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  1. Can anyone at SI advise if there will be another patch - I have reported some issues in the bugs section ie formation analysis not showing when you click the link, match notifictations - not all player notifications come up, goalkeepers not passing out to fullbacks when playing ball out of defence etc... From previous versions if my memory served me right the last patch was always with a winter update at the end of the transfer window, however the only patch that came out was some match engine improvements. So I wondered will there be another patch addressing more of the issues that have been raised in the bugs forum
  2. No - but I have just found out that one of my RAM sticks needed replacing as it was damaged so that may be part of the issue?
  3. I got the following crash dumps when loading the game tonight. The crash happened after I had gone into preferences on the load game screen to turn match sounds off. I then loaded the game and it crashed while loading. I previously have had crashes while loading but managed to recitfy it by telling my anti virus to exclude the FM and steam files as per the instructions on the forums Tonight I rectified it by checking the integrity of the game files - which were fine and none needed replacing - I then restarted the computer and the game loaded. Any idea what caused the crash from looking at the files so that I know for if it happens again and gets more serious and how to fix it. FM 2020 v20.2.4.1343694 (2020.02.11 21.49.08).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.4.1343694 (2020.02.11 21.50.43).dmp
  4. Any info or update on this and that not all of the notifications come up ie players making key passess, shots tackles etc.. for the performances
  5. Any news on if this will be fixed - in previous FM's even with play ball out of defence on you could distribute to your full backs with no issues to play it wide and also to choose a specific full back under distribute to specific player - now it just goes to the centre backs in the match engine - therefore I believe it to be a bug
  6. So when customising your views the Expectation (next 5 matches) or playing time happiness is not available on the insert column drop down menu under any of the sub menus to add it if you want to customise your tabs. Nor is it available under the second way of cutomising your tabs under 'Customise current view'
  7. No it was from the Control Possession standard tactic
  8. During my last match I encountered the following crash dump The pitch during the match showed these images before the crash where I went to change tactics / look at players on the team instruction screen. As you will see top right of the below image above the centre circle of the pitch the grass goes upto the sky in a certain area and the screen breaks up. FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.26 15.37.43).dmp DxDiag.txt
  9. I use a control possession style of football modified to suit my players - which is shown in my 'known for' section in the manager profile. The main tactical style shows as Route One however, when I do not play long ball football. I am also 2nd in the competition stats - 2nd 57% possession and 2nd for pass completion ratio 78% and pass completed 5844. My tactical style is to play attacking pass and move football from the back with short passess. The main tactical style must be a bug and would need fixing for if this affects other jobs that you may be linked to as other clubs will be seeing my style as route 1 when it isnt'
  10. The Expectation (Next 5 matches) view which is on the Playing Time main tab is not customisable in that you cannot add it to any other main tabs that you may want to create. When going to customise selection tab for example to insert other columns it is not available nore is it available in customise current view nor is the tab playing time happiness. Its a shame you cannot add these two tabs to other views
  11. In all previous FM's if you had play ball out of defence on you could still pass to your fullbacks with not problems. Most of my tactics where designed this way especially to exploit the flanks or - so why not in FM20 , hence why I believe it to be a bug. Could SI please advise and provide some clarity - I believe it is becasue of the new rule where the central defenders can be in the box. However you should still be able to pass to your full backs
  12. Im just bumping this up the list as it does not appear to have been seen by SI for the reported bug
  13. Im just bumping this up the list as it does not appear to have been seen by SI for the reported bug
  14. Season 2019 - 2020 End of Season Review League Table at Management Appointment End of Season League Table Past Positions I managed to achieve one of my aims in the remaining 15games of the season as the team pulled together and finished in a decent position in the table and avoiding relegation. Unfortunately we finished with a -2 goal difference and I wished on my appointment for us to finish in positive numbers, however the improvement in this department shows that if we had a couple more games extra we would have probably achieved this to, it was always a big ask to go from -12 goal difference and into positive numbers. Overall the turnaround has been fantastic against the odds as we had no money to spend and with limited scouting knowledge of the league. One of the highlights of the turnaround was when we were losing against the team who was sitting comfortably at the top of the league to win. Season Review Team Awards Team Stats League Goalscorers Assists Club Records When I took over the club the team was not scoring goals (18 goals in 17 games) and it also conceding them (30 goals in 17 games) at an alarming rate which gave a -12 goal difference. To achieve and break so many records in 15 games shows what a massive turnaround we had under my stewardship. When I first arrived at the club and looking at the players I realised that I would have to work wonders on the training ground and use my man management skills to get the best out of the squad as there was no money. My initial thoughts where that I would have to let there contracts run down and then replace them with better players. I may have to re-think this now. However there is next season to go with these players as the contracts do not expire for another year before any decisions are finally made, however they have shown me in the 15 games that they do have promise. Manager Info Manager History Season Club League Position Svenska Cupen Cup Achievements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Tvaakers IF Div 1 Sodra 8th 2nd Rnd Man Month x 1 Team Playing Style As manager my playing style that I want the players to adhere to is attacking pass and move football. This combines short pass plays with attacking football. The team will focus more on keeping possession than with a standard attacking football approach and will proactively create space by drawing players out of position. A number of attributes are required for this style and the players will need to fit into it as much as possible. During my time at the club I intend to fetch players in to suit this style of football and try to improve the players that are already at the club to fit them into the style. I also want my players to have high attributes in determination, workrate, teamwork and concentration as a core running through the club. Obviously I realise that I am at a small club with no money and to make these changes will take time, for example all of the players contracts are not up for renewal until the end of next season. I will not be allowed by the board to release these as it will cost the club money it has not got. My only option is to let the contracts run down, while re-newing the ones necessary. The change to my ideal playing style may take time and I may have to perservere with what I have and adjust any tactics to suit Transfers As the was no transfer or wage budget there was little I could do in the transfer market apart from fetch in some youngsters on loan to help boost the squad numbers where the team was light. Staff In Board End of Season Club Vision During the season and just after I was appointed the club had some elections for a new chairman, luckily I managed to keep my job through this period and not get distracted by the rumours. End of Season Finances Next Season I will generally need to use the squad that I have inherited and fetch in a few players either on the cheap or on loan as previously mentioned I will not be able to go releasing players and will need to wait for the contracts to run out. It also looks like there will be no money for players again in the transfer market, unless I manage to sell, loan out or release for free some of my current squad. I will scout players in Sweden as well as fetching them in on trial throughout the season so that I am armed with a very good shortlist for when I need to move into the transfer market. I will use my man management skills again to fetch the best out of the current players while also trying to off - load players that I do not need. I intend to make some progress on the pitch and attempt to finish as high up the table as I can
  15. Just wondered if anyone at SI had seen this bug that had been reported and if any other info was needed as it appears not to have been seen so 'bump' lol!!
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