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  1. You're right! I got that from the FMSweden update. However, Swedish Goalkeeper of the year 2001 was Lars Eriksson (Hammarby), not Magnus Hedman And its a strange Roma for Robin Olsen in 2018 (Swedish Goalkeeper of the Year), it says: AS Roma (ROM) And if possible, please retire number 10 from Hammarby (Kennedy Bakircioglu, its retired until 2029)
  2. when creating a save, the swedish teams for season 2021, are still the same as for last season 2020 (when starting the season feb/mar 2021), can you please fix this?
  3. the teams participating in the swedish league system for 2021, are the ones for 2020.. please fix this if i start a save in 2021, helsingborg and falkenberg are still in the top division
  4. is this one: Daveincid's Transfer Preferences file in your file more updated than: DB - Realistic Transfer Preferences v2.0 by majesticeternity and Daveincid ?
  5. is the latest transfer preference an update to: DB - Realistic Transfer Preferences v2.0 by majesticeternity and Daveincid ?
  6. during the transfer window 2021/22, i got taken over twice within a period of a month
  7. i am coach for sweden u19 and im stuck at "team selection" and i cant start the game..
  8. Whats the name of the centre panel, with the stadium+pl logo? its looks amazing!
  9. That A-squad players in La Liga play one friendly for the B-squad, which makes the history looks terrible, look at Ferland Mendy or Carvajal for an example: Cant stand this and makes me not wanting to loan my players out to La liga-clubs
  10. Great skin! I would like to add the stadium pic also to the indiviual stadium page, how do I do that? And, also third kits arent showing on "club info", how do I add them? How do I fix the background logo behind the faces?
  11. That's great, thank you! How do I add the stadium pic to the when actually click on the stadium?
  12. Any idea where I should place the "Citypics" folder?, it doesnt show up properly in the boxes as it should..
  13. When I try to download the version 1.5 and once I open the folders, they appear as 1.1. Is it still the version 1.5, eventhough it says 1.1? Great skin btw!
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