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  1. Value isn't necessarily what the choice of players goes on. From the underlying data I can see Burke should be around the 28th highest priority for extraction, however a certain number of goalkeepers are required - so Erlandsson comes in and just pushes him out. We are looking to rework the database system in the long run to make this more flexible but it's a very big job.
  2. Hi - are they running down their contracts somewhat? Usually values will decay gradually when the length of time left on a contract decreases.
  3. We can't offer official support for unofficial editing of fonts I'm afraid. However, I don't believe there is a way to change this game-side.
  4. We would love a save from before the match please! This is something a very small number of users keep seeing that we are trying very hard to track down but have not been sent a workable save yet. Please see the guide here: If you could send it to informing them I've asked you for it, that would be ideal.
  5. Hello. We can only provide English-language support here, for support in French please email
  6. Use the steps here:
  7. Who are you and what sort of players are you trying to loan? If the player is way too good for the division you're playing in, the selling club may well refuse the deal as the player won't be facing enough of a challenge and so won't develop as well.
  8. The game should not have a problem accessing those locations on android 5.1.1 (it's a bit more complicated if there are three sd paths with marshmallow, or on 4.x versions of android). It's difficult for us to know exactly what could be going on without having the device in front of us. We are looking to make some changes for future products that will improve the detection and selection of external cards, hopefully this should improve things for you.
  9. Hi - can you show a screenshot please?
  10. If is CA is 5* and he is substantially worse that sounds a bit suspect.
  11. If the unlockable is active then the only way you can get sacked is by falling out of playable divisions. If you have a save from before being sacked with the unlockable on we can look into it.
  12. Hi, Can you let me know please the names of the different partitions on your device? Additionally, a quick search has show up a lot of complaints about the functionality of the external SD card on this phone so it may be a firmware issue.
  13. This sounds like Google Play billing service has crashed on your device. Try a reboot.
  14. Hi - this doesn't satisfy the criteria for the Wheeler Dealer achievement on its own. Keep making profits and it will eventually appear.
  15. Hello - unfortunately we can't provide support in Spanish here. Can you please check that you are signed in to both App Store and iCloud using the same Apple ID as before, and ensure that the game has the necessary permissions to access the cloud. Additionally, you will have to boot the game with a stable internet connection to access the cloud, please try to reboot the device and ensure you have internet connection before running the game. Additionally, what happens if you press the 'Restablecer transacciones' button? If you have problems understanding this and require support in Spanish, please email