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  1. Can anyone provide any insight into this. I am now half way through the season, one of my players who also played in the same position last season has still not gained Position Role Duty Familiarity yet a player who I have signed and started to play in matches (Total 4 starts) has gained fluid familiarity in my tactic. How can a player who has been at the club for over a year and a half played virtually every game not gain PRD familiarity yet a player who has just joined the club played 4 matches can?
  2. Thanks for the insight - what ages do players generally start showing a decline in there attributes. 2 of the players who have the red orange arrows are aged 27 and 29. Would reducing there training intensity help with them been older. The other one is 25 but is on a leadership course, could that be the reason he has red / orange arrows
  3. I have set up my training schedules and alot of my players are progressing well and have yellow arrows and green arrows. There are a few which have orange, red arrows against them. one of which is my star striker who is 29 years old. I use a double intensity training for all of my players to improve them. - Would reducing the intensity on the players where the red / orange arrows occur help - I would have thought not as you are reducing the training which would make it worse? What type of things should I be looking for and adjusting in training apart from rollocking them to improve to stop the red and orange arrows, and is there any advise for gaining green arrows in training. I know there won't be any set down rules and alot will be trial and error, but not sure where I should start to stop the rot setting in as Ive not really been interested in developing my knowledge of this part of the game / player development in previous FMs just let it happen but now I want to get a more of an understanding of it and how I can change it.
  4. My tactics have gained familiarity in all parts quickly except position/role and duty. I have set up my training assignments to make the most of this to expediate the situation and gain familiarity as quickly as possible. I have played players in the PRD roles and I have noticed not alot of changes in the bars going up. I have noticed that some players who I have been squad / fringe players have gained PRD quicker than some of the players who have been playing week in and week out which I find strange > am now 11 games into the season after playing a number of friendlies. Why would some players gain familiarity quicker in PRD than other even though they are not playing and is there anything else I can do to speed this up
  5. I prefer the pitch where the grass is cut in circles for some reason and wondered if there was a way of assigning that pitch type to your club and stadium. If so how do you do this, would it be in the ingame editor, the other editor or another way
  6. Season 2021 - 2022 End of Season Review Squad Season Press Expectations End of Season League Table Past Positions The existing inherited first eleven was a really good one with some exceptional players. Keeping these injury free as much as possible lead to an unexpected promotion Cup Run The team was knocked out in the First round, while the previous manager was in charge so there was no cup run during my tenure. Season Review Team Awards Team Stats League Goalscorers Assists Club Records Manager Info Manager History Season Club League Position Svenska Cupen Cup Rookies All Star Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Tvaakers IF Div 1 Sodra 8th 2nd Rnd Man Month x 1 2020/21 Tvaakers IF Div 1 Sodra 1st 2nd Rnd Won Man Year, Man Month x1 2021/22 Tvaakers IF Superetten 7th Group Stage (to be completed) Man Month x 1 Season Club League Position Cup Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 Karlsruhe SC 3 Liga 1st n/a Transfers Staff In Board End of Season Club Vision The above affiliate with VfL Wolfsburg that I set up during my tenure will be a great one for the club as the team plays in the Bundesliga and it will give me the opportunity to hopefully fetch in some great back up players or youngsters End of Season Finances Next Season Looking at the team the majority of the First team are very good players and could maybe hold there own in the next division It is worth giving them a chance. Some of the back up reserve players where not so good. I will be looking at releasing / selling / sending to the affiliate club where possible and building a good second team to push the first team players on.
