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  1. I is possible when transferring out from the English Leagues I forgot to do a clean-up to make sure all clubs in England were back in England fully. It is an easy task to forget as it doesn't affect the game much if you mostly look at the main nation. I am curious to know how you spotted it, was it just in passing? Either that or it is a weird bug, it was not anything intentional!
  2. I posted a template file without my changes to avoid this issue, should be on the download thread.
  3. A similar approach but I would need to research continental club and international competitions for the region to ensure it would work.
  4. I am stealing this idea...
  5. I didn’t create any players. Teams mostly had them in and the DB has a load which I identified from birth city. All players based in the nation with no birth city also got nationality. Plus I duplicated 100 people for England for each city/town in the nation, I changed the duplicates nationality and city of birth then set them to retired. This gave a huge boost to the name pool! Anyone foreign with enough days soon converted nationality too, the only ones I did were a handful of English people who had their days in nation adjusted so they would change nationality. That I would s
  6. Not noticed anything, I’m 5 years in to my save and everything seems to have stabilised.
  7. Have you checked out my Lincs & Cambs thread? I have a CIS added to Europe file ready to go there.
  8. How did you get rid of the weird rules? What were they?
  9. This or pre-1922 Ireland are the best. Ive got a pre-edited downloadable on my Lincs and Cambs thread that saves the need to do it yourself.
  10. Take a look at a nation an leagues that has the level of activity you want and try to replicate that.
  11. I think transfer preferences might help but in the end attractiveness will have an impact as will league rep. Some leagues just wont have the same level of activity as others unless you overhaul all the things that impact it.
  12. I am finding some minor bugs like issues with award names in league 1. Going to make some tweaks next time I have free time. So far its amazingly playable and a heck of a lot of fun. Finances need a bit of tweaking down to make it more challenging but maybe that is because I don't have any big costs yet as wage budget is under 70k a week. Its always hard to balance progressing of the league (more euro cup places etc) and giving teams too much money so finance balancing isnt a challenge. Maybe it will be more challenging in the next few seasons, I make cash buying youngsters
  13. I think .200 works, TBH I tried random numbers that looked right until i got the places I wanted. For Fifa ranking I give my team starting points just under the bottom placed team so they don't have to catch up too much. For names I fill each town with at least 100 names that fit what I want. These players are all retired so make no impact on the gameplay and give a wide variety of names for the game to generate from. Best of luck!
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