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  1. Where on the manager profile screen does it say what coaching badges you have or are working towards
  2. My squad rules state that I am only allowed 3 foreign players in it. I am however looking at developing a under 19 youth team and there are a few Ecudor players at 17 years old who have great potential. I am playing in the Columbian Leagues and wondered if I signed the Ecudor players with the intention of developing them ie playing for u19 team and possibly loaning out will they eventually become home grown so that I can play them in my First Team when they are ready in 4 to 5 years time, even though they are foreign to start with
  3. Also on the 2nd leg you do not have the talk to congratulate the players on promotion when you achieve it. It was there in the first leg when not needed but not in the 2nd when it should be Quindío v Tigres F.C..pkm
  4. Playing with Tigres in the Columbian League I have just won the first leg of the Grand Final and there is the 2nd leg still to play. The full time team talks included - Congratulations on promotion to the Liga Augilla. We still have the 2nd leg to play and have not gained promotion yet. I attach the pkm of the match but did not get any screenshots of the issue and cant go back to get any in the game Tigres F.C. v Quindío.pkm
  5. Sorted changed a few roles and duties to more attacking and its brought 2 goals and a clean sheet and only 3 long shots out of 11 shots. I have now given myself more options around the box
  6. Here is a screenshot of my general tactical set up.
  7. In pre In previous FM's I have always designed tactics using the roles which suited the players ie full green dots, However I read and looked a you tube video saying that you didn't necessary have to have full green dots for the roles. I then wanted to play a positive possession style and the game recommended the roles and duties for a controlled possession 4231 set up which I am using - part of that was to use support strikers. I thought that as the game recommended this it would be better than what I used to do - possibly not. I will change my roles and duties to how I used to play the game and see how I get on and if I can resolve the issue of too many long shots
  8. Didn't realise there was an issue with the number of long shots - has it been reported?
  9. Im playing a 4231 formation on FM19 and after 15 games and a number of 0-0 draws with lots of possession I am realising that I am having alot of long shots ie I may have 10 shots on goal and around 6 or 7 of them a match are long shots. I play work into box and have set the players who take the long shots (mainly MC or AMC) to shoot less often my roles look like this but realise what I need to do from looking at the anlaysis tabs is to create more passing options for my SC who is rarely in the game. My set up is SC (DLF S) WS APS IFA BWMD MCS WBS DCD DCD WBS SWK D My question is how do I create more passing options I generally look at the oppositions weaknesses and if they concede alot of assists down the left my left sided winger will have the attack duty, if concede assists middle it changes to my AP and if right side my IF. I generally overlap on the left hand side and underlap on the right hand side and play generally with a positive mentality
  10. Does anyone know if these have been toned down to previous FM's. In certain games I will win and have lots of shots none of which are CCC or half chances. What is the defination of them in the game. Some of the goals have come from long shots outside the box and one on the edge of the penalty area - none which were registered as CCC I have also had lots of free kicks which leads to shots on goal - none of which are registered as a CCC or half chance. I read on another site that the registering of them on FM19 is more inconsistant and wondered if there is an issue
  11. The Job After much deliberation I decided to managed the following team after been successful in interview. I am looking forward to getting started and it was between Tigres and Bogota that caught my imagination, however Tigres won it as part of the deal to bring me to the club the board agreed on the following club changes which gave me the impression that the board may be more ambitious at Tigres than Bogota and may have more funds available My Contract Agreed Philosophies The Club Background and History Facilities Finances Squad and Dynamics The squad is very thin on the ground especially in the wide areas. This is something I will need to address and quickly as there is only about a week until the end of the transfer window. I believe around 7-8 new players are required. With a limited number of scouts, me not knowing the league well it may be difficult to get some players in. I will have to give it my best shot as I don't think we can compete with this number of players. I originally planned to have a club DNA throughout my squad so that any players I brought in were high in the attributes of determination, work rate, teamwork and concentration. This though may have to be abandoned for the time being due to the limited number of weeks I have to fetch players in to improve the threadbore squad. The squad also has an abundance of players to play in the SC position. Some of which are young untested players who