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  1. LEYTON ORIENT - 2023/24 SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS Will Vaulks was the only change in transfers as he joined Bristol City on the final day of transfer window for potential up to £1.2m, a loss of approximately £3m from when we bought him a few seasons ago. PREMIER LEAGUE FIXTURES The second half of the season was much better from the team, the improvements in playing staff that came in January has a big impact on overall team performance and we were able to be very competitive in the league, beating the likes of Liverpool and getting a full month of wins in April, which really propelled us forward. Very happy with the direction we are going. PREMIER LEAGUE TABLE We finished 7th, which is a fantastic performance for a team like us, we finished just outside the European qualification places, although there was quite a gap to Chelsea in 6th. I think we can definitely improved as a team and hopefully we can take that next step. FA CUP FIXTURES The FA Cup did not go that well as we fell out at the 4th Round to Cardiff City. TOP THREE PLAYERS Alejandro Melo has been a superb addition to the side and been a creative force for us as he set up 16 goals in a half a season, which is extremely impressive, averaging 7.45. Karl Legg is a Premier League sensation, the young Welshman fired in 31 goals in the league to take the Top Scorer award. He could go right to the top and is proving to have been a great acquisition from Swansea City. His value has skyrocketed to £27.5m. He averaged 7.44 just behind Melo. Josh Koroma continues to be an inspiration, as six years ago he was playing National League football for us and six years on, he is performing very well in Premier League. He has mostly been deployed on the wing and has been a great creative influence with 12 assists and averaged 7.40.
  2. Yeah it's been pretty good, but taking that next step is tough, attracting top talent is not really possible and I don't think I have done too well with transfers since I got promoted to the Premier League.
  3. LEYTON ORIENT - 2023/24 FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS There was a lot of transfer activity this year primarily because we needed to improve the squad a lot and we got both money in the summer and the winter transfer windows to spend, so I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Out the club left Ashley Hunter, Keston Davies, Jordan Maguire-Drew, Hector Kyprianou, Kyle Howkins, Jon Nolan, Jason McCarthy, Charlie Kirk and Sam Ling, who were clearly not Premier League level. In we brought Jeandro Fuchs (midfield), Agustin Palaveccino (midfield), Robert Gumny (right back), Karl Legg (striker), Leandrino (defensive midfielder), Jordan Thorniley (defender), Kyle Magennis (right winger), Emiliano Vazquez (centre back), Nicola Sutter (defender), Nacho Valdez (midfielder), Alejandro Melo (right winger), Omar Elabdellaoui (right full back). A lot of changes, but I think there is a big upgrade in for the squad. PREMIER LEAGUE FIXTURES We have had a weird season, and to be honest it has not been great. We won our first three games of the season and then the wheels came off, before we produced a crazy performance to batter Guardiola's Arsenal. and then again we waited a long time for a win and then won at Anfield 1-0 to take down Liverpool, but then we could not win another game up to now. It has not been great I am a little disappointed we have not made the next step. A lot of new players only came in recently and hopefully over time they will link up better and we can get more wins under the belt. PREMIER LEAGUE TABLE Okay 13th is not bad, but we have less points at the same point as last season, and we need to be careful as we are not to far above the drop zone. FA CUP FIXTURES Only one game in the FA Cup and we got through against Middlesbrough in the 3rd Round to book a 4th round tie at Cardiff City. CARABAO CUP FIXTURES Our Carabao Cup adventure was over before it started as we lost to Wolves in the 2nd Round on penalties after a 0-0 draw. JOB OFFERS We had another approach this time from Chelsea this period. TOP THREE PLAYERS Josh Koroma is performing amazingly for at the moment, playing primarily from the wing he has definately surprised me this season with how well he is doing. He has 9 assists and averaged 7.61 Jeandro Fuchs has been a key fixture this year in midfield and he has done well so far for us averaging 7.29 Tyler Roberts has done a good job along with strike partner Karl Legg, the two welshmen are linking up well but Roberts has been marginally better this season so far. He has scored 12 league goals and averaged 7.23
