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  1. Hi @Marc Vaughan - just wondering if you'd gotten my save/message and had chance to take a look at it? Not particularly urgent, just checking it had reached you. There was an added point on my email about erratic transfer activity (imho) from the AI.
  2. I mentioned various keepers in the email, a couple were older, don’t tend to use any keepers under 20 for that reason. I tend to avoid any obvious lunatics; anyone down as erratic or disruptive, etc....more often than not they’re normal, professional or ambitious (cos many are). From my previous thread it didn’t sound like many others have this issue so be interested to see what you make of it...admittedly this game didn’t have my best ever defence but it’s the ratio of shots conceded that is the issue and that then seems to unravel everything irreversibly.
  3. Hi @Marc Vaughan, I only have a save from before the rotten run and then after the sack. I’m sending through another Valencia one on the goalkeeper point if you don’t mind. Another game ruined by shocking goalkeepers who just let everything in, be interested to get your opinion as it happens so so often for me. Also got a Valencia save showing Liverpool going on a bizarre goalkeeper shopping binge which relates to the thread about AI transfers slightly. Will explain all in the email when submitting.
  4. @Louie Silvani - try making an offer for him that gets into a negotiation of sorts, maybe offer £70m and it’ll eventually reject but it’ll have a figure (£86m when I tried) greyed out...hinting at what they’ll accept. Bizarrely at that point the player is often unshortlisted by default and I have no notification, then if I add him to shortlist the notification will appear “rejected as didn’t receive an offer that met our valuation of....£86m”. THEN i match this offer and hopefully, you’ll see it flick to -£0. It might not always be accepted but usually it is for me. Regardless maybe
  5. Funny you say that @Marc Vaughan, I did think of Poch at the time. I get that some owners are hasty, still I struggled to think that this was realistic, not to sound like too much of a bad loser I just raised it as I wondered if it was because this decision focused too much on superficial results and not taking in other info such as who the teams involved were (Barca were one that beat me). And the manner of the defeats too...I had more shots in 3 of the 4 games so literally was just waiting for a break and then game over out of the blue. Didn’t have any warning either, no points t
  6. Atalanta, there is a little description in my email saying what happens, hopefully you can replicate
  7. @Louie Silvani I sent thru a bug for the second point I raised (-£0 offers) earlier today.
  8. Have been left baffled with some sackings in this latest version. Finished 3rd with Atalanta, then won league in second season, losing in final of Europa. I’d lost 4 on trot but against tough oppo, was the better team in 3 of those, and just my dreadful sub goalie(s) let in all shots. Still 5th after 10 games. Had £100m+ in bank and a great team with loads of young stars. There is no way on earth that would happen, it’s putting too narrow a focus on few preceding games despite everything else being healthy.
  9. FYI also occasionally get a glitch where the selling club negotiates the price downwards, sometimes it ends up on -£1...I think I click it up to £0 so that it allows me to submit offer and then it is accepted and I get the player for free. Happened with Haaland in 21 version and happened numerous times in 20. Haven't moaned too much about it for obvious reasons but if I can catch this I will also....sadly negotiations don't always go the same way so I expect this will be tricky.
  10. Sure, I'll try to catch it next time, thanks Louie
  11. Anyone flagged this before? I can't remember the most recent example sadly but I've spotted it a few times...competing for a player at contract stage...they would ask for something like £30k maybe....I'd offer a reasonable amount to win them round (let's say £50-60k) but the other club (big club so no need to compensate for their lack of appeal) offer £375k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coincidentally I noticed another blip here whereby going to the player once they've signed for the new club they aren't actually on £375k at all (think it was £300k or less). This seems pretty unrealistic, prov
  12. Did you see the comments in my email ? I sent a follow-up email too stating which players in which fixtures were fake.
  13. I've just done this Louie, cheers for pointing out that way of doing it
  14. I've just been shown how the save share can be done so ignore that point
  15. Hi, not sure if this is even possibly remotely but often when troubleshooting your guys ask for save games...I never connect my ipad to my laptop or anything but could it be possible to somehow push a save to SI from within the game, maybe in the cloud saves or something? Another minor request about friendlies - is it possible to avoid friendlies being arranged for when internationals are going on? I find it a bit annoying having set up my tea that I then have an auto-arranged fixture (too late to cancel on the day) but then I have to clear my lineup and crawl through the reserves to put
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