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  1. Season 2022 - 2023 End of Season Review Squad Season Press Expectations End of Season League Table Past Positions The team managed to obtain back to back promotions against the odds of 39-1 set by the bookies at the beginning of the season where they also had them finishing 13th in the league. Some lucky punters who bet on us have raked in some money!! The fans where also delighted and partied on the streets until the early hours ! Cup Run The form of the team led
  2. When players become unhappy with training as they think there individual training schedule is 'not producing any results' / 'not suitable' / 'no longer a weakness' etc and the training revolves around the lowest attributes in there role that needs changing is it best to ignore them and keep training or to change. I have certain players where no matter what extra individual training that I assign they become unhappy with training . I am using a downloaded 'double intensity' training schedules from a post I found 'RDF Development guide and training schedule' which said is guaranteed results
  3. Wondered if anyone could assist in getting .fmf files from FM21 into FM20 and if anyone knew if there was a way.
  4. I have created some training schedules in FM21 but have decided to go back and play FM20. I decided to use these files in FM20 as they are just training schedules based on .fmf files, however when I goto import them they will not show. Is there a way of getting them to show in FM20, even though they were made in FM21 without having to create each schedule again and costing loads of time in doing so
  5. Hi, I have made a number of custom training schedules in FM21. I have decided to go back and play FM20 and want to use the training schedules that I have made in the earlier version of the game. However the fmf files wont show in FM20. Is there a way of somehow getting them into FM20 even though were made in FM21 without having to spend ages re-creating them. Could anyone please advise on if this can be done and a step by step guide on how to do it as it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Gone back to an FM20 save after deleting the game, al files and re-installing/ My manager man exists but I wanted to give him a spruce up so I have edited manager appearance on the start screen and saved the appearance as a new avatar. However, the new appearance will not appear again on the start screen after saves unless I go and re-load it and it diverts back to the original appearance, It also will only show the original appearance on the touchline and not my new one. I have tried re-loading skin with caching turned on and off, but I still have the same issue. I have managed t
  7. Id third that to, its a shame as I had a real good save started over 3 months - but now back to FM20
  8. I have a few set pieces that I have made in FM21 that I wish to use in FM20. I have put the files into the correct folder in FM20 but the files will not appear in the game. Is there a way of getting these to show or will I have to recreate them all again. I would have thought that as the set piece creator was not modified between versions and that these files would have copied over ok even to go back a version. Is there something I am missing.
  9. I too have been there from the beginning and bought every release. I now have had to go back to FM20 as FM21 for me is still broken, with no more updates looking likely and of which is the first time I have felt like I have had to since the Championship Manager series began. I play the game looking at the stats on the prozone during the match every 15 minutes or so as it is played and make any tactical changes necessary as this to me if football management - tactically adjusting my team to find a weakness in your opponent and working out where your team is not playing well and adjustin
  10. Si, Is the Final winter patch the last one that will be issued for this series, there are a number of stat bugs under review in the bugs forum, including mine below that have not been fixed and I wondered if they will be looked at. This to me is a game breaking bug as football manager is a numbers game and if the stats are incorrect how can you make the correct adjustments in your tactics to suit
  11. I have also reported that the missed interceptions and mistakes are not been logged - did this in December and it has been under review since then - I don't believe this will be fixed as from what I believe the final winter update is the last patch based on previous years The response so far from SI on if this will be fixed is ' There has been no indication from SI that there will be any further updates for FM21' in the official feedback thread I really do hope that Si do look into this and get it fixed for this series as its is game breaking for me and annoying for when your ass
  12. Can you advise if this was fixed in the Final Winter update as from reviewing my previous matches all mistakes are shown as 0 the same for missed interceptions. I have also played 1 game since the update and again all records for missed interceptions and mistakes show a 0 during the game.
  13. SEASON 2021 - 2022 Three Month Review August - September - October - November Review Following promotion to Liga Nos the boards first aim for the team is to avoid relegation. To do this I have set a target for the team to achieve a minimum of 38 points which looking at last seasons Liga Nos table should be enough to ensure survival as the team who finished 15th survived on 36 points Competition Expectations Review The board are aiming for me to finish in the relegation play off place in the league. I have spent wisely as you will see under th
  14. Can anyone remember from previous years if generally there are anymore patches to come out after the winter update that has recently been uploaded. From what I recall the last patch used to be after Jan transfer window, but I think this was when the game used to come out in October years ago rather than the more normal November release, hence why I wondered if they would be anymore fixes. The other reason is I reported a couple of bugs last year which have not yet been fixed so wondered if it looked like they would be
  15. Was this fixed in the last patch in Feb with the winter update as nothing appears to have changed
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