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  1. Now that IOS 13 is officially released I assume you guys have a fix for this?
  2. I had a couple of in app purchases, no sackings, all players interested and a £50,000,000 bank balance boost that I had been using over various saves. I had to re-download the game and when I restore the purchases the first tow unlockables show ok but there is no sign of the remaining bank balance boost money, which was around £41,000,000.
  3. Unfortunately this problem is back again on the latest beta version
  4. Hey, I just came on to let you guys know this was now working again didn’t realise how often I switched between iPhone and iPads!
  5. Good to know. Will this be fixed for the beta version if will it be for the full release?
  6. Obviously I realise that beta versions are installed with the knowledge that some apps might not work properly but I just wanted to make sure that the FMM / iCloud 13 Cloud Save issue (you can’t save games to iCloud but you can download them) will be fixed the the time the full versions of iOS 13 is released in September? I remember something like this happened a number of years ago and that issue was not fixed :/
  7. Just disappointing, it was released at the same time as the game and still not supported over 6 months later 🙄
  8. Pretty poor show not supporting the latest iPad six months after it was released......
  9. Yeah happens all the time, especially with players with a loan to buy option, they never accept any offer even if it’s more than double what they are asking for
  10. I wonder if Birmingham City’s points deduction will make it into this years game...... 🤔
  11. Are there any plans to release a skin for the new iPad Pro? Game doesn’t look great squished in
  12. At the very least he could be in the game unemployed so we could use the editor, it’s ridiculous he was in the game before and not now.
  13. He has a permanent job at Molde so should at least be in the database as he was previously....
  14. Was in the game before today’s up date while managing a small Norwegian team, now albeit temporarily managing one of the biggest teams in the world is no longer in the game, not at Man U or Molde?! Loading the exact same leagues as before the update when he was in the game.....
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