  4. LEYTON ORIENT - 2022/23 SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS No further transfers were completed during this period. PREMIER LEAGUE FIXTURES Being in the Premier League has been tough but we have had our moments in the second half of the season, as we beat Chelsea at home 4-1 to complete a very famous day in Leyton Orient history. We had a pretty amazing victory at Stoke City as well winning 5-4. We did a good job considering the players we had, and in the end I am very happy with the results that we got. PREMIER LEAGUE TABLE We finish a very respectable 11th place in the Premier League which secures Premier League football for another season. We were never really in danger of going down and were really only in the relegation places in the first few weeks of the season with our very hard start to the season. I am very happy to finish so high up the table considering we were expected to finish rock bottom of the league. If we can improve the team who knows where we can finish next season. FA CUP FIXTURES It was so disappointing to go out to Championship side West Brom 2-1 in the 5th Round, we were very focussed on surviving in the Premier League so it forgivable but we could have gone further. JOB OFFERS The second half of the season we got three job offers from Southampton, Brighton and Hove Albion and Tottenham Hotspurs. We rejected all approaches. TOP THREE PLAYERS Tyler Roberts in the end did a pretty good job for us up front as he bagged 15 league goals in his maiden season in the Premier League. I think that is a good return for a player playing for a club expected to go down this season. He averaged 7.09 as our terms top performer. Tomas Chancalay has been a great acquisition on the left wing and has really helped since he came into the team. the stats might not suggest much with 5 assists and 2 goals in 22 games, but he has played well averaging 7.05. Marvin Ekpiteta has been with us since the National League days and he has risen to the challenge every time, his average of 7.04 is very good for him in the Premier League and he has done well to make the step up to this level. MANAGER THOUGHT: We need to build on this season, we need to invest in the squad and bring in better players, it is the only way we can continue up the leagues at this stage, the step has been big and we probably do not have an out and out Premier League level player in the whole squad, even Roberts is probably only a top Championship player so I will be looking at the available talent that my scouts have been watching and seeing how we can improve the squad. We are now half way through our time with Leyton Orient and we have done a good job so far, but I want to make sure that Orient are ready to be able to survive in the league when I leave and I have five years to do that. We have already been improving facilities, and I believe the board are expecting to complete work to the stadium to make in Premier League compliant as this season we have been playing at Selhurst Park in South London.
  5. Yeah, it was really difficult to risk him at this level he is still coming on as a sub but we have better options at the moment. I set up with 4 at the back, a dmc, an mc, two wingers and ML/MR and two strikers. Roles are a sweeper keeper, to inverted fullbacks on support, two ball playing defenders, a defensive midfielder on support, two defensive wingers on support, a cm on attack and then two pressing forwards
  6. LEYTON ORIENT - 2022/23 FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS For our first season I knew we needed to make some moves in the market to be able to compete. Out of the club was all players looking for some more playing time and improvement and also the odd established player that had fallen down the pecking order. Into the club came Jake Vokins for £500k from Southampton, I felt like I needed left back depth and he added that. Kyle Howkins came in from Bradford City at centre-back for £1.1m, in the end probably ended up being a bit of a panic buy as he was not much better than what we already had but added depth none the less. Paolo Fernandes a winger from Birmingham came in for £1m, again probably wouldn't improve the squad much but again added some depth. Will Vaulks arrived from Rotherham United, he actually improved us at centre midfield, not as much as I would like but still an improvement none the less, he cost £4m. Joe Potter was a youngster being released by Chelsea, and he had a lot of potential so we picked him up and sent him on loan to Notts County for some game time. Nya Burns and Lee Jones, were both youth candidates that were released by our Head of Youth Development that should have remained so I resigned them. Tyler Roberts was the big outlay at £6.5m and definately a starting striker for us. Lucas Fournier