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  1. but don't have the numbers in front of it ( in your case 20,12,20,20)
  2. Hi. Sorry for the offtopic but how do you add the number in front of the star rating of training facilities, ...?
  3. Hi everybody. Thanks to @crusadertsar, @Djuicer and @Kharza_FM my interest in this style, in terms of FM, grew a lot. Until FM22 I managed to have relative success with what they were writing and with their ideas. However, now with the positional game that FM24 brought us, I have had difficulties implementing this style as close to reality as possible and with the greatest possible success. So how can you replicate this in order to be successful in FM? After a lot of reading, watching and researching this was my starting point to emulates the images above: Both CD and the DM have "Close Down Less" to create some kind of shield if the team pressing fails. This PI's it to try to create some kind of playmaker without make im the playmaker. The LCM is a hybrid player that i can customise during the game, that's why i like the CM (s) role. My aim is to make it some kind of AP+RPM+"more central Mezzala But i'm having many doubts about TI's and/or PI's. F9, CF(s) or Treq? Two IF? DM(s) or DLP(s)? Time to bring some old topics to the new era of FM.
  4. How do you approach you training in a 2 games week?
  5. Keep it simple is always the best thing to do. Any PI?
  6. After read this i would love to see what you do in FM about tactics
  7. Hi @GIMN been using your match full time review panel. Is there a way of make it higher and wider?
  8. It's just me or this year edition the F9 is useless? Tried almost an carbon copy of the one posted here and the F9 alwayns end with low (very low) ratings
  9. It's no longer possible to add a picture to your manager?
  10. Hi to you all. In my opinion, I think there is a lack of a light skin or a way to have a Dark Mode/Light mode like cell phones have today. Or as most apps have nowadays. FM already has some accessibility options but the light skin would be one of the most important. And even for those who don't have "special needs" and like a skin like this. I've been talking to some people who play FM and it's one of the things they all say is missing. I never understood why they no longer had this option and why as time passes it becomes more difficult for the community to create one.
  11. But i only want to edit player's stats on yhe player profile. It's the same?
  12. Hi. Here can i edir the colours of the text in the yellow box?
  13. if I'm not mistaken, that guy is a bit of injury prone. good player but injury prone
  14. Hi. Sorry for the off-topic but what font is that?
  15. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/510038-fm20skin-show-your-skin-and-inspire/?do=findComment&comment=12513866
  16. So many good topics this year. +1 to follow
  17. Hi TCS. In your MOD one status icon don't have the round icon:
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