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  1. Data Hub, massive tick, even if its not perfect its a huge step in the right direction, now its all about the analysis available and how useable the module is. Recruitment, please, please, please let there be correlation between the club's desired culture and the recruitment meetings and DOF suggestions, let me be able to discuss in detail the players I want to identify. No more suggesting 35 year old's on 35k a week when the club wants under 23 signings and our wage budget is only 6k a week max....... Looking forward to seeing the other features.
  2. I do like the sound of this but the game doesn't model the relationship between the Red Bull clubs even remotely like real life and that ultimately puts me off.
  3. Bumping this. Anyone found any more alternative stationary? I'm always on the lookout for the perfect note/record keeping setup.
  4. Hi there, I just won the DFL-Supercup, got the prize money but Dortmund who I beat are now listed as the winners and I the runner up? Cheers
  5. I'd like to be able to offer some kind of career pathway to potential new staff. For instance, I'm currently offering a role of Scout to a guy that would be a great Chief Scout. I want to be able to say do 12 months as a Scout then we'll make you Chief Scout when the existing guys contract expires. Conversely, it would be useful to advise staff in higher roles that you intend to replace them but be able to offer them a role somewhere else within the club if they wish.
  6. I have a query, may be related I'm not 100%. I am using the tournament files. My save as Schalke in the Bundesliga, there appears to be an age and registration restriction applied to Schalke II, I don't recall seeing this in previous saves. As they seem to be playing in the new comps, are those rules new. It's a struggle keeping older first team players fit.
  7. Hey, you couldn't send to me also could you. I think I have it clear but I'm about to go away for a week before starting my main save of FM21. Would be great not to mess it up.....
  8. These are the QC bugs that hurt the most.....must be an easy fix, would like to think it will be addressed even at this late stage.
  9. I don't hold a team meeting at the moment without saving my game first. Its totally broken.
  10. EDIT: So, it does happen several days later. It's just not acknowledged on the Assignments screen so your scout appears to be doing nothing even though he's been assigned this task. Would be good if it showed on the screen until completed.
  11. I might be missing something but it doesn't appear to be working. I have full scouting range, I go through the motions of setting it up and click start scouting assignment but it just doesn't happen. Anyone know??
  12. The bottom line is stats are everything in modern football and FM has rightly given us stats in game. For them to be this broken so long after release is farcical. Fundamental to how many play, difficult to ignore even if you aren’t interested. As I said yesterday, you can’t take anything that works in this game for granted.
  13. I have a thing for only playing teams from cities I’ve been to. I have an affinity for Poland and Krakow in particular so Wisla are on my list to play this year. But, as the issues around ratings and missing stats were still prevalent I started my only save so far with Widzew Łódź as a precursor to get to know the Polish leagues. I’ve played a season and a half and love the leagues.
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