was a great spot from the scouts, in for £1.1m from Auxerre, he is only 20 and came in with 4.5 stars, a cut above our existing centre-backs. Cristian Ruiz was spotted playing for Colon and again a youngster that was already better than what we had at right back he joined for £2.3m. Due to the World Cup being so early, the early part of the season includes both transfer windows so in January we brough in Tomas Chancalay another Argentinian winger also from Colon, that again improved the team for us, he cost £2.4m. I feel like I did not have the best transfer window, probably could have done better and did not always get players that improved the side. PREMIER LEAGUE FIXTURES We had a baptism of fire to start the season, opening with Tottenham away and then facing Man City, Man Utd and Arsenal within the first 6 games, from which we took 1 point and were bottom of the league, however we did improve the next game and beat Cardiff away and since then we have not been too bad and won many of the games where we had a real chance of getting something from the game as we battle to stay in the division. PREMIER LEAGUE TABLE It has to be said that were doing very well, we have already accumulated 22 points from the first half of the season and if we do the same in the second half, there will be no doubt that we will stay up this season, we sit in a very respectable 12th place and I am hoping we can just keep things together and win the relegation 6 pointers. CARABAO CUP FIXTURES We had a great little run in the Carabao Cup, getting to the semi finals and eventually losing to Manchester United by a narrow 2-1 result at Wembley. FA CUP FIXTURES We are still in the FA Cup this season beating Stevenage and Portsmouth to set up a tie against West Bromwich Albion at home for the 5th Round. THREE TOP PLAYERS Jerome Sinclair has been the pick of the players. In the end Macauley Bonne it was clear did not have the same level attributes as Sinclair, so after the first few games the front two became Sinclair and Roberts and Sinclair has done pretty well getting 10 goals in 18 games at this level and averaging 7.11 Tomas Chancalay has only just arrived and in fairness you could argue it is a little to early to include him here but the stats do not lie he has been great so far averaging 7.27 and has really added some quality for us. Sinclair's strike partner Roberts has done pretty well since getting the starts, he has 9 in 22 games, not the best return ever but he is playing pretty well averaging 7.10
  7. LEYTON ORIENT 2021/22 SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS The second half of the season saw us only let some players go out on loan where they were not getting game time or where they were youngsters looking for improvement. CHAMPIONSHIP FIXTURES We were incredible in the second half of the season, not losing for the second half of the season and really apart from a few draws in January, we bearly even drew games. CHAMPIONSHIP TABLE It was back and forth between us Cardiff and Leeds. But in the end we managed Cardiff and us managed to get well ahead of Leeds United to secure promotion and on the final day we managed to secure the Championship title winning it by a point from Cardiff City. FA CUP FIXTURES We had some tough games in the cup, we disposed of Premier League Everton in the 3rd Round winning out 2-0 at their ground, but were overpowered by Norwich City in the 4th Round as we lost by the same scoreline. TOP THREE PLAYERS Macauley Bonne is a special player, he has now scored 25+ league goals every season in our run from the National League to the Championship and it is amazing that he seems to be able to rise to the growing challenge every time. He scored 39 goals in 47 starts, a fantastic haul and averaged 7.47. Josh Koroma continued his form in the second half of the season and ended up being a creative force mostly from the wing spot with 11 goals and 24 assists from his 39 starts, averaging 7.41. Charlie Kirk really stepped up to the plate especially in the second half of the season as he grabbed 9 goals and 15 assists from 41 starts and averaged 7.36. MANAGER THOUGHT: Well we are up to the Premier League, 4 successive promotions have seen to that and it has been a fantastic ride for Leyton Orient. We have now spent 4 years at the club and still have 6 to go provided my tenure is not cut short by the club. I think there will need to be improvement in playing staff next season if we are to survive, we have £29m to spend and an increase in the wage budget so we will need to be considered in how we spend our money. I still think I want to keep faith with some of the key guys who have got us here, but we do need to add some Premier League level talent to avoid a straight relegation.
