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  1. if you see the bottom option apparently i had a player called male#5 haha no idea what this is but i am slightly worried i have some kind of bug as ive posted another topic about staf being missing too
  2. from the start of the save the bigger teams outside of germany where im based all had staff..i managed to get some of them from barcelona 2 seasons ago....now im qualified for the champions league for the first time id expect a whole host of staff scouts coaches etc all to be interested but its as if im back in league 3 hardly anyone available..upon looking all the top clubs only have directors and managers..no fitness coaches scouts anything and they were there start of the save..youd think even retired players would turn into coaches but that dont seem to be the case
  3. EDIT: nevermind im just having one of those days im sure its because he is a loan player and therefore you cant fine loan players...my mistake if thats the case guys just delete the topic...sorry about that
  4. hi guys as you can see in the pic its pretty straight forward...players decided to play dirty getting sent off but its the first time playing fm19 that ive been unable to fine anybody... i was wondering if its because of the stature of my club is poor but surely its not that thanks in advance
  5. this is a season on..i loaned him out to staebek and hes come back raring to go....determinations dropped slightly but im not too worried
  6. scout pulled this guy out the bag for me when i was in the german 3rd tier last season only cost me 8k...wont look much to alot of ppl but for that league & little old uerdingen hes ronaldo
  7. you sure he a regen? thats possibly the first regen ive ever seen with a real face
  8. thats a crackin example of what an awesome regen looks like
  9. missed out on pellegri the machine for that too haha nice one mate appreciated
  10. @Andrew James the pics above display the 17th july....i have 2 older save games on the 10th of july & 24th july would one of those be ok? EDIT: ive added both anyway they will be under lyon 2019.07.10.fm lyon 2019.07.24.fm cheers
  11. i could be missing something totally basic here but im sure i have 4 players on loan and was denied the chance to loan pellegri due to 5 player limit....i know 2 of the loans are on a 2 season deal but that doesnt count as 4 loans surely
  12. looks awesome,wouldnt worry about his height too much as he will prob get to 5 11 or 6ft but with jumping reach for a cb is a bit worrying
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