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  1. This is what I mean: Reason I ask is it's not very clear. Examples: Here are the attributes for the above 2 players: Technical: 10/11 average - shows 14/14 on the octagon Mental: 12/11 average - shows 12/12 on the octagon Physical: 10/11 average - shows 10/10 on the octagon So the 3 I thought would add up to averages don't add up, so there must be a different calculation going on. Does anyone know them, as the others aren't quite as simple either. I mean vision is clearly not just the vision attribute, what else goes into it?
  2. How do I get started??!!???

    FM Touch is not made for mobile devices. FM Mobile is.
  3. How do I get started??!!???

    FM Touch is not FM Mobile though? I do however think buying FMT on PC should give you a download for iOS or Android for the tablet version. But either way that’s nothing to do with the mobile version.
  4. FM18 - Where Bolton Wander

    Nothing in the rules says the editor can’t be used, just don’t show the CA/PA. Either way I have reloaded my save from before I started using a downloaded tactic. I’ll re-do my end of season post when I get there. First two results have been excellent, trying out my own tactics again. I rushed to the end of the season, and didn’t plan like I should have. This time taking my time and getting everything ready for the summer window. Hope you keep on following.
  5. worked but the sidebar still seems to have a gradient. Either way it's still much, much better, thanks:
  6. FM 18 - Russian League

    Zenit still has money
  7. It now asks you to pick the team you want to be, before setting up database, so I can’t view the squads?
  8. Brexit is awfully implemented

    I agree, Brexit is horribly implemented. Does anyone have a save from before the vote so we can try again?
  9. No fancy opening post, anyone managing in Russia this year? Russian Football News offer a improved database, and I’m thinking would make a change from English Football for me. I’ve done the FIFA 17/18 Russian SBC’s and built Russian teams, so my knowledge goes about that far. Lots if interesting teams though. Arguably 5 teams currently could win the league, and some ever improving mid-table teams it seems. So yeah, anyone managing in Russia this year? Who with? How’s it going?
  10. Winger gets too many assists

    From my other thread, was told to post here: That post: https://community.sigames.com/topic/427004-this-game-feels-very-inconsistent-from-player-to-ai/
  11. Apparently James Vaughan is a FM god?
  12. Who set this guys attributes? Cause no way he should be netting this many goals in a season..