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  1. They are in Finances - we had to move them from our original location in the UI - looking to see if we can find somewhere better.
  2. Yeah, this seems like something is corrupt, a reinstall likely the best bet if @DWCallaghan's suggestion doesn't work
  3. Hi there - could you please try rebooting the device - there shouldn't be anything in the update that affects this. If this doesn't work, please try a reinstall. Let us know if this works - thanks.
  4. Hi - not sure what is going on here exactly I'm afraid. Do neither of the two saves load on the new device, or is it just one? What if you reboot both devices, please?
  5. If you could add a separate thread with these issues please it would really help with tracking. It will be the research team who have control over whether these are set as second or reserve teams, though.
  6. Hi, thanks for the report - we will look into this. It seems as though we need to make some changes following the transition from military team to civil team.
  7. Hi there, this should be fixed in the latest update.
  8. Hi, could you give screenshots of the player's Personal, Eligibility and Training pages please?
  9. OK thanks - moving to the bugs forum so the guys can log these appearance issues in the morning (while looking at stuff to do with this I noticed a couple of other oddities).
  10. OK thanks for this - am moving to bugs forum. It's under review.
  11. Thanks - this is under review. Please do put all bugs in their own thread in the bugs forum, not here.
  12. What device are you using please? Are you deliberately using the original match engine? We don't believe it should look this way, will look into.
  13. Yes - it's just the text that is wrong, they are actually going to the right squads. Fixed internally, will be in a future update.
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