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  1. thats a crackin example of what an awesome regen looks like
  2. missed out on pellegri the machine for that too haha nice one mate appreciated
  3. @Andrew James the pics above display the 17th july....i have 2 older save games on the 10th of july & 24th july would one of those be ok? EDIT: ive added both anyway they will be under lyon 2019.07.10.fm lyon 2019.07.24.fm cheers
  4. i could be missing something totally basic here but im sure i have 4 players on loan and was denied the chance to loan pellegri due to 5 player limit....i know 2 of the loans are on a 2 season deal but that doesnt count as 4 loans surely
  5. looks awesome,wouldnt worry about his height too much as he will prob get to 5 11 or 6ft but with jumping reach for a cb is a bit worrying
  6. renew his contract straight away 5 years plus optional 3 =D
  7. my left back a season on since i last posted on the first page
  8. oh yes sorry about that your right...must have been a late night haha
  9. best regens on my save right now,tried to vary the positions..threw my own players abakarov & angel in because they are just crazy for 19 & 20
  10. guys ive found a wicked way to narrow down regen finding ive posted it in a football manager group on facebook and it was then made into a topic on fmblog https://www.footballmanagerblog.org/2018/12/fm19-guide-easily-find-wonderkids-football-manager.html?fbclid=IwAR3Qw8D89Sw1xzqcI6gFE9SZngMlZptyxuvTVMgAFeC5ltDEAnZUn6tjsjQ
  11. tried to sign angel for 11m start of the season but real madrid agreed a contract for a 60m clause so had to wait a few months to get him one of the best left backs ive seen for potential
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