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    Please post a thread on the forums rather than PMing me or writing on my feed - those boxes gob unread!

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  1. Alari Naylor

    Download Error

    Please uninstall and reinstall.
  2. The iPad skin is actually the correct one for the s3 9.7 inch.
  3. Alari Naylor

    New career crash

    This will be fixed with an uninstall & reinstall.
  4. Sorry for the slow response on this. We have a couple of further possible fixes, one in 9.2 (which I guess you already tried) and one in a forthcoming small update.
  5. Hi there, I'm guessing you've been playing while plugged into a Windows PC and transferred via that route? Unfortunately this is a known issue that can occur while playing plugged in - Windows doesn't update the new file size properly always when autosaving so only copies across part of the save. I'd suggest to use Dropbox, Google Drive, a WiFi transfer or email to do this in future as these will all ensure the whole save is copied. Based on our previous experience of seeing this in testing the file is very unlikely to be salvageable I'm afraid. We're just gearing up for our office move at the moment, so we can't look at it right away, but I'll get one of the guys to have a quick look next week.
  6. Alari Naylor

    Transfer Bug

    Glad to hear.
  7. Alari Naylor

    iPhone X

    We are finally live with an update offering better support. Sorry for the delay but there was more work needed than envisaged.
  8. Alari Naylor

    Compatible with Pixel 2 XL?

    We don't have this device in house yet but I can't foresee any issues.
  9. Alari Naylor


    Anything not repaired by 9.1.1 we think should now be fixed in 9.1.2
  10. Alari Naylor

    No Youth Coach

    Thanks - this is something we are already looking into. The 9.1.1 update we think should improve it somewhat but there is still more work to do.
  11. Alari Naylor

    Odd text string

    This should be fixed now, thanks for reporting.
  12. Alari Naylor

    team names being switched in news

    I think we may have fixed this already - let me know if you see it again.
  13. Alari Naylor


    Hi - reason for this is usually booting the game with no connection. Can you try rebooting the device and starting the game again when you have a connection, please?
  14. We have an additional 9.1.2 update now which should repair some further instances of this.
  15. Alari Naylor

    International managers stay too long

    If you have a good save from a competition where a national manager does badly and should be sacked, we would like to look into this.