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  1. It does, check the bugs pages, just because they haven't replied or seen your yet doesnt mean its for everyone. They can't tell people it will be fixed until the patch comes through, every little change they make can make something else worse off, it's not *easy* to make these changes without having other faults to fix. They dont ignore it though, you can see whos in the thread at the bottom and there is usually a mod/SI staff trying to filter through to any feedback (very little cause of the clutter you see in the thread that isn't relevant to the specific thread) As for your issue, i've
  2. Sometimes they will, sometimes they wont but they go through them/even the mods go through them, the SI tag them- e.g. i've seen major stuff like player ratings, pass maps, stats that aren't showing up in anaylsis after game are being looked at- they all have tags on them being under review/known issues etc. they wont fix it one by one, they will likely be done in the next hotfixes or big patch. Not putting the right response in the right thread will effect very little for the posters, with more digs to the SI, the game itself it isn't exactly feedback where they are looking to guage the
  3. This isn't feedback... if you have issues take it up in the specific sub forums, advise most of you that aren't giving feedback to do the same- Just cluttering important info that will potetnailly be passively missed through loads of nippy comments
  4. You're in the forums where it's likely that comments will be negative, you're in the feedback thread where majority will be based on cons for improvements.
  5. I have but 8 games in very low scoring games but we keep on top. Short passing at higher tempo seems to keep teams from getting the ball. Set peices and balls from deep seem to be doing bits for me. Making pogba seem like a 20/10 atm and my saving grace
  6. Is 8 games into the season enough to start berating players cause they aren't scoring? Cant get rashi to work at all from that left side, neither martial but hes on and off, had a great pre season and just did so meh. Have 40m and shoulda bought a RW instead of holding out for sancho. Anyone noticed cut backs are hard to score from? pogba has been my saving grace atm
  7. It might be based on role, I had fred play as a DM 3 games and he got over 7+ both times. Once he was DLP, had 100% pass rate and alot of interceptions. 2nd time was DM and had 6 tackles 3 more than anyone on the field.
  8. Depends how you've set up and whos doing what during the game. I've had headed goals in my new save, about 6/7. I tend to get rid of work the ball in the box and move low crossing to mixed and use wide players as wingers/ IW. Scored 2 from corners, so for me it's balanced- trying a tactic thats a hybrid to bayern and United. Balance both crossing and quick passing play.
  9. 7 games into the season and pogba has done fairly well for me. Avg rating of 8.2 with 2 goals and 2 assists in 4 games. Long shot outside and a few deep balls breaking the lines for the assists in CM 4231. In a 433 he could probably do quite well for an 8 on attack duty. Bruno 1 goal and 4 assists so close but both are my main creators, one deep and one further up.
  10. Havent sene it myself yet being in first season, seen alot of regen staff be stupidly OP as for players i've seen a fair few threads on it like yourself GS, wont bother me till i get to that stage though or I end up saving and buying them all
  11. I dunno if this still works but when you set up the game, it usually has the versions on the top right of a screen in a drop down menu, might be around picking your club or manager profile but dont quote me.
  12. It has it said twice on the bugs page, one at the top hyperlinked and at the bottom of the subforums, he didnt have to.
  13. good idea tbf, only thing running for him is his attributes, his behind the scenes attributes might have gone down, especially with the consistency attribute given how he is irl atm. GG wp smashed the the league by 21 points
  14. you pick your scout, create an assignment and at the top right it says where they can scout, find league/competition and its done. Short term focus is for wanting a specific position/role in mind in the transfer window (or at least thats my take on it)
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