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    Please post a thread on the forums rather than PMing me or writing on my feed - those boxes gob unread!

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  1. Transfer Bug

    Glad to hear.
  2. iPhone X

    We are finally live with an update offering better support. Sorry for the delay but there was more work needed than envisaged.
  3. Compatible with Pixel 2 XL?

    We don't have this device in house yet but I can't foresee any issues.
  4. Transfers

    Anything not repaired by 9.1.1 we think should now be fixed in 9.1.2
  5. No Youth Coach

    Thanks - this is something we are already looking into. The 9.1.1 update we think should improve it somewhat but there is still more work to do.
  6. Odd text string

    This should be fixed now, thanks for reporting.
  7. team names being switched in news

    I think we may have fixed this already - let me know if you see it again.
  8. store

    Hi - reason for this is usually booting the game with no connection. Can you try rebooting the device and starting the game again when you have a connection, please?
  9. We have an additional 9.1.2 update now which should repair some further instances of this.
  10. International managers stay too long

    If you have a good save from a competition where a national manager does badly and should be sacked, we would like to look into this.
  11. Transfer Bug

    We have put out another update which we think should fix more examples of this, can you let us know?
  12. Wage limit from board

    We think we have a good example of this internally now and are continuing to investigate. Any more saves would be very helpful though.
  13. High Scoring Games and Unrealistic Scorelines

    Are you a newly promoted team by any chance? We are looking at an issue where sides sometimes play in a very attacking way against user teams newly promoted from the division below.
  14. Lost auto save games

    Do you have a screenshot of your File Sharing section in iTunes please? There's a couple of people mentioned this now and we are not really sure what is going on, we are trying to get as much information as possible to help us.
  15. Can not complete transfers

    We have put a further fix into 9.1.2 which we believe should resolve further examples of this. It is available to download now.