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    Please post a thread on the forums rather than PMing me or writing on my feed - those boxes gob unread!

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  1. We have fixed something similar internally, but if you can give us clear steps we can verify this against what you have seen.
  2. Please do, this shouldn't happen. We can look into it, can you explain the exact flow, and how close between the clicks?
  3. We are still working on this - a new skin needs developing so takes a little while.
  4. Alari Naylor

    Player Development

    We changed it completely this year, what issues are you seeing?
  5. Pre-orders are not charged till the app is delivered - did you get this sorted out?
  6. Alari Naylor

    And the problem continues...

    Yes, we are painfully aware of this and the fix is surprisingly painful for something that appears so simple on the surface. It's actually quite difficult to get realistic nicknames in this scenario but if we do have enough time one year we will try.
  7. Alari Naylor

    League Coefficient

    We don't have TV sponsorship in mobile, can you explain a little more please?
  8. Sorry, 600px is not high enough for the side menu view.
  9. We would like a save for this please, that's not looking right.
  10. What's the date please? There are some dates between which the transfer window is open and the loan window isn't.
  11. Alari Naylor

    FM 2019 on iPhone XS

    Interesting - first people we've had saying this for the X. It would be a bit of a problem purely because we would need to develop an entirely new 'non-hd' style skin with the bottom menu for super HD devices - quite a big job. Obviously with the layout we can't easily expand the size of elements with the HD skin cause there is no room.
  12. Rest of it is a display issue I think, it's being looked at.
  13. We are hoping this is fixed in today's update.
  14. This is under review already - it's specific leagues and specific loan return dates.
  15. This one is under review already.