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  1. How has his pace gone up? Decisions should be at least 14, heading 15, workrate 13 ish.
  2. Well I was gonna try the demo first but i'd be happy to pass the mantle on Might be best to wait for the full release as player changes can still be made
  3. I'll set one up when I get it or if someone wants to take the mantle for this year then please go ahead
  4. Just want a quick gauge on fm22 thread: Would people want this kept as an fm21 thread and someone to make a new one? or would it be best to edit the title and keep this one carried on for fm22 (would probably need a new page dedicated to the new team and screen shots)?
  5. Fm15 was very solid but FM17 takes it for me. Attacking, pressing and roles felt correct and the only major issue was the defensive covering but I feel it was less of an issue compared to other ME's. FM21 is great for the ME but for some reason I haven't played it as much as 17, dunno why cause I actually like it. 17 just makes me wanna stay on for years, on +7k hours atm, FM21 7 hours
  6. Reminds me of a poor mans James rodriguez Yeah agreed, I think it was "work this space" that had an early united save and he made him into one of the best players in the team and was outstanding. I ended up buying him, had a few decent games and then fell off a cliff cause he just didnt do anything apart from dribble. Also noticed he doesnt even dribble and use his pace half of the time, better as a winger down the left than RW/RM
  7. I have him and lets just say his workrate and fitness are big issues. Obviously different for everyone but he has 1 good game in like 8 for me, so I use him as a sub, but diallo seems the better option for me.
  8. Pass map as shown above looks great and much more realistic, i'd go as far as saying it's the best its been since any of them came out, very updated and looks accessable easier than previous years. Animations im still skeptical but im glad it's going in the right direction, I was hoping to skip this year as i've not played 21 alot, infact 200 hours isn't great by anyones standards but i may actually buy 22. Keep em coming SI!!
  9. Barely played 21 but I might Might have to make a new thread for the big man himself
  10. Been a hit and miss for some iirc, people got rid and got haaland in
  11. Imagine thinking Slabhead and Dan james could clutch a UCL tie Updated database will be a beauty for us. All we'd need to do is buy one DM and get rid of fred, jesse and Jones
  12. probably best to ask in bugs section Obviously it'll be different for everyone but either of those formation should work. Ronaldo should be an advanced forward/poacher simply because hes the best goalscorer, you want him scoring goals and less setting up play because hes better further up however for AF his dribbling and first touch will be good, just his workrate might make it harder to work against tough teams. 433- Sancho RW, Bruno CM, pogba CM, 4231- Sancho RW, bruno CAM, Pogba, CM/CDM As for instructions its all on you to pick.
  13. Depends how you use him, lone striker? (AF, Complete forward, poacher? etc.) Individual training, team training, morale? I used him RW in a 4231 formation and he was clutch when I needed goals and some people have him as an absolute monster in this thread
  14. Only notable difference is his crossing was 10 or 11 I think and maybe teamwork was 14 instead of 16, apart from that looks similar.
  15. That I can agree with however, if he was in a different system with a CDM then he'd probably look/be better overall. Yesterday he drove with the ball and made some huge strides and opened up space, not watched him enough to know if he does that reguluarly but it worked. Kalvin phillips is more of the ball progressor though in this side and yesterday mount was barely seen but thats cause of Kane dropping so deep. Mount/Grealish/Foden can all play as 8's just they're better off closer to goal
  16. Rather having him read the game further up than the defensive line, he's an anchor/ball winner in CDM and is aggressive, he'd be a waste to have that in CB when he can protect the backline alot better.
  17. Just gonna say this, they're taking their runner up medals off... expecting the same reaction this time around
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