  7. My club Karlrsuhe asked if I wanted to form a 2nd club (II) which I did as I felt it would give the players who were not playing in my first team some games to gain match fitness. The 2nd team has formed and I have appointed a manager, coaching staff and scouts etc for it and certain players who are not good enough for my first team have automatically been assigned to play for Karlrushe II who have automatically been assigned to play in the Regionalliga When I was playing my first team friendlies I noticed that no fixture had been scheduled for Karlrushe II, upon further investigation I noticed that the game does not play matches that low down in the pyrimid and the German leagues stop at the 3rd Div on which I was just promoted from. On looking at the German 3rd Div which has started in the game I noticed that Bayern has a 2nd team in there called Bayern II. With the game not playing the Regionaliga games will my 2nd club team ever get promoted to the 3rd Div. I had hoped there would have been some fixtures so that players can play matches and keep match fit. Is there a way I can force the change and put Karlrushe II into the 3rd Div with the editor and if so which editor would I use, I looked at the ingame one and there does not appear to be an option for this - How would I put Karlriuse II into the 3rd Div when it has already started. Some of the players that were not automatcally assigned to the 2nd club team were eventually assigned by me as my scouting report showed that they were not good enough for my first team but good enough for the league Karlruushe II play in, I have assigned them playing time for this league and am now concerned that they will become unhappy and create a revolt as there are no fixtures for the playing time to play out. My only option would be to create a load of friendlies to keep the match sharpness up, but again could annoy the players as they are not in a competitive league. Any advice on a way out of this and what is best to do. I really wanted my 2nd team (reserves) to play in a league and thought that if I formed this 2nd team that what would have happened
  8. Is it impossible to remove player traits - eg I have a defender who is really good that I have inherited in my squad. He has a player trait of 'stays back at all times'. All of my coaches say it will not be a success to remove it. Is there a chance they could be wrong if I attempted it. Has anyone seen any traits removed when the coaches recommend against getting rid of the trait. Do you also need a coach with 'special attributes' to do this and if so what are they?
  9. So if you play a high defensive line during a game to counter direct passes and the next game the opponent had quick small technical strikers so you wanted to lower the defensive line you could without it impacting tactical familiarity as long as the line of engagement was not changed or would you have to train a second tactic with a lower defensive line. If this is the case and you can only train 3 tactics to become familiar with this would mean only 1 formation could be used where you had a tactic designed for counteracting direct passess (high DL) or quick strikers (low DL) as the third tactic would use a second formation and it would not be able to be trained to counteract both high DL or low DL so you as a manager would have to make a choice at the start of the season. But if you had an opponent who conceded more goals against your 3rd tactic and you wished to use it, you only could if your opponent played in the way you had trained to counter direct or quick strikers. If the DL affects the tactical familiarity and also as we know counters Direct passes or quick strikers depending upon where it is positioned and the manager wanted to use a second formation it should be 4 tactics that are trained to gain tactical familiarity. 1 formation 1 HDL ( Counter Direct passes) 2 formation 1 LDL (Counter quick strikers) 3 formation 2 HDL (Counter Direct passes) 4 formation 2 LDL (Counter quick strikers) So Im guessing as we can train only 3 the DL does not come into account when looking at gaining familiarity. Anyone with any experience or thoughts to add to this or advise?
  10. Can anyone offer any insight into the above or what others have found in there games when gauaging tactical familiarity and if the counterpress / regroup, counter/hold shape and pressing intensity affects the familiarity if those settings are tweaked
  11. There are a number of team instructions which affect the tactical familiarity of your tactic you are training and some team instructions which do not and which can be changed during a match to suit the oppostiions style of play to counteract it. ie mentality, passing directness tempo, get stuck in/ stay on feet, attacking width etc... affect the tactical familiarity and pass into space, underlap/overlap, focus of play, type of crosses etc... do not Does the counter press / regroup or counter / hold shape and the Pressing intensity team instructions affect the tactical familiarity levels or are these ones that can be tweaked during a match without the players familiarity of it been affected. For pressing intensity I read somewhere that it was only the line of engagement team instruction that affected the pressing intensity familiarity level but that was on another FM site in a blog someone did. Can anyone advise
  12. What attributes / personalities would you look for in your Reserve team manager, assistant manger, U19 manager, assistant manager or coaches for them to be assigned to take and run the training for the reserve and U19 teams leaving the First team training to myself to run and take.
  13. My club Karushure who have just been promoted has just formed a new club to play in a lower division called Karlrushe II at the beginning of the season. A couple of my players have automatically been transferred to the new team one is my captain who is 34 old and has not complained however a few of the younger players have complained about there playing time been reduced. Looking at the coach reports they are not good enough to compete at the promoted level but are better than the league the new club will be playing at. Has anyone had any experience of this happening as what I want to know is when you reset the playing time is it for the time at the 2nd club or the original club they signed for. I dont want to tell them in the conversation that I will go back to the original playing time knowing that I wont be playing them, but the reserve (2nd team / club) will be Any one any ideas on how this works as I dont want to really annoy the players if I don't have to. As I said above they are not good enough apart from 1 who is a future prospect for the league I have been promoted to but is not at that standard yet
  14. Yes it is you can find out if its a consortium, tycoon, fan group etc...
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