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  1. Post it in bugs forum. Also whats your camera angle and zoom at? looking at switching it up and it seems useful for your clip. Thanks in adv
  2. As a CAM or wide player? Also back to your previous message my friend uses him and he plays him in CAM. Can be used in a 3 man mid where he's the attacking playmaker and creates a good enough rate. His pace is overrated though so don't expect him to be a fully fledged wide player like an IF on attack, creative ability.
  3. Check your goals type, guarantee there's a few that you'll probably never seen or even know possible. Apparently I scored 6 overhead kicks and i've watched all my goals and not once have I seen one go in.
  4. Depends really. Sold fred as he isn't up to scratch nor good enough to be hitting top flight. Jesse works alright but if you put him onto the left for some reason he does well. Can be sold up to 60-70m. I tend to adapt to the situation so if short passing works then stick to it, if it doesn't go direct. Whats the role you have for lukaku? Complete forward tends to help, PI's are important aswell so take a look at them carefully to what you want.
  5. Depends on your tactics, does he go direct? do you play direct, the formation? etc. He's good but his games are situational. People tend to buy players that fit the all around purpose rather than using him for certain games exploiting weaknesses.
  6. It wouldn't matter, the assman and other staff members that offer advice are quite useless in most cases IMO. I only use them for coaching really. Only exceptions are medical and HoYD. DOF has been wildly out of concept tbh in most FM's but as a Manager that takes all the responsibility I can't really complain much about them.
  7. Just like to point out another key area that I think needs improving is shown in the vid at 0:42-0:46. The DM runs with the ball which is fine but the left CM should technically be further up as no one is marking him or at least try to run further up as he basically just stands there and lets the DM past him. I would also say at 0:44 shows how central play in this FM is weak. His RCM is his position however a simple move to the right would open space for the other literally right next to him to go central and open space for options. (The pic will be mehh but its the best paint can offer). Now it may depend on how good the team and individuals are but I think this is fairly simple and any professional would make IRL. I think this highlights how important FM experience is. I gotta say I've done it since I've started FM and the issues that I think are there has made me delve deeper. I usually just watched key highlights and walked away with a win or lose but now since I got back into the game I switched it into 2d more and watched a few full matches and then went to comprehensive/extended highlights (can't remember which one it is, closest to full match) and you can see the ins and outs of what you couldn't see during key highlights. Found it alot easier to see what needs to be done and within a few clicks you can see the changes you make to try and better the situation. I'm glad you found this quite early on it'll certainly help you and enjoy the game alot more or at least immerse your management experience
  8. Look at the name... also that hair must really boost that heading ability
  9. I think the board have a policy where they allocate only 25% for transfers unless you do so well and manage it well enough. I remember half way through the 1st season i was given a 100% to take over. Max wages dependant on team status never seems to move so players ignore it and the agents demand alot more. I tend to buy players and negotiate and if they don't like it tell them to sack their agents and go back in for them or leave them alone. Milenkovic savic wanted 250, told him do one, sacked his agents and then his other wanted 300 so I left it.
  10. Personally I think playing narrow and direct don't work that great on this FM, give it a try though and see how it works. Mezzala role probably act like a BBM in narrow formations but less defensive so i'd suggest an CM-A or AP-A. I'd also be wary about distributing to the playmaker who is likely matic/herrera/fred, it is direct you're going with so it maybe conflict and may stress the DM out if they're not composed/ready for the long ball to them. Also always use the offside trap when playing a higher defense line, i played it without the offside trap in first 2/3 months and conceded loads and then when I put it on it reduced massively. This is just my opinion though so it's up to you. CB De ligt (bid first time you sign in usually 20-35m), DM tonali- similar payment, RB sidibe around 30m mark, CM milenkovic savic 60-70 maybe more or less, RW chiesa 40-60m. Make sure you do the bidding though. I spent alot in my first transfer window and missed out on RW but the season after I got around 140m to spend so it works in favour of both ways as long as you improve the devilish squad.
  11. Wow that's amazing, yeah wingbacks/fullbacks are heavily useful in this years FM, they cross alot but also make things happen. I have gedson in my 2nd season as a BBM and does alright much better than the crap in the first season. Seems he's useful as a mezzala. Your tactics are very similar to mine except I use 4-2-3-1, I might have to try this to get the best out of the wide players whom seem to score less often. Your players attributes overall seem to increase quite well too, might have to try this and see if it works better. You've got a strong bench, your wages must be high certainly with that that 2nd team aswell.
  12. Lol congrats man, big signing after getting rid of one of the best players in the game. Im quite chuffed that you have him at 300k still, he earns around 315 atm but FM will probably have lowered it too 275k. Bet his add ons are incredibly high. What are your tactics and formations, love to see how you've done this well. Also 28 assists with tiereny that's crazy. Mbappe's ratings are lower than expected with that kind of goal scoring record.
  13. Well I used to play 4-2-3-1 but really hated the AP role as they were ball hoggers, AM was just an attacking mid to score and barely create almost like the fergie 4-4-2 with rooney behind RVP. Moved away from that to a 433 for 19 and can safely say the DM roles are all quite similar in what they do. Anyways I think you're right but if today proved anything is that 442 isn't great for modern football unless you have a beast like messi (barca deserved more ). Heavily dependant on roles against certain games where as the classic 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 you can use the same roles and still get away with it. I still think the IF's should be more like attackers as we see in todays game more so than the strikers. I don't think i'll ever change to a 2 striker formation, doesn't suit me but if you try it maybe it'll work
  14. Should've clarified as a lone striker that is, apologies. Very similar to what I tend to do, tweak the width to going narrow, that might help and close off wide spaces although it would hinder you in some games. I understand that from a logical view but it's worked a couple of times i've tried it. I put greenwood in a cup game and he was awful as an advanced forward alone, changed his to a f9 and stayed central and made things happen. Ended up scoring 2 goals, thats my best example for that role so try it in a weaker/less important game and see how it works. True but complete forwards are heavily dependant on your passing range, so if its short passing or lower then he'll act like a lewondowski/higuain type player. His attributes are mehhh for it but he does do well some games ive chose to use when he doesn't get with the game.
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