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  1. Yeah, been playing since CM2, although FMM only since it came to Android. Don't want to tell you too much as knowing too much can be almost as bad! (although tips are out there, especially on places like FMMVibe or the Discord channel). But number one tip is to buy the best youngsters (19-21 probably best) you can find/afford and play them so they develop. There are things you can do with tactics and other things, but absolutely number 1 tip is get the best players you can and unless you have a lot of money, youngsters are the way to do it. At lower levels you might be looking at some average looking players, but the concept still works. Especially look for young players that used to be at a big club. It'll be hit and miss, but if you concentrate on youngsters and play them, some will end up way better than your current squad (within a year). I often skirt with being sacked in the first half of the first season, then as the whole squad levels (up at the same time, it's so awesome), it quickly turns around and you climb the table. For eg, not this year, but last year, I took Macclesfield to the UCL within about 5 or 6 years just by following that approach.
  2. Agree with this too. And while there will be a drop off in their attributes, some of them don't make a lot of sense - I've seen top players lost a lot of their Decisions value, which I'm not sure make sense for example... Edit: I will add that it seems better than in previous years and older players can still perform pretty good with not so great attributes, but I would like to see player aging improved.
  3. I'm the total opposite, find it really easy to win with pretty much any team, scoring loads of goals, etc, love the dynamics stuff etc. Just goes to show that it's almost impossible for SI Games to balance the game so it appeals to everyone.
  4. Can you please clarify what you mean there Marc, because there is an option to turn the unlockable on and off in Settings > Unlockables. While I haven't experimented with it extensively, I think you can turn it of and on at whim and the game will or won't allow transfers as you'd expect.
  5. Yeah, that's normal. And you can only see that much on the day of the game, once you continue you can't even see who scored the goals (ie you can't open the match screen at all). In the past you couldn't see anything (except for your own games), then they added the match screen for games just played - but it doesn't save them beyond that, presumably to keep the save files smaller.
  6. Yeah, different leagues have different budget setting days and they don't all line up with the new season event. A little frustrating to be sure.
  7. Yeah, this bug has been around for a couple of years now, but has definitely been reported this year (don't have the link handy, but it's somewhere on here). For me, it generally happens late in the save (not the first few years) and late in the season. Once the new season rolls around everything starts working properly again, but it might still happen late in that season. Doesn't affect player's goal records or match ratings or table, etc, just the display of that game. Hope it gets fixed in next years game.
  8. @Marc Vaughan - One of the screenshots shared above by @Hildor is from my tactic. I've written it up on Vibe if you're interested: https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/46725-the-tt-blaster-an-all-out-attack-tactical-system/ I think it's unrealistic in terms of no one being brave enough to try something like that in real life. But it's not quite like the old days where you could come up with a tactic that totally broke reality. My tactic only works when you have a much better team than the opponent - when you do, you will overpower them and score a lot of goals (though occasionally they will spank you). If you have a pretty good team you'll get a lot of 5-4's which could go either way. If you have an average team, you're going to lose most games 6-0! The Crystal Palace screenshots above are mine. As you can see, I scored 103 goals in the league, but also shipped 80! 😄 After a couple of seasons building the squad with great players, I'd be able to dominate the league (as I could with any tactic) and score a lot more goals and concede a lot less - but by the end of season 1 with Palace my team is merely good and still within the 5-4 range. There are other things you have to do to make it work. You need fast defenders with good positioning, given there's only one at the back. It doesn't work against some tactics so you have to dial things back a little (ie move from Overloading to Balanced). etc etc. It's definitely not plug and play. Actually I think that what's unrealistic isn't so much the tactic itself, but the fact that I can build a world class team at any club over a few years. I guess your 'average' user probably wouldn't be able to do that as easily as some of us power users can. Anyway I included all of that and more in the write up on Vibe if you're interested. I also wondered what would happen if a real life team went with one at the back against much weaker opponents, using PSG as the example. How many weak teams would actually attack them and take advantage of one at the back, rather than defend for their lives? Perhaps I'm trying to talk myself into this being realistic to justify it, but I would love to see someone try it in real life. 😄
  9. Rule number 1 for selling players: NEVER put them on the transfer list! Just offer them out. I believe the logic goes like this: Once they are transfer listed, the clubs know you really want to get rid of them, so they will offer less (because they know you're trying to shift them).
  10. Well that does happen in real life, but I agree it seems to happen a lot in FMM... Probably depends on your tactics of course, some might produce more chances that aren't as good quality, but still I seem to run into this a fair bit
  11. For the future (won't help now I'm afraid), there are apps that can back up the different versions, so you can restore them later. I use one called Android Assistant to back up FMM before I update, in case there are any bad bugs or my tactic stops working etc. Sometimes saves from newer versions won't work with the older version once it's restored, and sometimes you need to uninstall FMM before you restore the APK, but it generally works - if you've remembered to make the backup before running the update in the first place.
  12. Yeah, Marc was going to look into it, so hopefully will disappear from next year's game. But to fix it - offer them a new contract.
  13. Are you talking about in the Squad view? If you click the View button on the bottom left, there is a Hide Injured filter (bottom right) - sounds like that might be turned on?
  14. I've been watching the 3D debate for years (mostly on FMMVibe) and for every person who wants a 3D engine, there are just as many or even more who don't want one. Personally I'd much rather they perfect and improve the current 2D match engine, add other features and get rid of the bugs etc, rather than adding a 3D engine. That would no doubt take away most of the developer attention from the rest of the game. If I wanted a 3D engine, I'd get FM Touch...
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