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  1. Well and grisly fluffed that up! 3-2-2-3 was meant to be, I blame The FM twitter account for excitement level!
  2. Right I’m in the bus about an 1 hour and 15 till I’m home come on SI do your magic
  3. I think Fm06 came out same day as Pro evo, that was a pain of a cue lunch time in the Arndale centre in Manchester i also seem to remember champ man 3 or4kept getting put back for release. The guy in the local computer shop would just shake his head when I walked in no words were needed as to what I wanted
  4. Vague memories of Mel sterland when he came north of the border and played for us
  5. How does that famous chant go ‘Sacked in the morning, he’s getting sacked in the morning’
  6. Just had hot dogs with the youngest (he is 7) popcorn and haribo now with ice age 3 on
  7. Ok - so what am I asking in regards to cooling system? Sorry for so many question I'm learning!
  8. Oh I get that thdt what you have violet is very good and has the better processor, but I suppose another way to ask the question is, is it £500 better?
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