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  1. I too have that setting on, i looked up online and the reset did okay for some so hopefully it does when i go on it later. Not sure how that works though, I can play through games but then the battery keeps on going even when the ps5 is off, strange one. Edit: It's working!!
  2. Having issues with the controller, if I turn my ps off while the controller is fully charged, next time I turn it on, the battery is dead Hopefully a controller reset works but if not might have to get in touch with sony, luckily I ended up buying another controller with the package deal
  3. Yup the TTK is longer on CW, i prefer it too tbf, you can recover quicker from it where as in MW, as you said, die within seconds lol
  4. I think i was more surprised by it than anything, so different from the other CW shows/DC tie ins. I dont know much about his kids so i wouldnt know that but i did think they acted like brothers but one was more annoying than the other for sure, too cliche. No doubt they'll numb him down if it goes on too long and yeah his first appearance on it was classic clark and the next few episodes until they meshed him up with the terrible thing supergirl became.
  5. Might aswell just watch the Superman & Lois show that CW are putting out, pilot episode was rather good and much more grounded... Wonder how they're doing it, DCEU style or stand alone, either way im done with JJ, butchered star wars and spiderman within a few years
  6. He's so gooooooddd!! But i get it, did the same thing with de ligt on 20, although i blame the game more than him some solid tanks there, you see i go for someone whos semi tall that can head the ball and someone who has positioning of 15-16+ with 14 pace as minimum that way they can recover in most areas. 3 players world class and all for free, wow, I rate thauvin over depay but tonali wow just wow. Camavinga is on my shortlist but he seems more defensive, I need to see if he can become a playmaker who has good flair and strong mentals cause atm he seems like a DLP and type like carrick
  7. If that doesn't sum up every souls game then I dunno what does
  8. I would but some unpredictablity around the US market atm, for long term gain possibly and as WLKRAS said, indexes are going up. Yeah my mate has got into it recently and was +400 few weeks back and is cut in at -200 today but has since recovered around 80.
  9. Tbf US market has been shafted today, and with wall street setting expectations for the next phase of covid, its no surprise before it bounces come april/may
  10. Bit of a weak month although a lot of people will like final fantasy. maquette releasing as a free game. Missed out on some ps2 classic there
  11. Just finished it and wow I wasnt expecting that start. Chaos magic seems to be focal point, seeing agatha be the good person but not so good makes me believe something else is happening. We've seen nothing to suggest that chaos magic has caused chaos apart from wanda trying to save lives but dealt a killing blow in civil war which was completely accidental. Not even an appearance of monica huh, well guess next week's we finally see what happens. Wanda being a nexus being counteracts the chaos line though which confused me a little, i can see agatha try and molde into chaos magi
  12. Doubt they will, made a game thats too big in rep and in size. Agreed, thats why I always google search them, i think ps give the base to start the application rather than the full game
  13. I think they're pretty straight forward tbf, you gotta think that if they've made debuts then thats fine, some players you can tell who will become good and wont for united level that is. I think the potential for most PA3*+ players will be championship/low end prem level. If you play them enough with training you'll see the CA go up, i think some will be fixed and some will be flexible depending on how you/loan clubs develop them. There'll be only a handfull that will make it, our u18's look pretty strong but again only some will make it. Thats the thing with youngsters, they may have th
  14. If you get full access to MP then yeah its around 120, the free access will have had the old version and then once the base was finished then added the updated version. I believe when they did that free week access a couple months back it was very dodgy, had to go through hoops to find it and download it, said it was only 25gb and turned out to be around 70gb. On xbox and PC it was completely fine, it's like they've made a deal with sony to completely lie about their size and then even increase it so you have to delete games/buy external storage.
  15. The answer is in the name of the service I woulda thought Iplayer and the catch up on itv would pretty much cover it all?
  16. I was watching Marley13 last night and the new SMG just shreds at close range cause it's fire rate is probably as quick as mac10 or even quicker. He made a vid on the FARA and he said if you can control the recoil then you've got a good gun on your hands cause it does do damage but both vertical and horizontal are crazy. New season on CW has been a waste, new map apocolypse is a maze, free battlepass is below par at best and they've only added gun game mode
  17. You should've seen the TLOU2 thread
  18. Yakuza like a dragon, no mans sky and final fantasy 7 remake is rumoured to be on for march but wont be surprised if we find out this weekend sometime or today even.
  19. You get given one with the ps5/controller. I do the same but the constant charging IF you have the heptic feedback on is just annoying ( I even have another controller ).
  20. I usually have a balanced pairing of CB's, if you've managed to make him 3rd choice then im all for it. Although ill need to strip him of captaincy after jan and i dunno how he'll take that... Having Skriniar next to Kounde is like a god send, if only If we could see that IRL , im still baffled how i got skriniar for 45m, stupidly good although I could do with improving his mentals a bit more, hopefully kounde covers for him. I shoulda loaned out tuanzebe, might do it before trn window ends hopefully push him for 6 months and see how he's done.
  21. https://earthsky.org/?p=350163 Full snow moon on 27th feb
  22. Kena looks promising but seems too safe and quite generic to gameplay. Animated visuals look pretty cool Deathloop looked ok on first showcase but im getting sold with that fast agressive gameplay
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