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  1. Hi @dompeppe thanks for raising this with us. It is an issue we are aware of and is being investigated by our dev team. Another user raised this and later told us it had seemed to correct itself after playing a bit further
  2. Hi We rarely release any further updates at this time of year unless a critical issue arises - continued gameplay fixes at this point may well be incompatible with work already done on future games. Appreciate your patience regarding this issue, sorry for the delay in responding to you!
  3. Thanks, I have raised the issue with our team regarding the African Cup of Nations not showing but please do let me know if the same happens with the world cup.
  4. Hi Niko, which tournaments did you have this issue in FMM20 with?
  5. Thanks for sending the file - I will take a look. By corrected itself - do you mean the training progress messages resumed to normal? At what point did that occur?
  6. Hi @BadOsiris do you have a save you could send us with this issue? Have attached below how you can do that (renaming the save also helps):
  7. Hi, I couldn't find the file, could you try again?
  8. So for example, your striker could be showing in the left back position? Is that the type of thing that is showing after a game?
  9. Thanks @Hector TI've got the save and it has been sent to Marc who will take a look at it for you.
  10. I have reproduced it myself so if not don't worry I will raise with our team, thanks for making us aware of this
  11. Hi Zoot, do you have a save with this issue? Ideally, if you have a save before they appear there it would be great but if not just the save at the time will still be of use. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your reply - would you be able to send us a save with this issue in it? Below is how you can do so (it helps to rename your save):
  13. Thanks for your reply. Could you send us the save so I could look at the issue regarding the amount of loan players in the opposition squad? Below is how you can do that (renaming the file is often very useful for us!) If you have a save just before the latest issue you discussed (no respond button) please do send that too.
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