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  1. Had to go with Mata as Lukaku got injured in pre-season. I’m hoping once Mata is done I’ll be able to us Zlatan when he’s back. Just hope that he’s still tutorable by then. I’m keeping him on the left wing. He’s been bit hit and miss so far though. Probably my tactics. Still tinkering.
  2. You can do that? I’ll get on it. He doesn’t moan about being changed does he?
  3. Safe to say that disabling the first transfer window may have been a mistake. The main issue is with the staff, since I can't pay any compensation. Is it a licensing issue? I've had to hire a few not so good coaches just to try and raise overall quality and reduce work loads. Leaves me doing the shooting and attacking. The squad itself, it's a bit of a mess isn't it. Under 23 squad has more goalkeepers than required for all 3 squads combined, and in general there are just too many players in all 3 squads. No wonder it was difficult to reduce coaching workloads. I am very happy with these 3: Linelof's heading needs to improve, but him and Bailly can be the CB's for the next 10 years. Both physical beasts, where I can afford now to play a high line. De Gea is De Gea. Romero is a decent back-up. Smalling and Jones both good enough to cover the other two. Rojo out for a while, not really in my plans, but capable cover if needed. Full-back situation is a strange one at United. Shaw is out for a while still, Blind is slow and I would prefer using him as back up in midfield, Young is really a winger, as is Valencia really, Darmian is solid but offers nothing going forward. Be keeping close eye on the full backs, as think may be where I first enter the market in January. This is where it's a struggle for me. I've got 3 DLP's, a tree, a workhorse, and a Pogba. There's no style of player, it's all very different and doesn't really fit together that nicely. I don't want to build around Pogba, I want to build around Martial, so finding the right setup here is a challenge. Again the attacking players are all so varied, it's hard to slot them all in. But there is a lot of quality here, shouldn't be difficult to score goals with this lot. Martial: He has some very, very good attributes: Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Off the ball, Composure, Pace, Acceleration, Agility, Balance, flair, technique. However his anticipation, decisions, and vision is low. He's light-hearted and only 13 determination. Can't tutor him, so going to have to hope can raised this through squad dynamics and sign lots of high determination, good personality players. Training him as complete forward to try bring up those attributes as well. Summary: Lots of quality players in the squad, but in terms of a style of play, it's all over the place. Fitting them all in isn't going to be easy. I want to build around Martial, so I may end up with a couple unhappy superstars. I blame Mourinho personally. Will post tactics the friendlies done, still not 100% on them myself yet.
  4. I haven't. Like I said in my post, I'll get it from Amazon after a month or so it's £20 on there.
  5. Been looking for one last save on FM this year, and United it is. Been toying most of the season with the idea, and I'm now going for it. Haven't used an elite team on FM this year, so hoping for a good change of pace and be able to go for the top top players. I've decided I want this save to be a proper save, so I've disabled first transfer budgets, and I've allowed attribute masking (United have a huge scout setup, so shouldn't be too much an issue). The setup: Not using custom database, 18.3. Before even loading in, I have an idea of who I want to try and build around. I want to make Martial a beast. I've not done any research on if he becomes good, but quick flick through the posts on this thread, not too many mentions for him. But still I want to make it work. Will post a small update with my squad evaluation, but like I say, no first window.
  6. craiigman

    Attacking set pieces, player being crossed

    Anyone seen this at all?
  7. I generally prefer the odd year games 11,13,15,17. Not sure why as I think 12 and 16 have been mentioned a fair bit about being favourites. I’ve generally just got more play time on the odd years. Played a lot of 18, but not long term save, longest is just starting season 3. I’ll buy 19, should it run on my MacBook. But as last couple years, I’ll grab it from Amazon a month after release for £20. I don’t like that pre-purchase is available so early with no features released. Also as predicted the Switch version coming out this year, even though FM18 Switch released for £35 just a few months ago..
  8. When we looking at first feature announcements then?
  9. What’s the difference in licences that the team is in the qualifiers or has qualified? Surely it would be the same? I understand that if you start on early pre-season those games aren’t yet played. However there is an option to change your start date, which those games would have been played already?
  10. craiigman

    Team Suggestion Thread

    Arsenal. We aren’t a top top team, but can be. Have Ozil who could be a Treq, and couple couple be BWM. If not very good starting budgets.
  11. Interested in the tactical setup here, looking forward for more.
  12. Real life groups would be amazing, but I understand maybe not possible due to licenses. However I always feel like having to qualify for Champions League or Europa League with a team that's already done it, is silly. Is this a licensing issue? I generally prefer my first season to be fairly realistic, so this would be a great feature. Maybe have an option at the start, like with "try to use real fixtures"?
  13. FM Touch has micro transactions rather than an editor. You pay for £50m in the bank or to remove injuries etc
  14. Cracking stuff mate, excited for the Arsenal thread If you were to continue, what do you think you would change vs the bigger teams to avoid those defeats? Slightly less adventurous full backs?
  15. Good stuff mate, just wondering if you’ve tried RMD’s over TQ on the wings? Also the midfield, I like it. Seen any negatives from it? Like BWM out of position, or the Auto option meaning they are either too deep or too advanced in certain transitions?