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  1. Does this have any effect on chances created? cause I feel i see more than the data counts for but more key passes that dont lead to chances created
  2. Is it right to use "Move into channels" as a lone striker? or have it at least an option to turn off when being alone upfront? I still don't get exactly what it means but here's my take on this- moving in between the lines finding space between players, so if you're in a strikers position it's more or less saying they're moving inside the lines pealing off either CB's or finding space out wide between the fullbacks and cb's- am i right about this?? Im asking because while i'm ingame I have a winger thats wide but seems to cut inside because of a trait but when my striker is in a 1v1/2/3/4 position he's usually on the left flank cutting in instead of being that main striker as a Adv forward central or trying to peal off both CB's. In line with this I also find that the positional maps is just your set up of tactics and formations rather what is on the pitch all be it "average" even with touches being wider having no effect. Also when you have strikers PI "dribble more" does this deepen the players positioning? cause I assume that to dribble more you expect them to be deeper to make their dazzling runs rather than being closer to the box/inside the box and dribbling there or thereabouts.
  3. How are you finding this type of structure? I tried this early on or something along the lines and it worked about 60% of the time. Im guessing it's positive with short passing or really short passing? Also how does it feel without using a playmaker in those roles for possession? because realistically a playmaker of deep or adv would help keep possession and add a bit of creativity. Are the support roles useful for the likes of martial because i've found he's quite poor when given the deeper option and build play rather being the direct attacking player he tends to be irl? Sanchez will go if you run his contract or loan him and get some wage structure back because he takes up massive amounts of room, ive loaned him to chelsea and they pay 70% atm and willing to flog him off down the line.
  4. Really? I've always noticed no matter what role they always play with the support duty except the striker in every formation.
  5. There's quite a few so ill name some cause I dunno what type of striker you're looking for. Rodrigo, patrick shick, lautoro martinez, adalberto peneranda, pedro (plays at fluminese complete forward type)- These players are first team like, their attributes are great for overall play as advance forwards or complete forwards. Lautoro martinez i've known for a very long time and could become a beast within a year scoring at least 20 goals a season. Odsonne edouard, musa barrow, patrick cutrone, tammy abraham, Arthur (plays for SEP, brazillian), abel ruiz, pietro pellegri (MASSIVE WONDERKID), brenner - These are all wonderkids I think you should consider pietro has attributes like mbappe had at monaco, he's that good and he's only 18 and has 5* potential defos a ballon d'or contender in the future but not sure on the price. Hope it helps.
  6. Should've been alot more specific, staff that have less than 15 in both departments go but if they are scouts to another country that isn't fulfilled by others then I keep and replace after. Keeping a large one IMO has benefits of finding a lot more since the scouting changes from report cards to fully pledging a week/match.
  7. I've kept them because the scouting system is slow and less players within the time/game frame you put in, having lesser scouts in my opinion will hinder your success in finding players that could be vital for the future and of now if you dont research it irl.
  8. Is it possible they don't? Im asking rather than telling you tbh but AI player's tend to have that expectancy of what us the player considers good or bad to happen for example having aguero hit certain stats that would be very similar irl but when we try to better or hit the targets it would depend on how we would set up, tactics formations, every decision to the game etc. Do the AI players have roles? Because showing an attack duty in a role for the AI never seems to happen but they could absolutely run you ragged in the duty of a support but showing they were more attacking if you get what I mean? If what im saying is true it could answer that question meaning they can "breakthrough" regardless of the duty of the role but when us players do it we need to change supporting layers to attacking duties or roles more likely to breaking through. I'm referring this to Kevin de bruyne in particular as he's a "deep lying playmaker- support" which I assume the AI would automatically use that role in most games (tend to change from time to time I've seen) who hits alot of assists and in a particular set system. I've tried to replicate it for pogba who can certainly do that role but it's never "the same" with the same/similar system, formation and tactic.
