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  1. Hi - are you playing as quite a small club by any chance? This is a safety catch if the total number of loans in the game reaches the limit to prevent corruption.
  2. We're aware of the small pictures. A bit puzzled about the lagginess though. We don't have one of these but are getting hold of something with the same chipset to test.
  3. It's not currently a 'must respond' item, think it should be? I can see arguments either way.
  4. More a feature request than a bug really - we have a few things like this on the radar for the long term.
  5. It wasn't fixed by 8.0.3, just the reproduction steps are slightly more complex so you may not have done something identical last time.
  6. Got some improvements to manager points coming up soon.
  7. Thanks, this is under review already!
  8. Duplicate - locked.
  9. I can't see why there should be any issues with this device - as Dec says have you tried a reboot?
  10. The target is the next update, though I can't promise as we are relying on some external work to our team.
  11. The issue causing this was fixed in an earlier hotfix, please update via Play Store. The save may still not load but it is prevented from corrupting in the future.
  12. What game version are you playing, please?
  13. I don't think this is something we would include as it would be more fiddly than we would like on mobile.
  14. The fix was released as part of update 8.1 which should come via the App Store updates for the game. I can't say what immediate effect it will have on the current financial situation but it should stabilise it over time.
  15. OK, we have this now. Please holiday for one day through this match. There is a fix we have already put in the 8.1 update which means it can't happen again.