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  1. Yeah T&T would be good as I see their teams are getting into the Champions League, but the jobs have barely ever come up so far. Cheers.
  2. Season 2155/56 Aruban Copa Libertador Betico Croes Last year we got stopped in the final, but this year we went a step further and it was not even close in the final as we put an exclamation point our win with a 5-0 final win. 50 points earned for the cup win. Aruban Division di Honor We crushed the regular season as we were way ahead in first place, but found it a little tougher in the second phase although in the end we finished well ahead winning the Champions Playoff by 5 points for another league title win and another 50 points. Squad
  3. Season 2154/55 After our atrocious display in Bonaire, we were out of a job for a while until we got the job at Racing Club Aruba in Aruba. They were one of the better sides in Aruba and we would be looking to do a better job than we did at our last club, and trying to recover the situation as best as possible. There are two competitions in Aruba, the Aruban Division di Honor which is worth 100 points, but importantly it has a playoff stage, so we only get the 100 points if we win the playoff stage. The other competition is the Aruban Copa Libertador Betico Croes worth 50 points
  4. Season 2153/54 We were out of work for about a year and a half as we waited for a job. Eventually we got a job in Bonaire at Atletiko Tera Cora, who the press felt were one of the best sides on the island. Our goal was to push for the league title this season. Bonaire has two main competitions the Bonaire Kampionato worth 100 points and the Bonaire Kopa FFB worth 50 points. Fixtures We started badly, improved a bit and ended awfully. The team was very probably not as good as everyone thought they were and very fragile to losses. We had very little in att
  5. Season 2151/52 We left Grenades in April and eventually we got a job at Liberta Blackhawks also in Antigua & Barbuda. This was a calculated risk as clearly we had built up Grenades to be the top team in the country so although Liberta were good, we would need to improve a lot. Digicel/Red Stripe Premier Division We had a wonderful season as we did not lose a game as we went the season undefeated, ending up as title winners, winning the league by 16 points from Parham. Grenades finished 3rd which would be disappointing by their standards. That is the 100 points
  6. Yeah especially when your logo also has a grenade on it. Not too far away now from the Central American countries.
  7. Season 2150/51 Digicel/Red Stripe Premier Division We managed to win the league this season without much issue at all as we went the whole season undefeated, suffering only 4 draws. That is another 50 points in the bag for us. Squad We brought in a few new faces this year to bolster the squad but it was still Luther Warner up front that was the main guy this season. Gordon Joseph from right back was also pretty bloody good this season too with 11 assists. Manager Thoughts We got ourselves another 50 points which puts us on the brink of finishin
  8. Timo's, but be aware that there are some bugs, I think loading some second divisions with B teams causes issues.
  9. Season 2149/50 We were out of work for only a week and a half before we found a new job in Antigua and Barbuda. The club in question was Grenades, who had been doing pretty well in the league but had not won the league for 8 or so years. Our goal was to bring them back to glory. Antigua and Barbuda has just one competition, the Digicel/Red Stripe Premier Division worth 100 points. Digicel/Red Stripe Premier Division It was a very good season for us in charge of Grenades as we led the side to an unbeaten season and the league title crown as a result. In the en
  10. Season 2148/49 SKNFA President's Cup A great peformance as we won the President's Cup without conceding a goal, another 15 points for us. St Kitts & Nevis FA Cup A very dominant performance in the FA Cup as we reached the final without conceding and then we took Garden Hotspurs apart 7-3 in the final to lift the FA Cup and claim another 25 points SKNFA Digicel Premier League We started the season amazingly but towards the end of the season we started dropping points. It all came down to the final game against Superstars. In a normal league
  11. Season 2147/48 SKNFA President's Cup Our President's Cup this year we kept things pretty tight as we beat Southstars in the first game with an extra time goal for a 1-0 win. Next was Rivers of Living Water who again we beat 1-0 late on. In the semi final we faced Saddlers United and got a 2-0 win to book a place in the final where we got the win against Superstars 1-0 win an early goal. That is another 30 points for us. St Kitts & Nevis FA Cup We got a 6-0 win in the opening round against Highlights, to breeze into the next round. Garden Hotspurs gave us a tou
  12. Season 2146/47 We left Guyana and it was a long while before we found a job, specifically 13 months. Eventually we did find a job in St Kitts & Nevis at Newtown United. The season had just ended there and the club had finished in 3rd place and the manager was sacked. Newtown United are one of the better sides in the country and we would be looking to hunt down some points. Newtown United have three main competitions, the SKNFA Digicel Premier League worth 100 points, the St Kitts & Nevis FA Cup worth 50 points and the SKNFA President's Cup worth 30 points. SKNFA Pre
  13. Season 2144/45 GFA Knock-out Tournament We were back in the cup and we were very good, our two toughest games came against Buxton United in the 2nd Round and the semi final against Fruta Conquerors where we only won by 1 goal. In the final we faced BV/Triumph whom I expected to win and we beat them easily 3-0. That is another 25 points, meaning we just needed the league to finish NA7. GFF National Super League The league was pretty simple for us as we lost one and drew one and won every other game. We ended up being top of the league pretty much from start to
  14. Season 2143/44 GFA Knock-Out Tournament We were outstanding this year in the cup. as we pretty much took everyone we played apart. Eventually we arrived in the final to play Guyana Defence Force, and we got a very nice and comfortable 3-0 win. 50 points earned. GFF National Super League We started well although we did suffer a loss and a draw, but after that we went on a run of games where we continued to win, that essentially means we had no challengers this season in the league as we ran out clear league champions winning the league by 12 points in the end.
  15. Season 2142/43 Upon leaving SV Robinhood in Suriname we were out of work for nearly 3 months before the perfect job seemingly appeared on our radar, as Western Tigers, the champions in Guyana, now had a vacancy at head coach as the manager decided to step down from his role. We were offered the job and so would have the off season to work on the campaign for the following season. Western Tigers to be honest were probably not the best team in Guyana, probably in the top three, but not expected to take the title so the previous manager had done a very good job. The squad was good but s
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