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  1. Afternoon all, I have found out early March will be when the update will happen. I am looking for ideas of who to manage? I'm feeling maybe Sunderland or Inter Milan. I usually like to manage English teams but I also like the Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1.
  2. Good Afternoon fellow avid players, Has anyone seen when the 2019 winter update will take place and even if it has? I have been at work recently a lot and I haven't had chance to check. As soon as its updated I'm going to start a new career mode on the table tablet I got for Christmas so I'm excited for it!
  3. As a quite avid player of football mobile manager now I have consistently loved each game but I think the biggest thing to improve next year would to be add a 5th league in the start option, With there being the 'Top 5 leagues' it is always quite a tough decision deciding which league to leave out,
  4. Hi Alari, Thank you for the reply, In terms of the reserves I was again referencing the IGE. Basically if a regen or a player with no previous club comes through without a team I do a bit of research and find a real life player to match, edit all the details onto him and then give him a contract at whichever club he is at. The only issue I would have is for instance is adding such players as Ethan Ampadu to Chelsea. If Chelsea have a 40 player first team squad I am not able to add the Free Agent edited player of Ethan Ampadu to Chelsea but yet there is plenty of space in Chelsea's reserves! And if he was a potential first team player I couldn't just move a current first team Chelsea player who wasn't as good as Ethan to the reserves to take his place. I hope this makes sense, and honestly it's not a big issue at all! Just helping improve the game in every tiny detailed way possible! Still love the game, Thank you!
  5. Hello, Totally love the additions to the new FMM. Tactics are more in-depth and the addition of teams reserves are brilliant also. Possible Improvements: 1. In terms of the in game editor I am a high user of this as I like to edit free agents to clubs. With the expansion of lower league players there are often players aged 17 who would be lucky to make it past the conference. So when I edit them to clubs I give contracts and wages. My issue is that the minimum wage a player can now get on editor is £1000. Now for a club like FC United or Harrogate Town who are signing League One rejected youngers for instance they wouldn't give them an initial contact of £1000 to even their best players so a random youngster wouldn't come close to a £1000 a week contact. So I'm hoping in the next update you can revert to the previous editions options of dropping to £70 a week if needs be. (Also this is relevant to regens who come through who have no contract, at 16 I only ever give them an initial £70 a week contract with whichever club this may be) 2. The Reserves option is a brilliant new option which i am thoroughly enjoying the addition and depth of. But one issue I am having is that I cannot move players to the teams reserves. So with players who are young and come through as regens I often move them straight into the teams B side or reserves via the editor and let them develop there, But there isn't an option to move any players to English reserve teams. With this I would be able to edit a regen into a real life youngster and move him to the reserves to develop a few years instead. Thank you!
  6. Hi guys, I currently play alot of football manager on my tablet and I am in the 11th season I believe and everytime I try to load up my save it often crashes. If it does load I can play one game and then it crashes. I have two manual saves to cover. But on my other career I am a season in and I never have the same sort of issues. Any help would be grateful, thanks!
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