I will attempt to loan out as I believe you only need 3 or 4 players for this area. Staff League Overview I have joined the club over half way through the season as Tigres have not been performing well. The league is divided up into two phases the opening stage and the closing stage. The club is currently participating in the closing stage of the competition. The current league standings are as follows: In the opening stage of the competition under my predecessor the club did not perform well at all: The overall league table shows the opening and closing stages to date as to how well the team has performed: Board Expectations Current Team Stats Goals Assists Average Rating Man of the Match Transfers Current Obligations The best player at the club Nicolas Roa is currently loaned out with no option for a recall. Looking at his wages £54k per annum this must be the reason for his loan by my predecessor his contract also expires at the end of the season and as part of the deal the club he is loaned to has an option to buy him for £103k. I may look at attempting him to stay at the club once I sort out and analyse the squad better and if I can actually afford him. From looking at the squad screen alot of players contracts are up at the end of the season so this may free up some wages especially as the club is top heavy in the SC position. Aims and Plans The first aim will be to fetch in some better coaches and scouts especially as the transfer deadline is in about a weeks time and we need players and fast. The chairman has high ambitions with the board wanting to finish in the top half of the league this season, especially with the club finishing bottom in the opening stage of the league. The challenge is set I will need to fetch in around 7-8 new players in the DL position and wide midfield / attacking midfield and central areas as the squad is weak in numbers to these positions. I will look to utilise trials of players to have a look at them to speed this process up and once the scouting team is up and running will also scout players in the relevant areas. I will need to abandon my initial plans of having a DNA running through the team as I don't have alot of time to fully scout the players I want, I can progress this at the next transfer window when alot of the player contracts have expired and my scouting team is up and running more efficiently. I will also try and sell / loan out some of the players who are back up or where there is alot of them for one position and they will struggle to get a game. This should help free up some more transfer budget and wages as if I need to fetch in alot new players the budget may not be able to sustain this if players are not also moved on. The ask by the chariman to finish in the top half in a tough one bearing in mind the state of the current squad and where the club finished in the first half opening stage of the season. I also only have 12 games in which to turn this around. What a challenge I face, the chairman made it clear in the interview stage that my job may be untenable if I do not achieve a top half finish.
  12. Set Up I am starting my journeyman career unemployed and intend to hopefully commence in a nation that I have not managed in on previous FM's to make it more interesting. This though will depend upon the jobs that I am offered on the start of my journey. Manager Profile Job Interviews I attended job interviews at the following clubs and judged the decision on the job offers I received on the club that I thought was right for me to commence my career and to give me the best attempt at short term success so that I can hopefully move to a larger club as soon as possible. The decision on which club I decided to join following interview was based upon highest league reputation, transfer budget and facilities and whether or not I believed the club was right for me. Hellerup Idraets Klub - Danish 2nd Division Tarup-Paarup Idraetsforening - Danish 2nd Division Braintree Town - English Vanarama National League FC STK Fluminense Samorin - Slovakian 2nd Division Hemel Hempstead - English Vanarama National League South Albion Rovers - Scottish League 2 Dergview - Northern Ireland 2nd Division Beijing Beikong - Chinese 2nd Division Corporacion Deportiva Bogota FC - Columbian 2nd Division Tigres FC - Columbian 2nd Division Khimik Svetlogorsk - Belarus 2nd Division
  13. Hi Ben Thanks for looking into this was this with all of the match plans loaded into the game or just some of them. When I played I loaded the full set. What I noticed was that the plans did not work on 'go attacking after scoring 1 goal' as the mentality in the bar stayed at 'positive' . I also noticed that it switched to 'do not use match plans' on occassions. Is there a reason why this would work when your looking at it and not for me? Could I be using them or reading them incorrectly? I will load them up again and test on other matches
  14. I am sure in previous FM's and by reading some other blogs of the game that you can fine the players if they have a poor performance. All I can seem to find is to speak to them to criticise them - has this now been taken out of the game. If not could you advise where it is so I can carry this out if necessary
  15. Could anyone at SI advise on this potential bug?
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