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  1. Will just add to this post rather than making a new one. Overlapping centre backs: - Only available to right and left side in a back 3 or back 5 (back 5 unusual but could create some interesting movement) - If not a new role, add the option to a CB to "get further forward" which when linked with "stay wider" encourages forward runs. If not then a new hard coded role. Another example of this role is Kieran Tierney under Arteta, where the WB is Maitland-Niles but he comes inside to midfield (IWB).
  2. Decided to actually try it out - what I started with: Mari as Tierney is injured at start of game. With stay wider it was a back 4 when we attacked. However AMN was too close to Torreira so changed to: This created a very nice shape when we had the ball, basically turned into a 433. However slight issue was when Mari and AMN had to get back into position, left the left wing a bit exposed. Also Auba wasn't getting into any of the positions I was wanting, so tried this for a little while with stay wider: And he scored 2 goals. However due to no one being in front of him AMN just played like a normal WB and Mari didn't push out wide. I think the 2nd system worked best in terms of shape, but didn't create space for balls over the top. Need to play with the TI's a bit more. Would like to see how the LCB works if PPM of gets forward or something as didn't make any forward runs which I'd like to see
  3. This is an interesting thread: https://mobile.twitter.com/HalfSpaceFtbl/status/1300127165552488450 suggests maybe IWB role for the LWB position. However could also use a CAR or MEZ on left side CM slot and stay wider maybe.
  4. Been thinking about this think could do it a few different ways in terms of shapes.
  5. Arteta is playing a 343. For me roles would be: SK(s) CB(D) -- BPD(D) -- CB(D) WB(S) -------------------------------WB(A) CM(S) -- DLP(D) W(S) ---------- ST(A) -----------IF(A) I then would have stay wider on Tierney. The midfield roles are tricky. Ceballos' role was a bit like a BWM but a bit more creative. Xhaka is DLP all day long, but if you don't want him a ball magnet CM(D) with PI's might work. Left side very attacking side which is why left CM should be defend. However AMN is very attacking that side and Auba is main goal threat so they should be attack, IMO. Right side I've gone winger as while Pepe or Saka does come inside on their stronger foot, they do stay wider for longer, so PPM's should resolve that. Bellerin is an interesting player now he's back from injury. But I don't think he's a IWB. One role I'm not sure on is ST. Nketiah is more of a poacher really, maybe an AF. If Laca is up top could do CF(A). Might struggle to get ST involved in this system. In terms of team instructions I think: Balanced Low crosses Narrow Distribute to CB's + short kicks Counter yes, Counter press I'm not too sure, Arsenal do press but not like that IMO. Pressing intensity up 1 I would say standard lines, you want to create space in behind for Aubamyang to get into. Arsenal defend deep vs big teams as well, get only about 40% possession and then look to play balls over the top. High lines won't create this. Just my opinion, might not work well in FM.
  6. Following my resignation at Betis I applied for the Frankfurt job and got it. Transfer history suggests no real ins or outs in first season (I turned off initial budgets). They’ve given me £15m and £170k a week in wages to spend. The squad is massive and multiple players in some positions with just 1 in others. But lots to work with, quite excited by this.
  7. Finished the season with Betis, finished 10th, should have finished 9th but Levante had the easier run in. I have resigned from them now due to the board having no cash. Fekir got a couple of injuries and I ended up losing Guardado to a big injury as well. Resulted in me playing a basic 4141 with just play out from defence and distribute to cb's/fb's. I just changed the mentality based on who I was playing. Football was boring, but with what I had it was best I could do. The Man City job is available so I have gone for that, and also Torino. Going to just keep playing in this game world and see where it takes me.
  8. Good stuff mate. Can’t believe you made Eddie a right winger lol
  9. What’s the purpose of having “look for under lap” on wing backs where there is no one to under lap? @SixPointer
  10. Thank you - I agree. The squad is almost like it's half built for different systems but not quite fully for any particular system. I have taken away all TI's at the moment and just play with positive mentality.
  11. I have tried this setup as Fekir and Canales are top AMC's. However my full backs/wing backs are not cut out for it. Was getting destroyed down the wings. Loren has actually performed fairly well for me in terms of goals. 433 doesn't make sure of my better creative players like Fekir and Canales. Very lacking CM options as well. Have just 3 players. The squad is quite good, there isn't any glaring issues, though left back is quite weak. I've tried a few different shapes, most successful so far was a wide 442 diamond, but I've stopped using it as too much space in the middle. In defence we have been leaking goals from crosses and corners. In attack we struggle to create much/find space. Lots of running into crowded areas/blocked shots
  12. That is what I (think) have tried to do. Any suggestions on how you might approach this?
  13. Took over Betis half way through the season, in the transfer window and have no money to sign anyone. So stuck with what I have. System has gone through a few changes but currently looks like: Have been struggling to get anything really going forward. Last game was a bit better, but never really caused many problems. Both goals I scored were from range. I don't really have a style of play I want to go for. I'm just trying to build something around this squad. My idea from current setup is keeper distributes to Bartra, wing backs and DM's make themselves available for passes. VOL and WB continue to push up and support, DM makes his way eventually as well. AMC main creator looking for IF's and AF, with the VOL making a late run past as well. Something just not quite clicking in the final third. I am however open to Fekir being AMC spot, but haven't really got the the other players to support this system.
  14. The very next game we struggle for a 1-1 draw vs team below us.
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