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  1. Go to the coaches screen and check the star rating at the bottom and the work load. Normally just mean you have 1 coach with a high workload. Normally I have my worst coach doing a bit of everything to just reduce the workload.
  2. FM18 - Where Bolton Wander

    A 1-1 draw vs West Brom meant the final game of the season was basically a cup final. Avoiding defeat and we would be Champions... And boy did we do it! Quick fire double before half time gave us a great platform for the second half. They bagged a goal shortly after, a quick “demand more” shout and we smashed it. What a way to win the title! Player/s of the season: Zohore and on loan Larsen. Zohore only lost out of top goal scorer as Leeds played 2 more games in the play offs. But he lead goals per minute, less than 90 per goal! Larsen who is on loan for 1 more season chipped in with 15 league assists. He’s quality, will see if a permanent move is possible! Most disappointing: - Lewis Morgan. Lost his place to academy player Draper. And his loan move has been even worse. Think he’ll be on his way out. - David Brooks. His stats look decent, 8 goals, 10 assists in 16(9) games. But he’s injury prone and he would easily have double the goals if he could score 1v1’s. But he’s young and developing so still time. - Full backs. All of them have averaged below 6.91 this season. I don’t know if tactics or other wise. But they just all are disappointing. I’ll keep Richards and Balkovec as back ups but need to improve here. And as is tradition on this save apparently.. My man on loan tops the offside chart once again! There we go! Bolton back in the Premier League! Done a few off season bits with some new contracts. But probably going to take a break for a while. I also caught so caught up in my title run I forgot about the “sponsorship deal” from a few posts back. So editor wasn’t used all season from what I can remember. Happy days.
  3. Two major bugbears

    For a 17 year old who’s getting some first team minutes? That’s the way to get “looks stressed”
  4. SI - while I appreciate the port to the switch, why do you keep doing this? Vita version came out in April, no data updates, and no follow up game. iPad version came out originally in April, no data update, the next version came out November/ December the same year. Now Switch version out in April, there will be no data update, probably an FMT19. This April release window, why? The game is outdated after a month or two. This “replayability” and “amount of hours of gameplay” argument is just poor. This is really poor practice and is really anti-consumer. Plus £10 more than the iPad version. I’m interested as I love FM, but why do you keep doing this? Makes me have less faith in you as developers.
  5. FM18 - Where Bolton Wander

    We done it! Promotion secured! Hasn’t been an easy run-in but we dig deep and played for our lives the last few games. But the season isn’t over, and the table looks like this: The final two games? Yep it’s either Champions and Bolton Bottle job.
  6. I have 3 formations but 1 philosophy. My TI’s remain the same across all. I’ll make some subtle changes to PI’s depending on opposition. But I believe in my philosophy win draw or lose.
  7. If all else fails, use the in game editor. I think the PPM/traits are a bit hit and miss at times. I don’t do this, however I’d probably remove the “shoots from range” one if I did.
  8. Defensive Forward

    Need to know more info than that. What team are you, how far in, what’s the budget? I have Zohore he’s amazing in my setup, but I’m Championship level.
  9. A constructive critique of FM18

    You can, but they break so easily. Load the set piece into a different formation and your striker is man set to stay back and the full back is man marking a keeper and all other kinds of crazy. Also when setting up defending those wide free kicks to avoid the AI having a free man next to the free kick taker (which is apparently not a bug) you have to set all players to man mark, doing that is honestly as many clicks as playing an RTS game. Set pieces need another major over haul as currently one small change to the team or taker requires so much micro management of every attack and defend set piece option, and with the 3 new free kick options, there are 16 to setup.
  10. Which roles are the exploits?
  11. A what now? Which player is one of those?
  12. FM18 - Where Bolton Wander

    It's been a while, took a break from the game, but I'm back and played a fair few games.. We were 7 points clear at one point, but the recent patchy form means they've been playing catch up Was starting to feel like Leicester when I was getting away, but it only takes a couple games and I'm no longer top. I've had to mix between the 442 and 4141 and I've taken off play into space when playing vs a team who is defending deep, as it was resulting in lots of really poor decision making. When playing vs teams who are open against me, it works wonders, but less teams doing that now I'm keeping this up. Also my patchy form was when Zohore was injured, then Brooks (again), then Woodburn. I sold Madine in January, so I was using one half fit striker at a time. Zohore's first game back vs Hull he scored a hat-trick in 10 mins! January transfer window: Madine to Cardiff - £500k: Not sure how they or why they paid £500k, he was in last 6 months of contract and they didn't need him. But my board were only giving me 10% when I sold him, so I got no money. I've got this up to 35% now, but even that's low. Morgan loan to Huddersfield - I promoted Draper the young left winger, who looked more promising in games than Morgan. He's gone on loan to see if he improves, but they've put him in their under 23's, so think he'll be gone when he's back. Doesn't like big games and is inconsistent. Liability. I loaned in Kieran Dowell from Everton. Young attacking mid who can also play ST if necessary. Squad player. Next update will be at end of season, or if it gets really close, maybe I'll do an end of season game by game. My last 2 games are Norwich and West Brom, so it could all be still to play for!
  13. First season was just about staying in the league with Bolton, so there was no real style to my play, it was just do my best to counter what the opposition were doing. Once I was safe I then set out what I wanted going forward, and then could work out who could fit into the system I want to play. Summer window opens and I already know who's not good going to be here, and a long list of targets. Think of it like Pep's first season at City. He came in with an idea, but not the players to really be able to do it, so he had to adapt best he could, he then invested in the right players, and it's now paying off. Easier option would be to pick a team that has a core set of players who can already fit what you want, and build from there. My Bolton squad still needs lots of improvements, especially in defence.
  14. I’m playing as Bolton in the Championship still. No way would this have worked first season, but second season and lots of work done in the summer for the right kind of players and it’s working wonders. If I had a world class squad, there would be some minor changes. But the core style of play remains the same.
  15. I'm just over half way into the season, some changes have been made, but the overall setup remains the same. Current setup: TI's: These haven't changed. In game they do from time to time when seeing out a game or too much pressure on my not so great on the ball centre backs. But generally they don't change too much. PI's: GK: Short, to CB's. (Change this to wing backs vs some teams though) VOL: Close down more WM's: dribble more, close down more, roam, sit narrower, cut inside I sometimes add close down more to the WB's and ST's. Also sometimes sit narrower on the WB's when IF's keep finding space. VOL sometimes gets "get further forward" added. I went with a DM not DLP as found he was being passed to as ball magnet when I would have preferred other options, meaning we would lose momentum a bit, this has fixed things. The DM is still usually the man to get the ball from the CB's. Ideally the LB would be on defend due to the VOL, but my LB's are better, so have to deal with it currently. My striker roles never stay the same, depends who plays and opposition. I've played two Treq's up front, it was amazing when we had the ball, but they just stood and watched when we didn't. But I like the flexibility of two strikers and all the roles work for the players I have, so it changes all the time.