  8. LEYTON ORIENT - 2021/22 FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS Out of the club was Craig Clay, who was no longer of a sufficient standard for the Championship, he left north of the border to Queen of the South. The rest of the players leaving the club, were looking to improve on loan at other clubs. In to the club came Mark Gray, who also went back out of loan, he had a lot of potential so when we were told that Arsenal were not going to renew his deal we decided to bring him into the club. Don Conroy came in from Swindon Town for £200k, the centre-back would definately add depth and improve our defence. Ashley Hunter came in from Oxford United, he added some cover at striker, however he picked up a long term injury so in the end we needed to go out again to strengthen the attack. Martin Samuelsen was a weird one, we could offer him the £8k a week required to recieve a work permit following Brexit that allowed him to play first team games, but he had a lot of quality and had already played a game for Norway, so I decided to bring him any way and monitor him, this would then allow us to potentially up his wages to required amount should he prove worthwhile. If not we should be able to sell him away at some point for a profit. Jason McCarthy came in from Birmingham City on a free transfer. He had real quality at full back and would improve the side. Jon Nolan came in from Ipswich Town for £300k and would slot into the central midfield role and again was an upgrade there. Jermone Sinclair only came into the club at the end of September, and he was a replacement for the long term injury that Alex Hunter. Jermone had been released by Watford following what had been a pretty unsuccessful spell at the club and a lot of loan moves, he would hopefully find his feet at Orient. CHAMPIONSHIP FIXTURES We had been predicted to finish rock bottom of the league so it has been a great surprise to me how well we have been doing, and in general we have been the better side in almost every game even the losses. The particular highlight came in early December when we had back to back 7-1 victories over Derby County and Queens Park Rangers. CHAMPIONSHIP TABLE We sit in 2nd place, two points behind Cardiff City and two points ahead of Leeds United. We are clearly in a promotion battle when the pre-season prediction would have been a relegation battle, so I am delighted with what have done this half season and hope we can push on. CARABAO CUP FIXTURES We had a decent little run in the Carabao Cup, beating MK Dons, Aston Villa and Oxford United, before cruelly losing on penalties to Premier League Norwich City. JOB OFFERS The summer saw two new approaches from other clubs in Stoke City, whom approached early in the summer and Wolves for the second time since we have been at Leyton Orient approaching late in the summer. We declined both offers. TOP THREE PLAYERS Josh Koroma has continued his rich vein of form. He has been mostly deployed at right wing this season and has not suffered any ill effect. He has 9 goals and 12 assists in 22 starts this season and averaged 7.55. Macauley Bonne has continued his goalscoring miracles as it does not seem to matter what league he plays in he finds a way to score goals. He has 22 goals in 24 starts and averaged 7.47. Jordan Maguire-Drew has been great mostly playing in the second striker spot and he has 14 goals in 17 starts and averaged 7.37 this season.
