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  1. OMG, that's a terrible example Marc, that's driven me crazy for the last couple of years. I'm so happy that's fixed! And that's just the sort of info I'd love. 😁 I do appreciate I'm probably not the average user though. And as a software developer myself, I know you can't list 100 things - but a list of the 8 things you think will mean most to people beats "Many other fixes and improvements" every time. Anyway, thanks for the update and especially for fixing that issue mentioned above.
  2. The new version (ie Winter update) says only: Is there any way to get a list of what the "Many other fixes and improvements" are? I get you can't list every single change, but knowing what the major ones are would be great!
  3. I don't work for SI Games, but pretty sure it's the same. INT goals and appearances (and same for U-21) are stored in a single HEX character, which only allows for a 0-255 value to be stored.
  4. Thanks so so much for the detailed response! I'm fascinated by how all this works and addicted to trying to understand the game. This info is great!
  5. If you are talking about multiple attributes dropping a point (or occasionally 2), then that's a common problem that's been happening since at least 2015 (the oldest reference to it I've seen on FMMVibe). More on that below. But as you say "massively different", I'm not sure it's that! Maybe they've been injured? If it is the age old problem, then I've previously investigated it a bit (I don't work for SI Games, just a curious chap). I'll copy and paste some of the things I've said on Vibe in the past: and Hopefully someone from SI Games will have some insight into this.
  6. Hey Marc, that's great! Will that extend to coaching staff too? Ie B-Teams will use the first team coaches? Or is that already the case? Thanks.
  7. If you're getting bored, there are plenty of challenges over on FMMVibe - probably not many you could use mid-save though. But honestly, I probably would have stopped playing years ago if it wasn't for those challenges. I'm wondering if SI should mix up the in-game challenge section. Maybe as well as the official ones, they could open it up to user created challenges, ie let us create challenges and save them somewhere centrally that other users could browse through the game. Might have a negative impact on people buying the official challenges, but would increast engagement with the gam
  8. Sorry, no. It's only ever happened for me (in FMM20) when it was later on in the save and the longest I've gone this year is 4 years (I keep doing short challenges instead). Am in a long term save now, so will keep an eye out for it, but still at start of season 2, so could be a while.
  9. That'll be because Spain uses the Second Team/B-Team system rather than the Reserves system (like the EPL uses). All these players are in the B-Team and it has it's own facilities which obviously must not be as good as the First Team's ones (but unfortunately you can't see them or ask for them to be upgraded). If you move these players to the First Team this message should disappear (though might take a couple of days). Personally I never leave youngsters in the B-Team if I want them to develop. I stick them on my first team bench or loan them out. I really hope SI Games fixes this
  10. I think that's normal and you have gone straight to the next round. See: https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaconferenceleague/news/0264-10fe90612aa3-37b2bc77f89e-1000--europa-conference-league-lowdown/
  11. Thanks Marc - but close the laptop and turn off the phone for the next week or so! When you get back: I've thought about this some more and I think that with the save where I started thinking this way, it wasn't just one player that I brought in, it was 4 or 5 really top class players. I sold off most of the best players in the squad for more than they were worth and brought in 4 or 5 top level players (using player exchanges and 50% sell on etc). So it may have legitimately unbalanced my squad, so it was a bunch of average squad players and then a gap and then truly world class pla
  12. Ah well, sorry that didn't work, hopefully the SI Games staff will be able to help.
  13. Have you tried the Reload Skin option? You might even need to restart the phone afterwards, to make sure FMM is actually closed and reopened. Just a guess, but probably worth trying...
  14. Hey Marc, I've seen your reasoning about the number of players a large club needs in another post and can sort of see the logic in it. If it includes the Reserves, then I think 35 makes sense, but I wouldn't want to have to keep that many in the first team. However, I've noticed that the Squad Depth page in the Team Report section (and the squad depth warnings in the overview page) only seems to consider first team players. Demote all your right backs and all of a sudden you have a squad depth problem at right back. I've heard people saying they've 'fixed' players being upset about s
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