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    Made the pilgrimage to Stamford Bridge once -- next day Scolari was sacked. Guess I'm 1 for 1.

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  1. Love the idea, I fondly remember that old post. Always interesting to see how the FM world responds to something unexpected.
  2. Somehow I missed that quote the first time around. Such a great movie and a lot of quality titles to be wrung from it. "You're an inanimate ****in' object!" "And I realized, **** man, maybe that's what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in ****in' Bruges. And I really really hoped I wouldn't die. I really really hoped I wouldn't die." "It's a fairytale town, isn't it? How's a fairytale town not somebody's ****ing thing?" "We only just got off the ****ing train! Could we reserve judgement on Bruges until we've seen the ****ing place? Just reading through the quotes is cracking me up. Although damn it, I didn't make the connection on the Tottenham one either. Looks like I need to rewatch the movie.
  3. That's the difficulty with nigh unfinishable challenges, eh? I stumbled on something profound; my work for the day is done. To be completely honest, the story is only sprinkled throughout and slows whenever I became more focused on progressing than writing. Not nearly the consistent hijinks of @ManUtd1's thread! Although you could probably skim it for just the blocks of text fairly quickly. Cheers, @Adonalsium! Although now I have to tweak the ending now that you've spoiled it. To be fair I was already treading heavily on copyright issues. Perhaps it's time to introduce Shmelayne, Shmaviendha, and Shmin. And conduiting from the magical source, the Singular Energy.
  4. Thank you, sir! How very Robert Jordan-ian of you. I can only imagine the madness within Hakan's parting words! I've known how Wiggum's story generally ends for about the last decade (in game, obviously). So while I haven't picked up the game in a couple months, I'm excited to share the culmination of his tale shortly. Well, maybe not shortly, but certainly not long-ly either. Let's call it middly. Or Tuesday. Regarding rel-ayonnaise... well, Wiggum is a man that knows what he wants. Of course the trouble is that what he wants is mostly impractical nonsense. Cheers, Benjoe! The last chapter still to come.
  5. Glad to see the madness hasn't subsided! If anything the goalposts of sanity have slowly morphed -- now hazy, whirling neon windmills wearing strange hats and always twirling twirling twirling towards freedom.
  6. Well, suffice it to say I've taken an extended break from FM. Only so many hours in a day and my fascination with this challenge has run the course. I do, however, have an ending in mind to wrap up the madness of Wiggum for those following the (admittedly loose) storyline. Part one below; part two in progress. ************************************** Wiggum stepped to the microphone and took a deep breath. Strange crowd here tonight; most of the usual faces were missing. Was that the kitman, Robert... Bob... Franklin? Tough to say. Definitely Karen from the cafeteria in the back. Karen or another indistinguishable woman. She wasn't wearing her usual nametag today. "Sir?" Wiggum looked at the man beside him. Must be an intern. Interns wear hats, right? Yes, that sounded right. Financially savvy to put a sponsor's logo on them too. Wiggum took a deep breath again. He'd miss the familiar, hamburgery air. Made a man hungry for success. Also, for hamburgers. Maybe once he's done here, he'd walk across the street... Stop. Stay focused. Finish strong with these opportunistic muck-rakers. "Ladies, gentlemen, it's with great sadness--" "SIR." Wiggum covered the microphone with one hand, furiously stroking his mustache with the other. The hairy prosthetic slipped fractionally south. "These people are here to listen to me speak. Quiet." "Sir, this is a McDonald's. You're not allowed behind the counter." "No, no I'm here for the press conference." Where was that frayed press secretary? He was supposed to handle these kinds of matters. "SIR THIS IS A MCDONALD'S YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED BEHIND THE COUNTER." "Fine. I'll have a #4 with rel-ayonnaise then. It's relish mixed with mayonnaise, you see. Three parts--" "Get out." Wiggum adjusted his mustache and walked out. Press conferences were the worst part of the job anyway. Always so repetitive.
