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  1. no mate wont allow me to advance to a match, says player/players ineligible once i come back from to mid season transfer window i'll have a play around... 2 months to go lol
  2. hi, i'm a few seasons in now, got chesterfield from national league to league 1 b2b2b. got a job offer for QPR in championship with a decent squad but low budget. i took the jump, 1st job was to sign decent young lads and add a few good loans in too, smashed that out, buzzing with the 1st transfer window with QPR! then... wake up load my save up and my players under the age of 20 who ive just signed aren't registered!? "players under the age of 20 or younger on 01/01/2023 do not have to be registered" but QPR's under 23 (players 20 and under) and my under18 players can play?
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