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  1. I'm glad your experience has been the same as mine, means I'm not being completely useless. I have put the game on hold now for a while, waiting for an update.
  2. craiigman

    Long Shots

    If I was scoring the long shots I probably wouldn't mind, but this is the second game in a row where I've lost by quite a number of long goals, this game he scored a hattrick of them. 8 long shots, 6 finishing Makes having a deeper line really pointless if that guy can bang in 3 in 1 game. Stade Lavallois MFC v PEC Zwolle.pkm
  3. craiigman

    [France] Data Issues

    Thank you. Worth noting that changing Couvry to 10 for flair and determination didn't change the RCA or his CA.
  4. craiigman

    Merry Christmas !

    Hibs had a very good one on FM17 which I believe was: GK-D WB-D -- CB-D -- CB-D -- WB-D B2B-S -- BWM-D -- B2B-S AMC-S -- EG-A AF-A Those f**kers had me going mad. quick edit: Found it:
  5. With FM19 I intended to try some new styles of play and do some things I've not done before. I have found the ME difficult to work with in the final 3rd with some of the much reported issues there. So I'm back to this, and made a few tweaks to the system. First thing I done was to boot up FIFA19 go to head to head seasons and pick Atletico. I don't like to replicate Simeone, but they have the best squad for my style of play on FIFA. Noticed a fair few changes compared to how I setup in FM18 as posts above. How I have now setup: Preference on building from the back, and attacking mentality to get the ball forward and quickly. Regroup to get players back in position and make hard to break down, with the deeper defensive line as well, then counter to encourage the quick attacks. Low crosses is a personal choice. GK(D): Don't really ask much from him, shot stopper is more than fine, reasonable distribution skills for playing out from back. FB(S): Change this year as WB(S) now has PI's and FB(S) does not. Means PPM's very important, want to avoid things like "get forward when ever possible" and "runs with ball down wing" etc. Want them to support play, but rarely if ever go past the wide players in front of them, the left side allowed a little more freedom, but no specific settings. CD(D): No need for extravagance here. WM(A): Stay wider, Dribble more - Went this this over a winger, I don't want to encourage crossing, but don't want to discourage it. Other than direct passing, he's the main outlet for getting the ball forward. CM(D): Went with a DLP last time round, found I don't really use one. Literally just need someone to be there and do the basics. BWM(S): Get further forward - Want him all over the place really, doesn't need to be overly creative, more brute force than anything. WM(S): Sit narrower - Two attacking WM's worked fairly well last year, noticed I generally attack more from one side on FIFA, so a technical player on the opposite side is preferred. More like a CM/WM really. PF(S): Wanted a role that holds up play that doesn't move into channels or a target man. PF(A): Was going with AF but this adds a bit more emphasis on closing down at the front without increasing pressing intensity. The DLF(A) not working as did last year. I'm still a little unsure on which side for the CM's and the ST's at the moment, so will be watching closely. May switch them around.
  6. craiigman

    [France] Data Issues

    Are you able to confirm Fode Guirassy and Clement Couvry having 1 determination is correct? Also Couvry has 1 flair. Both for Lavallois as well.
  7. craiigman

    [France] Data Issues

    Thanks for the reply. I have used the IGE to set it to 10, however it does raise his CA to his PA
  8. craiigman

    [France] Data Issues

    I may not have seen this guy play, but 1 in technique, seriously?
  9. Anyone from SI able to take a look at this, more specifically my most recent post there. It seems the “play from the back” instruction has changed, without changing the wording and makes the instruction a lot less clear on what it actually does now.
  10. I've booted up FM18 to confirm a few things, also FM19's description still says about passing: And here's FM18 on attack with option off and then on: Notice the passing directness drop. @Jack Joyce as you responded in that thread, can you confirm this has now changed? If that has been stopped and it doesn't effect passing, does that mean that "play out of defence" literally just splits the two centre backs on goal kicks, or is there more under the hood at play? If it's just the goal kicks thing, I will raise a UI bug report for the text, and raise a feature request to ask it to be moved to the in transition 3rd under distribution as it makes no sense where it currently is, unless if does effect passing directness/ passing choices.
  11. craiigman

    [Suggestion] pre-sets for contracts

    Recommend limit is a thing, but it’s not a preset. But yes I mean all the options selected to be saved as a preset, including base wage. That way I can preset to “key player” all options same as other key players. They say no, I say no. Done.
  12. craiigman

    [Suggestion] Pick staff role when using in game editor

    Another one I’m bringing back up. There are work around a but if you can set contracts for players when moving to club, same should be for staff.
  13. craiigman

    [Suggestion] pre-sets for contracts

    Bringing this one up again. Would really like this option.
  14. That is interesting because FM18 definitely dropped the passing directness slightly when it was set. Thanks though, looks like I can turn it off. Does seem a strange instruction if that’s all it does, as doesn’t really encourage playing it out from the back, just “defenders split on goalkicks”. Maybe a better option would be in the distribution bit, have “split defenders” option rather than “play out of defense”?
  15. Okay I’m not going mad lol Let us know how it goes. I did setup some throws on a previous save and was seeing the same sort of thing. I also wonder if it has anything to do with their being no attribute for throws other than long throw?