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  1. Think I am going to have to steal this one, been wanting to do a 442 system! Can I just ask: What the reason for BWM(S) vs say B2B or even CM(s)? Do you find the DLP(s) and IW(s) get in each others way at all?
  2. FM20 IGE works on M1 MacBook and Customer DB's should be fine as well. Have you managed to fix this?
  3. Good to know, thank you. I haven't played in a long time and was a pain to keep opening in windowed mode lol
  4. Sorry to summon you, was this fixed?
  5. Does anyone know if the bug where you have to start the game in windowed mode has been fixed?
  6. I've not played much since release, did the winter update improve the game? Is the general that it was a good update? Don't fancy checking back on 30+ pages lol
  7. I got promoted and finished 9th, now I’m bottom. I won the Champions League followed by the Premier League and now losing at home to Brighton Man Utd OP West Ham are in the top 5 after the half way point Arsenal were in the bottom half of the table for much of the first half of the season My Biesla-ball tactic is so inconsistent I lost 9-0 at home Wolves this season There are certainly more examples as well. The comparisons may have been made, Sorry if I have missed them. But there’s no Doubt this season is peak FM, and I love it.
  8. I got the MacBook because I like to use it in bed, on the sofa, in the kitchen, all over the place. I don’t have a desk in house setup permanently, if I did I would have gone for the Mac Mini. Other than that the performance is more or less the same, same internals, unless you are upgrading the RAM.
  9. I've admittedly not played a lot of FM over the Xmas period but it has been open in the background quite a lot, it hasn't crashed for me. I will try and play some over next few days and will report back if I get any crashes.
  10. The latest update seems to have improved the ME graphics and wanting more power. Maybe try turning the graphics down 1 and see how it goes? My machine has gone from cold to warm since the update and that’s also with turning down the settings. So either the update is less efficient or the update needs more power. Could be a mix of both.
  11. Am trying FM 21.2 but not yet Big Sur 11.1 - issue seems to be that High is now performing how Very High did before. I have seen people note in the general feedback thread the game looks better now. To be high now looks like very high did, and medium now looks like what high did. I lose the same FPS I did on very high on high now. Medium looks like high did and still 60 FPS. High was making the machine warm to touch but not hot. I am dropping to medium as that looks like it did for me before on high. Only 1 game in, but that seems to be the "issue" just that the game looks a bit better th
  12. The Affinity Suite and Final Cut Pro both work very well if that’s adds anything lol
  13. Don’t forget need to pay for Windows as well.
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