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  1. Hi, sorry for late response. Is the save showing yet for you on your iPad? Sometime it takes a little bit to show.
  2. Hi, do you have a save from before you bought these players with the 'end of season' agreement?
  3. Hi, you can't directly add players to the U21 squad for national teams.
  4. If you can send a screenshot to help us understand the problem better that would be great!
  5. Hi, thank you for your feedback. The issue with Germany is for licensing reasons unfortunately. In response to point 7, this is an issue we have logged in our system.
  6. Thank you, this has been logged and is being investigated by our team
  7. Hi, could you try updating your iOS to 14.6 and seeing if this helps?
  8. Hi, when you sent the save through owncloud did it give you a UDID number? I haven't been able to find the save so far
  9. Not being a pain at all! Here is how you can send the save:
  10. If you have a save where it can be reproduced, or the matchfile, that would certainly be of use to us. thanks!
  11. Have got your saves and these issues have now been raised with our team!
  12. Thanks for the further info, certainly still seems strange that player has 'strained relationship' and others feel 'have lost dressing room'
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