better games on a attack duty and was a little nulled when on support. Like i say it something that could be tested a little more. I was happy how i got the tactic playing just disappointed in the end result end of the day. Maybe i was missing something due to my bad run of games around feb/march time that i could have tweaked.
  5. Where did we end up? In the end we finished 10th, i was slightly disappointed in that i thought after the good first half of the season we could finish in the top 6 or 7 but the bad form at the end of the season not picking up enough wins saw us slip to mid table. You can see that the problem was that we didnt score enough goals. I do think the goals conceded could have been better but then again some games we lost 4-1 or 6-1 i did try and go a lot more attacking to get something from games if we went 1 or 2 down. We did achieve 13 clean sheets in Serie A. All in all it was a good experiment i enjoyed it, was quite hard at times when i wanted to change formations but couldn't. I found that you had to watch make sure you adapted a lot more to certain situations to get the most out of the system. Maybe i tried to make it too attacking at times and going away from its strength with the numbers back in our half. Transfers Goals and Assist Locations Tactics
  6. Team Instructions. My idea at first was to have a slowish build up keeping hold of the ball whilst we get enough support up the field, as we will be compact in the defensive phase. Didn't want endless of balls just getting hoof up. So i had Lower tempo, fairly narrow (as i wanted to move the ball centrally and keep two wide midfielders tuck in, to make a slightly tighter 4 man midfield) and shorter passing. Started with standard as wanted an average risk mentality and was flexible as wanted them compact but didn't want the players to have too much creative freedom. I could have gone Fluid to get more players in transition but as we got done 6-1 against Juventus i had to go back to the drawing board. As the play was too slow we came under too much pressure and lost the ball easily. I went for no instructions and left it at Standard/Flexible to start matches and then changed accordingly throughout the game. Shouts that i did normally use were. Slightly Higher - If i felt the opposition had too much time to get at our back line. Making easier to win 2nd balls, Slightly Deeper - If the opposition came at us and was attacking. I went structured and pass into the space and fairly wider (hit early crosses sometimes too) and made sure i had put an extra attack duty either on the left flank or the striker. To hit them on a counter. Clear to the flanks - used this a couple of times through the season if we had too much pressure through the centre made sure the full backs was the ones that got the ball. Increased tempo if i didn't want to increase the risk as well. Work ball in the box (i only used this about a 1/3 of the games and wasn't for long periods) if i find that we wasn't particularly crossing effective, and to make sure the players passed back if you didnt have any passing options rather than shooting. Stay on Feet/Get Stuck in - again depending on what defensive line i had and what period of the game. 3 out of the last 4 games, i started tried to play defensive and very fluid and more disciplined until the last 20 minutes then i would let the team come out a little to hit the counter attacks. Inter, Forientina and Napoli. We nearly got he result against Inter it was Jovetic 30 yards striker that settle the difference and against Forientina the plan work brilliantly scoring a 86th minute winner as shown below. We also had some nice passing play in this match, its what i wanted to achieve with this tactic. Our Passing Play Our Goal.
