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  1. Create a bug report and post it in that thread, should never happen like that
  2. I meant that but realised I worded it the very opposite lol. If you look at his challenges and recoveries they're deep into united's half almost like from a DM or 2CM formation. His touch map was looked quite even as a BBM but the width was quite apparent as he covered from the centre spot to the touch line almost operating between the defence and pogba's attacking line. You could argue that sounds like a roaming box to box or even Roaming playmaker, the thing is he's so underrated that he's disciplined and tactically aware for most roles in CM. No wonder barca were after him a while ago.
  3. Although I commend him for it, it's a fairly easy decision when you know how they're going to play. But the manner he did it and created something out of nothing with the formation change and adaptability was amazing, tactical master for the future for sure.
  4. Noticed quite often rashford would act like a winger or even a Raumdeuter moving into the channels when having space wide when alonso was unseen. From their average positions you could say that pogba took the mezzala role quite literal as lukaku was fairly deep and close to mata but thats because mata was on jorginho all game. Pogba was in the vertical spaces for example his cross to herrera just on the corner of the box but when defending he acted like a BBM, he pushed up a lot further to nullify their short passing as lukaku was deep and mata moved into a false 9 role at times while rashford defended wide. Herrera was more of less a shuttler between the mids but he did mention his side was exploited during the interview which I didn't see him do quite often but his touch map would suggest so.
  5. Understandable and well worked IMO, I always use positive but since positive hinders attacking threats against smaller teams I usually change it up time to time and during games. Had a final recently with liverpool on positive and more or less dominated the game but nothing came about till ET which i then went attacking and ending up winning 3-1. The mentality is important more than ever I think as it dictates the way you see irl where as before you could tweak options and maybe work around it like attacking and being good on counter. I'd suggest tamper around with the whole tempo gauge and see what works best, realistically I thought a higher tempo would work great as we usually see martial, rashford, pogba play quick these days under sleek passing but slowing the tempo seems to be heavily direct with possession more than movement speed of the ball. Under a high tempo game and positive mentality my wide players were making 20-30 passes which is poor and as soon as I slowed the tempo it grew to 28-43 (min/max) and it seemed their passes were deadlier and their dribbling improved which was a huge down side for the likes of martial/sanchez and lingard in a higher tempo game. I very much agree and one of the reasons I dont often use deeplying CM's anymore. However, I think if you had a DM-D with risky passes and a deep lying support who drops deep to collect the ball as well as move off the ball to accommodate attacks then it should work in theory. I've always used a deep lying DM on defend as they usually dictate the game but im thinking of switching it up to a DM or even BWM-D to give that extra protection when needed. Matic can serve as a DM and a deep lying as i've tested it quite often and works quite well. If you want attacking as much then a regista is what you want, ive not tested that role myself but im sure others in here have and probably help you however its an awful alot of attacking threat that could leave that back line under threat. The problem is that no one in those CM positions offer to come and get the ball but wait for someone else to give them the ball and with the DLP-D sitting far back and hardly going forward he drags your 2 CM's back or 1 that it hinders your attack. A playmaker certainly a deep one will get the ball and either drive or pass it to the other CM or wide player. @permanentquandary summed it up perfectly "The central two are then the most likely recipients of the ball. They then want to make runs and let someone else create. So they probably are going to play the ball wide with more relatively simple passes. Some chances are going to come from that, no doubt, but it will be inconsistent from cutting in and taking a bunch of long shots or crossing occasionally from the wing."
  6. I too have been having this problem however, I think i've found a solution that is beneficial to ME rather than what most would consider an overall change. Bare in mind i've opted with the public beta where changes have been made and may/may not help my situation. I've similarly set up like yours however I do question your mentality of style-balanced. I'd personally be more positive if not more attacking with the squad you have. The advice you've been given is very good by several people but personally i'd drop your Striker whom I use as a complete forward as support and IF-a so likes of your wide player getting past. Lukaku can fit target man, CF, DLF- support. Either one of those should work best for him as he's been a beast prior and after the opting of Public beta (PB). I'd listen with taking off "running with ball" your players aren't as great as you think they are, dribbling and pace with agility is highly desired and from the scrn shot and my knowledge of United as a supporter and personal use of them myself is quite poor so you'll be doing no favours unless you heavily invest in highly rated dribblers all over the pitch which is hard but also diminishing as there'll be a lack of threaded passes and possession loss. The tempo seems to be very important IMHO as i've tried it fast and slow and I have to say the slow option works best when positive/attacking (I have no idea why but it does, dunno if it's a bug or something i;m missing or maybe it contradicts/overlaps the mentality instructions). Slowing it down causes me to have more possession and the likes of martial/lingard/sanchez whome play LW/RW in my save cause more danger with passing and running directly. Now you have rashford as LW, I've used him quite a bit and noticed the last 3 FM's he sucks as a LW IF because his mental attributes are poor. So I use him in rotation to lukaku as a striker as an AF-A who acts like what he does now for solskjaer in a watered down sense in FM19. Look at the pic i've sent, the MEZ role go in the vertical/half space and as they're more attacking/higher up your IF occupies the same space so when they join your IF will be statitc or move elsewhere that may hinder your shape and your threat to the opposition, now to a winger this is perfect as the winger would occupy the far left/right side and your MEZ would support or run onwards like an underlap overloading one side creating width. I suggest having a playmaker in CML/CMR as your DM is there to cover but also help passing. You can either get a better CDM thats great in defence but has great passing ability or you switch your DM role to Ball winner/Defensive mid and maybe change roles/ have another player incase it doesn't work in particular games. A playmaker would constantly distribute and help your wingers alot more than a BBM (does a general job of going up and down so no particular speciality unless highly rated- milinkovic savic springs to mind) or even your MEZ who will just move around and try and score than assist. I always have a Playmaker deep or adv in CM just to build around and make attacks more deadly hence I use pogba as Advanced playmaker-A. I dunno about playing through the middle either, think it hinders your wing play and maybe leave it neutral or even test it a few matches on focusing sides see if it helps.
