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  1. My only concern is that there is a month left until release and other than a couple of snippets there has been no actual gameplay shown.
  2. This twitter voting to drip feed us new features has to be one of the worst feature reveals I’ve ever come across for a video game. It’s not building hype and is actually a pain in the arse to find out what the features actually are.
  3. Another year of making us click more times to see the same info.
  4. I know this has caused some controversy, and I can see why, should be included in all versions, and boxed version just comes with Arsenal branding. However PES' version of the Arsenal Edition was £10 more and was just box art. I believe there was an Arsenal Edition a number of years ago as well, which was just the same as this. Would rather see more features though, screenshots look very similar to last year so far.
  5. Can PPM's please be moved to the players landing screen and not under information? It's important info that links directly to their attributes and I can't view them at the same time.
  6. By releasing do you mean YouTube videos or actual downloads? Or can I get downloads on your Patreon?
  7. I thought when using the IGE and moving a player you could set the contract?
  8. I tend to use 2, but essentially the same setup, just mirrored. So if my left side is more attacking, on the mirrored one it’s the right side. In a 22 man squad I aim for 2 per position, and 1 for each style. Usually I have 1 direct winger and 1 more technical winger. So who plays depends on which side I’m focusing play down.
  9. How/why is the 52210 still in the game. I had that last year @Klfh safe to say I gave up before I got to my first league game.
  10. Dubravka at Newcastle only has 1 in work rate, is this correct?
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