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  1. I'm having the most weird bug... I can´t continue the game. Every time the introduction/help/tutorial in the save appears, the game stops to progress. I need to change to the default skin skip the tutorial and then change again to my skin. @keysi or @wkdsoul any ideia?
  2. Now that you mention it, the big problem is really this. As soon as the initial phase of each save ends, it no longer happens.
  3. Leagues from the steam workshop. But it's the same without them
  4. The save name is: Akanni Donyoh this is one with some add-ons
  5. Hello, Since last friday that I have a strange error. The game won't let me "continue". Not when I hit the space key or when I click the continue button. I already deleted the files from the cache and preferences. Whether with my skin or the original game this error persists. Leaving and entering the game again for a few moments does not happen but after a while it happens again. I've tested without add-ons and add-ons (fan made leagues) and the error exists anyway. Can you help?
  6. Sorry for the double post but thanks to a frind of mine managed to solve it: my only problem is this: because the icons are in the secondary colour of the club, if that colour is white the "selection bar" colour will clash with the icons and became like this: Is possible to do something?
  7. I don't have the sidebar menu table.xml and i want to make the sidebar to be colored to the club/nation colour that the player is. How i do it?
  8. Can i use your scoreboard on my skin and make it available for download?
  9. For nothing.. The match titlebar is still WIP... This could be the new one:
  10. One last thing: The competition logos are hard to see (yours have a white background):
  11. One more thing: how i put that yellow zones smaller?
  12. How do i change the colour of the score(black to white)?
  13. And for the scorebar? The thing with the score
  14. My favorite part is this one: And i would like to use it in my skin. Can you tell me want i need to copy from yours?
  15. I just copy the MIBH panel review and renamed MIBH panel... Solved but thanks again @keysi
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