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  1. Great job at Caixas, but it was definitely time to leave for greener pastures. And what a change! Maybe you have developed from silverware taste after the last Gaucho... Corinthians seems the right place to pursue this rightful passion. Cheers.
  2. You are correct, Lucarelli is very well known for being a Livorno supporter, famously rejecting big contract deals with Serie A team to join his hometown club. I believe that also Pistoiese could be interesting. It has a history of several good players among its ranks (even World Champion Andrea Barzagli) and I think that it is the only club in Italy to have a orange jersey. Apparently, the colour was chosen in the '20s after the Netherlands NT and the team is nicknamed Olandesina (Little Holland).
  3. Very interesting concept and the title is in perfect Italian. Carrarese could be an interesting choice. They have never been in Serie A and are based in a medium sized city. The ownership is held by a consortium that counts among its members both Gianluigi Buffon, that is also a die-hard supporter, and Cristiano Lucarelli. If rule of cool factors between your criteria, it could be interesting to deal with such a decorated (and vocal) board.
  4. Great progress, I am very happy to see that Atalanta is now eligible. It should make for some good shenanigans since I don't think it has ever happen in the previous iterations of this challenge. Not that they are lacking usually...
  5. Definitely smooth. Now let's push that GD to 100
  6. Uhm, Shakter Karagandy looks like a bit of a fallen giant and could be interesting to manage. We will see what the future holds
  7. Uzbekistan doesn't seem to have offered a lot of resistance... Moving forward, anything interesting has happened so far in Kazakhstan? (which I assume would be the next stop) Cheers
  8. Interesting, a solid presence in the Europa League group stage and some rare forays in the CL. Not much luck in Conference League though, guess thanks to the rampage of a certain Slovakian club They're time will come, hopefully.
  9. Very impressive improvement of the Hungarian league, do you mind if I ask if magyar clubs accomplished anything of note in the European competitions so far? Great career by the way!
  10. Great job in Turkmenistan. I have been lurking for a while and I want to say that it is a very interesting save concept. From how the node map shakes out, I guess you will next in Uzbekistan, hopefully there the level would be a little be higher.
  11. Really good run in Europe, and a good struggle versus AC Milan.
  12. Really good career so far, winning the title in the second season was impressing. Best owngoal ever.
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