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  1. Hi dear friends, You know the transfer window closed and if I download the data, can I use it for FM20?
  2. Thank you so much. 19 and 20 version have a demo for trying the games. I think 21 haven't demo version...
  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to find and download the game but can't find the Beta Version. I also tried to Quit and start again on steam. Tried to Epicgames too... How can I find the Beta?
  4. Hey guys, Is it possible to find any data (2020 winter transfers) for FM 2019? Or have to buy FM2020 for 2020 datas? Thanks
  5. So I can't upgrade my FM19 via Steam. I should use to FMSCOUT. What about FM20? When will be removed on Steam?
  6. Why FM19 isn't on Steam? Have any idea guys?
  7. Hey guys, How can I find Game Editor for FM 2019? There isn't on steam. Can you help?
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