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  1. As in previous versions after every international tournament almost every single team sacks their manager as soon as they are eliminated from the tournament.... very unrealistic 😞
  2. Yeah they used to make it that Rangers & Celtic didn’t play at home at the same time in previous version of the game but not this versions unfortunately :/
  3. Going into my second season and the transfer window still closed before the season started, Will this change in the future or will the real life change not take effect in this version of the game?
  4. Missing for me too even with Scotland loaded 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. One again another transfer window dominated by LOAN Deals. Please add the ability to perform loan moves / deals using the in game editor.
  6. Still not working with recent IOS Update.....
  7. Sorry can’t upload saves but can confirm it was every single week of the season, two evening Saturday games.
  8. This isn’t specific to the MLS.... this Bug has been around for a number of years and been reported several times, unfortunately despite the cost being the same as the game itself it’s just an identical editor that has been released the last few years with no new features, improvements or bug fixes.
  9. I’ve noticed that every Saturday there are two evening fixtures scheduled in the evening at the same time and both are on TV. Is this supposed to be case?
  10. In previous versions this has always mirrored real life with the post spilt Rangers v Celtic game being set so that both teams have two home and two away fixtures, however this year the rule hasn’t been set so one of them can end up with three homes games giving a massive advantage in a tight title race.....
  11. Last year we could buy a bank balance boost and drip feed it into different saves, just purchased it for the first time this year and the whole amount went into my save automatically - Why the change this year?
  12. Can anyone at SI confirm if it’s coming back?!
  13. Yeah like last year I have never had a single goal given in any game for either side.
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