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  1. Coman, gnabry, pulisic, brandt, grealish, kulusevski, neres, antony, chuckwueize (something like that- nigerian), tete, dwight mcneil. These are on my shortlist for AMR and most have the ability to play MR.
  2. Probably cause it was 1st season for me to get him? Oh really? he's 17 on mine, updated database or a downloaded? thats weird.
  3. Yup, still surprised he's one of the best defensive ones. Regen staff seem really OP so could get a few of those in
  4. Might have to try this, ive kept carrick and most of the staff as they are more than enough for the first season. probably get rid of the crap. Tried getting warren joyce back but wanted a diff role
  5. Tbf I should have but I was too busy flattering Kounde and pushing his move (which I ended up agreeing for him to come end of season.) Plus mutual termination takes a fair bit of wage budget out so I wanted to keep it clean. Players>Staff I get the best attributes for each category or the ones that are at least available. I always struggle with U23/u18 staff cause i dunno if its their preferred catergory cause most of the time they want first team coach - dont really pay attention to their system or playing style for staff, all about personality, working with youngsters and caterg
  6. Greenwood in rotation. but i could do with martial being rotation for rashy. Marcus edwards has been a flop for me, does nothing, diallo has been here for 2 months and a bit and managed to do something from that right. I managed to make Dan james work but has become utter **** since jan, just a pace merchant and bench player, if diallo can get as fast then im sorted. Yeah very very lucky!! I got up off my seat and hands on head feeling like ive done a blinder, if we could do that IRL that'd be great
  7. Buying them both would be overkill and probably ruin your "realistic" save to some extent and probably make it 10x easier for you which is just not what you want when they already sit back. At least one of them will end up crying that they dont get game time and it wont be greenwood. I've got greenwood at RW as an IF-S/A and hes played 19 games, scored 10 and assisted 4-6 from what I remember by mid feb/tuning to march. Seeing what he can become he'll probably move up top but at the same time I want haaland making that his spot while I sell martial come summer. I got dortmund to agree a 1
  8. Scholes- Pogba Carrick- Garner/Mctominay, saul Giggs- Rashy/another winger who can dribble, cross and a great passer. CR7- Martial Rooney- Bruno Tevez- Haaland Would be my changes, good idea though, need some tactical tinkering with players cause that midfield would get overun, wouldnt trust lindelof as rio though
  9. Depends how they do really but usually 32+ peak for players are around 28-31 so I tend to get the best and then sell off unless they are top class players in which case I keep until they retire.
  10. Why is it always january/february and march when your team fall apart? Maguire has rubbed off on skriniar and Skriniar has turned into maguire of old Bruno and pogba fell off their high horse while VDB tries to show he's worthy... whole team is flipping on its head, backups are becoming first teamers while the first teamers are dropping below 6.8 ratings
  11. I agree but they're left footers and cut in, ima use a traditional winger down the right, although I do think Neres does fit the role. I had a chance to get neres for 35m from my 40m leftover, I decided to leave it for the following season so i could save to get sancho... I was looking at that other brazilian rw they just bought, he looks class but he's the same as neres, left footer but plays RW as a winger.
  12. This doesn't fill me with confidence now, might need to look at another right winger then
  13. There's an exploit to get 300m, ofc i did it for banter purposes and quit before saving
  14. Might just be my save so take my point with a pinch of salt unless he becomes a beast for you that is I really should've got a BBM in the summer of first window, seeing him and fred play gives me the scares when im on this unbeaten run. Still season 1, I tend to plan ahead unless someone is available. Like RM put Isco for 35m, was tempted to get rid of mata and play him as backup to bruno and then VDB comes into CM as BBM. I think I need a more mobile attacker as a PF but with Haaland ill defos try it (If i get him) cause if I cant then Laturo is my guy. Ahhh that sucks, kinda take
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