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  1. I’ve not had a lot of fun with FM over the past couple of versions. I’ve not enjoyed the match engines, and the current one is still a bit of a disaster in my opinion. However I have started to enjoy FM Touch on my iPad with instant result so I don’t have to watch the match engine. Also means you can instantly reload if you don’t get the result you want, if that’s what you’re into. For real though it’s a much more streamlined experience.
  2. Morale is quite a big deal in the most recent games, and it’s a bit ridiculous that morale can go from good to bad in a run of just a few games. Then the only work around to get it to go back up is to setup random friendlies. I’m currently 2nd in the league and was rampant, went 4 games without a win, and the best morale in currently at fair. I like that FMT is more simple and less interaction, but if morale is going to affect performance we need to have a way to tackle it better.
  3. This seems like a big issue. Juventus with just 35% possession but 35 shots
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have an under 18 and under 21 manager - they are both shown in the video when on the responsibilities screen.
  5. I mean any player can pull of world class trickz m8 To be honest I'm happy to see a defender ping a world class goal in every now and then. If it was 3 in a game or every week, then yeah raise an issue.
  6. Bit disappointed with no replies after I uploaded a video showing the issues.
  7. Some of these are FB's not CB's, though that CB you have shown has fairly reasonable attributes, but yes it's possible for defenders to score amazing goals.
  8. Amazing start to the season! Few teams given me a few problems, Norwich were hard to beat, but they went down to 10 men and scored an own goal so literally gave it to me!
  9. Been enjoying Genk but lack of time means full FM taking too long to get through. I've just loaded up a very similar database in FM Touch and going to give it a go from there. Will try to sign the same keeper.
  10. You should see how they show on FM Touch! But yes I think they need to come up with something better than what currently is there, what that is though I'm not sure.
  11. After messing around in pre-season with a random formation I decided I would go back an auto save and do it properly and so far, wow. Zeca and Ajer in. 2-0 win away to Liverpool and 3-0 home win to United. So much for a tough start!
  12. Can you not go back and watch highlights from the games? On my MacBook on Touch if you instant result a game you can then watch the highlights. This is missing from iOS, even on games you play.
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