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  1. Don’t know how you managed it! I have been trying to get a changes.txt file to work for months with no luck! This was perfectly on iOS! Thank you
  2. Was there a reason the ability do do this disabled? 🧐
  3. Is this “prediction / estimated” speed bigger?! On my three year old iPad Pro 11” I have always had 2 stars with two leagues loaded (England & Scotland) and so I was surprised when loading the game up on my new iPad Pro 12.9” with the new M1 chip to still have only 2 stars with the same two leagues loaded…. ?! There is a massive difference between the 12x and M1 chips so between that and the extra Ram I wouldn’t expect the same game performance? Is there a device that does run the game with 5 start performance?!
  4. Was there a reason the ability do do this disabled? 🧐
  5. This happens on iOS as well you can’t do anything with the club with the editor or have any engagement with the affiliated club or it terminates it.
  6. I keep receiving lots of messages telling me unhappy players have been “shortlisted” but when I click on these players they are neither transfer listed or loan listed? So what does this message actually mean? Also, not a big deal but following the recent addition of the ability to cancel affiliations with clubs I have noticed you are no longer able to edit any affiliation clubs as pressing the action button terminates the link.....
  7. After the newest database update Ian Evatt is now the manager of both Barrow & Bolton...... 🤷‍♂️
  8. Some of the PA updates don’t make a lot of sense either, for example Nathan Patterson of Rangers previously valued at £4.7m having never played a first team game, now following the update is valued at £150k - that’s some drop especially after making the breakthrough into the first team..... is this a database update or more bugs in this terrible update 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. I can confirm that Robert Sanchez has in fact disappeared from the game, I had a pre update save and he is present in the Brighton squad but starting a new game post update he has gone this latest update seems to have caused more issues than it improved, shame we can’t roll back
  10. So that no one else wastes their time, I have tried a full delete and reinstall to see if that’s what was needed for this “fix” to work but unfortunately that was a waste of a few hours. Whatever they have tried to do has completely broken it 😞
  11. “Fixed incorrect manager/staff images” It does not. Before all manager images displayed correctly and the staff images only displayed on the relationships page. Following this “Fix” NO manager or staff pictures show anywhere in the game! Are updates not tested before they are released and if so how can a claimed fix make an issue worse?! :/
  12. Hi @Alari Naylor for info this is now even worse following the recent update. I play daily on my iPhone saving several times but the cloud save on both my iPad mini and iPad Pro are showing a save from 4 or 5 days ago.....
  13. Absolutely no improvement. My iPad Pro still loads up saves from 2-3 months prior to my latest save point. Really disappointing and this was and has been a great feature in previous years. A step backwards.
  14. You should be able to save a game on your iPhone and as you’d at pick up your iPad and continue, unfortunately the cloud save option isn’t great, it works very little of the time, it usually loads up older save points for me rather than the latest save game. This was the same on last years version, it doesn’t make it frustrating to play between devices!
  15. It was more for info..... interestingly the staff pictures DO show on the player relationships page.... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. Obviously number one choice would be to be able to pick our own, I haven’t once been offered a Scottish one yet 🙄 but could it be that at least we were only offered choices from loaded leagues? Seems pointless sending players to clubs who don’t play any fixtures....
  17. Notice Loan players still can’t be demoted to reserve sides, is there a reason for this?
  18. Is it possible to cancel an affiliation with a club and are there any plans to allow us to choose our own affiliate clubs in the future?
  19. Thanks so much Marc, tested changes.txt and still not working this year either :/
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