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  1. The issue is fixed. I was able to turn on 2 cores and now it's working. Still need to figure out how to turn on all 4 cores to get the best out of the game but atleast now i can play. Thanks for the advice lads!
  2. Yeah i had a little look there and it says i have 1 core and it won't let me turn on the other cores. Do you know a way around this? It only gives me the option to have 1 core which i don't understand.
  3. I uploaded it there but it said it was an annoymous upload. I don't know if that matters or not. If it helps you find it i uploaded it at about 11:25pm. it's called fm.DMP
  4. The issue isn’t resolved I still can’t load a new game. I can only load the arsenal save neil gave me to test if the game works. I still can’t play
  5. Thanks for the advice in private chat. The save file you sent me works perfectly fine. It must be an issue with loading a new game.
  6. when i try to open your download i get this notification. I dont get it, am i meant to move it somewhere or am i just meant to open it?
  7. Tried the update and stops at the same point. *side note* Please don't comment asking the same questions that have been asked because it's been 2 weeks and the more yous comment asking the same things the longer i have to wait. Not saying you did there but just for future reference
  8. I’ve already tried windowed mode last week and it didn’t work. Not home right now so will send another dx diag when I am
  9. No i have never been able to run the game. Another user stated that they were initially able to make a game but when trying to create a new game it failed. Maybe it could have had something to do with an update? I have uninstalled and reinstalled windows and reinstalled steam. The game freezes at the same spot.
  10. just an update. I tried following the steps again and now the game won't start. It's just stuck on the this loading screen.
  11. The longest period of time I have had the issue was Wednesday night when i went to the cinema. I left the laptop on before I left and came back with the issue still there. I would say the longest time stuck is about 2:30 - 3 hours. I just tried the advice you have given me and the issue is still there. I have been speaking to 2 other FM players and they have the same issue. @HayleyCowderyFM @Slim977
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