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  1. Winning loads of games, plus tactical and mental training has a slight boost from what I've tampered with recently so hope that helps
  2. BigV

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    I guess they expected you to lose? XD
  3. It's more of the sense that people are using different roles and not getting the same out of its description, for example the F9 role they seem to act like advance forwards instead of playing like CAM's. To that extent it effects the inside forwards/wingers and any other build up play with knock on effects. I've tried using lukaku as a target man which has been okay but heading was an issue (not sure anymore after update), as a complete forward where he's been OKAY, and an advance forward that just looks like an offside poacher waiting to happen. I think what some people are trying to say is these roles do not function as they should to its best abilities and so some attributes don't work as well as they should for example someone with passing of 18 and vision of 16+ would be a playmaker in a sense of CM but don't thread through balls enough or play it simple/out wide where it was an issue (not so sure anymore after update).
  4. Yeahhh, it's realistic in that sense but I liked the time where a scout gave me everything within a few days full of 20+ players and easier to find wonderkids etc. lol. Im not too sure maybe because the african leagues aren't all that great or the license issues maybe different? Im not to sure about the last one either, maybe try putting this in the bugs forum to get better feedback from SI in scouting place. Hope it helps
  5. Not to sure about 1st one but 2nd one seems to be how many people are scouting egypt or how good the scout/scouts are. I jumped from fm17 to 19 so im not fully sure as of yet but maybe pick egypt teams and do a team report scout of the top teams, or any country team in that case. I always scout for 1 week but i've changed to letting my main head scout doing the search cause you can specify which area/role/age and place to find either short term or long term. Scouting takes ages now for some reason but if you want to "cheat" then I'd suggest downloading shortlists from the steam FM workshop to get the best players to look around instead of trying to find or scout them all which will take a lot of time.
  6. BigV

    Scouting duration

    Depending on the player of the country you're in, if it's someone well known then maybe a week or 2/ 2 or 3 matches. You can choose the "scout full knowledge" which usually takes a week or 2, hope that helps.
  7. Are their even versatility attributes though unless hidden? in the full version or 1st patch it's impossible for any of my players to change to natural or any type from competent. It was an issue but havent played enough in PB to see if anything changed
  8. Not that I know of, tried it many a times with my players and bought players and they never change. However, the SI know about this and it has been reported, ill test it out in the public beta within next few days and get back to you if they they change or not.
  9. I've given my fair share of fustration towards 19 but the SI are doing a good job at changing things. AM is still under changes in PB, i've noticed quite a few good things in PB that has sorted annoying stuff in the 19.1 v. But I do agree with you in most cases.
  10. Having some trouble with the public beta here. I did the properties- public beta and downloaded the patch but when I try to create a new game, 19.2 patch isn't available to use and still 19.1.0. I still have my first save from the official release but that shouldn't effect it should it??
  11. Fair enough for most of it but I think you get that with every FM, a few tactics break the game, vertical tika taka seems to break the game as one guy has tested. few more will be found in tactics and other places. How do you access the public beta? I've tried changing all the stuff for it but when i start a new career the same 19.1.0 update shows up and nott he 19.2 as the beta should.
  12. CAM players seem to have huge problems with play and whatever their roles are, that said quite a few roles are like that. What about pressing? what about getting loads of yellows and somehow get red cards/suspensions almost every 5+ games? what about the dribbling stats cause even the best players struggle to having dribbles per game above 3/4 even if their dribbling is 16+? what about through balls? all these should be alpha as one of the guys stated above said, this is why I leave a year out and make sure problems are fixed by the next game but the added stuff from 18 to 19 really messed it up IMO even if the features are great.
  13. As a die hard United fan myself that is an insult to football itself. Did you not read what I said? Having more shots on goal and possession means you're doing something right with poor finishing and a few minor stuff. However, when it's happening more often whats the point if you know whats gonna happen?!?! it's almost like its determined to go against you regardless how you play the way the player wants. Any tactic that the player chooses needs to pick one that breaks the ME or one that is used alot (yours for example), some don't even work, did you even play 4-3-3 in fm18 because I can tell you now you could probably win anything and everything... it's a very known issue that the ME is awful, it's a known issue that the forwards don't know how to act as forwards in whatever role, it's a known fact crossing from wingbacks don't cross cause they stand still when having a chance to- I wouldn't expect a real life player to do any of these faults so why should I expect a game that has previously shown it can do a benefit of the doubt? On the note of Manchester United, we barely shoot... and when we do it's outside or reliant upon wingers because lukaku can't kick a ball or even touch it.
  14. Fair enough and true in most cases in your first paragraph, the new feature is great and very useful. But the ME is not balanced at all, it's all over the place, it's almost unplayable because there's so many dodgy decisions and mistakes which stops it being "football" IMO; the roles of some players don't do what they're asked, through balls are awful or inexistant unless hoofed, domination in a game results to a draw or a 1-0 loss most of the time away, top players act like average players on a pitch regardless of their stats. The beta was almost perfect in terms of ME, just the crossing needed to be winded down but made drastic changes making it unplayable in my eyes. However, the SI do a great job and do listen and the fact they made an open beta to help sort these issues is a massive way to make the game feel better individually and the community. Just hope 2.0 patch in jan is a lot better than now.
  15. 15 and 17 was fine for this, although pep or a few big managers get sacked, it's because the player themselves over reached them so none of them made their objectives. They dont change so even if a team in top 5 drops below 6th they'd be sacked and yet have the same objective year after year and wouldn't adapt. It's speculative but teams that have low mental stats like city, they barely do well. On my save city are 7th with a new manager and it only seems to happen to those that are frail regardless how much they spend.