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  1. I don't want to get on people's case but I really think issues like the bulging net really devalues statements like this. If given a choice between the long standing bulging net issue being fixed and seeing a different warm up cut scene for a friendly I think I know what most people would chose.
  2. I'm paraphrasing but I recall Miles being very dismissive of someone's suggestion of an improvement to the game on Twitter with the retort that "we are creating a football simulation and that is unrealistic". I didn't agree with the tone of his response but I do recall thinking if that stance is at the core of the developers mission then we have a lot of work to do if we're going to get anywhere near simulating "real" football. That being said, I need that to be the objective because if it isn't then I'm probably not interested in playing going forward. I can see a direct correlation between SI's attempts to replicate "real football" and the trajectory of my personal dissatisfaction with elements of the game. It probably started with the introduction of the 3D. Likewise, as football has become more data driven, statistics more accessible, tactical innovations more refined and the average football fans understanding of tactics in general has increased, the holes in the ME and other elements of the game have become more gaping. I see more realistic movement and behaviors in other football simulations and whenever you have that situation it makes the reality of our situation harder to accept IMO. The bottom line for me is I'd like to see all current resources (and some new ones) focused on improving a few core elements of the game in the short term but I won't hold my breath. Whist improving game sales are great news for the future of the game they aren't necessarily great news for long time players with a genuine interest in accuracy and immersion. Every time there's a legitimate concern raised on here the go to response is that we are a vocal minority and most players don't have the same concerns we do. I'd liken the situation to a Premier League football club in pursuit of attracting overseas fans and raising its social media profile whilst forgetting the importance of its local supporters to its underlying identity....
  3. If the stats don't mirror those of real life it totally undermines and completely negates the importance of the Data Hub as a feature. I want to see possession stats and pass accuracy reflect those of the relevant leagues and the quality of player. The number of corners per game and goals scored from corners, exactly the same. I pointed out earlier in the thread that the scatter graph seemed to show one player averaging 22 crosses per 90.......when I believe the average is probably more like 18 total per game. Its a legitimate concern at this point.
  4. So it seems. It really did sound like it had been eliminated in the Nic Madden interview. There were similar slightly misleading (or just not clear enough) comments about pressing triggers. I was hyped thinking we'd have some options to control/fine tune these but its not the case. Probably just needs more caution/clarity around statements like these.
  5. They are massively improved, first touch has made a huge difference and it does sound like they can really take these to the next level in future releases. That said, I was hoping foot sliding was a thing of the past but it was very evident still.
  6. I've watched for the fourth time this morning and animations aside the ME looks a worry on several fronts. Chris Basham was ripping it up down the flank...... Pet hate of mine that I didn't mention yesterday. Transfer activity......seriously, in what universe do Anderlect, CSKA Moscow and AZ make a transfer bid for Basham. This kind of random out of context activity is the ultimate immersion killer.
  7. Amen to that. I actually find the base skin quite jarring and year on year its a missed opportunity to improve the game in a relatively simple way. In all honesty. I probably would not play the game without the Flut Skin and other community mods.
  8. If we can't keep scout reports on specific shortlist up to date without doing every single player on every shortlist I'll cry for a week.....seems so obvious and basic. I don't want much.
  9. I just watched again, at 10:05 when Miles talks about the beta version watermark, he says what I've said above. Was it later in the clip? Maybe slip of the tongue as you say. I'm not sure I have the strength to watch it again.... he's so abrasive....😂
  10. This^ Although they did say they were playing on the Alpha, Miles basically said don't ask its ready when its ready. Next week would would be more than a fortnight before release and it sounded like there was a couple of things he still wants to adjust.
  11. Pro's. Animations look much improved, especially first touch. Agent chat, I like it. Would prefer to see it replicated on a mobile phone in some instances? Crowd colours looked better. Data Hub, still excited about this, not just for this release but to see it hopefully evolve and improve year on year. Needs Work. Corners.....corners.....corners......lots and goals as well. Needs looking at. On the Crossing-Defenders data scatter graph the amount of crosses per 90 looks very high to me, can one individual really be averaging 22 crosses per 90 when I believe the average is probably around 18 total per game. Opposition defenders, on the goal where the keeper was unsighted......what were they doing!!! Defending in general, worrisome. Still seeing foot sliding, was hoping it was history. Pitch texture and lighting still look massively artificial. FM2013 blows it away for realism, which is a scandal really. Give us way more variance on the rooms scenes, then include other variations like colour scheme, backdrops. I just know I'll be managing Harrogate Town and be sat in some state of the art media room..... EDIT: I just re-watched and maybe there is more variance in the visualisations...... Naively, I was hoping the pressing triggers would be controllable. alas not. Did anyone get a glimpse of a "dolls head" newgen during the clip? If so, any improvement? EDIT: I just re-watched. The agents look a little more detailed hair wise although they still glow like they are plastic under a table lamp.
