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    full name Neil Huntington, played semi pro football for a few years fm god

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    Smashing The Granny Out Of It


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    football/girls/drinking/playing fm/ fifa/tennis/golf and UFC

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    leeds utd

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  1. wally13

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Right been off the fm scene for 4 years now for 1 reason or another was part of the beta team for 4 years..but feel it's time to get back into fm so looking forward to fm19.. I'll be buying a new laptop price isn't really an issue but seen people buying laptops etc for over £1000 each to there own don't get me wrong but isn't that a bit over kill to spend just for fm ? My laptop back 4 year ago was worth £600 and played fm fine and it wasn't a gaming laptop or have the specs changed a lot in 4 years ?. As I say price not really a concern to me but I'll only be using new laptop for fm so can't see me spending anymore then £600.. I did see 1 smurf posted on saveonlaptops for about £579 which I think will do
  2. wally13

    Who the big dog

    So then who been the big dog in the editing world since I've been away for a few years ☺
  3. wally13

    Editor 2014 Date Issues

    Nope still dodgy after re install can't get my head round it
  4. wally13

    Editor 2014 Date Issues

    I'll try the re-install
  5. wally13

    Editor 2014 Date Issues

    Nope all language is fine, like i say even if i try manually change the join date etc they just reset to 1931/7/01
  6. wally13

    Editor 2014 Date Issues

    I'll check mate, last time i fired editor up before this everything was ok that was a few back so not sure what would of caused it
  7. wally13

    Editor 2014 Date Issues

    Not posted in here in a while but here go's i've just fired my editor up now for the first time in ages and for some reason when i try move a player from 1 club to another the join date shows as the year first then month then the day, its usually the other way round but the main problem is beside this when i try and change the dates they all default to some like 1/7/1931 ?? is this a know bug or something anyone else a encountered ?? even if i try manually input the dates they just reset to 1/7/1931, i've deleted the cache files and all that etc but no joy
  8. wally13

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Who's panaking ? was a normal general question
  9. wally13

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Yeah bud but i meant dose it sound right with the packaging etc as well
  10. wally13

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Thanks bud i knew the phone weighed about 112 grams but i was thinking with packaging etc as well
  11. wally13

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Hi guys a bit of a random question but I've just bought a iPhone off eBay of a respected seller and hes just sent me a photo of tracking code etc. which was fine, the weight of the parcel says 0.144 kg can anyone tell me if that weight sounds about right
  12. 31st October Thursday miles as just posted on twitter
  13. Nothing to do with finding exploits its to do with finding right balance and tactic with team and players you have
  14. There's been plenty of discussion though on the subject of the A.I supposedly cheating yet its never been proved, i agree about your team and players doing weird things sometimes though