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  1. They are well and truely disgusting in the market when it comes to FM, they buy anyone and everyone. They bought 3 defenders in mine and it was ramos, varane and bastoni... I have lauturo in my sights, most complete forward i've seen in a while. Ouuuhhhh i'd spite them for halaand simply cause he's a beast in most saves.
  2. Agreed, it didnt bother me just more realistic but then again im not having that city team grow any bloody bigger, too OP as it is. stormed my league 1st season in head to head with me.
  3. Kept him, he's my third CB will probably take over maguire after 1 season. Injury prone is a massive weakness I dont like though, they can grow out of it though according to some FM experts
  4. Bit too slow for my liking. I tend to go for 14+ pace and accel with 13+ physicals and 13+ for tackling, marking, heading and have good mentals in decisions and concentration. That way Im balanced across the board and backups are either a speciality in pacey or good headers of the ball to mix and match. Yeah i should've clarified that part
  5. I was referring to IRL I like to be as "realistic" as possible with transfers and stuff. Cheers dude, gonna be a short save no doubt
  6. The hotfix ruined my full season and had to make a new save at half 12 last night gave me time to ponder certain players, skriniar is overrated imo, maguire is a massive liability against pacey sides, midfield isn't great, backup wingers/wonderkids are needed asap and a rotated forward that can take martial on apart from greenwood. Started the save and then got ruben dias, only to find out city have "agreed a deal", felt like I needed to start again but i thought nahhh screw it, got dias in and i have to say he's a much better player than lindelof, bayern interested in lindelof so could sell him for 45m here would be great to recoup dias's transfer
  7. Don't take notice of the colour scheme, its only a guide based on their overall attributes, doesnt mean it'll always fit. I've playd him a good amount of times for him to be effective, if I need direct dribbling play then greenwood comes on for sancho, if I need pace them james for counter attacks. If haaland was the focal point as a DLF/CF then he'd play off him quite well imo.
  8. Yeah at the begining of the 19/20 season, I think the one sedge11 was on about is one I looked at but felt like too much of wasted season for me. 4231, his positioning is 13 or 14 I think, that middle bottom where you have off the ball, vision, workrate etc. is all 13 above so he's the perfect BBM. Might have been an edited version of player stats, 7 doesnt warrant his reality, the edited one is probably correct maybe a tad lower at 11-13 at most. Tried many a times putting pogba there and has never worked out for me, dweling on the ball is a massive no no for me. Well worth doing that, bruno does well in attacking midfielder role tbf, I think the AP role in CAM is so off, played mata there with 100 passes in a game and he completed 96 only to find out he's on a 4.5 i was so baffled, 4 key passes and 2 chances created. If you stick with martial and work with him PF role would suit him, get his workrate up to 14-15 within a season or 2 and you'll be pushing boundaries. Tried a game or 2 with CF-A and worked decent, only downside is when he's on the channels no one is there in the box apart from your LW/RW hovering on the other end. I wont be buying it when it comes out, I'll need to try the demo first get a taste of the ME (big thing for me), probably watch a few streamers for the alpha testers cause they get it a week early. I like the FM20 layout, if the ME was better or even sorted the central play out i'd be happy with getting fm21 but as we know they fix one thing and unfortunately something else messes up to take its place. Yeah it has, hopefully they've fixed it for fm21. Cut backs are always on when they get into the box for crosses so it might have been tweaked to not always score them.
  9. FM20 Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0 + FMTU on FM scout. Has signings up to the 6th september so I have DVB who is realllyyyy good for a BBM. Debating weather to get rid of matic or fred now though "Yeah that makes sense, AF against teams who give you space in behind, and CF against teams who sit in. Have you tried any of the other striker roles? I've been considering trying the PF (A) and CF roles in my 4231 but have also considered the poacher and AF." I couldnt quote that ^ for some reason but i'll help out ish. What MS17 said is kinda true, also it kinda depends on your line of engagement, the lower it is the more direct/dribbler he is rather than get behind, I also find the poacher role more behind the lines than most. DLF-A is a good use at times or in games where you're on the back foot or he isnt getting in games/space where a CAM play off the striker. AF is probably martials best/ most of the strikers, the first thing I did was look at traits for strikers and see how you want to "change" them. This is just my gap for fm21, if its worse than 20 ill probably stop playing but I thought ive got fm20 for free so might aswell make something out of it, give a 10 season thing and then cop out or if i enjoy it (seems like it so far) then carry on but the constant im gonna shoot at the side netting rather than cross it to a free man is bugging me off quite alot. Sancho scares me cause he doesnt do it much but im scared he'll learn that stupid trait sooner or later
  10. I wanted something like that but English players are so meh, especially at CB, they even kicked up a fuss about smalling leaving... 110m, 75 for skriniar and 35 for pau, had to negotiate hard for pau, they wanted 45 at first and I was running out of money, skriniar took a staggering low wage of 120k which probably saved me. Net figure from the sale of jones, rojo and lindelof was 60m so spent 50m all in all which isnt too bad at all. Selling lindelof at 35 and rojo at 15 was a godsend.
  11. Got in skriniar and Pau, got rid of lindelof and jones and rojo. Demoted maguire to rotation. Look alot stronger in the air and on pace. Had some excellent skiriniar recoveries
  12. First LB I looked at might be worth a punt, hoping to geat through to jan tonight and have a decent squad for 3rd spot. Shaw has done me pretty bad, gets in LW position and starts crossing long balls to RW cause of his 11 crossing That said I might have to use FB's instead of WB
  13. I forgot all about him, will look to scout, might get rid of maguire after a season, seems a bit too slow when being countered. Telles got quoted 70m, might have to delegate some sales. 130 for alphonso and alaba is 80m so not much room to maneuvere
  14. Strange to see upamencano with 11 positioning and poor mentals, ima take your word and go for him and get rid of smalling, jones and tuanzebe. Got quoted 70m and already spent 90m on sancho, better than United at negotiating atm
  15. So I finally got FM20 from epic store for free, didnt like the demo but I guess i might aswell go into it while my other save is stale. Gonna tweak between a 4231/433/442- Play shorter passing but direct if needs be, gegenpressing with the new added "work rate" team improvements. Sancho and Upamencano/skriniar will be my first signings. Any recommendations with any players that could improve the starting line up or even as back up/rotation? LB might be a priority (new stransfers like donny will be at united so an updated database)
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