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  1. Did you muddle up the middle part? Conflicts with what you said in the first part lol
  2. Does how good the coach is make a difference if the learning/unlearning of a PPM is successful/how quick?
  3. You can really, have the WB's ahead of the DFB's?
  4. Westy just finished going over all your threads, loving your stuff. You've inspired me to go back to my save and play some more.
  5. craiigman

    CA and PA out of 100?

    I've only looked at screenshots so far, but I'd seen CA/PA is out of 100 on this app, not 200 like the game. Is there a reason for this?
  6. Having gone through a promotion with a strict wage structure, I would very much appreciate this feature, it was long and tedious.
  7. craiigman

    FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    Are there any major differences in La Liga compared to The Prem that I should be aware of before starting a save? Want to go with Espanyol. I guess less money in the league in general, anything else?
  8. craiigman

    Default skin with Opposition roles?

    Give this one a go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZCZtOEKzKtubVVLjB1lqX8JZ8Sm2isl1 Should scale to resolution, but I use 1440x900. But also tested on 1280x800 and works there too.
  9. craiigman

    Default skin with Opposition roles?

    You on FM17? I’ll take a look at the file later I may have uploaded wrong one.
  10. craiigman

    Default skin with Opposition roles?

    Unzip this and throw it into the panels folder, should work: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y-FsTEsOYO963TgmgpEpBa3QzE17dcCp
  11. My guess is.. DLP is a ball magnet, but by default doesn't have risky passes on, so really not much of a playmaker unless of PPM's. So a ball magnet with low team work would be someone you want to get the ball often and drop a bit deeper, but keep the ball?
  12. I was thinking like Bas Dost where he had 45 goals in a row with first time finishes, but he's got like 18 in game, so I'm not overly sure on this one either lol
  13. Go to the coaches screen and check the star rating at the bottom and the work load. Normally just mean you have 1 coach with a high workload. Normally I have my worst coach doing a bit of everything to just reduce the workload.
  14. craiigman

    FM18 - Where Bolton Wander

    A 1-1 draw vs West Brom meant the final game of the season was basically a cup final. Avoiding defeat and we would be Champions... And boy did we do it! Quick fire double before half time gave us a great platform for the second half. They bagged a goal shortly after, a quick “demand more” shout and we smashed it. What a way to win the title! Player/s of the season: Zohore and on loan Larsen. Zohore only lost out of top goal scorer as Leeds played 2 more games in the play offs. But he lead goals per minute, less than 90 per goal! Larsen who is on loan for 1 more season chipped in with 15 league assists. He’s quality, will see if a permanent move is possible! Most disappointing: - Lewis Morgan. Lost his place to academy player Draper. And his loan move has been even worse. Think he’ll be on his way out. - David Brooks. His stats look decent, 8 goals, 10 assists in 16(9) games. But he’s injury prone and he would easily have double the goals if he could score 1v1’s. But he’s young and developing so still time. - Full backs. All of them have averaged below 6.91 this season. I don’t know if tactics or other wise. But they just all are disappointing. I’ll keep Richards and Balkovec as back ups but need to improve here. And as is tradition on this save apparently.. My man on loan tops the offside chart once again! There we go! Bolton back in the Premier League! Done a few off season bits with some new contracts. But probably going to take a break for a while. I also caught so caught up in my title run I forgot about the “sponsorship deal” from a few posts back. So editor wasn’t used all season from what I can remember. Happy days.