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  1. Yep thanks, reproduced here and looking at fixing this as soon as we get a chance (apologies if there is a slight delay, as I'm sure you can appreciate this is an incredibly busy time of year).
  2. It shouldn't be but sometimes the server there gets fussy. Are you able to zip it?
  3. Hi, thanks for the feedback and do feel free to add this to the wishlist thread as we record every single suggestion in there!
  4. Nothing's been announced yet, but what would you want staff for national sides to even do?
  5. Can you send the save to please marking for my attention.
  6. We know this but we are still waiting on our 7+ to be delivered so that we can fix it.
  7. Hi - we don't support staff for National sides at present.
  8. Having a poke around with this to see if we can spot anything that might have changed but the betas didn't throw up anything unexpected in this area when we looked at them. Not had any other reports of this so far, has anybody else experienced a similar issue?
  9. Hi - are you able to try another WiFi please? We sometimes see this if there is something at your end blocking the game from connecting to SEGA servers.
  10. Want to rejoice or offer feedback? Come join us in the mobile section...
  11. Hi - what device/OS please and is there anything in the way of error message?
  12. The error message indicates that the game is not able to bind to play store. The only thing I can think of to be honest is to do a full factory reset of the device but I can understand if you wouldn't want to do this.
  13. Hi - FM Touch is tablet-only so FM Mobile is your only option here.
  14. Does the game work after this? You may need to reinstall again.