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  1. Hi, could you send a save with the settings you have that are causing these issues? Thanks!
  2. Hi, at the moment you can not do, but may be something I could put in as a feature request
  3. Hi, do you have stretch display on in your user interface settings?
  4. If you send us your save file we can take a look at the issue
  5. No worries, this is something we have logged in our system and are investigating, thanks!
  6. Hi, do you have a save from just before this happening by any chance?
  7. Hi, that is odd! Thanks for making us aware, I'll have a look at this to see if I can reproduce it.
  8. Hi, this is something that is already with our team but thanks for raising it!
  9. Hi, I have received your save - will raise with our team and it will be looked into. Can you remember exactly the steps you followed where this issue would appear?
  10. This bug is also being investigated, just to make you aware!
  11. Hi, do you have a save you could send us? More information here on how to send it:
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