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  1. We have checked here on the latest update and the game does continue to the next day, but as some awards are being calculated it takes longer. How long have you tried to leave it for? It took 30 seconds here. Please make sure you are on the latest update.
  2. Unlockables

    When you pressed yes on this item, did you have any kind of cash boost?
  3. Select the file 'hidden2.dat' (I assume from the date this is the most recent) and send it by email along with the ticket to help@sega.co.uk. It's probably easiest if you log into your ticket on the web portal and attach it (you may have to zip it due to file size) but you can also zip and just reply to the email attaching it. I'm sorry if this is a bit complicated/hard to understand, although we have introduced Turkish language we don't have support staff that speak Turkish and have to rely on an automatic translation. Just in case it isn't clear, you can press on the file and hit 'send'.
  4. Transfer offer problem

    If you have a save from before that would be ideal, we think 9.0.3 has fixed most instances but there might be one or two more out there...
  5. Set to buy/sell a player

    That one should be fixed if on latest 9.0,3 update we think?
  6. Spain Third Division

    There are so many teams in the Spanish Third division that it could be problematic but I can have a look.
  7. iPhone X support?

    We need to create a new set of graphical assets for this and write code to position them correctly on all screens. It's not a simple task at all I'm afraid, we do appreciate the patience while we work on it.
  8. New contract demand issue

    Yeah, that's dumb. I think there is already a check for if a player has a future transfer but it must have failed somehow. Will get it double checked.
  9. Screen Size to small

    We're going to need to make a new skin for this device - will need a lot of graphical assets re-creating and re-positioning so it might take a little while, apologies for the wait but it's not a simple task.
  10. We need to look at the save to see what is happening. If you have managed to attach it to your support ticket I will be able to review and debug it in the morning.
  11. Yes, this is right. Please send the most recent save before the freeze (hidden and hidden2 are the two autosaves, the other two are labelled on the save/load screen).
  12. Achievements problem

    OK, think we may have worked this out now, under review.
  13. I see another reply informing of how to send the save (it looks like you have two open tickets unless I am mistaken?)
  14. You should have a reply now from one of the agents telling you how to access the save.
  15. Yeah - still can't send direct from phones even with iOS 11 as far as I can tell