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  1. It's quite easy to set out a wage structure for players at the club, but find staff more difficult. Part of that is because we don't have the same screen in the finance menus as we do for players. I want to set a budget for my staff as team I have just joined isn't in best place financially so need to get them under control a little bit. I'm setting a £750k per week budget for players, not sure how to reflect this to staff. 10% of that spent on players? 20%?
  2. I want to try a save where I use a director of football only to make signings for the team, I don't know if anyone has tried this before, but wanting to understand the best way to set this up. More of an experiment than anything, I usually like full control over everything. This isn't an attempt at automation, but interested to see how the game handles things. So before we get onto what makes a good director of football under these conditions, I want to know the best way to set this up. Hire/Fire director of football: If I want the best results, best let me do this. But for realistic approach, should I set this to the Chairman? Hire/Fire Head of youth development: Do I set this to the director of football, again for realism? Hire/ Fire chief scout: same as above I'd say rest of staff is fair for manager to deal with? Or would non coaching staff be this too? Then for contract of director of football that would be chairman too? But other staff contracts me? From a realism point of view to how some clubs operate and the manager just deals with training and matches, but can put forward targets and players wanted etc?
  3. I've decided to let my Celtic contract expire, even though the board kept offering me more deals, I want a new challenge and don't want to leave the club mid-season, so this is the best way. However there is no media attention around it, no team meetings about it, and then 3 days before my contract expires, I'm asked to give a team talk about next season and set the pre-season start date. No farewell chat with the lads or anything like that. This could be handled so much better, like an actual meeting with the board and I can explain I want to leave at the end of the season, and they can start looking for a replacement etc etc. Media asking me "will you still be here next season" like Arsene was getting. edit: Think I need to raise this in the bugs forum?
  4. Which attributes, visual or hidden effect this as a negative?
  5. There's going to be an editor, right guys? #goodluckwiththat
  6. £37.99.. why exactly? Will there be boxed version? That was £25 before Christmas last year.
  7. Just wondering what people have as their ideal squad size, in terms of both numbers and their roles at the club. Some clubs have First team + Under 20's, some have First team, Reserves, Under 19's. And so on. How many players do you like to have on each level and so on? Last season I felt I had too many players at both my First team and Under 20's, so had no room to move under 20's up. So this season I made them smaller, but then couple injuries and I feel like they are too small. Just wondering how you guys go about it? What rules you like to stick by? I'd like to have a system in place where I can see I path way through the ranks to the first team, but also worried about strength in depth. Most noted this season by players complaining about lack of depth in certain areas etc Be good to hear how some of you go about this?
  8. Will give it a go, honestly though played this last few games and been so much better, beat Leverkussen 3-1. Only thing I found was that teams tend to have more chances now, been a bit lucky with some good saves. But going forward and moving the ball about has been so much better.
  9. Yeah that was terrible.. no urgency in the play, no one getting forward at any pace. Whole team was back defending before I had enough players in the final third. Got out played by Dundee. It was just very pedestrian.
  10. Okay this is what I have at the moment: PI's: GK distribute to FB. AMC roam form position. Taken off close down more for front 4. Though wondering if I should turn off prevent short distribution if I do this? Played couple of games, first game started really well, 3-0 up in 30 mins, then poor for the rest of the game, let one in, before scoring a final goal in last 5 mins. Second game scraped a 1-0 vs team should be whipping. I find I have to turn on work ball into box as when it's not on it's just long shots from everywhere.
  11. I have no real trouble in the league, back to back titles with about 100 points each season. Just lots of 1-0's, 2-1's, 0-0's. Tight games that shouldn't be. Will look further at what you've put when I get home on the laptop. Curious, how do you deal with Hibernian. I hate them.
  12. Thanks will have a think about a few of them. I have already turned off dribble less. In terms of striker role. I tried AF for ages, was getting rating of 6.4 and 6.5. Basically my IF's were getting me the goals and assists last season. They still ended with about 20 each in all comps, but they were made to look better with easy games in champs league qualifying. In regards to lower tempo, when I used to run this sort of setup in an Arsenal save in FM16, I had lower tempo, and was told that by doing that I play too slow and that's why I'm not breaking teams down. Confused lol
  13. I hate playing Hibs at the best of times, so for this to happen when 1-0 really really angered me. Luckily Clough scored a world not long after, but still this shouldn't happen. .pkm: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2QhuaaeWjUneFM2dkFQcVh2UG8/view?usp=sharing Hibs 1st goal