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  1. So im managing in Russia and my favourite teams has sacked the manager after a run of 7 games and 7 defeats puts them in the relegation zone. Do I apply - of course I do. A leading member of the board and the press state that I am a leading candidate for the job. Do I get the job - No I don't even get an interview!!!!! Leading candidate - yeah right!!
  2. On FM16 can anyone advise where it shows the current chairman type - ie local businessman, tycoon etc... My current chairman is currently selling the club and Im interested to know what type of chairman he was so I can judge him against the new chairman who may come in who in the newsfeeds states he is an investor. I want to try and determine if my clubs future finances will be better or worse and to that I would like to find out what type of chairman my exisiting one is. Im sure I have seen it in pervious FMs but can't find it in 16
  3. FAKEL COMPETITIONS OVERVIEW Season 2019-20 Board Expectations Russian Cup 4th Round - Sokol Lst 1-1 (p) Russian First Division Manager comments From saving the club from relegation the previous season to winning the league in my first full season in charge is a great achievement. What was disapointing is that following winning the title with 4 matches to spare the team seemed to go on their holidays early winning 1 drawing 1 and losing 2 of the remaining matches. MANAGER OVERVIEW History [b]Season Club League League Pos Indo Cup Super Cup Champ Lge Conf Cup Achievements[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015/16 Arema Indonesian Super 1st N/A N/A N/A N/A Man of Mth x 3 / Man Year 2016/17 Arema Indonesian Super 1st Won Won East p/o incomplete Man of Mth x 3 / Man Year 2016/17 Arema Indonesian Super 1st Won Won East p/o Won Man of Mth x 3 / Man Year [b]Season Club League League Pos Russ Cup Super Cup Champ Lge Conf Cup Achievements[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/19 Fakel Russian First 9th 6th N/A N/A N/A The Great Escape 2019/20 Fakel Russian First 1st 4th N/A N/A N/A Man Year Runner up Season Profile TRANSFERS Players Staff Manager comments I have managed to upgrade training facilities and youth facilities as the season progressed along with having the backing of the board to bring in further coaches and scouts. The singning I made towards the end of last season helped along with the squad strengthening this season. This combined with the youth player like Butov and Bulavin bode well for the future. My scouts have already been looking for talent for next seasons campaign. CLUB STATS AND AWARDS GOALKEEPER OF YEAR Timur Akmurzin MIDFIELDER OF YEAR Ivan Solovjov NEXT SEASON The team did it, I will need to strengthen the team so that they can avoid relegation. Looking at the squad reports there a alot of players at the club who are decent Premier League players already or have the potential to be one. With a few astute signing I believe we could avoid relegation next season. My aim is to establish Fakel as a Premiership team. The league we have been promoted to are ranked 8th in Europe - if I am successful I may get some big clubs knocking on my door
  4. I set my scouts to hot prospect players 2.5* - 3* current ability with a maximum potential ability. They come up and find lots of players however in the text it does not say wonderkid in the description - how do you scout for wonderkids to make sure you find them? Also is there a way of filtering all the searches to wonderkid?
  5. I still belive the idea of having this in the game is good - but in this case it needs to be implemented right - the new chairman may want a different manager but the current manager is doing ok - give him the season to finish what he started if he achieves it and wins things keep him. However if the expectations are not been met the game should be programmed so that the chairman would look to replace him quicker than normal due to the chairman wanting his own man. Its all down to how SI implement things in the game to. This is imperative to make good features work in a realistc way. But its like all decisions in life a balanced view is needed on the situation whereas some features in the game are black or white which make it a shame
  6. My actual quote was 'Can't have the most realistic football sim imo' lol - meaning in my opinion its a good feature and adds to the realism of the game. However some will like it, some wont. I actually beleive people collapsing on the pitch and dieing is a bit extreme for the game as it affects real people in the real world which SI could possibly be sued for To lose your job because the new chairman fancies a different manager or has different ideas to you in my opinon is good as it backs up the other aspect of the game in job interviews where your philosophies have to match the clubs as close as possible -all it is is when a new chairman comes in his ideas / philosopies have changed and yours colud no longer match. It also has no impact on any person in the real world. The other thing about this is that a manger who has lost his job at an AI club due to the chairman changing my want you - so its not all about FM players losing there jobs because of this -FM players can gain jobs and possibly at top clubs
  7. Seems harsh but thats life and it does happen - a new chariman and board of directors may want there own man who matches there philosophies. Can't have the most realistic football sim imo wthout this feature. Dust yourself down and apply for another job if you have been sucessful your points and rep will help.
