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  1. .. I really really want to play as US national team on FM MOBILE. I cannot figure out how. I use large database, tried November and the other one, tried different active nations and cannot ever get the option to use my team... Can you help me????

  2. Can you try opening the game directly from the Play Store page, please?
  3. Hi - do you have a backup autosave at all from the previous week? Can I also confirm whether you are talking about FMM or FMT please?
  4. I've just about had enough If I can't soon figure out to manage the us national team 

  5. If you bought the game on the same account, it will appear in the 'My Apps' section and you can re-download for free.
  6. We think this has been improved in 17, anyone see anything otherwise? Apart from this, is there anything more specific you want to expand on relating to the other points or features you want to see? If so, please put in the wishlist thread.
  7. Thanks, we'll get this logged.
  8. I think I can see what's happened here but not entirely sure what to do about it right now - will look into it some more.
  9. We do have requests in already to improve both of these areas.
  10. Not at present - what's the reason you'd like them off out of interest?
  11. It will definitely clear by the start of the next season.
  12. That seems unlikely to say the least. Will look into it here.
  13. If you've got a save from before this it could be useful to us.
  14. Hi - can you call anybody else up to the squad at this point please?
  15. Just found an example of this and I did indeed get the result through correctly. Will have to work out why you're not.