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  1. VFL WOLSBURG (GERMANY) SEASON 2037/38 Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | League Table | Transfers | Squad | Top Players | Dominic Balmer | Norbert Wellenreuther | Tihomir Petrovic | Gora Wade | Claudio Roberto | We waited for a job for quite a while and when the jobs came they were not ideal. It was between Celta de Vigo in Spain and Wolfsburg in Germany and to be honest they were both much of muchness, considering they were both struggling, underperforming, and their squads did not look that great. We opted to go to Wolfsburg because they came in for us first. The squad had issues,
  2. ULSAN HYUNDAI (SOUTH KOREA) SEASON 2036/37 Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | League Table | AFC Champions League Group | Transfers | Squad Top Players | Lee Gi-Yeol | Cesar Fernandez | Kim Sung-Ryong | Lee Jeong-Woo | Hicham Salhi | It ended up being a bit of strange league season for us, we started like a freight train and opened up a huge lead, and this would go on until past the mid point of the season, where we won every game we played. Then we dropped a few points and went into a bit of crisis where we started losing a few games. In the end we were so far ahead by the time the
  3. ULSAN HYUNDAI (SOUTH KOREA) SEASON 2036 | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | League Table | Transfers | Squad | Ulsan Top Players | Dion Drena Duckic | Lee Gi-Yeol | Cao Xin | Lee Jeong-Woo | Kim Sang-Hyun We got some very nice luck upon leaving PSG, that Ulsan had a vacancy at manager. They were underperforming in the league and we picked them up in 6th place. Things started slow, but eventually we started to hit some form and very soon we were in the Champions League spots before the league split and had closed a pretty big gap to FC Seoul pretty quickly. After the league split w
  4. ENGLAND AT EURO 2036 IN PORTUGAL | Squad | We went into the tournament with not a huge amount of faith in the team and we were handed another blow as we were drawn in the group of death against hosts Portugal, Belgium and Sweden just to make things just a little bit more difficult for us. We opened up our campaign at the Boavista Stadium in Porto, for the second game of the tournament following a 1-1 draw between Portugal and Belgium in the tournament opener. It was not a game for the feint of heart as we got ahead in the first half and it remained like that until half time
  5. PARIS SAINT GERMAIN (FRANCE) & ENGLAND SEASON 2035/36 PSG | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | League Table | Champions League Group | Transfers | Squad | PSG Best Players | Kylian Mbappe | Jochen Jans | Adel Bensaid | Victor Delgado | Tristan Adam | England | 2035 Fixtures | 2036 Fixtures | Euro 2036 Qualifying Group | The job we were eager to pick up and forego a potential cup success with Atlanta United for was Paris Saint Germain whose manager had just resigned and we were in there applying quick and were quickly offered the job, a bit before the season would start in e
  6. ATLANTA UNITED (U.S.A) & ENGLAND 2035 Season Atlanta United | Fixtures | League Table | Transfers | Squad | Atlanta United Top Players | Ryan Goldman | Jamie Thomas | Ignacio Flores | William Manes Neto | Reuben Demming England | 2034 Fixtures | 2035 Fixtures | Nations League Group | World Cup Qualifying Group We started the season at Atlanta United, trying to work out how we could get under the wage cap but also build a squad, as last season we barely had enough players to field a first 11 and a few substitutes. We managed to do that somewhat but it involved letti
  7. ATLANTA UNITED (U.S.A) & ENGLAND SEASON 2034 Atlanta United | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Eastern Conference Table | Transfers | Squad | Atlanta United Top Players | Ryan Goldman | Jamie Thomas | William Manes Neto | Ignacio Flores | Luke Hargreaves England | Fixtures | Nations League Group After leaving Porto, we finally saw an opening in North America at Atlanta United, and as soon as I joined I more or less instantly regretted it. The squad was a mess, we had one centre back and no left back, so things we were not looking rosy. I instantly looked to get some playe
  8. ENGLAND AT WORLD CUP 2034 IN AUSTRALIA | Squad | We had two pre-tournament friendlies at Wembley which resulted in a 4-1 win against Serbia and heavy 4-1 loss to France, which was not the best way to enter the tournament We were in Canberra for the World Cup opener against Venezuela and they made it hard for us, but eventually we managed to find a way through them in the second half with goals from Humphries and Greenwood getting us the 2-0 win and the perfect start to the tournament. We were at the Gabba in Brisbane for our final group game, and we had already qu
  9. FC PORTO (PORTUGAL) & ENGLAND FC Porto | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | League Table | Allianz Cup Group | Champions League Group | Transfers | Squad | FC Porto Best Players | Nemanja Jagodic | Ianique Indjai | Marc Janssen | Humberto | Arthur Henrique England | 2033 Fixtures | 2034 Fixtures | World Cup Qualifying Group We left Manchester City, and there was not a lot of good jobs that I wanted to consider. The one thing we could do was wait, as Man City had to go and get a manager from somewhere and chances were they would get this person from some other top club elsewhere,
  10. MANCHESTER CITY (ENGLAND) & ENGLAND SEASON 2032/33 Manchester City | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Fixtures 3 | League Table | Champions League Group | Club World Cup Group Fixtures | Club World Cup Group |Club World Cup Knockout Fixtures | Transfers | Squad | Manchester City Best Players | Pedro Lopes | Gustavo Garcia | Brian Oddei | Mohamed Mohamed | Alix Humphreys England | 2032 Fixtures | 2033 Fixtures | Nations League Group | World Cup Qualifying Group Our last season at Manchester City whatever happened, and in the end we had to give credit to Arsenal when it cam
  11. Feel free, it's just done in Excel, and adding the pictures into the boxes for the logos and flags.
  12. Nice progress! The author of the challenge will have to invigilate but I think you have to win 10 domestic cups from 10 different countries for the challenge. Anyway keep it up!
  13. MANCHESTER CITY (ENGLAND) SEASON 2031/32 First Fixtures | Middle Fixtures | Last Fixtures | League Table | Champions League Group | Transfers 1 | Transfers 2 | Squad Best Players | Pedro Lopes | Mohamed Mohamed | Brian Oddei | Alix Humphreys | Jocemar We entered this season as champions and again we did plenty in the transfer window as we brought in reinforcement and let others go. Web started the season very well, as we took the leadership of the league together with Chelsea who had an even better start, but we suffered in November, as we dropped quite a few points, but we
  14. MANCHESTER CITY (ENGLAND) SEASON 2030/31 First Half of Fixtures | Second Half of Fixtures | League Table | Champions League Group | Early Transfers | Later Transfers | Squad | Best Players | Mohamed Mohamed | Ruben Neves | Pedro Lopes | Lautaro Martinez | Brian Oddei We continued to make moves in the transfer window as we sold off the remaining players that I had earmarked as past their best and those who were not going to contribute much and we brought in a few players that I felt could add some youth and vigour to the team. We started the season off pretty well, only losi
  15. JAPAN AT THE AFC ASIAN CUP 2031 IN JAPAN | Squad | 2030 Fixtures | After leaving Brazil we had a host of international teams to choose from, from the elite European sides to some of the dark horses of Europe. However the job that really stood out to us was the Japanese international job which was available after a pretty poor World Cup campaign. We applied and got the job. In 2030 we only had friendlies to play in preparation for a home Asian Cup that was next year at home. To be honest those games did not go well in general showing the general gap between us and decent internationa
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