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  1. I have a save with kings Langley saved somewhere. What team you waiting for?
  2. A mix bag of results to start the season little disappointed at the farsley and stockport results was leading in both and missed some chances before they got back into the games. But if i won both it would of defo been an FM FM
  3. Different people might approach it slightly different. But DNA for me is having a core attributes that i want all my squad to have for the style of football i want to play. Then after that each other position would need x to play in that given role. So say your an under rated team, you would want players with Bravery, Determination and work rate to make sure they are fighting in every game.
  4. So started the challenge off with Barwell. It says they have an under18s but in the squad list view i cant filter that team in. I know all are greyed out players is this why?
  5. @OlivierL congratulations on the promotion, what the step up in quality like in iceland Between the divisions?
  6. yeah i was thinking that i tried to simulate a few seasons but nothing. Barwell just been promoted this time around so ive saved it and will try a couple more.
  7. I've seen bamber a few times come up and was tempted. I think if I holiday a few more times and bognor come up might just go with them. Was trying Kendal or Lancaster. But will see what comes up on next 2 holiday attempts
  8. I haven't done many reloads in France. But England Norway I have. In Norway a couple teams i fancy are in a group that is dominated by one team honefoss so I'm guessing it be hard to get them promoted.
  9. Only teams im finding when im holidaying are the same 12 teams. In different orders. Going to try a few more times before i make my decision.
  10. @Fastbasher hopefully 4th times a charm. Have you changed country ever time? Was looking at france with bergerac might try them if i cant get the few teams im trying to get promoted in the england. (been holidaying most of last night) Can you start the challenge third season in?
  11. to get a team from the Division One North West (one level down from the Northern Premier League) would i have to holiday 2 seasons?
  12. Seasons are longer in england thats only the thing i think is putting me off. England does seem hard to get up there but i guess if you win the premier league champions league probably not too far away? But in lesser nations the route to the top domestically could be shorter but europe might be a long slog?
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