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  1. It could a reputation thing. What are the league reputations? My leagues have teams turning pro from semi pro after a season, if they get promoted from the third tier to the second.
  2. Take a look at some example work from the download section
  3. I have a heavily edited DB in a custom country overwriting CIS and I had three links form. My league has teams playing about 44-46 games a season in the third tier (which I am winning the league in) so pressure to rotate isn't high therefore my players play together week in week out bar injuries and two heavy periods in October and March (Xmas slows down as does the end of the season unless you have a cup run going). My starting DM and CM have a link, my right midfield and right back do as do my two ST. My left side has the most rotation so there is no link there, same goes for the CBs where I have struggled with injuries and bans (yellow card limits are harsh to encourage rotation).
  4. I think they are lost from this site but FM Scout still has some which are easily found there. Maybe I should write some new ones if people are still making these types of DBs. I thought they died out long ago.
  5. Have you watched my videos and read my instructions Also please don’t start multiple threads on the same subject. We are already helping you in the first one. All the info you need is in my DB, videos and written guides. I have some extra stuff once you have the basics sorted. No editor here will do the work for you, we don’t have the time. We also want you to learn and the best way is to do it yourself.
  6. I have lots of guides on this. CIS and pre-1922 Ireland have worked in the past. https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm12-regional-nation-database-creation-guide.html Both are a bit dated but check out my Lincs & Cambs nation in the download section as an example for the newer bits. I have a few tips and tricks about how to get the names correct. Any Qs let me know.
  7. Apologies, I keep messing up my steam file, if you do a certain think it stops you being able to update the file, I have manged to make the same mistake 2 times in a row... Please resubscribe for the minor cosmetic fixes if you want them.
  8. Pity we don’t see things like England C in FM
  9. 2.10 I just left them in there due to lazyness, should have cleaned up the folder and removed them. Hopefully no harm.
  10. Make a file just for publishing. Publish to that and to the workshop. Then resume editing on your original file. When publishing again save over the previous file to upload and publish to workshop again. This is the only method I know that works.
  11. Maybe there are methods we are probably not allowed to discuss here in case of infarction?
  12. Have you looked at previous versions of your editor data folder? I don’t know about the option you have ticked. Did you make your own versions along the way?
  13. There is a number of dual nationals but all English only players are now Lincs & Cambs (I came up with “Lintabrigian” to describe the new locals. Mix of Cantabrigian and Lincoln (Lindum). If someone was Scottish/English they are now Scottish/Lintab. The only exception is any player who has caps for England in any form, they should retain England as 1st nation and Lintab as second. I have also of course tried to retain declaration for other nations where reasonable. The second nationality helps towards league rules around minimum number of nationals in a team. My aim was to give the opportunity to switch to my nation where appropriate and not force anything unless already indicated via caps.
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