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  1. Any update on if this bug as it has not been tagged on its progress
  2. Any update on this bug as it hasnt got a tag
  3. Any update on if this is a bug or intentional or if you need more info
  4. As title I won the league and the celebrations did not show. I then re-tested it on a previous save and they then showed. But have not shown on the save that I have uploaded - not even in the next game along Must be a tempermental bug. I have uploaded a saved game after the event called No Celebrations.fm to the cloud
  5. Season 20-21 Three Month Review August - September - October - November Review Results Pre-Season Fixtures A good strong pre-season resulted in wins across the board except to Sporting who we we lost to 2-1. Sporting are in the Premier League and considering there position this defeat was to be expected. I was pleased though how the team battled to the end in this game and did not roll-over, especially considering we went 1-0 down to an own goal by Maringa, we equalised in the second half, but just could not hang on. The team started to get us
  6. Playing Style Core Style For my main tactical style and club DNA I would like my team to play Pass and Move Football, combining short plays with positive / attacking football. The team should focus more on keeping possession and should create space by drawing players out of position. This will be in a Controlled Possession Positive style of football. To implement this style my Defenders and Midfielders should have relatively good Acceleration and Pace which in comparison to the rest of the league are just below average ratings for the whol
  7. Playing Style Formation From looking at the squad the best set up for the team would be a 4231wide formation which would suit the players, while allowing the squads key players to start. The only key players Vintino's attributes are not as good as Claro's or Kady's so he will have to be rotated and come on as substitute, while Kady and Claro get the nod ahead of him. If though Vintino performs when he comes on, he can push for a start. The positive style of play would be my Primary Trained Tactic Primary Tactic I have also set up two other tactics one
  8. In previous FM's on the graph below you would see the Highest Average Rating and the lowest average ratiing numbers for the league so you can easily compare. Has this been removed from this version or is it a bug? If it has been removed it spoils part of the game imo as you used to be able to colour your attributes to see them relative in relation to the league, poor, average, good and excellent which helped when purchasing and comparing players and future signings
  9. The Job I applied for jobs everywhere and anywhere to get myself into management. After much deliberation I decided to manage the following team after been successful in interview. The club will present a challenge that I will relish in. After spending its early history in the lower leagues it has just reached the 2nd tier in Portuguese football for the first time a couple of seasons ago. First it will be my aim to establish the club in this league and then aim higher. I am a highly ambitious manager and if I am successful with my aims at the club, this w
  10. The Manager I'm Wazza and have just retired from playing football and have decided to go into management with no coaching badges and with the only experience of Sunday League Football Set Up I have decided that I will manage anywhere in the world that will have me on a Journeyman save with the aim of reaching the top leagues in football as quick as I can. As I have a Sunday League Reputation and no coaching badges I will have to start right at the bottom of the football pyramid and work my way up. Ideally I would like to be managing a top club in 6-7 seasons, which
  11. A further example says in the report that 5 of the 15 assists in the last 13 matches have come from left side of pitch and 6 of 15 assists have come from crosses. But the graphic only mentions 2 assists from crosses and 3 in total with none of them coming from left hand side of the pitch. Can this be looked into and rectified - I have uploaded Opposition Report Bug.fm to the SI cloud so you can investigate
  12. Just wondered if you had seen the above bug and if it was logged as there are no messages back to say it is under review or if you need more information etc...
  13. The main scout analyst reports give differing details to the main reports when you click further into them eg. The main report is saying that 7 goals have been scored, however when you click into it only 2 goals are scored. Also the main report states that the most assists in green have come from the left wing but looking deeper into the reports they come from the centre and deep. Can these please be rectified so they correlate.
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