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  1. For Mansfield Town - David Sharpe is listed as a Director of Football when he's actually the CEO now and Carolyn Radford is the co-chairwomen.
  2. On FM19 at the bottom of responsibilities there was a option to set your HOYD to manage youth intakes, where is this option on FM20? I would assume it's in this section, but nothing looks clear? This is what it looks like, now surely that should say HOYD? I also noticed this in the overview tab "PROVIDES YOUTH DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION" I delegated this to the HOYD and it changed. I'm getting slightly confused, can anyone enlighten me?
  3. Hey everyone, We just uploaded our 10 best academies you should check on FM20, they have high youth importance and most players are always free transfers, something you should add to your yearly notes!
  4. As usual per year. Give me them gems you find!
  5. Hey, Does anyone else have this problem? Example below, this guy I've been trying to loan out since June 1st 2022, offering him out for loan multiple times, yet just can't get any offers for him. He's down as a hot prospect and I've offered to pay wages, i just feel like something's wrong. https://gyazo.com/e7a63960405933da551b1891b31ad440
  6. Hey all, All saves are within the first two seasons. Saves are available in the description the video. Enjoy!
  7. So has anyone figured out since the change how to sign regens from clubs on intake dates? Used to be fun to try and snap out regens on these dates but at the minute it seems pretty pointless because nobody is interested no matter which club you are. Just wondered if anyone has had any experience of successfully signing a regen on the day of the intake.
  8. Hey all, All saves are within the first two seasons. Saves are available in the description the video. Enjoy!
  9. Looking to stream a lower league network game on twitch on https;//www.twitch.tv/fmscout this week, possibility of someone creating a league for this? Ideally to level 6 if possible!
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