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  1. Like I said in another post, the database isn't going to be any better with two full leagues added, really should have worked on improving the current database as mentioned above :/ The new leagues ARE exciting and it's great that FMM is getting some publicity this year unlike previous years but there really has to be improvements to existing areas of the game such as the database and the in game editor which hasn't had an update ever since it was first released.
  2. How can you even think about adding TWO new leagues when the database with the current number of leagues is so poor.... I.e when England Solo loaded only 5 or 6 players in teams in other country's, I would much rather see the database greatly increased in size over two entire new leagues, if anything this will make the database worse!
  3. Is anyone else having any trouble with iCloud saves on IOS 10. My saves won't show on my iPhone 6S - there are saves in my iCloud as they load on my iPad Pro - used to work fine before IOS 10
  4. "In the long run" = the database will be just as bad in the next game.... FM Touch has shown what devices can cope with, it seems very little effort is put into mobile, very little changes each year, no build up or previews etc We even got the exact same editor two years in a row despite the fact it costs the same as the actual game, very lazy.
  5. So the way the database works if you load a Solo League it should load all the players from each team? But if you add other leagues it will only load the "top players"....... So loading up England Only I see the newly called up Oliver Burke in the Nottingham Forrest squad valued at 1.7m loading up England with Scotland as a second league........... No Oliver Burke but 10 other players in the Nottingham Forrest squad valued UNDER 1.7m therefore 10 worst rated players than him..... Why would that be? I thought the game loaded the "top" players from each team...... Obviously not.....
  6. How many extra players are added to a game when selecting the "Large Database" option.....?
  7. Wow. Stopping updating / fixing a game half way through it's release cycle - That is surprising given the amount of bugs reported on the forums. Really hope they are all fixed for FMM17, especially since it's 6 months away....
  8. In one friendly I did get to use six but not every time... Very weird Changes...... Will these be released any time soon or are they for the next version?
  9. I won the Europa League with Rangers and expected to qualify automatically for the next seasons Champions League however I have been placed in the Play Off round, rather than the group stage. Is this correct?
  10. Playing an international friendly and was only allowed to make 5 subs, I thought the maximum was 6 substitutions?
  11. Yes it's always shows scores from the league below, you need to go search for the results from your own division, very annoying.
  12. The transfer and loan bugs are the most frustrating. Bid coming in you can't see or accept and transfers showing as pending when you cancel the transfer. Loans, every single player you make a loan bid for ends up at a much lower rep club, your bid is rejected outright even when players are loan listed but always go out on loan to another club. no loan bids are made for these players until after you make your bid. It's majorly bugged and ends up with unrealistic loan deals.
  13. So all the other bugs remain several months after release. Very disappointing:(
  14. It would say if it fixed any of the major bugs... don't get your hopes up