  9. So far so good, I am sure at some time it is going to come to an end!
  10. LEYTON ORIENT - 2020/21 SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS We made only one addition in the January transfer window and that was the addition of Jack Blake. He is a central midfielder whom had spent a fair bit of time playing in the USA after graduating from Nottingham Forest's academy before he was released by Real Salt Lake. I felt like he added a fair bit to the central midfield picture so brought him into the club. LEAGUE ONE FIXTURES In the New Year we recovered well and did not lose again until the last fixture of February as we continued our great form. Towards the end of the season with the League One title on the line every week, pressured seemed to get to us and we did have an inconsistent end to the season, but again it has been another fairy tale promotion for us as it just seems our advance up the leagues cannot be stopped. LEAGUE ONE TABLE In the end we won the Sky Bet League One very comfortably, 11 points clear of second placed Sunderland who just creeped into the final automatic promotion spot ahead of Bradford City. We were not as dominant as our first two season but we were still pretty dominant this season as the step up really didn't have a huge impact on us, we need to make sure that we strengthen for what will likely be a huge step up next season playing Championship football. FA CUP FIXTURES We had a nice little run in the FA Cup reaching the 6th Round where we were knocked out by Liverpool in 4-3 thriller. We did produce some amazing performances, firstly destroying Premier League Norwich City 4-0 at home, before doing a very similar thing to Fulham in the 4th Round. We squeaked by our second Premier League opponent in Crystal Palace in a very professional display. I am very happy with the boys for how they stepped up against the bigger sides in the FA Cup. EFL TROPHY FIXTURES We managed to produce the goods in the Checkatrade Trophy for a second year running, as we went all the way to lift the trophy again at Wembley following a nice 4-0 win against Manchester City Under 23s, and capture a second successive double. TOP THREE PLAYERS Josh Koroma continues to be a stalwart for us and this season he certainly was both a force putting the ball in the net and creating goals bagging 23 goals and 15 assists in all competitions with an average rating of 7.40 It just seems impossible to stop Macauley Bonne finding the back of the net and his run in the second half of the season really improved his numbers to not so far behind what he did last season, as he got on the end of 38 goals in all competition. In the process he created history becoming the top goalscorer in the history of Leyton Orient passing Tommy Johnston and the boy is already considered a club legend. He averaged 7.39 this season. Will Short is very quickly becoming the most dependable player in the defense us, his performances stopping attacks and getting forward to create chances and open up defences are really telling. He averaged 7.36, and the guy just looks like a great young talent for us.
  11. Cheers, it's going pretty well so far, at the moment.
  12. LEYTON ORIENT - 2020/21 FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS We decided to loan out a lot of the younger guys whom had started to develop at the club in the hopes that getting some first team football might continue their development to the point where we might be able to use them in the first team in coming seasons. Ruel Sotiriou is a youngster that was not going to make it at the club. He is a Cypriot, so quite a few clubs from the island were interested in his services and he ended up picking Digenis Oroklinis. On the incoming side, Karl Austin was actually a youth candidate whom for some reason my Head of Youth Development did not like, despite his five star potential, which I decided to resign when his trial ended. Harrison Biggins joins from Fleetwood for £9k, he should add good depth at centre midfield. Charlie Kirk, was a big outlay for us of £325k from Crewe Alexandra, he is a winger, and can play both sides, although he is best of the right wing. he should help to solidify that spot and will likely start. Rendell Williams comes in from Exeter City and is another winger predominantly left sided, he costs us £245k, he again should be expecting to make plenty of starts. Connel Trueman from Birmingham comes in on a free as a young backup keeper, just to add some depth at a position where really the drop from Tom King our starter would be stark if he is out, and Trueman helps ease that. Josh Pask was an academy graduate from West Ham United, and he is a great addition at centre-back and should be a starter for us. LEAGUE ONE FIXTURES This season for the first time we were predicted to finish towards the bottom of the table, but we have defied expectations and mounted a very good run of the results, although over the busy Christimas period we have taken a big downturn in results. In fairness, the only game this season where you can see we really deserved to lose was Peterborough away where they beat us fair and square and in the end battered us 4-0, but the recent 1-0 losses have been perplexing, I think both Walsall and Rochdale had a combined three shots on goal to our 40-50 and somehow we contrived to lose the games. Hopefully we can correct the current issue we are having recently with our form. LEAGUE ONE TABLE We are top of the table, and four points clear of Coventry City but it could have been much better had we not had a torrid few weeks. We look decent for promotion this season, but I fear a potential bad run that decends us down the league, and I will be doing all I can to avoid that. CARABAO CUP FIXTURES The Carabao Cup proved to be difficult for us again as we lost away at Portsmouth 2-1, to end that particularly cup campaign as it started. FA CUP FIXTURES We have managed to reach the 3rd Round of the FA Cup again thanks to replay victory away at Burton Albion. We have drawn Premier League Norwich City at home in the next round, so that will be a very tough challenge for us. EFL TROPHY FIXTURES The Checkatrade Trophy, which we are the current holder of, did not prove much of a challenge so far as we got through a group containing Wycombe, Watford Under 23s and MK Dons, before dispatching Newport County in the 2nd Round. We face Bournemouth Under 23s in the next round. JOB OFFERS Over the summer and the early season we had a few interview offers from clubs. Aston Villa, Wolves and Burnley all were interested in our services but we turned them down. TOP THREE PLAYERS Macauley Bonne has continued to be top performer at the club although clearly the step up has normalised his figures a little as he hit 19 goals in 24, which is still extremely good, and has averaged 7.39. New signing Harrison Biggins has slotted into central midfield and been great bagging 10 goals from midfielder and averaging the same as Bonne with 7.39. Will Short continued his development and continued to provide some great performances from left back in the higher division. He averaged 7.30 and I am very happy with how he is progressing at the club.
