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  1. Look Prej, i can't speak with imagine people. You will learn when you grow up. Now it's time for sleep, Good Bye from Imagine guy with limited patience (when you're more then 40 patience let up). I only speak with people who take money for "nothing" more then 16 years....
  2. Haha, you are so funny your all posts (135) have sense. Sometimes is smarter to be quite...then writing stupid things.... you will learn..you are so young...if you write posts to unknown people this tell me so much about you. Enjoying 13 years is long period to learn.
  3. Good question I'm registred here before 16 years, you are before 3. After 16 years i have reputation on this forum to say everything. I gave more then 1000 Euros for this game (PC and Mobile-Handheld). Yes now this game is better option then FM. When fm make update FM will be better is so simple.
  4. For all of us, who sigames does not appreciate (all mobile fm players) In the meantime while we waiting for update. If you want game with full transfers update, with full rosters, First team and Reserve, with big database you can play Soccer manager, game is absolutely free. Enjoy and waiting for Sigames mercy for FMM update.
  5. When? Time is money for everything. I play Pc version and play mobile version, PC version have problem, mobile version have delay. When you finished with testing? Monday? People who testing not working in Saturday and Sunday? Look, how you put all version when you realase new season? This is not fair. We will wait Monday thats someone try new version, somebody will try in late monday, you will aprove for tuesday and store will be aprove in Wednesday...Ok. We have other mobile managers for free (with update rosters, with 3d graphics, with more leagues, more players...), to play before you update your not testing version. Nice. Im not impatient, i just say you lose battle with other companies who made faster then you...See you in Wednesday.. P.S. One technical question? I know whats happen in PC version, but did you made future transfers in new mobile update? De Yong, Pavard, Dabour...?
  6. I want an argumentative explanation, why mobile update coming one-two...seven days after PC update. We don't pay enough? You want more Euros for update in same time? Who makes a delay? You SI? Google? C'mon...this is not ok and you ask why mobile version don't have more buyers...Now you have answer....your marketing is worse every new version.... Now is so late...one day is so late...don't update mobile nowise...who matters for fmm players? You put mobile, PC and touch in some date when you take money, when you release new game in November. Sigames this is big minus for you....your are no longer professional.
  7. I was uploaded with this name on cloud fm_save1.zip Now i uploaded here in post 873310
  8. Two Times (6 month before this and now) game crashed on National team match. I make save before this match. Im manager of Club and National team. If i try to see table during the national team match, game crashed...how can i upload this save to review?
  9. You have problem with national flag of Palestina Everybody who want to show Palestinian flag must change flag of Palestine from PLE.png to PAL.png (in flag folder) or change in config.xml in line <record from="asia/pal" to="graphics/pictures/nation/1662/flag"/> to <record from="asia/png" to="graphics/pictures/nation/1662/flag"/>
  10. I have different question. How can i know does every team have full squad or how many free slots in each team?! Does every team have 40 players?
  11. I made more than 900 transfers in new file, but i have problem some of them not in game. Players on free. I have one question for gaming team. How can i fix problem -problem isn't with bad lines in changes.txt (i put all players with real names, real team names etc...) -problem isn't with loaned players (because when you transfer loaned player he will be free in new game) I think problem is with number of free place in some teams? How can i check how many players have one team? (Opening team by team is to slow), In different database have different players. Ex. When i start Australian database all European players is corrected transfered? Please solution. Im sending changes.txt file in attachment changes.txt
  12. Everyone who want full transfers, just copy content from this txt file to changes.txt All of this transfers not include in new official update lige.txt
  13. Can you tell us when you make transfer deadline in this update? 31.01? This information is important. because have too many main transfer after this date.
  14. C'mon this is not religion forum to call invented figures, this is forum of FM
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