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  1. If you are looking at players way too good for your level there's every chance they'll see their development best served in the U23s there than playing down the levels in a league they won't be challenged to develop in.
  2. If you have examples that appear flat-out unrealistic, do post them with PKM in the ME Issues: https://community.sigames.com/forum/739-match-engine-ai-and-tactics/
  3. Did you offer the player out? There's a tickbox that determines whether to set a player as this when offering. You should be able to use the options to set Playing Time to return this to what you want it to be.
  4. Do you have a save from before the season update that we can take a look at please?
  5. Obviously Kindles don't officially support Google Play - if you've managed to modify the device to run the store it may well continue receiving updates etc but as this is an unofficial setup we can't promise anything.
  6. If you repeat the steps, does it fix it again for now? Wondering if it could maybe be related to anti-virus if you've seen this twice now.
  7. There's a fix for this in the update that's just gone out.
  8. Ok thanks - can you let us know whether you have an external SD card, and let us know what is inside your Documents/Sports Interactive folder on both External and Internal storage if you do?
  9. I don't suppose you can confirm the exact tapping/dragging actions you took for the sub? We are trying to track down something potentially related to this one.
  10. We've looked into this and it is already fixed internally.
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