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  1. @Ben Kenney hi ben just started a new save & the loan manager seems to be fixed..have you fixed it? would love to know what the sequence was that caused it
  2. im so thick haha its still a bit over my head but thanks for replying awesome information...i never understand any of that kinda thing anyway regardless haha so ill just play on and see what happens......sometimes they say its always best to find out for ypurself as you can make mistakes and know in future what to look out for
  3. thanks for the reply mate.... i have rivaldos son who is brazilian and is not foreign thats what confuses me hes from brazil as youd imagine.....confuses me a bit as hungarian league says the same as romanian league in the pic and they have france down as non-eu and most of europe....so im still not sure what ones are ok to sign players from someone here must have done a few seasons in this league to know for definate
  4. like the look of him...with man city too top club and coaches he could become an absolute world beater by the age of 23 even 22
  5. @Raulic or any nice chappy who can help a fella out pretty simple request really its the first time ive started a save in romania,specifically vitorul & i know in these leagues like russia romania serbia etc theres certain rules regarding foreign players... so at the start i made sure i added serbia hungary bulgaria ukraine leagues as i thought it would help with home grown.....but as i started the save i notice in the team a brazilian who is not classed as home grown also i think nigerian or camaroonian player but theres a moldovan in the u19s who is foreign which confused me so ive had a thought and come to the conclusion the countries actually attached to romania are infact foreign but im not sure does anyone who the exact countries that are classed as foreign to romania that would eb a massive help to me in terms of gettin players in ....im only 14 games into the season so 2 months away from the window yet thanks in advance
  6. ahh right i got ya now..so its technically not a fight to go up its a fight to win the whole section meaning champion of all 4 groups no matter what group your in........thanks for that haha i still think its a bit weird nobody gets promoted i wonder how the players in france feel knowing they cant go any higher
  7. my products are coming along very nicely on loan dont you just love regens best part of the game.......some ppl quit a save as soon as regens enter can you believe that
  8. i dont know why that should be though.. i would have thought the under19s would get promoted to group c given they are in the bottom group of a 4 tier section & my 2nd team the same otherwise whats the point of having promotion & playpoff places thats a really bad rule it surely has to be a bug. so technically only monaco are not allowed to get promoted? its just the same as say teams in the english conference north/south leagues cant be promoted which is silly because otherwise salford would not be in league 2 .... how comes ajax and psv have a b team directly below them but french 2nd teams cant move anywhere?
  9. ive noticed my monaco b team & under 19s have not got promoted even though they won both leagues & the under 19s won the playoff part too im pretty sure they should be getting promoted. the only thing that shouldnt happen is my b team playing in the same division as my 1st team but it has not got that far yet i have all french leagues playable too .....im in july now where the new fixtures have been announced so its perfect to check the season before on my save....ill leave a few pics below & also upload the save file to the cloud which is called Rob Evans - AS Monaco 2023.07.04.fm
  10. if you can visibly see barcelona b team in a league then everything should work fine.......im at a loss otherwise not sure ..the obvious thing is get your b team manager to arrange them but youve obviously tried to do that already
  11. i had this issue before....i guess your managing barcelona....so what id like to know is what spanish leagues do you have loaded? because when i was schalke..my b team never arranged friendlies either because they wernt in a known league......im currently managing monaco & ive added all french leagues possible as my b team playin in the 4th tier and because that league is loaded as playable my b team arranges friendlies...might not be the answer but if you have only got la liga playable or other spanish leagues apart from the one your b team is in then that could be why
  12. jesus ive never had them that frequent maybe 3 in a space of 3 months not 3 in the same month nuts that is
  13. ok mate cheers for that...just had one again but this time it says quashes consortium links haha guess ill just have to be patient but thanks again christopher
  14. not sure if its a bug but thought id investigate incase it is....in my 3rd season now with monaco...the first year i had 5 during that season....last season i had the same...this season so far ive had 2 ive literally just had the 2nd rumour so ill send the save to the cloud that its just happened in & then another save just before it ....just worried its a bug & will never get taken over because of it...its never consortium messages either they are always `rumours not to be believed ` save files are : Rob Evans - AS Monaco 2021.10.22.fm Rob Evans - AS Monaco 2021.06.04.fm
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