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  1. Hi @passenger58 this is something that has been logged as feature request - thanks!
  2. Hi @agelly03 - what nations do you have selected? As this can affect which players are present in squads in other countries.
  3. Hi, what device are you on? It may be worth doing a clean reinstall of the game!
  4. Hi, it appears to be because your players form has dropped - and thus the star rating has dropped. It tends to fluctuate at that way to represent the current perception of the player. There is a little more detail in the conversation on this thread about it on Page 3.
  5. Hi Dan, if you have a save where you are receiving an offer like this, please do feel free to send it to us! Attached is a link on how to send us saves
  6. Thanks for sending that - this issue has been logged and is under review with our team.
  7. Could you take a screenshot to show us as an example? We previously had an issue where the ball was too small for users to see.
  8. Hi @Lillywhite Dean Do you have a save with this example? If you have one just before the news item comes up, great. If not, a save with the news item on that day would be OK too.
  9. Yes you will be able to purchase the Editor on FM Mobile 20.
  10. Hi @NobbyBobby - the in-game store has an Editor (this allows you to edit the active game world database while playing) which can be purchased on all devices.
  11. Hi Guimor, thanks for your input. Regarding VAR, we have some bugs logged around these issues that are currently being looked at. Corners I would suggest can often follow each other, maybe not as often as in the game currently perhaps. Do you have an example of a scouting players rating that you found to be wrong?
  12. Thanks for sending those to us. We are looking at it now and trying to reproduce. If you have it happen again and have a save from before the transfer is accepted please let us know!
  13. I see! if you could save the current save that will be great!
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