  13. LEYTON ORIENT - 2019/20 SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS The second half of the season saw us let Samuel Amedu leave the club on loan to Bristol Manor Farm on loan. We also could not retain Zico Andrews at the club as the pressure for a transfer mounted, we needed to allow him to leave when he finally caved and asked to leave, in the end we got the best deal we could out of Sheffield United, a deal that could end up in £800k and 50% of the profit of the next sale. LEAGUE TWO FIXTURES The second half of the season we continued to be very good but, a few teams were able to beat us. Surprisingly like last season we were better away from home than at home, and I think that has something to do with teams setting up in a deep block when they visited us and we could not always break them down and ended up getting caught out. But I cannot really complain of how we performed. LEAGUE TWO TABLE In the end the league was barely a contest as we won it by a mile. In the end we won it by 23 points from Lincoln City, and set an amazing 115 points this season, really showing we were a cut above every other club in the division, and we book our place in Sky Bet League One next season. FA CUP FIXTURES We were unable to cause an upset against Tottenham Hotspur, exiting the competition in the 3rd Round for a second season in a row, but we gave a good account of ourselves. EFL TROPHY FIXTURES The Checkatrade trophy was one to remember for us this season as we went all the way and lifted it in front of our fans at Wembley beating Mansfield 2-1 in the final. We got through Yeovil Town, Crawley Town and Arsenal Under 23s on the way to the final and I am very happy with the boys for their performance and bringing home some more silverware. TOP THREE PLAYERS I am running out of superlatives for Macauley Bonne as he completed a very special season bagging an incredible 57 goals in 47 starts for us this season. He is closing in rapidly on being the clubs all time leading goalscorer, now just 16 goals behind Leyton Orient legend Tommy Johnston. John Koroma got no where near his strike partner in terms of goals, bagging 15 goals this season, but he was a creative force also providing 17 assists this season and he has been great this season, and part of one of the best lower league partnerships in the country. Will Short, has been a fixture this season after getting a few starts last season. He has been rock solid at left back this season and has a lot of clubs sniffing around him, although I hope to be able to keep a hold of him. He averaged 7.44 this season and has been great, and at 18 years of age, you think he can continue to improve as footballer.
