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  1. I just don't think that argument stands up. You could go to the cinema twice for the price of the game and get 4-5 hrs of entertainment for the same money. Or, you could go to an actual football match and get 90 minutes.......I understand the frustration around reintroduced features, features that aren't actually features and outdated graphics but almost anyone that buys it will get hundreds if not thousands of hours of entertainment from their forty quid.
  2. Just pre-ordered. Where I'm at - I can't understand any argument around the cost of the game. It will always be the best value for money entertainment you can buy when you compare cost vs hr's of playing time (fun....) no brainer. I understand people having a groan about features and improvements they'd like to see, I don't understand anyone dismissing something because it's not important to them. Everyone sees and plays the game slightly differently, live and let live, get over it. The move towards enhancing long term saves is so welcome, anything that adds detail and difference between saves is a huge positive. It's clear to me that Stadia has put a drain on resources at Si this year but hopefully there are still some surprises yet to be announced, any improvements to the ME and tactics would be appreciated. Bottom line, regardless of how I'm feeling about the game I'm always confident in the knowledge that there a people working on it that have those same feelings and a desire to improve it.
  3. I’ve approached this in similar ways in the past, the key is having the discipline to keep on top of it. Last year I only used the default shortlist and filtered accordingly, lazy but it worked ok.
  4. Every new release I think to myself I'll do a better job of managing shortlists and keeping organised......every year it gets messy. Tell me what your shortlist routine is, how are people managing lists effectively?? Or point me to a thread where this has all been discussed before because I couldn't find one.....
  5. I believe the poster on Twitter was making the point that not all DoF's are created equal and that from club to club their roles, stature and power vary. For Miles to dismiss that by saying "we make a simulation of the real world" is very misleading in relation to the DoF as it currently stands in FM. Whereby the role is totally generic from club to club and offers no level of control in any regard. Thats about as far from simulating the real world as you could get IMO. As I pointed out yesterday, the addition of the Club Vision in FM20 whilst great, will be massively undermined if your DoF continues to recommend ageing players when your vision is to invest and develop youth, for example.
  6. There are some clear benefits to Stadia but I agree, there is no one solution for all playing habits although I'd be certain most of us are playing in darkened rooms........ From a personal perspective, aside from the fact it won't be available in my region, if there is no ability to add faces, logos, backgrounds and an alternate skin I just wouldn't go there as they are integral to me playing the game. Conversely, if I was playing on an old, slow PC I'd possibly not be adding all those graphical elements so I may see it as an upgrade.
  7. So, if that is indeed the case then the obstacle of outdated tech will be largely removed with the availability of the game on Google Stadia. Therefore it will no longer be the hinderance to progress that its currently perceived to be? Assuming of course its available in your region, which for me, won't currently be the case....
  8. Genuine question, is that opening statement based on published research or a hunch? Personally, I'd find the notion of a video game developer deliberately stifling it's own development in order to accomodate outdated technologies hard to accept. Indeed, if they were to publicly announce this as policy I'd be incredibly disappointed. Clearly, you want to make the game available to as wide an audience as possible but not at the expense of progress IMO.
  9. If the aim is to simulate real life then there has to be a move in this direction. Currently the DoF AI is not good enough to allow control of transfers (IMO) but more control over actual target traits should be simple. Also, any options around DoF squad building would need to be optional as you can't be in a situation where you can't manage your favourite club in this game because you don't have the control you desire. It's all about offering choice, currently its all too generic.
  10. If "we" are making a simulation then why do we have the current mechanics behind the DoF role? It operates exactly the same for every club that has a DoF, this is not the case in football. There is no ability to target specific traits or even ages. No ability to sit down with the DoF and board to agree/discuss vision, criteria etc.....If the actions of the DoF are not in sync with the club vision it diminishes that new feature IMO, I could go on. On a side note. I would defend all day the right of Miles to throw shade on anyone that adds rude comments or disrespectful comments on his personal Twitter but when an obvious fan of the game makes a legit suggestion and gets a short, dismissive reply it makes me cringe.
  11. What about those occasions when you've agreed a transfer but end up being ten bob short and it falls apart when realistically I'm sure the shortfall would be met or you'd at least have the option to ask for it as below.
  12. QoL improvement, already in the game. More pertinently, will your DoF make suggestions in line with your club vision?? An option to select an age bracket and other more specific criteria would be useful.
  13. I agree in the sense that once again the regen faces are disappointing, like androids with bad hair...... However, they are important for me as their lack of realism is just another obstacle to long term saves.
  14. Happy in a sense that anything which makes you look 20 years younger is a positive. Graphically we live in an FM bubble. It's like we are blind to all other existing technologies. Why the cartoonish hair and background graphics that remind me of the Amiga 500 I owned back in the day? Year on year it gets harder to defend and to forgive IMO.
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