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  1. Will Apples new file system allow us to add logos to Touch on the iPad.... 🤔
  2. In two separate saves I have played since the update, not a single Chinese club has signed a player? Is this the case for other people?
  3. Transfer system

    I suppose the issue is the number of loan deals in real life has gone through the roof over the past few transfer windows, seems to be more loan deals than permanent deals.
  4. Transfer system

    These bugs make me worry that we will never be able to do loan transfers using the in game editor....
  5. Transfer system

    Can't send saves but just had a look and a whole load of loans at other clubs have ended what looks like at the transfer window as the players - Jordan Rhodes, Negredo etc. had played 4 or 5 times for the loan club and are now back at their parent clubs. This obviously didn't happen before the update and seems like there is a massive bug with loans considering we cannot accept new loan offers. I'm going to move back to the old starting database (Pre Update) and hope the same bug doesn't happen as I guess it will take time for a fix.
  6. Transfer system

    Apologies I've edited my post, I mis-read your post.
  7. Transfer system

    I agree with others posters that the transfer side of things is well overdue for an upgrade, still seeing every player I make a loan bid for end up at a smaller club or players ending up at clubs for a much smaller fee that I offered and had rejected.
  8. Transfer system

    In addition to the above I had players out on loan, Mark Wilson and Lewis Grabbon as well as others. I demoted all of the to my reserve team as I didn't have the option to recall them, the first transfer window has just closed and they are all back in my reserve team no longer out on loan. I did transfer list them all so not sure if that's the cause but another bug :/
  9. Transfer system

    Will it be fixed with a Hotfix 🤔
  10. Transfer system

    Following yesterdays update I have several players who I have had no news / information about transfer bids but on the players contract pages there are several offers both transfer and loan offers showing that I can do nothing about, very frustrating
  11. Two iPads

    Thanks Lucas, will try again....
  12. Two iPads

    Is it possible to play the same save on Two different iPads - can be done on FMM but can't see a way to do it onTouch?
  13. FMM17 - Hotfix plans

    The two players mentioned retired straight away like before however appointed John Terry and he's still a player so may have just been unlucky....
  14. FMM17 - Hotfix plans

    "Ensured that players promoted to coaching roles retain their playing roles at their club" im afraid this has not been fixed as claimed, I had both Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard playing at Bournemouth and both disappeared when Appointed as coaches despite saying they would remain on playing staff.....
  15. Can't complete transfer

    Sorry only have an iPad so can't send the save, could be recreated by starting as Bournemouth on 8.1 and offering lots of players to other clubs! Yeah the cold thing was after 8.1, just strange as didn't see it before with so many players, only lasted a few days tho