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  1. Hello from Portugal my fellow FManagers. Early days in this year version of our beloved game but i've come here to aks your help to, as the title says, create, develop and maintain a tactic. My goal here is to create a tactic, not plug&play, but a tactic to become like a foundation/base to work with whatever team I am training, to serve as a base and to be something "universal" and then will be made minor adjustments according to team and players Kinda like the presets that are in the game. The formation that i want to use is the good old 433DM/4123/4141DM. I intend to dominate the game, but I don't want to have possession of the ball just for having it. I want possession but a "positive" possession. And if we lose the ball i want that my team gain it back quickly. What i looking for each player is: GK - comfortable with the ball CD's - both off them must be comfortable with the ball RB/LB - One more "attacking" that the other. Both must help the attack but one of them must be able to cover the space that one of the AM gonna leave empty. DM - The team's main shield, but also the team's first playmaker. CM's - One must be the heart of the team. Helps the defense and the attack. The other must be more more attacking, the "needle" player of the team. AMR/AML - Both false wingers but one of them must act like an "second striker" ST - Primary goalscorer, but helps the build up play. Oi's? Do you advise to use?
  2. The last news about him is that he is on is way to Sporting Clube de Portugal in January
  3. Hello everybody. As usual... New FM, new thread Have you found a gem of a regen from an obscure country that you have never heard of, got him capped and feel proud? Want to get your regen rated as you feel that he is the best regen ever? Maybe you want some advice on your regen, how to play him, what should you train him on? There is no specific format to follow, just post up a screenshot of your regen! If you need to, also along with your screenshot you could have a bit of background information about him, like where you got him, how much you paid or anything similiar. If you don't know what a newgen is, then here is a short explanation: A randomly generated player that the game throws out to compensate for retirements etc... This is so you don't end up with no players in the game after you have played for a long enough time for all real players to retire from the game. These can normally be identified by the 'Newgen face' which looks like a computer generated face, although these can be turned off, so don't dismiss someone's player due to the lack of face. Please, only post newgens in here. Feel free to tell us about how good they are, how you found them, what you paid, their goalscoring records etc. Also, feel free to comment on other peoples newgens! Although, don't be the dick that goes 'OMG U EDITED HIM', because at the end of the day, it's just a game, people shouldn't post edited players, but if they do it's not a massive deal.
  4. Hi @michaeltmurrayuk. We gonna need you again in FM22:
  5. Great to have you back. The main problem for me, for every tactic that i create is to make my striker the top scorer of my team (or league)
  6. Thank you for all the work, help and inspiration. You should be massively proud for what you have done for us, the FM "family".
  7. Can you DM the skin to me? just for me to try it?
  8. Settings xml. Tactical positions i guess
  9. Here we have to talk in english. I think that, here, exists one topic about that
  10. V2 Available - light skin with some bugs on the text (white text)
  11. Thanks for the input... Two things: - what are your opinion about OI's? - Change the AP to a MEZ?
  12. It's gonna be an updated version of this in the upcoming days. (don't know when yet) Some bugs in the light skin (white text) don't gonna be fixed because i don't know how to do it. Instant result i don't use so that don't gonna be in the skin
  13. Search here: manager upcoming fixture
  14. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/546649-fm21-pequenogenio88-skins/?do=findComment&comment=12914973
  15. Other error.. In the match popup, when a goal is scored the name of the player that made the assist don't shows up
  16. Done.. but instead of buttons/subtlr/normal/button is buttons/text/button
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