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    Please post a thread on the forums rather than PMing me or writing on my feed - those boxes gob unread!

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  1. Can you install this app and send us the 'Device Codename' please? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.redphx.deviceid
  2. Alari Naylor

    FM19 Mobile

    This screenshot has actually allowed us to make something of a breakthrough here and we think we will be able to get to the bottom of the issue at last. Thank you!
  3. If you moved the extra files before removing preferences/cache, yes it does seem likely that this is a problem with the extra content you are using.
  4. Alari Naylor

    Fm19 will not install.

    Hi there, Please try the steps outlined at the link here: Once you have tried these steps, if you are still seeing the same behaviour, do leave it on the 'preparing FM19 files' for a while as this can sometimes take a little bit of time.
  5. Alari Naylor

    Team Talk glitch and Kick Off not working

    Hi @ajw10 can you kick us up a save following the instructions here? We'll get onto it as soon as we can!
  6. Hm that's an interesting one, we'll have a look.
  7. Alari Naylor

    Save games and updates

    Yes, this is the case.
  8. Alari Naylor

    Average Gamer Age

    Hope your managing boots continue to serve you as long as your playing boots have
  9. Regarding the reactions, we'd be happy to see this posted in the Match Engine bugs forum with a couple of examples: https://community.sigames.com/forum/650-match-engine/
  10. Thank you for the update, I will make sure this is passed on.
  11. Alari Naylor

    Crash Dump

    Merci de nous en avoir informés!
  12. Alari Naylor

    Always Crash when save game

    Nice, great to hear this!
  13. Alari Naylor

    Crash Dumping

    Great to hear, thanks!
  14. Try it with the update that just came out?
  15. Alari Naylor

    Players in manager profile

    Do you have any sort of coaching badge and are on the coaching staff at all?