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  1. The two players mentioned retired straight away like before however appointed John Terry and he's still a player so may have just been unlucky....
  2. "Ensured that players promoted to coaching roles retain their playing roles at their club" im afraid this has not been fixed as claimed, I had both Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard playing at Bournemouth and both disappeared when Appointed as coaches despite saying they would remain on playing staff.....
  3. Sorry only have an iPad so can't send the save, could be recreated by starting as Bournemouth on 8.1 and offering lots of players to other clubs! Yeah the cold thing was after 8.1, just strange as didn't see it before with so many players, only lasted a few days tho
  4. I'm Bournemouth as well, when you started did you get 6 or 7 players struck down with a cold.... 🤔
  5. You seem to at least have been able to accept the offer.... I had three bids come and can't do anything with two of them, gutted about the 10m one 😒
  6. Seems like such a small thing but so pleased we can see all the scores now, feels like it's an in dept game again. Thank You SI
  7. Yeah the silence makes me think they are still too busy working on the update... so probably not even submitted to Apple yet so unlikely before the end of the month. He did say hopefully tho so not fully unexpected :/
  8. Is the update still on track to hit before the end of the month...... 🤔
  9. No unfortunately you can't accept / reject individual bids.... not sure why....!
  10. Playing in Scotland with Rangers, Clubs from abroad (England) will only ever offer 3 month loan deals while domestic clubs will offer full season loans. To test this start a save as Rangers and loan lost everyone....
  11. How with all the improvements to the game has this not improved over the years?
  12. The most frustrating part is they always go to a smaller club in the same league who aren't even covering wages, it wouldn't be an issue if they went to smaller clubs in the Premier League. Several times playing as Leeds, players went to Rotherham, Bristol City, Barnsley etc instead with those clubs not paying anything towards wages on some occasions. Makes no sense :/
  13. No it's better to know it's not going to be anytime soon, that's better than checking the App Store and forums everyday hoping for news. If it's only just going into your in house QA and then Apple QA then release its safe to say we won't be seeing it this month anyway!
  14. In the in game editor would it be possible to heal or boost the morale of the whole team instead of having to go through all the players individually?
  15. PS - will this be ready for the January update or will we need to wait longer?