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  1. just going by my first team 11 i posted just above your post that i posted on friday....im quite good at spotting when someones going to become a world beater by a few things personality..determination..work rate etc he loooks a good one from what i can see =)
  2. should become best player in your save he prob aint far off that now
  3. managed to build a beastly team at groningen just some of my starting 11 camavingas the non regen ..come to a point now where im starting to dominate everything but it never gets boring because im trying my best to keep a 100% record if theres any draws then somethings not right we keep changing =)
  4. one of the best keepers ive ever had in any fm for their age
  5. some ppl have tried clearing cache it works for some but sadly not others....mine appears sometimes but next day gone again
  6. anyone can attend to this its still happening?
  7. nevermind can delete this topic i think its because i asked for reports so ive removed them
  8. he he awesome for 15 but unsure how much he will develop his determination is 11 workrate is 10 but not sure what his mentality says as its in another language
  9. i keep getting this report every couple of days i most likely clicked by accident to keep reports on him but i want it gone/removed but no idea how to stop it
  10. this is still happening....it was back to normal yesterday by me just loading the game up but today its gone again
  11. off the back of a champions league win this little beauty just beat haaland to the ballon dor 84 goals in 94 games dont think iv ever had a player valued that much for a 21yo especially in holland not playing for the big boys the best 1.9m ive ever spent
  12. pretty straight forward explanation the nationality is not showing on the attribute screen ive already seen a topic on this which a guy was asked to upload his game so to save time ive already uploaded my save the name is Rob Evans - FC Groningen 2026.01.31.fm
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