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  1. I can't recall seeing any default ones on FM16 - all I remember is that you had to create your own routines which you were allowed 3 of each Left/Right - mind you it is a year ago I started my save
  2. Just wondered if anyone could assist - or if they know of any decent corner and free kick routines that lead to chances and more importantly goals
  3. It depends on who Im playing - sometimes the corners will not make it past the first post without an oppositon defender heading it clear and if they do make it past my players will tend to miss the target My primary corner taker is Hulk - Corners 18, Crossing 16, Decisions 14,, Flair 17, Anticipation 12. My back up players are: Shaov - Corners 14, Crossing 13, Decisions 15,, Flair 15, Anticipation 11 Neca: Corners 14, Crossing 13, Decisions 17,, Flair 17, Anticipation 13 I believe these are quite good players to be taking my corners as you will not get perfect stats in everything - even Hulk doesn't. So I believe I should be scoring more. Can anyone advise if my set up sounds about right or if I should tweak it - if so how? Also with Free kicks the team does not seem to follow my instructions when close to goal Would a corner taker with higher decision making ignore your instructions on a highly structured mentality - I set one of my corner routines to short only for the player to ignore it and to cross into the box
  4. As part of my philosophies I have said that I will become effiicient from set pieces however no matter what combination I do I cannot seem to score alot from them despite me believing I have good prepared routines and training alot at them. My basics set up for attacking corners is that I will have a tall defender/striker on attack near post, a tall defender/striker on near post flick on and a tall defender/striker with good bravery and aggression on challenge keepers. My other striker/midfielder (depending on my formation will stand on far post). I then have a player who is good at long shots lurking outside the area or sometimes I have used a player with good dribbling so he attacks the box when he has the ball. The other players are set to attack far post, attack ball from deep/go further forward. I generally leave 2 fullbacks back protecting I put my best corner taker taking them and use a variety of mixed, near post, far post delivery and have also brought the player who attacks ball from deep and my other full back into the area, but I still do not seem to score alot from corners and the oppostion defenders tend to head or clear the ball. I have also recently tried playing short to by best attacker who is good at dribbling however despite my team been on a highly structured setting my corner taker still crosses it into the area/box?? With regards to free kicks despite me setting things up to cross centre, long and short close to the box my team seem to do different. Can anyone offer any advice on how I can improve at this area of the game as I believe I have the right settings - but it just isn't working
  5. Thanks guys for your help - even though we stood strong defensively we still got beat 2-0 the first goal coming in the 76th minute. Your help and reading some of the tactical guides on the site has really helped. I played counter attacking football - closing down more with adjusting the defensive line to suit. I started playing 4141 formation then changed around 60 min to 442 as I was not getting enough shots on goal - Barca 28 (9OT) Zenit 5(2OT) From playing LLM for a long time in my career I find you start and stagnate tactically as Ive generally been successful on keeping morale high and picking the right roles and duties. for the players Ive got or by signing better players. I've had to start looking at developing myself tactically if I am to make it in the higher leagues and Champs leagues
  6. Which way is it best to play against quick, pacey attackers and wingers with good long shots and crossing. Should you go deep allowing them alot of space in front of you but play narrow and put a central bwm on defence duty to help out in the central areas. Should you show them inside to a packed narrow defence and hope any long shots go wide or your defenders are good enough to block them or should you show them outside letting them cross into a packed box or do you play a high 'd' line and press them risking a mistimed tackle or mistake could lead them to getting behind your defence
  7. Thats ok if your AML and AMR as accomplished at starting in ML/MR positions - mine are not at the moment even though I am training them to be
  8. If you wish to defend as a team - in other words your AML and AMR along with other attacking players to track back and get behind the ball to defend but also wanted to play an attacking game what settings would you use for mentality, team shape and the attacking players duties
  9. How would you start stopping players such as Messi and Neymar when you are playing against them and you are a lower rated club to them and just don't have similar defenders of acceleration/pace. They both are skillful and can dribble around your players so what OIs would you use. Neymar is good acceleartion/pace so man marking and closing down may not be good to a team with players of lower attributes. As they can diribble you wouldn't want to tackle hard as you may give way a penalty or free kick and these players are also good in that area. It seems that no matter what you think do they will be too good and get behind my defence - I would show them outside but they are also good at crossing and with Suarez in the box Im not sure if my defenders can deal with this threat. I have Barcelona in my next match against my Zenit team and was looking for some ideas as I know Im about to get pulvarised but want my team to give a good account of themselves in the game. Discuss
  10. No its been generally all of the coaches and assistants - no matter what club I have managed at or staff brought in,. The issue where the assistants coaches not using 'never' on OI's has gone back in earlier versions of FM. I would have thought they would be some situations where they would tell you never to mark tight or never to close down - I use it when the player is too fast for my player so that they stand off them
  11. When setting up my tactics I will analyse the opposition - if they concede a lot down the left hand side of the pitch I will instruct my team to play down that side and vice versa. When I go to ask my coaches / assistants advice on the tactics they will constantly tell me that there isn't a gap down that side to exploit the opposition defence. Even when I set to play down left and right side they advice me not to despite the oppostion analyisis reports suggesting otherwise. So why does the game tell me this constantly or what do they mean in the game to use this as the assistant / coaches want you to? I also notice that when setting up you OI's the assistants / coaches don't ever tell you to never close down or never tight mark - why?
  12. No its resovled itself ok and I managed to still put the graphics on I thought was causing the issue. Game is running fine now thanks - not sure though what caused it to crash
  13. Nothing really groundbreaking imo to make me buy next version - more like an update to FM16. I've wanted to stop buying the game year in and year out for a while now due to me only completing 7-8 seasons a year due to work commitments etc.. but was always tempted and could never resist once viewing the new features. Will wait now for FM18 before I re-new
  14. Got it working by deleting my full graphics folder now I'll have to put them back and hope its ok
  15. I started to get the following message on start up and the game will not load - it starts off ok then gets half way through then stops with this error message However when I keep clicking the screen it continues the screen goes wider (as in safe mode) and it will give me options but because the screen is wider I cannot click on anything to move it along so I have to go to task manager to shut down Last night I managed to get the FM16 adpack working and added these to my graphics folder - The game accepted these and I have manged to play matches with them working. There were no crashes on the numerous times that I kept re-starting the game swapping between the two files to make sure that they worked Tonight I downloaded a skin that makes the panel in-between while watching the matches wider I inserted this into my graphics folder and Im not sure if the error message occurred before I changed the preferences to re-load skin or not (Im 90% sure it did). I have already tried the following steps but it still will not load. 1) Reinstalled through steam 2) Opened hidden folders - gone to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016 and deleted both cache and preferences files 4) Reverified steams chache twice 5) Taken the downloaded skin make the panel in-between while watching matches out of my graphics folders 6) Taken the adpack and associated files out of my graphics folder - I cannot see how it can be this file though causing the issue as it previously worked with them. 7) I still have all my other graphics in the folders as there has been no issues when using these previously for months - its only in the last week that I downloaded more graphics. i believe the crash has come from when I added the 'makes the panel in between while watching the matches wider' graphics into my folders - what I cannot understand is how it is still crashing now I have removed it and re-installed I also have had an add on called FM speeder running which speeds up the game. However this has not casued an issue before and I have tried loading up the game with the speed set to normal