  7. What it lacks in brevity, it makes up for in colons! Yeah...we just weren't good enough. Their coefficient was no accident. [googles "how to fix a match"] [learns he is far, far too poor] [cries]
  8. I'm sensing a TV pilot there. Rambo meets Bob Ross. So who do we draw? Partizan. Surprisingly this is our first competitive meeting in the 45 years of the save and, I'd imagine, ever.
  9. And the champion of your league at that! Most certainly. You probably become an artist, traipsing about Europe and painting lousy abstract canvases -- nominally on the theme of "understanding life" but in practicality more a reflection of your struggling hand-eye coordination from drowning your footballing dreams in rotgut booze week after interminable week.
  10. Avenir Beggen - 2058/2059 League Squad Anything else noteworthy? Another first! They'll probably get bounced immediately but cool to see. We lose in the Cup again when we drop down to 9 men from injury. Joy! We're the 61st most valuable club in the world, yet still don't have even average youth recruitment. The option should become available during the season, but it's frustratingly difficult to upgrade (even if it may make only a little difference in intakes). Recordkeeping:
  11. Some of it happens naturally when your youth recruitment reaches a certain level based on geography -- we've actually brought through one French player. The option on FM15 is "We should seek an affiliation with a club which can provide us a chance to recruit foreign youngsters." Unfortunately, for this option to show we need a reputation of at least 7001 (doable) and a youth recruitment of 15 (never going to happen). At a high-level, this functionality makes sense. It does seem to neuter the possibility of replicating the German training renaissance of the last 20 years in game. Without pondering the full details, it doesn't seem unrealistic for increases in a league's clubs youth coaching, facilities, and recruitment (as a proxy for investments in youth training) to increase the overall PA produced in a nation's academies. I suppose, in other words, that's simply making Youth Rating responsive to wide scale changes in youth investments.
  12. This save probably does make me a bit of a masochist . That definitely highlights where we are competitively -- a little too far off the players we'd need to compete. What you're describing loosely fits the trickle of information from SI over the years. Population/number of clubs, Youth Rating, and Game Importance are the biggest variables for generating high quality youth. Very generally speaking, Youth Rating determines player quality while the others impact player quantity. Interesting that you're finding little/no benefit in improving Youth Recruitment when you're the best in the nation. I can see how theoretically that'd make sense -- YR indicates how thoroughly you scour a certain region for players; it won't make better players start showing up. Based on what I've seen in my save, there's probably still a benefit to improving YR though. At higher levels, you draw international players that wouldn't seem to necessarily be limited by the Youth Rating of your country. It's the international and dual nationality aspect that is probably the biggest gray area for me. How much is a Luxembourg/Portugal player limited by the poor youth rating from the former? What governs the PA of a player from a German youth feeder? Or a French youth popping up in a neighboring country's club? If those are favorable to higher PA, there's a chance at surpassing some of the limitations of a poor Youth Rating. That possibility is one of the reasons I chose Luxembourg, with a high frequency of dual nationals from Italy, Portugal, and BIH. I'm all for a dynamic Youth Rating, but it would be tricky. Shift too much one direction and suddenly world football becomes dominated by Andorrans. I'd be interested in hearing what else you found; this has always been my favorite part of the game. That may very well be the case . I suppose it's time to start weighing my options in case of that eventuality. Youth Ratings tend to be tweaked significantly between FM releases in an effort to balance the game world. If this website is accurate, it looks like the values are more intuitive for FM17 than they had been. Regardless, I'd caution against using Youth Rating as a single indicator of the quality of youth a country will produce. Game Importance, Population, and # of Clubs also play a big role. For example, Egypt has pretty consistently received a high Youth Rating across editions but in game you're unlikely to see a team of Egyptian world beaters because of the other factors.
  13. Congrats! I'd been quite curious myself as to whether you could eventually get it.
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