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  1. It gives us great pleasure to reveal that Football Manager 2020 Mobile (iOS and Android) will launch on November 19. Further information will follow closer to the release date - stay tuned!
  2. Feature requests should be directed to the relevant forum from here on in - locking this thread: https://community.sigames.com/forum/681-football-manager-mobile-all-formats/
  3. Sorry for the slow response here. Could you check both the internal and the external storage, and let us know what is located in the Documents/Sports Interactive folder for each, if there is such on each?
  4. We'll have a look at this 360 Security app to see if this is the likely cause. Given that it says it has auto-cleaned 1.89GB I suspect it might be. Can I check again whether you have both internal and external storage, or only one of them?
  5. As Footix has mentioned, the usual cause of this is cleaning apps. It has also been seen if a user originally saves on SD card and the OS loses connection to the SD card for some reason (do you have an external SD?)
  6. The point is that coaches at this level may not be able to judge whether the players potential is high as you've set it.
  7. Sometimes we stage rollouts gradually across a period of days so that if there is an issue, we can pull it without it affecting everyone.
  8. Points deductions are already implemented in FM Mobile for clubs that start with them in real life. We might have some legal issues doing this dynamically in the future gameworld.
  9. Do you have a new save for us please? This may or may not be the same issue, in the case that you are still seeing it.
  10. Can you confirm which version of the app this was on, please?
  11. Thank you for the information, we believe this is a knock-on from the Gil Vicente court case situation and are investigating.
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