  8. As part of my club philosophies I need to make high profile signings - what settings should I use on my scouting there doesn't seem to be an option that I can see to filter to search for these players For wonderkids I have generally used potential star ranging from 4 - 5 stars current ability 2 stars but this doesn't filter separately for high profile players and some of the players that come through are not - so there no good to fulfill the philosophy. Any players that I have found for these has generally been by luck and then added to shortlist but Im guessing there loads
  9. Need some advice as this has never happened to me before - In pre-season I normally organise alot of friendlies to get match fit. Im in the Russian League and finsihed my first season and getting ready to commence the 2nd, my players have returned and the majority are mostly match fit with conditioning around 70 -80per cent. I have played one friendly and now all my players are tired and don't seem to be recovering even if I set them to rest. Its now gone 2 weeks and its still the same even though I cancelled all the friendlies in this period to make them recover and not be tired. In the news feed it reported that alot of the players believe I scheduled pre-season too early as if they have not recovered from the previous season. Can anyone advise how to rectify this as Ive made a mistake - Ive tied resting them, putting rest days in training, cancelling friendlies and putting fitness training to very low but after 2 weeks of this its still the same - am I to play mathches in this period if it is saying this - my guess is it would make the tiredness worse.
  10. FAKEL COMPETITIONS OVERVIEW Season 2018-19 Russian First Division Russian Cup 6th Round - Krylka Sovetov Lst 2-1 (aet) Manager comments The team were struggling when I took over, they where fighting against relegation. Alot of key players were injured and struggling with form and with no transfer window until January I had to rely on some very young inexperienced players. Some of these players Butov and Bulavin (both aged 17) are ones to watch for the future. There key goals and performances helped in the battle against relegation early doors - however the team was still struggling overall and remained in the relegation zone. The transfer window opened at the end of January and I brought nine new players who I targeted during the Russian football winter break, signing these players along with providing lots of friendly games after the winter break and before the second half of the season commenced brought some form to the team. I targeted that we needed to gain another 16 points in the last 10 games - so our overall points total of 46 should be enough to survive based on previous seasons. It wasn't until the last 7 games that the team were out of the relegation zone and did not drop back into it, even though other teams around us were also winning The team surpassed the points total I craved for in these 10 games and finished 6 points off the play offs. MANAGER OVERVIEW History [b]Season Club League League Pos Indo Cup Super Cup Champ Lge Conf Cup Achievements[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015/16 Arema Indonesian Super 1st N/A N/A N/A N/A Man of Mth x 3 / Man Year 2016/17 Arema Indonesian Super 1st Won Won East p/o incomplete Man of Mth x 3 / Man Year 2016/17 Arema Indonesian Super 1st Won Won East p/o Won Man of Mth x 3 / Man Year [b]Season Club League League Pos Russ Cup Super Cup Champ Lge Conf Cup Achievements[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/19 Fakel Russian First 9th 6th N/A N/A N/A The Great Escape Season Profile Manager of the Year - winner n/a End of Season Review TRANSFERS Players Staff Manager comments Giva my top Brazilian forward wishes to leave the club as he wont sign a contract. He only scored 9 goals this season and even though I believe I could get the best of him my new strikeforce I brought in that saved us from relegation looks like they will be first choice next season. If he will not sign I will look at replacing him with someone new. The new salary cap rules for the Russian First Division make this task rather difficult though as I can only pay wages of £36k per year. Luckily other players that wished to move have decided to stay with the club and have signed new contracts. CLUB STATS AND AWARDS Player of the Year Emin Makhmudov NEXT SEASON With the players I have signed and the great run we had in those last 10 games leaving us 6 points off the playoffs I believe the team has a strong spirit and also that we could actually push for a play off place or even gain promotion next season. I intend to get rid of the deadwood of players that were not performing and try to fetch in some high profile players to match my boards philosophy. This though could be difficult with the salary cap previously mentioned.
  11. Been reading a guide on how to set up Opposition Instructions. It stated that for players with good pace, acceleration, agility you should never tight mark. Also players with good acceleration, pace agility but poor dribbling, passing, long shots and crossing you should never close down. I tried this in a game only to find that the two players I was doing this against scored. On my assistants feedbacks they do not ever tell you to never close down or never tight mark any players always the latter. It has never come up in all the FM's Ive played What do you believe a guide that is written by the fans which in theory seems to make sense or your assistant? What does the forum do for OI's as to me its an important part of your tactical plan
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    Any update on the issues raised
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    Ive uploaded again and called it 'Wazza 5.4.1.fm6'
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    Just uploaded 'wazza fm' to the save game folder on the server for you to look at. If you could advise if this is a bug or if these are the rules of the First Division in Russia - if so they are missing from the rules page of the league and will require adding. It would also be useful if you could advise of the rules for the league if you find that this is the issue as they are not stated anywhere and I'm not sure if you can sign marquee players like in the Australian league. Also are there rules with a salary cap for 2nd div and premiership teams as I have noticed that when I offer a player a contract sometimes a 2nd div team will come in and offer alot higher wage and due to me been only able to offer £36k I cannot match it making me lose the player - and this is in league below me. If there is a salary cap for the 1st Div - why not one for the 2nd Div or the Premeirship?
  15. Olly do you happen to know the rules of the salary cap - for example can you offer marquee players more money on different contracts like the Australian league. as these are not shown in the competition rules of the league on the screen I can't believe its only the First Divsion - 2nd div teams are able to offer more money so you lose the players you are trying to sign. Any idea why its not the Premier League to - I would have thought it would have happened to all the leagues to make it fair