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  1. It was sure but they're vital towards making it "realistic" and im sure alot of people wanted those. Look I get where your fustration comes from, as a gamer people wants aren't always met and you have to let it go. Now im not telling you to let it go per say but to maybe not be too against the SI considering what they've done over the years and what they've bought us. They don't silence you, first hand i've been on the side of both, just simply stating the features aren't great and then explaining why WHILE being "Nice" would be the useful thing to do. There is no subtitute because the market in itself is ran by standards that wouldn't be met by other teams or developers. There's a reason EA backed out. Look the game is good, it has issues sure and everyone is right to voice their opinion but it should never go "too far". It's that simple. Back to the feature thing maybe adding the stuff they did this year is great, we can't make that decision yet. Froom the looks people can make their own opinions sure but they can't crtique it enough to say what it can and can't do. Small areas of the game can make the game alot better trust me. Maybe next year you get what you wanted? is it too late? not neccessarily
  2. You realise every game that ever comes out and has sequels and updates involves a proccess of adding things at a time and not all at once, wouldn't that render the whole game useless after its initial use... literally everything that you've ever used goes through the same things. Phones are a great example, consoles are a great example, heck you could say anything thats technology has done the exact same. These features may not be useful to you or some others but they will be for some. Honestly just don't buy the game, your opinion to openly criticise its strcture will only help yourself where as others who have constantly worked on it make them feel down or even those that play it. Keep it to yourself, if you want to critique it do it without calling them all out and actually have evidence of your claims. Your point is your opinion and that's it. FM20 hasn't even been played yet, we'll see how far it goes and see if it's useful when we all have a chance to make judgement of it. FYI I didnt like fm19 and stopped playing it, the features were good but implimented wrongly IMO and i haven't outspoken. What does it take to have a little gratitude towards the thing you like??
  3. Well considering the beta is different to 20.1/.2/.3 you could always wait it out. I'm certainly going to do that this year cause last year I almost threw my laptop with the bugs around the training places. And im at uni being smashed in 3rd year but fm20 is still on the cards for xmas xD
  4. @Sheriff7 " You are not the hero we deserved but the hero we needed"
  5. It's the most wonderful time of the year to play games aha. Multiplayer lobbies are a hoot on xmas. No better feeling than setting up a save on xmas and start a long journey xD
  6. These days FM would make that Manchester United-0 Ipswich-1.
  7. yes there will be, but i was just pointing at other areas for preference.
  8. Dark skin or mod versions off fan sites will be useful then.
  9. Useful feature although I hope within reason, usually they go for overpriced players or some that don't fit the system, the role change really helps with that this time. Also @autohoratio how do you embed the tweet onto the forum/threads? tried doing it yesterday on another and it didn't work.
  10. Any effect to adding "major features" will always change the way in which things play out, conversations, playing time, development and pretty much anything fm involved big or small impacts aswell. I've called it out before that they usually add new features and tweak things and let the next FM improve on it's standards and adding the littlest of things to impact the game to some degree by a big margin (e.g. like the inbox/messages thing, complicated sure but easy for some, easy to manage once you get the hang and keep it "clean" to the way you specify). I've been called out this isn't the case but im inclined to think it still is and they changed direction slightly. Like the jump from 13 to 14 was pretty big, 15 was similar to 14 but changed a bit. Just like 15 to 16 was a big change and 17 was massively improved on 16 and then 18 came out and changed much more. Now I can't speak for 18 as I didnt play it alot but i have played it on my mates so i Might have a point. 19 Was similar style but the whole layout, UI changed and with major overhauls in training and other areas. (Jumping from 17 to 19 was a big hit for me, took me a while to get used to and delegate some stuff but in the end I got to it.) SO FAR the new stuff added isn't that huge and my judgement on it would be an "improved" version rather than a big change like i've mentioned ^. I can only call judgement on that from what we've seen and i'd rather be wrong in this case cause personally 19 wasn't the best but still did a job or at least to others that do like it (fair enough) and 20 would need a big improvement especially ME wise IMO. I could be wrong, I could be right, im just offering my thoughts atm and from past experience in the modern days within last 5-7 years. I don't think the features are bad, they may look "glamoury" but I think the new additions are useful especially the loan and development area. Showing progress rather than "clicking more" is quite the use and very useful for those that delegate the youth side to other coaches. The loan progress thing is needed imo simply because loans usually don't go well and if they do then it works but having BG knowledge of it helps to where BUT only if the coaches and advice is as useful as what they say. None of that its a good move to find out 90% of the time is a bad idea because they're playing reguluarly but doing poorly. The averages rank around 6.6-7.2 on average on my games so if it helped to be alot more precise and useful then its a great addition in my book. Not going to comment on the several promise things because to me it makes it harder and rather just demote/promote game time within the game rather contractual duties.
  11. Had a mate called Kenna, was pretty sick at primary school, made himself look like messi going against year 6's lol. Anyway he played for City in the academy before he got a bad injury... fast forward to now and he'll be on the apprentice next week.
  12. Steam is showing up as 8th of november which has been crushed by fm twitter page but going off that then 2 weeks before so mid/end of oct.
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