  7. HOLY GMOLI, nice one!! Have you tried going at a higher tempo by any chance? I've tested the high tempo myself and to some extent it works OKAY but time and time again i've seen great teams from this thread and others play at "slightly lower tempo" while their other parts are similar to mine and have little effect in short term. What kind of effects do you see yourself playing at when lowered tempo and disciplined instead of roaming? Also are their any issues you've noticed such as ME issues like long shots, poor attacking movement etc. cause im guessing you haven't experienced it like some have inc me as that 9-0 shows something drastic I can't even get too with a top end team lol.
  8. How can it be wrong when its hypothetical and so? Just because it's inefficient doesn't means it's impossible to score... look at city at the byline, likes of sterling, sane and B.Silva CROSSING regardless if it's aerial or on ground, how many times have you seen them score this way? alot within the last 3 seasons because they stretch and work it in and are flexible unlike what you think should happen. Spurs, city, everton and Bournemouth to a degree prove your thought is wrong. Oh and a very recent one/two Pogba to herrera, Rashford to pogba both in vertical spaces and wing play.
  9. I don't think you've grasped what I was saying or I didn't mention it right so ill explain it again but simpler. The wingers have dropped back enough to cover the flanks IF they decide to attack that route (doesn't mean it'll work) but because they are playing central and see an opportunity they take it and the factors leading to the goals are the player mistakes of marking and closing down or even trying to tackle. These are 2 sides that are on the fringes of European competitions, mistakes and goals like this happen in real life. Moving on to the hypothetical issue of moving inside for the wingers WHICH ISN'T THEIR JOB NOR ROLE passing out wide is always an option, it's stretching play disrupting their shape. If playing central towards the box is so useful why doesn't everyone do it and in real life?! because it's simple to stretch play and either run to the byline cross/cut back and work it in. If the wingers were inside then the WB/FB could've easily been able to put a cross in on either side and most of all in a dangerous position regardless of what you think about is dangerous or not. There's a reason why "wide play" is used... Then you have to think how they've set up and what their instructions are, if the formation is 4-3-3/ 4-2-3-1 you aren't going to find you winger at a full back position are you unless you change your tactic of either going defensive/cautious or parking the bus which doesn't seem like the case here at all. FM 17 doesn't have the defensive aspects of what we have in 19 nor does it have fairly modern type of what roles and situations where defensive lines can be changed and pressing. In 19 you have aspects of showing formations when defensive even if its unintentional but it's close to what you want so you accept it. Your view to me seems to be naive towards crossing and wide play which is very real otherwise we'd all just shove 10 players in the middle without a second thought.
  10. Both are reasonable arguments. FM17 had a few issues and 1 could be this HOWEVER, it looks like they're playing a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 and the wingers are occupying that space for when or either fullback overlaps. If they come inside and let those flanks free they'll just attack that area. The DM/CM should close down quicker or get tighter which isn't the issue of the user or maybe AI but the attribute and the player itself. In 17 you couldn't do much in terms of defensive changes like width/narrow compared to what you can do now. To me that is very important when seeing these 2 vids especially the first. If im not mistaken the width in 17 wasn't just when you had the ball but off the ball as in out of possession. To me those wingers look like AMR/AML rather than MR/ML as they're not deep enough to cover those grounds a MR/ML would. If the play is central and 3CM's are covering the basis the simple and first thought would be to play wide which the user must've chose not to or the players ignored/chose to do it their own way at the opportunity.
  11. Hi guys, just wondering if the beta is still ongoing from when it was first released and if 19.3 is out yet? There's been a lot of indirect talk unrelated to the thread so I've decided to skip and just ask the questions. Has there been any improvements on the ME- long shots, striker movement, set pieces, crossing, central play? Also if you aren't in the beta and decide to join now, can you opt out of the beta? Can't quite remember as I did it when it first started and then made a new save with the original recent big update. And does this effect all your saves once you're in? Thanks in advance.
  12. Be careful as they usually put a bid in the summer, make sure you put it high enough to block their interest and not disatisfy De ligt as they usually cry when they're over valued but yet to see it in this FM. Congrats on smashing it... AGAIN lol. Was it you playing 4-2-3-1? I can't seem to get my IF's/wingers working at all eventhough i'm top of the league. Seems they don't work in my tactics well enough to work so my mid usually bolsters. Wondering if you have any tips, be much appreciated.
  13. Set your offer to about 140mill and they'll back down. let the interest blow over and they'll drop it for now then when hes fine offer him the new deal.
  14. It depends on what you prefer such as tika taka or possession or whatever else. Have you noticed issues with scoring 1v1's? long shots rather than shooting in the box? central play being inexistant most times? Your striker might have poor movement to the ME issues that it's having reasoning to your poor goals. I've been playing 4-1-2-3 DM Wide and tbh my strikers and wingers/IF's are so bad that I think the whole front 3 is hindered by so much more than their abilities but somehow still on top of the league and unbeaten half way through 1st season but took some dips in form mid jan. Can't get sanchez, lingard, martial to do much, same with fred. Pogba, peirera are my best CM's and it looks like they've fallen off the cliff so i went back to 4-2-3-1 as it was my main before fm19 and the issues still were applied. However, you can bypass these issues sometimes and it does depend on what you play so either a scrn shot or what you want to play as in styles would be helpful to help you back.
  15. They might be saving it for the big patch that will arive late feb/march time, be patient even if they don't then we'll have to live with it.
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