  7. This years formation for me was the 541 flat. It was slightly better than the one i had last year even though playing a 523 narrow was quite fun and i did achieve higher league position than i thought with Saint Etienne with a 6th place. So what did i decide to do with the 541? There was a few options that i thought off and wrote down. At first i tried to make the tactic as attacking as i could and this came with a lot of problems My thoughts initial thoughts/problems when thinking how to approach this 541? Its a defensive tactic Lone Striker seems to be isolated (will need to get him support?) 2 Banks whilst defending (compact hard to break down?) We effectively only have 2 central players in midfield. If a team is camped in our half it would be hard to move out as we only have one outlet to whom has a lot of work to do before he gets support. So getting the transition from def to mid and mid to attack transition need to be thought out. Also because we lack a AMC or DMC we need to be able to control the two spaces. One in front of our defensive line and one behind our striker. Winning second balls will be key! So what did i come up with? Defence Due to being overloaded in our first game against Juventus and losing 6-1 i was finding that we was just getting run at though the middle. So With Peluso i had a player that could play as an IWB so i made that switch from FB(s) to IWB to try and make more numbers up and helping with transitioning from defence to mid. With having a back 5 i knew i could afford him to be slightly more adventurous. Because of IWB i needed a strong centre back next to him to help clear up balls and protect that wing i placed Acerbi in that left side CB role. Same with Antei on the right, in certain time in games i wanted Lirola to move be more attacking i would change his role to FB (a) to give us more width on this flank. So needed a no nonsense centre back here. Could have used Cannavaro in this role but Antei was performing well so he got the nod more. Leaves us with the BPD (st) in the middle. I wanted this role to be a Half Back/DM but slightly withdrawn, i wanted him to step out of the defence line and clear balls and intercept to gain a little more control in this space infont of the defence. He got Closing down much more and tackle harder. Pass it short as i didn't want him trying too adventurous balls and lose possession. All the back line had pass short and fewer risky passes. Full backs also had Close down more and tackle harder i wanted to have an aggressive defensive line to try and get the ball to launch counter attacks whilst the opposition was slightly out of shape. Midfield Now this is where most of my changes came throughout the season but i settled on this in the end. Initial thoughts was have the 2 wingers to become inside forwards to help support the striker and have one late runner from midfield and another just outside the box to keep recycling the possession. LM- Due to IWB coming in side i need a little more width on the left flank at first i had him on WM(s) and sit narrower but in attack it felt too close for 3 players and not enough chance to spread the opposition back line. So Winger on Support. His only PI was fewer risky passes. In games where the opposition attack us and i knew he had space to run into i switch duty to attack to hopefully take advantage of the space. (Ragusa wasn't performing and he got injured so Missiroli who had moaned about lack of playing time i noticed he was awkward at the role but had the attributes to play it so he got the start and i never looked back.) CM(a) - This role is probably one that i pretty much kept with throughout the season i wanted a late runner to help support the lone striker and also to become a second striker attacking the box. I wanted those runs in the space between midfield and attack to help control this part of the pitch and also try and win the 2nd ball knock downs. I did use AP(a) or Cm (s) depending on situations in certain games. PI's More risky passes and more direct passes, shoot less often didn't want too many long range shots. (Pellegrini made it his role until a few longish injuries where Duncan stepped up and took on the role for most of the season.) DLP(d) - now this was the third role i used here. I started on BWM on support and this left us too open defensively so i went to a defend duty. I liked how the role worked but it was picking up way too many yellows and reds so went to use a similar role but without the tackle harder instruction so CM(d) it was. This also proved too much for me in yellows and with this role starting position slightly higher than the BWM i felt the defence and mid transition wasn't as easy so i went with DLP(d) to help with this transitions. Pi's Pass it shorter. (Magnanelli / Duncan both rotated in this role. Biondini played a few due to injuries and suspensions) Now to the right wing. This player i wanted as a withdrawn Raumdeuter. So i customised the WM(a) role to give him all the nes Pi's. I had this role in mind for Berardi. But while he was injured at beginning of the game i used Politano he had some superb performances in this role so Berardi didn't play as much as i thought he would. He didn't get a long stint whilst Politano was out for 7 weeks. Striker I settled on DLF(s) with Pi's More direct passes. I wanted the striker to drop deep and become involved in transition and not to become too isolated. I have tried TQ and F9 but i felt they moved far too much and wanted someone a little more static to play off. Again if i the opposition played high up i would put him on attack duty and try balls over the top to launch counter attacks, i want the defence of the opposition to be worried about something if we was sitting deep. (Defrel was my main man for the first most of the season, Iemmello had a small stint, Matri played a few time before i sold him, and Berardi was my number 2.) In my next post later i will go through team instructions and what i did in certain times of the matches and also how the where we finished in the league.
  8. Its only taken Letschert 36 games to score his first free kick
  9. Positano as my wide midfielder on attack, apart from the occasional dribble into a cul de sac. he performing greatly now out for 8 weeks Defrel playing as my lone striker. Pellegrini in my midfield scored a few goals from late runs, playing excellently as my BWM and makes the 2 centre paring a little more balanced when he's in picks up some cards so just had a suspension and we go and lose to chievo.
  10. Hopefully will get some game time on this in the next few days. Got the 541 a slightly more normal formation that i tried last year with the 523 so looking forward in seeing how i can get this working. SO far.. Got knocked out of the Europa by Aberdeen 1-0 over two legs and first game of season this happens..
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