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  1. Where are they though? I clearly have training setup this week as defending, however my match prep for the upcoming game is set to Attacking Movement. On my other screen shot I changed my training to the ones that come under match prep that wasn’t attacking movement and it didn’t change this. I will log a bug report if this isn’t working as intended. However it seems to be more that Match Preparation is not related at all to my training sessions, and the option to pick this is simply missing.
  2. @Seb Wassell sorry to summon you again. Match Preparation training clearly still in the game. However there doesn’t seem to be an option to chose which one is to be used. Is this and oversight with the new training module or is a certain session slot meant to dictate which one it will be? If so which slot? As Match Preview is the training the day before a game. I’d have thought that within this there would be an option to pick the focus?
  3. It doesn’t change the match preparation training though, as you can see my up coming game is set to attacking movement. No matter what training I set before the next game, this doesn’t change.
  4. Can you set Match Preparation training as argued above? There doesn’t seem to be an option to pick it, but it changes from game to game.
  5. But it's clearly not.. I don't think it's a bug, I just don't think the option is in the game.
  6. @Seb Wassell any chance you can clear this up please?
  7. No it’s not, I asked how to set match preparation training and included the screen shot of it being defending corners. The new screenshot is just the full screen including the weeks traning and being the game after.
  8. What are you talking about? Match Preparation training was always separate option to normal training, the Match Preparation training is clearly still in the game, but you cannot pick which one. My next game: Training focus this week is defending, but next game is Attacking Movement. Clearly not linked.
  9. Match prep doesn't have those options? Before this game the last training session was "Defending" not "Defending Corners".
  10. How do you pick you match preparation training?
  11. I find this a lot playing as Salzburg since I’m the dominant team in the league. I’m unbeaten in league but each game is more of a slog than I’d like. Last game I had lower LOE and high line. They had more of the ball but still only had 1/2 shots. I won 2-0 with 1 being a set piece and the other a direct ball over the top. I can win, no real trouble, but it’s mostly boring as you mention.
  12. I disagree with the bold part. Only have to look at your mate Cleon’s posts where he doesn’t change his style of play often or use OI’s. As long as you understand the short comings of your system and you’re okay with that, then it doesn’t matter what the opposition system is.
  13. I have an example of a through ball to my striker and I want to upload it because it blew my mind... And it doesn't seem to work. So here's a low FPS version of it: