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  1. I hope that there will be some guidance when you hover over the tabs to indicate how many games a star play,Regular Starter, Squad Player, Impact Sub. fringe player, Emergency back up, breakthough prospect, future prospect and youngster etc.... is expected to play in the First Team squad so that you can plan how to utilise the players effectively into the team and intergrate them, which should lead to less complaints from the players and help with the management of the squad
  2. Always like to have a job interview when I join a team, seems to add to the realism some how. So will start as I usually do, unemployed with a Sunday League Rep and a load of leagues open for a journeyman worldwide save
  3. Has the actual day in November that the game is release set in stone yet. On one site for purchase of the game it says 1st November and another 30th November. All the adverts I have seen say early November and wondered if the exact date had been announced.
  4. I remembered where it was now. Its in the club / history section under landmarks. It doesnt tell you the current chairman type only if there has been a takeover - or it did in previous FMs
  5. On what page on FM19 does it tell you your Chairman Type - whether they are consortium, sugar daddy, fans group etc... Also for any other teams chairmans for when looking for new jobs
  6. In FM19 which current leagues use VAR and goal line technology. Does the English Premiership have it for the 19/20 season
  7. I have my reserve team manager and youth team manager set under responsibilities to arrange friendlies for the respective teams However they never arrange any and its left for me to do. Is this a bug that has already been reported or am I missing something on setting this up correctly
  8. Alot of my players show up under the dynamics happiness tab as concerned under training and I have been trying to address this so that they are no longer concerned by changing routines and schedules around Alot of it is to do with the high level of quickness training so I reduce it and then they are still unhappy and become concerned about the high level of strength training, not enough quickness training, not enough general training etc... How do you find a balance to keep the players happy in this regard and to stop them complaining or becoming concerned. I already juggle my training schedules around to try and please them but it isn't working currently
  9. Season 2019 - 2020 End of Season Review League Table Closing Stage League Table Overall Table Past Positions The past positions graph shows how much the team improved over my stewardship, as they finished bottom of the league under the previous manager in the opening stages of the competition. The run of results led to some incredible unsuspected success as we qualified for the play off semi finals Play Off Results and then the team went on to achieve the unexpected We did the impossible thinking where the team was at when I took over and I still believed there was alot more work to do with them to make them a threat in the league - how wrong was I !! Season Review Team Awards Team Stats League Goalscorers Team Conversion Rate Team Shots of Target Ratio Average Possession Team Pass Completed Team Pass Completion Ratio Goals from Corners Goals from Direct Free Kicks The team has made great strides in the way I want to play, finishing well in the top 5 of the league for keeping possession and for completed passes. The team also had a good conversion of chances in the league compared to other teams, at 13% though - this does need to be higher and something the team can work on. Set piece wise we had a good return on these, but there is room for improvement. This is great work towards the club philosophies I agreed with the board on the commencement of my contract. The board is quite happy with the return I have achieved from the club philosophies Manager Info Season Club League O/stge pos C/stge pos Ovll pos Grand Final Copa Aguila Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Tigres Torneo Aguila *n/a 5th 12 Won+Promoted *n/a *previous manager Man Year Transfers One of my star players of the season and club captain has dropped a bombshell I have tried to convince him to stay but he is adamant, he will be huge loss as he is a rock at the centre of defence Staff In Board Confidence Review Commercial Summary Next Season The first job will be to replace Lasso who will be a big loss - I am hoping with the promotion I may be able to convince him to stay. I will need to look at strengthening the team due to the unexpected promotion. Some of the loan players I have signed such as Campo and Ever Valencia I will look at trying to sign permanantly as both are potential good Premier A players and formed part of the nucleus of the squad this season. The majority of the squads contracts are up for re-newal so I will have to carefully plan on who I want to keep and offer the correct deals as part of my squad re-building for the new league next season
  10. Where on the manager profile screen does it say what coaching badges you have or are working towards
  11. My squad rules state that I am only allowed 3 foreign players in it. I am however looking at developing a under 19 youth team and there are a few Ecudor players at 17 years old who have great potential. I am playing in the Columbian Leagues and wondered if I signed the Ecudor players with the intention of developing them ie playing for u19 team and possibly loaning out will they eventually become home grown so that I can play them in my First Team when they are ready in 4 to 5 years time, even though they are foreign to start with
  12. Also on the 2nd leg you do not have the talk to congratulate the players on promotion when you achieve it. It was there in the first leg when not needed but not in the 2nd when it should be Quindío v Tigres F.C..pkm
  13. Playing with Tigres in the Columbian League I have just won the first leg of the Grand Final and there is the 2nd leg still to play. The full time team talks included - Congratulations on promotion to the Liga Augilla. We still have the 2nd leg to play and have not gained promotion yet. I attach the pkm of the match but did not get any screenshots of the issue and cant go back to get any in the game Tigres F.C. v Quindío.pkm
  14. Sorted changed a few roles and duties to more attacking and its brought 2 goals and a clean sheet and only 3 long shots out of 11 shots. I have now given myself more options around the box
  15. Here is a screenshot of my general tactical set up.
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