  12. I feel like the biggest obstacle to improved AI transfers is that it may prevent a whole bunch of people being more successful than they currently are. Personally, I want the game as hard as possible, but I feel those of us who think that way would be in a firm minority. Lots are just happy to not think too deeply about things and are equally happy winning the Champions League with Rotherham Utd after 4 seasons in charge.....If think about how easy it is the achieve some form of success in the game vs reality, its ridiculously out alignment. AI managers need to be much smarter, tactically and in their recruitment and squad management, but I doubt we'll ever see it.
  13. This^^^ All day long. If I'm playing I really do stop myself looking around the leagues too much because you inevitably spot an abundance of AI related "couldn't happen in a million years" scenarios.
  14. Year on year this point becomes more and more valid. I appreciate there are mitigating factors this year and last but it does seem we've been channeled into a situation where less is delivered annually and our love for the game forces us to just forgive it......it's like being in an abusive relationship with a computer game......
  15. Totally. You know there's an issue when you need to stop yourself signing some players because it feels too easy to attain them while the AI snoozes.....
  16. In some ways it would be better if Bruce was still in the game for those wanting to relieve him of his duties. 😂
  17. I love the game, it's always been there as a distraction for me at any time I've wanted something to fill a void or just deflect when daily life is a little mundane. I also know there are plenty out there for whom its been a crutch in very dark times. That underpins my emotional attachment to the game and it's creators. I have total respect for them and on that basis any criticism I set out would always be constructive and well intentioned. In all honesty I don't think SI should ever be promoting UI improvements unless they contain fundamental changes to a specific module. Staff meetings look like a regurgitation and centralisation of existing staff interactions. Whilst it makes sense from a UI perspective it appears to be nothing new and almost certainly contains nothing "fundamentally" new. We have a right to expect these improvements as a matter of course, as with the ME and AI improvements. They simply aren't "features" IMO. We have to give more life and dynamism to the game, especially the staff within it if we really want to make those interactions more immersive and true to life. You could literally play the game without employing some key roles because they give you nothing. DOF's (and other titled roles) are massively important in clubs, they are meaningless in FM. Set Pieces and the marginal gains they can create, vital in todays game but look like they've gone under the radar in FM22, for the umpteenth time. I really do think it would help for us to know when some features are being worked on, say FM23, expect the DOF role to be totally overhauled and enhance, FM24 will see a new Set Piece Module and Set Piece Coach introduced. And if we don't want to be specific which I'd accept, at least acknowledge them as WIP.
  18. No doubt be a few thinking Newcastle will now be an attractive option. It'll be disappointing if they aren't fully up top date in game before release.
  19. I don't expect "new" features anymore and so long as the game is being refined I don't mind that much. DOF role as a playable option isn't something I'd ever expect to see. As a staff member he's essentially useless IMO as it currently stands. An empty shell of a role, offering players up that don't even match the clubs philosophy, that I can't even meet with him to discuss my exacting requirements is scandalous and a massive oversight.
  20. Chris Wilder - "Trust is such a big thing in football, you have to have faith in your staff." Miles - "All the one on one interviews are done by me"
  21. Having been quite excited after episode 1 these have left me a little flat if I'm honest. To me it was absolutely essential that in introducing these staff meetings there was more to them than the current options. (I accept we may not have seen everything) Also, if this release has missed the opportunity to make the DOF actually act in a sensible and more realistic way I'll be very disappointed. And, if the recruitment meeting is essentially the same as it currently is, that'll be bordering on negligent....I hope to be wrong.
  22. Interested to see the next video regarding the staff interactions and recruitment its an area of the game that feels way too robotic and totally disjointed in all honesty. Do we know when its being released?
  23. Include Stadium editor.......step back while the community does the rest. Seems like such an easy win. Set Piece creator would definitely constitute a headline feature, lots of talk about it amongst the youtubers, it looked nailed on but you'd think they'd have mentioned it by now if it was a thing......
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