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  1. Yeah happens all the time, especially with players with a loan to buy option, they never accept any offer even if it’s more than double what they are asking for
  2. I wonder if Birmingham City’s points deduction will make it into this years game...... 🤔
  3. Are there any plans to release a skin for the new iPad Pro? Game doesn’t look great squished in
  4. At the very least he could be in the game unemployed so we could use the editor, it’s ridiculous he was in the game before and not now.
  5. He has a permanent job at Molde so should at least be in the database as he was previously....
  6. Was in the game before today’s up date while managing a small Norwegian team, now albeit temporarily managing one of the biggest teams in the world is no longer in the game, not at Man U or Molde?! Loading the exact same leagues as before the update when he was in the game.....
  7. “Alvaro Morata joins Atletico Madrid on an 18-month loan” Yet another example of why we we need to be able to edit loan deals using the editor....
  8. I love the editor and particularly use it at this time of year during transfer windows to update any new saves rather than waiting till March for the update.... loans deals have became such a huge part of the transfer window recently with even major premier league clubs using loan deals more and more. Will it ever be possible to add loan transfers using the editor? We have had one or two minor updates to the editor over the years but given that it costs the same as the game itself it really should have had more attention and more features added over the years....
  9. Playing on IOS I’ve noticed that whenever you edit a team which has only two kits, a 3rd kit appears for the team you have edited. Not a big deal. Also as in previous years, whenever you increase another teams wage budget the change does not save. Fortunately it does work when changing transfer budgets tho.
  10. Have global news filter.... its the inconsistency that doesn’t make sense, even in my own decision it’s different for each club each time....
  11. Managing in the Scottish Premeir League and have noticed the news items regarding manager sackings / hiring are really inconsistent. Sometimes you get a news item a manger has been sacked but the majority of the time you only get a news item with the news regarding a club appointing a new manager and sometimes you hear nothing and only know a job is available by looking in the job centre.....
  12. A heads up, this is fixed in an update that was released tonight on IOS anyway, not sure about Android update but if it’s not out now it will be close, other fixes too....
  13. I see that at the start of game, wages are now paid in full by the loan clubs.... this is great when managing at the parent club but will cause problems for smaller clubs with loan players.... Hearts in the game for example are paying Steven Naismiths entire £30,000 a week wages, and a couple of big wage players on loan at Hibs to making both clubs wage bills through the roof! I can’t see in real life Hearts paying anymore than £5,000 a week towards Naismith. its definitely better way tho!
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