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  1. Foreign player rules go somewhat against the ethos of the mobile game - not a direction I would anticipate us going down.
  2. This is something we've looked at a few times but surprisingly annoying to get right with the UI system we use. It's definitely on the radar but might be a longer term thing.
  3. On Android it's been necessary for technical reasons due to the way the app packaging works there and the limits on sizes.
  4. I've checked on this and we feel it wouldn't be possible for licensing reasons unfortunately.
  5. What error are you getting when loading please? And what does it say if you try to repurchase the items - it should say you already own them?
  6. We're in communication with Samsung about a couple of things with their tabs and Android 11 - I'll add this to the list.
  7. Sounds like the player might be a bit of a free spirit and the senior players at the club might not be so keen on that spirit. It's a choice for you as a manager really - is the happiness of that young player more important to you than maintaining a serious, professional atmosphere?
  8. Technique also reflects how cleanly a player strikes the ball - for instance at the club I support (Southend) one of our wingers is a great dribbler, can play ok short passes but simply can't strike anything further than about 10 yards well.
  9. This isn't something that we'd be likely to put in our games unfortunately - hard to be fair in terms of Home/Away plus it would also likely not sit well with our licensing agreements for licensed leagues.
  10. Hi there, could you let us know where you have seen this promotion please? There is a full list of licensed teams/leagues across the FM Family here - there are a few of these that aren't playable in FM Mobile: https://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-2021-licences
  11. We believe this should now be fixed in the latest update
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