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  1. With your LOE/Mentality combination he has no space to work in. Perhaps drop the LOE to standard and change his role to a support duty. I am not sure what his individual mentality would be on support but it's worth a try. Also the CF role is very demanding, I know Parrot develops nicely in Fm20 but I have no idea what he's like in 21, how good is he for you? Does he have the right attributes to play the role?
  2. What exactly is that based on? I'm not sure how you've read the OP and come away with this advice tbh, by all accounts the AP is working fine but the game isn't reflecting that with the player ratings.
  3. Zero threat from midfield, two wingers with very attacking mentality (due to you playing on positive) which means they're going to be so far ahead of your two static midfielders that build up is going to be very difficult. Puig has abysmal work rate and isn't very fast, he would excel further up the pitch with little to no defensive responsibility. As a DLP in a counter pressing 442 your midfield is going to get torn to shreds. I think you really need to address your squads strengths and weaknesses before coming up with another tactic otherwise you're going to continue to run into
  4. I don't think you've really addressed the point, instead you called out the users shots on target and ignored the issue at hand which is defensive teams being able to pass the ball around and rack up crazy pass numbers and possession. Again, 300 passes between two cbs and a keeper is not normal or acceptable.. It's great you can achieve those numbers, I have managed it myself throughout my time with FM20, but consistently for an entire season? No way, once your reputation increases after competing for leagues you will face this issue at some point, obviously adapting is part of football, howev
  5. There it is, the "it's your tactic argument". Look at the opposition CB's passing stats, that is an absurd number of passes. When you add in the keeper, we're looking at 300 passes between those three players alone. For reference I beat Juventus earlier with my Milan team, we had 57% possession and not even my midfield three have 200 passes between them let alone over 300.
  6. You're going to have to post your tactic if you want help
  7. thanks mate. It's frustrating this has to be said over and over, it feels as if the OP doesn't want help, he wants to argue. This thread is a complete waste of time until the OP provides proof of him taking the information provided in this thread and applying it to a team then reporting back what he's found. Rather than arguing about the mentality and whether or not Mouirnho would use play out of defence
  8. There's your problem again, taking the mentality names at face value rather than understanding what it actually does, I'd argue it's a problem SI need to clear up in future versions but you've been told a few times now what it actually does and you still ignore it. About your part in bold, this is exactly what the positive mentality does, players will take more risks in their passes and your transitions are quicker, nothing about Mourinho's Real side would be on the cautious mentality, I'd even argue for that specific team they would be on the attacking mentality with two DMs and
  9. When I'm on my PC tomorrow I'll have a look into it for you. I know the wingers both had close down more as a PI to stop teams from dominating me down the flanks, but not too sure on the rest
  10. Here you go, from an old save file I had. I took over a poor Napoli side in 2028, two years of building them I won a title playing without counter pressing or high press. 25 goals conceded is a little too high for my liking (four of those goals were scored by Juve in a single one off game so not representative of the tactic as a whole), but with better players I think I could get it between 15-20. The tactic worked very simply, we'd win the ball back in our half/in midfield, and break quickly due to the positive mentality and certain PPMs my DLP had (switch ball to the other flank
  11. I'd keep an eye on how the striker 'presses'. It's the one downside to this formation, because he's on his own you'll usually find him charging around the opposition backline trying to win the ball back, but due to being heavily outnumbered the first line of the press will be bypassed.
  12. See how deep all their players are? They have 8 players camped in their half so if they are playing on a cautious/defensive mentality they will play it among themselves until they hoof it back to you because they have no options. The way FM calculates possession is different to irl so you are going to have this issue whenever playing against these types of teams. As long as you are completing more passes than them and scoring goals don't focus on the possession stat.
  13. You are given your players no room to play in at all. Attacking mentality and three attack duties up front will see your front three isolated, along with the pass into space and high LOE and DL you're leaving no room at all for your players to play in. Ibanez has the PPM 'plays with back to goal' and at your level looks OK at holding the ball up, I'd change him to a DLF-S so he can link play with your midfield. The right winger has a gets forward whenever possible PPM so doesn't need an attack duty (especially on attacking mentality). He can't cross so he's wasted as a winger, may
  14. Sandro Wanger, Szalai? I don't watch RBL so I don't know how Poulsen plays but this is just wrong. I understand the OPs thinking with the direct passing and play out of defence, not sure I would play on positive with this set up but I don't think he's far off of replicating Nagelsmann, especially his Hoffenheim side
  15. As already pointed out, the way possession is measured is not indicative of how the game is going, look at the action zones and you'll see that. Teams who come and sit off you will use lower mentalities which makes their players prone to keeping hold of the ball and rarely making forward passes, with your deep formation I struggle to see how you'll win the ball back efficiently too. You also aren't using roles set up for possession football imo, the wingers will be really wide and the AF will offer little in the build up, but it's working for you so don't rip it up. I'd just take i
  16. I get you're trying to help but please stop being so obtuse. He wants a full back and sit narrow to the CBs while the other full back attacks down the flank. So the full back is the third CB, not the Halfback. It couldn't be any simpler than that.
  17. I don't even understand what a carrillero does in a system with wingers. I may be off base here but surely it's a redundant role? I'd only ever use it in a lone wide man system. Experienced Defender is right, you won't keep the ball with your tempo settings, you're rushing your players for no reason. A winger isn't great for possession (plus Pepe as a winger? he has 10 crossing.. get him cutting inside and scoring, that's what he good at), he's high and wide and probably has the CWB getting in his way. Your players are really disjointed, the Anchor man is going to sit really deep
  18. So I'm managing Arsenal in 2027 and have just been offered an interview for the SV Sandhausen job?? They're in Bundesliga 2. First off, they couldn't afford to buy out my contract if I were interested Second, I didn't apply for the job Third my manager reputation is double that of the club itself. Probably the strangest thing to happen to me on FM in years.
  19. Plenty of people care mate. It's not enjoyable winning games creating no chances and bundling in a set piece, some of us play this game to try and implement our ideal football and when it's not working then we want answers. He didn't say anything about a plug'n'play so why are you mentioning 'exploit tactics'?, he just wants help. But he does need to post his tactic first obviously.
  20. How good are those front 4 at pressing? What's their work rate, stamina, bravery? I see a lot of generic "split block" advice on here, but if your forward players are lazy and won't run, you are just asking to be overwhelmed by good teams.
  21. Are you still playing Woods/Allen in the middle?
  22. no they aren't. in real life they are literally the same formation because the way FM interprets formations isn't the same as IRL.
  23. what is with my wide players stopping on the touchline and losing the ball? i see it at least every 3 or so games and it results in either a CCC or a goal. They'll have a cross field ball pinged to them, then they'll stop (turn I assume, I'm not watching in 3d) and the opposition disposes them and my flank is empty. Next time it happens I am going to watch it in 3d because there is no explanation for this happening other than a buggy match engine
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