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    Please post a thread on the forums rather than PMing me or writing on my feed - those boxes gob unread!

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  1. Do you have a new save for us please? This may or may not be the same issue, in the case that you are still seeing it.
  2. Can you confirm which version of the app this was on, please?
  3. Thank you for the information, we believe this is a knock-on from the Gil Vicente court case situation and are investigating.
  4. We've not reversed the fix but we have made some of the capping a bit less harsh if a player has only developed short-term tiredness. Could be worth playing a season to see how it goes for the longer term.
  5. Can we get the save for this please? There is a similar one we are already looking at but would be good to confirm.
  6. Can you play a little while with yesterday evening's fix and then see whether you are still finding the same?
  7. Age and squad composition rules are intentionally not included in the mobile version (squad composition rules in particular would be too fiddly on Mobile). Windows and loan limits are.
  8. There are way too many changes to even begin to assemble a vaguely coherent changelist.
  9. This shouldn't happen. Can you try a reboot, and also making sure Play Store and Play Services are up-to-date?
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