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  1. Also, since now you are a professional club, you may want to get rid of U.S.D. in the logo, which means Unione Sportiva Dilettantistica (Amateur Sport Union), or just drop the "D"
  2. All three options seem great to me. However, I'd say that the second one looks too much a coat of arms and I'd rather not have it on a jersey. It is a close call between the first and the third one. I'd go with the first one, but only because I don't like the crown on the third one, it ruins the minimalist look imho. Cheers for the very nice save so far, great job.
  3. They will surely come to regret this in due time.
  4. What are the expectations for the CAN? Try to win it?
  5. I would be like to see how effective is going to be the seeding of other Icelandic teams I am toying with a similar idea in my save, but for now I have only distributed money among my feeder clubs. There is something that I feel fundamentally wrong in financing my own competition ahahah
  6. A chair in the goal would have performed better...
  7. Ok, I can't believe Equatorial Guinea qualified for the World Cup. What is the secret? What kind of African magic have you discovered to accomplish it?!? Great job mate
  8. Excellent results so far, it seems that this Louisville is much more suited to postseason football (or should I say soccer?) Any Louisville lads that strike the eye already as potential MLS draft picks?
  9. Huge win against Wake Forest! Okay, I guess that going out at the Semi Finals wasn't the best for the ACC, but that is a kid league after all. What matters is the NCAA. Let's hope on a deep run
  10. Ouch, not the greatest of starts. Hope you can turn it around soon.
  11. This seems a very interesting save idea. I will make sure to follow it. It would be fun to track your university graduates, if and when, they will get drafted into the MLS. I wonder if it would be possible to replicate a program like Kentucky, which consistently get its hands on NBA talents.
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