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  1. The local computer shop guy - used to just say no to me, before I coud speak when I used to walk in to check if there had been any news on release
  2. I can't get mine to work this year Copied my folder over from 2019 - unticked use caching, clicked reload skin, and hit the clear cache in the bottom left, but not loading the new logos
  3. Well and grisly fluffed that up! 3-2-2-3 was meant to be, I blame The FM twitter account for excitement level!
  4. Right I’m in the bus about an 1 hour and 15 till I’m home come on SI do your magic
  5. I think Fm06 came out same day as Pro evo, that was a pain of a cue lunch time in the Arndale centre in Manchester i also seem to remember champ man 3 or4kept getting put back for release. The guy in the local computer shop would just shake his head when I walked in no words were needed as to what I wanted
  6. Vague memories of Mel sterland when he came north of the border and played for us
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