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  1. The thing is they are probably working on patches for the bugs, looking at the bugs forum they're either under review or needing more info with the small amount of "not seen YET". The ME patches always come in 3's, official, december (before jan window) and end of feb/start of march as the person showed. They obviously do listen to the community but we are a minority on the forums and are the ones that give feedback, and they base it off us. To me when they say sales are higher than previous fm or when players are playing it more then the conclusion "it's a better game" gets said which is perfectly reasonable but if you go deeper the issues say otherwise but won't get picked up by the ordinary player hence they never see the forums or disagree with it, which is also reasonable as it might not effect them. Should ubisoft or EA be in software develop then, considering they have questionable uses for their games?? SI do their thing and if we agree or not on the proccess then we still stick with it for those whom carry on playing, if it doesn't suit the direction you were hoping either wait longer/try the demo or not buy the game and play an elder one you like with an updated database externally. Reason I went back to 17, gave my reasons on the demo and waiting for the next patch (which isn't ideal for some) but the whole buy the game every march point seems reasonable as it's cheaper and the better patch and it also gives you an inclination if the game is good or not- hence i stay on the forums and read up, simple.
  2. It's the stats that's close to realism, not the ME. Such as dribbling past opponenets, passing, accruacy of it, shooting etc. The weird thing is statistically it's right to use them but for the wonder of the game and fun of it, it's probably diminishing- im not sure it's possible to get close to realism and have a ME that's "balanced" when stats hinder that. E.g. Messi has an average of 5.5 dribbles per game, the game will say that (not perfectly) but it won't show it "well" either, making him look like a normal player in comparison to the players below him.
  3. Pretty much summed up a point I was going to make. 17 with it having a great ME generally speaking, had dribbles, tackling and interceptions at high rates and was "far from reality" but it gave us an entertaining show, the variety in goals, crosses, skills and dribbles was pretty class compared to the version now imo. Having too much emphasis on making it close to reality (which should be an aim but not at the expense of having the fun and enjoyment being less utilised than previously which seems to be the forums majority stat) is probably hindering some stuff were we'd expect real life players to do. E.g. Messi and ronaldo not scoring alot in game but in reality their attributes are on another level, fm17 gave a similar feeling, so did 18 in most cases and then the generality of it hurt it in 19 and followed onto 20. My suggestion would be to have a similar use from 17 and take small steps in implementing SOME reality aspects. For me 19 was LVG esque where scoring was meh, crossing was hard and now 20 all be it better, still having issues which seem fine at the beta/alpha stage. That stream yous made was promising, cut backs, intriquate passing just less striker invovlement and it seems like it's going 1 step forward and then 2 steps back atm.
  4. Im sorry but i've had my laptop for about 3-4 years for "working" purposes that can play "some" games. fm20 demo doesn't even run smooth with all the bits at medium, I'd have to turn most off/turn it to lowest and have 3d at med and still stutters in game. Heck fm17 I can go full power but my fan will become my radiator... HP I5-6200u thats clocks in at 2.3 and goes to 2.4ghz. Rubbish i know but FM will always favour a longer span of years for laptops/pc. People play the game on the trains or when traveling, they aint gonna buy a new laptop just to play a game when the audience is targeted at pretty much anyone and everyone. Don't expect people to whip out their PC build on the train or a 1k priced laptop that people use for their work do you??
  5. This is the games fault, before 19 this was fine I think, especilly in 17, worked like a normal CAM should. I may have a solution though, maybe try putting your CM's to DM positions so you have a DLP-D/Defensive mid (the lower/defensive minded player) next to a another role like a segundo volate or a role that pushes them higher up. I've never tried it myself but it makes sense as there's a bigger gap in midfield so maybe your CAM will get more involved. Maybe test this for a couple of games or make another save and test it. Most cm's can go into defensive midfield which may show up yellow or red but it's worth a try, the colour matching isn't always right. A few streamers use players on opposite wings and it works when it's on yellow or red as the role so don't always make it about them, but do make sure to test it.
  6. If you wish him to be better yes, although lindelof's stats won't go very high because his mentality is pretty strong and he's around 23/24 start of the save. I was originlly on about dalot but both have good uses as RB, dalot more attacking/wingback attitude while lindelof can be a decent fullback.
  7. I can asnwer this pretty well. Balanced is due to the awful use of mentality, balanced allows you to fulfil what you want through roles where as the others make it counter what people want e.g.positive is said to be attacking and any defensive roles is useful but counter what you want. Modern football allows for wingbacks more than full backs these days even with "wingers" although WB imo should be full backs on support or IWB's. Dribble more is fine if he has technical players, overlaps is an awful TI if roles permitt it. 2 BPD's is fine, especially if he has a DLP-D/S. 2 playmakers aren't close but the GAME says they are, the CAM drops low into the midfield rather than find the spaces inbetween the lines. Middle play is trying to involve the CAM and higherLOE and counter is fine.
  8. Love how the forwards keep trying to beat the line and comeback but none of the others move like 5 yards from their OG position
  9. Why not just have the mentalities give TI's that are fixed but also changeable for example Attacking with passing that can be changed but have some areas fixed to fit the attacking mentality? same with the other mentalities. I think that's where FM17 could've been improved on cause you could play attacking and retain possession and come out better. I know it'll be hard to produce as they've only just changed it to a new state and use than previous fm's but it's maybe worth noting.
  10. Has anyone experienced something like this? No one has got back to him about it, @themadsheep2001 thought id tag you as you usually direct it towards the SI. They havent said anything on the page but it's likely been seen.
  11. Posts will be deleted but the same was said last year yet each and every fm, sales increase and goes to new levels of players playing the game compared to previous ones.
  12. Neuer is quaking in his boots he doesn't have a chance of playing cm
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