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  1. Are you still doing this save?
  2. I downloaded a 4-2-3-1 formation from FMScout I think, I'm rubbish at making my own, but it's been really great to use as everyone pretty much gets on the goal sheet especially the 2 CM, LW, RW and ST. Like you saw Tierny finishing with 28 assist and Kimmich also finished with a lot of assist on 20, so the fullbacks are a major reason for the team scoring as many as they have. Mbappe's contract is crazy with add ons, weirdly enough he hasn't asked me for a new one considering how good he's been. In his first season he's somehow became a club legend and I'm still only sitting in the favourite personnel Mbappe was sitting on 8.00 in all competitions for majority of the season, but towards the twilight of it, the whole team performance dipped and we drew/lost a few games so his rating dropped just below 8, also I played him on RW as IF and had Rashford upfront.
  3. Decided to start a new United save since I stopped playing my last one, in my first season I choked the league title, I was undefeated from August to April even going on a 15 win streak, but Liverpool were on hot on our tail and we ended up losing a 7 point lead and Liverpool won the league title by beating us on the final day of the season, to make it worse I also lost to the scousers in the FA Cup final, but I did manage to beat them in the EFL Cup final. We got to the final of the UCL and managed to beat Barca 1-0 to finally bring back the Champions League to Old Trafford after 11 years. I would say it was a good season, but I was still annoyed how we ended up not winning the league title and FA Cup to win the quadruple, but on we go Now for my second season, I won't bore you with all the transfers, but I'll tell you that Barca bought Pogba from us for £120M, I tried to ask him stay, but he wasn't having it. Then we brought in arguably the best player I've ever seen on FM, Kylian Mbappe for £170M and OMG his he amazing! He scored 51 goals and 18 assist in 54 appearances which is astronomical. So we ended up winning both the Community Shield and the Super Cup before the season started which is great as we had a chance to win 7 trophies this season. In the league we won every single game until December where we drew with Spurs after that we again went on to win every league game, until April were we drew once again with Spurs then ultimately losing to Liverpool (BTW I really hate Liverpool in this save). In the final weeks of the season we nearly bottled the league title again, but luckily we had a game in hand, so we ended up beating Liverpool to the title by 3 points to win it with 102 points. During that run we managed to retain the EFL Cup by beating Liverpool in the Final, we won the FIFA Club World Club, beat Liverpool for the FA Cup (getting revenge from last season and we managed to retain the Champions League for the 2nd year in a row. WE WON THE SEPTUPLE!!! I'll stop typing now and you can just checkout my pics below
  4. Currently doing a Napoli save atm, so far enjoying as I'm 1st in the league table, but I've only been able to play Mertens 4 times as he's had 2 major injuries and I'm currently in December. As soon as he came back he from World Cup he was out for 6 weeks then his first game back against PSG in the UCL he gets injured again for 3-4 months, so I'm probably gonna sell him since he's getting on in age anyway
  5. So I just finished my first season and even though I won the league title on the final day of season winning it on 81 points (4 ahead of City which is great), but I feel we should have won the title by more points We got to the FA Cup final, but was sadly beaten by Arsenal 1-0 due to being a man down. UCL was bad. We finished 2nd in our group to Juventus both had the exact same points and goal difference, but they beat us 2-0 at away and we only beat them 2-1 at home. We ended up getting drawn with Atletico for out R16 game. The 1st leg was positive as we managed to beat them 2-0 at home, but only for that to not matter because we ended up losing the 2nd leg away 3-2 in extra time due to being a man down from early on in the game. Our transfers was good in the summer window we brought in de Ligt (£48.5M, probably overpaid a bit), Tierney (£23M easily out best signing this season) then in January we decided to splash the cash and bring in Spanish wonderkid Soler for an astronomical £62M. We ended up selling Rojo for £15M and Darmain for £10 as I felt they were surplus requirements for the squad. We loaned out Young because no one wanted to buy him and allowed McTominay to go out on loan as I had no use for him. Stupidly I forgot that Herrea's contract ran out at the end of the season and in January PSG offered him a contract to join them at the end of the season, I tried to offer him a contract to stay, but he decided to take PSG offer and join them next summer. Smalling will also be leaving in the summer as Lyon decided to offer him a contract too. This one I didn't really care about since I never played Smalling once during the season Our best players throughout the season was Pogba, Mata, Sanchez who won Player of the Year in the league, Dalot who finished with the highest average rating, Tierney who won Young Player of the year.
  6. I've switched to a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow and made Lukaku a TM (S) and partnered him up with Sanchez as an AF. Sanchez has been banging goals repeatedly for me now
  7. Started a United save, so far enjoying it, but my strikers are so bad... Both Lukaku and Rashford only have 7 goals combined an I'm in late December
  8. I don't think there's a Inter guide, if anyone has started a save with them how is/was it?
  9. I stopped playing after I won the league 1st season with 1 defeat, I was annoyed I sold Hernandez and Brandt to City, but I might pick it back up again.
  10. Just started a save with them yesterday and I'm really enjoying it. I'm currently undefeated 20 games in, at the top of the league also my UCL group. I'm using a 4-2-3-1 with my youngster Kai Havertz playing the SS role, he's been superb scoring a hat trick on his league debut.
  11. Thanks guys, I'm gonna take these on board. So far I've decided to sell Abate as he's getting on with age now and wanted to get him off the wages and I've also sold Adriano as he looks bad and decided to get Sakho from West Ham as he was transfer listed.
  12. I want to start a career mode with AC Milan and wanted to know if anybody had tips?
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