  14. LEYTON ORIENT - 2019/20 FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS We did a little business during the summer transfer window. We brought in Tom King, goalkeeper from Millwall for £6.75k, he was a big improvement in goal, so very happy to bring him in. Keston Davies is Welsh centre-back whom was a Swansea graduate and had been released after some time on loan at Yeovil Town, we bring him to add some depth at centre-back and he can fight for a starting spot. Luke McCullough was injured when he came into the club with a hip injury but he was a step up at defensive midfield, so despite the Northern Irishman's injury and missing pre-season and the start of the season we decided it was a good idea to bring him into the club. Tareq Shibab was available on a free transfer and was without a club, the scouts felt he had plenty of potential so we deiceded to bring him in and send him out on loan to Eastbourne Boro for the season. Amin Benyoucef also left the club on loan to Salisbury, because he was getting annoyed at the lack of progression at the club, although unsure he will even feature that much for Salisbury. LEAGUE TWO FIXTURES We have been nothing short of impeccable this season as we go unbeaten in the league over the first half of the season. We ended up drawing 4 games and winning the rest to give us a fantastic start to the season and really seal a very clear challenge for the League 2 title. LEAGUE TWO TABLE EDIT: I forgot about providing the table, this is the table having played another game beyond the fixture list above, we are currently 16 points clear at the top of the table and 21 points clear of the playoff places. We look to be coasting all the way to League One if we can maintain even half of the form we have shown so far. CARABAO CUP FIXTURES Our Carabao Cup ended after one game as we lost at home to Ipswich Town in the 1st Round. FA CUP FIXTURES We have successfully negotiated fixtures against Northampton and Torquay United in the 1st and 2nd Round respectively as we set up a mouthwatering tie against Tottenham Hotspur away in the 3rd Round. EFL TROPHY FIXTURES We have done very well in the EFL Trophy getting out of our group with many issues, getting through Crystal Palace Under 23s, Colchester United and Cheltenham Town, before getting through in the 2nd Round with a win over Plymouth Argyle. JOB OFFERS We did get a job offer this period from Colchester United, we rejected it because we are looking to stay at Leyton Orient for 10 years. TOP THREE PLAYERS Last years top goalscorer Macauley Bonne has continued his great form this season as he has bagged 26 goals in 23 starts and averaged 7.72 this season. He continues to be a key player for us, and his ability to find the net is invaluable. Josh Koroma has not been as prolific but his all round play has been great for us as he has bagged 10 goals this season, provided 8 assists and averaged a very healthy 7.50 Zico Andrews is an academy graduate and at the end of last season he was clearly ready for some first team football and he has not disappointed as he has started 17 games in the league this season and provided an average rating of 7.47. He has already had some of the higher division clubs sniffing around him so he looks a great talent for us going forward and has improved a lot over this half season.
  15. LEYTON ORIENT - 2018/19 SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON TRANSFERS Our only transfer beyond the ones that the club had already done before we arrived is to let Jobi McAnuff leave for Chesterfield for £3k. He was old and not playing so it was time to move him on to pastures new. NATIONAL LEAGUE FIXTURES We continued our good form in the second half of the season, although we did end up suffering three defeats, all of them at home, as we finished season undefeated away from home this season. FA CUP FIXTURES In the end our FA Cup adventure ended at home to Rotherham United as they managed a narrow win over us in the 3rd Round of the cup. FA TROPHY FIXTURES I thought we were looking good to potentially lift the FA Trophy however we ended up falling and the penultimate hurdle in the semi final against Aldershot as we suffer a defeat at home in the second leg that sent us tumbling out of the competition. NATIONAL LEAGUE TABLE We ended up winning the league by 20 points and we broke all kinds of records doing it, like the most points ever, and the most goals scored in a season. We finish on an incredible 117 points and a positive goal difference of 80, to cap a fantastic season. TOP THREE PLAYERS Macauley Bonne has been incredible for us this season, finishing with an average rating of 7.56 and scoring 45 goals in competitions along the way. It can't be argued with he has led the line amazingly for us. Jordan Maguire-Drew has been sensational for us on the wing, he ended up scoring 16 and assisting 16, which was absolutely vital for us this season, and averaged a very good 7.42 this season. Joe Widdowson, our left back had a great second half of the season as he really ramped up his performances to make it into the top three players this season, he averaged 7.41 this season and almost made it to second spot on the list. MANAGER THOUGHTS Well we ended up having a great season and ended up getting promoted as champions as it was already looking like from the first half of the season. We will likely need to bring a few new faces for the coming season to make sure that we are able to compete in League 2. We have had a fantastic season and the boys really produced the goods, but the main disappointment this season was not going all the way in the FA Trophy which I felt we were very well placed to win.
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