  9. I've come across every FM game recently and found each role is "balanced" for their duty of their roles. However if you had an option to be more specific such as being much more direct/running at players/being a technical player or dribbler oppose to being the creative/riskier passes/ finding gaps between the lines to playmake. A person has recently said locked instructions for IF's all contain risky passes and being someone who is more of a runner likes of martial with poor passing and vision it would seem easier to lose the ball regardless of the way you play at times. I have had some feedback from the SI saying the type of player has a huge decision of how he is on the field except I don't feel this is fully correct nor backed with evidence enough to prove it does for example a creative RW being creative but scores more than assists or has fewer key passes than what you expect them to have. Wingers/Inside forwards sub heading Having a subheading of being "direct" or runners (beyond the defensive line or playing deeper in line with the support/attack role duties) Subheading of the crossing type A balanced option for players who can do both run and cross so attributes like pace, accel, crossing, dribbling are high enough for the player to decide what to do and have both take part. I know it's a bit much but I think if it was more specific I believe it would be more helpful for players to use these sub roles to specifically use what type of player they want to see. CM roles and others Playmakers can be dribblers/runners a bit like pogba, frenkie de jong etc. OR/AND threading passes/controlling from deeper areas rather than getting too high. BBM- Be physical type players OR/AND technical type that does the roaming and defending much like a deeplying but also getting involved higher up fullbacks/wingbacks- In line with their attributes if their crossing stats are poor then they should be/are runners who get to the byline or even stay as a wide option (example luke shaw) OR/AND crossers with good crossing abilities (Dalot) AND a balanced option that can do both ( Marcelo, robertson, telles etc.) I know they coincide with traits but having these as sub heading roles can push those extra locked instructions to certain roles rather than changing locked ones in each FM. It can also spread the traits to be more specific too, for example getting rid of "tries killer balls often", "run through the middle" etc. as the role states it and allows stuff like "Playing one-twos, Skill moves, likes to switch flanks" to be more apparent. This is a suggestion for the future like fm23+ rather than close as the roles themselves need to be perfected before tweaking such things. Thanks for reading.
  10. Definitely, but I think they use it in regards of an attacking player taking risk rather than "risky passes" all together. But it's true, I might post it in feedback forum and see what the SI say and others opinion. Same tbh but I really want him to succeed cause I love him irl, same with rashford. I cannot sell players that mean alot to the club in FM for some reason, a part of me wants to make a legacy with my bois at the helm as my captains and lieutenants lol. Wingers and IF's for me this game has been quite poor tbh imo, they need it to be revamped but too many changes will ruin it like 19 itself.
  11. For me yeah and previous scrn shots from other part of the forums, I've seen cases with the AI managing likes of Madrid, Juve and barca with likes of messi, ronaldo, neymar, mbappe scoring less than 20 goals a season, player input is slightly more expressive so you'd get the strikers scoring alot more hitting the 25 mark but before the new updates strikers were awful with their positioning and their ability to move and score 1v1's. Yeahhh same, first season with him was dreadful by his FM standards 38 games 7 goals and 11 assists which I expected more goals. His inability to dribble in my save has let him down alot and I don't even play possession style football - might have to change alot and adapt to see how it works for him in other areas of tactics. Yeah his role is somewhat intriguing I have times where a simple role from support to attack can change his game, he plays attacking role better but some games where he's deeper works well to pull in, constantly got 6.7 avg ratings. I think they need to change locked instructions or at least pick which type of IF they want specifically rather than attack/support much like a winger trying to play "Direct (running past players, dribbling)/ crossing type like beckham and if they consist of both then have an option to balance both out. IF- creative type/direct type/balance type (hazard, neymar etc.) What do you think?
  12. 1st season I just needed strengthening the areas where it was needed. Manolas became a God, sidibe miles better than valencia and dalot whom was rotating and telles for the crossing ability for the likes of lukaku who had 9 assists in the league and 16 assists from 34 games. Cook was bought for a BBM as in previous FM's he would develop into an unstoppable player so I thought i'd try him and he was below par especially for what I paid for (Couldn't get savic because they wanted 75 mill which I didn't have). 2nd season was me doubling up making it a classy team and filling the gaps where things could be improved-ndombele for herrera and demoting cook to DM so gedson can play BBM role. Bought thauvin for that right side for creativity and goal scoring, scores more than creates more but he's similar to how bernardo silva works, one of my best buys of any FM atm smashing in 17 goals and 9 assists in 26 games. I bought that other kid to fill the u18's position as I promoted laird to u23 after a massive improvisation in the 1st season. First team shown too. Pogba is unreal but for me he's a goal scorer and less of the assister regardless of what role you put him in, he's a monster but he does take dips, his scoring record is beyond any CM in FM. At current time gedson is weaker than SAVIC but he'll be better, he's one to buy for now and the future for sure.
  13. Quite easy to stay and get top 4 tbh with the team you have already, small transfers with outgoings got me to win everything first season but it was a struggle after jan. Much stronger in 2nd season with 89mill max in bank and I have a pretty solid team compared to last seasons.
  14. Recently posted about this quite indirectly to the report card comment and no one said anything. I've posted it countless times in the sub forums that's more particular and nothing was gained from it. Should've been kept, it's very hard to find players off the grid out of the limelight. For example brazil have a lot unnoticed yet you get about 20 players a season from a scout regardless of how many you've put in that place as they cross roads with the same players even if you specifically sort your instructions. Scouting has gone backward in my opinion and it's certainly longer which takes the fun out of finding wonder kids manually- rather google it now or download shortlists.
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