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  1. thanks mate good investigating work hope the team see it now & hopefully fix it =)
  2. spot on mate thats exactly what happens..works when i click the space at the side but actually clicking CONTROL POSESSION keeps bringing up the mentality ..if i click all the other tactics on their writing it works fine ...control is the only one which brings up the mentality
  3. happens on both saves mate but i will say both saves are from the beta..not yet started one on full release so unsure if it still happens in full game..but KLAAZ underneath has it spot on thats exactly what happens and i just tried doing what he says and it control posessio works if you click the space beside it...but actually clicking on the control posession writing brings up the mentality
  4. released the below scout start of the season and now im in december he is still showing in assignments
  5. its for example when ive got a narrow lead 2nd half and want to control posession.. i could post my save to the cloud too if you like? just noticed this also happens out of game when im choosing my squad before a game 1. click on tactics far laft 2. click on tactical style 3.choose control posession from what i had previous which was gegenpress 4.then choose any mentality positive cautious etc 5.then what happens is it chooses the mentality ok but not for control posession so i end up with gegenpress and whatever mentality you have chosen i have actually sent my save into the cloud the name is Real Sociedad 2019.09.15.fm
  6. i do have a post in the pre beta section but as im still playing my beta save but the game is now at full release thought id post here too but feel free to delete if youd rather reply to the beta topic.....simply control posession doe snot work..if i choose any other tactic it selects it and off i go to play..with control tactic the mantality box comes up but if i choose positive or cautious it selects it for another tactic other than control posession as shown below
  7. any solution to this yet as ive started another save and exactly the same problem i cannot use control posession ..any other tactic i choose gegenpress park the buss etc i click it and it selects..with control posession the mentality box pops up and chooses the mantality for another tactic
  8. thanks for the reply michael massive help
  9. is there any way to remove the messages after you hover? like for example in the pic below if i hover over an injury it tells me about the injury...as when im trying to pick my team everytime i hover over a position a message displays which i find sometimes annoying
  10. not sure if ive got one before the contracts as i delete then everynight as i do a new file for everysave & end up with about 30 save files before bed but i do have a save file from the same save atleast which ive just sent..its called uerdingen 2022.08.15
  11. ahh right didnt see that its sneakily at the bottom of the page haha this is what mine looks like
  12. ive double made sure nobody else is doing the contracts but me yet ive just had this screen most if not all my u19s have been offered contracts ..the other pic clearly shows im in charge of it
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