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  1. 5 star already at 20 progressing nicely on loan
  2. love these two not bad for 1.8m & 1.9m
  3. i dont sorry as i delete files as im going along...since i sent it though it has not happened again,i did sell fabio silva the player it was happening to but dont think its stopped because he ha sleft the club lol from now i will keep all the save files & if it happensd again i will have those backed up thanks kyle
  4. yeah no problem buddythanks, just done it the filename is Rob Evans - AC Milan 2024.12.28.fm the bug just happened again actually this time man city bidding for paqueta
  5. seems to happen every single time man utd bid for fabio silva i can click every item in my inbox but when it coems to man utd bid i cannot click on it ..reason why it looks like ive clicked on it is because ive continued once
  6. sorry mate that save got deleted a very long time ago i posted over amonth before this reply
  7. after rejecting 20k a week to stay at nurnberg on regen day in march which i found very strange, a bid from bayern end of the season prompted me to have to go in for him with £££ and ended up paying 11m should be worth it in the future dont get many 14yo like this often
  8. posted this guy above probably my best find ever when he was 17 got a PA of 198 best on the game currently ...what makes it my personal best find is the fact i found him at the bottom of those youth intake lists of rubbish teams that nobody looks at some alianza llanos in colombia fo 5k absolute machine
  9. may just be down to luck some saves have it some dont...my only one currently who came through & looks pretty good personality wise plus marking tackling is this guy
  10. good player him mate im rennes also but not seen any major ones come through my academy ive had to poach mine
  11. another one like my above post,speed is not amazing but for 5k cant go wrong
  12. nice little 700k pickup i found using the method in this link, flourishing on loan https://footballmanagerstory.com/fm-2020-regen-youth-intake-guide-find-the-best-wonderkids/
  13. trying to look for donnarumma,i know if i type his name at the top its easily done but in this picture i have all gk on the screen with no addons like transfer listed or loans..its just a pure list of goalkeepers..donnarumma is valued at 43m but is not showing this becomes a problem if he becomes listed for half is price its a real bargain but i will never be able to see it as he doesnt show on lists
  14. poached from hamburg for 900k...nice to get your own back when other clubs poach your players on intake days
  15. cheers freedie ..thats actually quite exciting in a way ill keep my eye out for it thanks
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