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    Spends time making databases for Lincolnshire and generally help people around the forum with PC and Editor issues. Running the Regional Databases thread and generally promoting Regional databases. Managing Grimsby or Grimsby Borough.

    Chandlers Ford Golf Academy Club Champion 2012

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    Cambridge / Lincs & Humber Database


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    Golf, editing databases for FM

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    Grimsby Borough

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  1. Flares

    Get them out the game IMO, bad example
  2. Too late for DB changes now?

    I've got to alternate years with FM now and only buy evens.
  3. Editor development

    Ive been super busy being a parent so pretty much given up on editing. My decision to rebuild my nation from scratch was a good one but took months instead of weeks. I think the whole pre-game editor needs a refresh, new UI, new ways of doing things... Just a fresh take completly. I would love it to be more powerful and user friendly but that would mean making it like a game of its own. At least stadium editing stuff would a good start!
  4. How do you use FM 2017 Editor?

    C= Could be many causes. Firstly is your file actually loading into the game? Secondly are they are just not being loaded from your file, you need to load enough players and load the right leagues/countries etc. Other less possibble causes but those are the most common two.
  5. Old Files On New Version?

    From the very first year you could I imported up, I think I did it two or three years running. The same base converted up and up again! Redid it from scratch for 17 due to errors, mine however, not due to import.
  6. Creating a new nation

    Download my Lincs & Humber nation made from England if you need an example. Try following this, still works; iF NOTIve also got some guides up in some of the Regional Database threads on here. Need to search them out or my created post history.
  7. Idea for a DB edit - anyone fancy making this?

    These ideas sound fun, especially to those who came up with them. I say what I always say, have a go yourself! You had the idea, you have the want, you have the drive. Someone else is more than likely to hit a block and stop or get bored. They want to develop their own ideas instead. If you want it to exist, make it happen!
  8. Lincs & Humber 2017

    FInally finished it. Toddler, house move, Xmas and busy job aside... Steam Workshop Download link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=851974394 Forum download page: https://community.sigames.com/forum/117-editors-hideaway-download-forum/
  9. Merging Custom Database With Winter Update

    I usually do all the work, play a lot then when the update comes out make the necessary adjustments then re-release my work. The update doesn't mean anything to me as it has little effect on my content. What is your content as the edits you make have a big impact on the answer.
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=851974394 Lincolnshire and the estuary side part of Humberside break off as a separate nation from England. Made up of 3 playable leagues, three playable cups and a playable national team. Has a total of 34 playable clubs and a total of over 70 clubs in the nation. I have also added players to teams where information was known. Premier Division http://imgur.com/08Ph54C Championship http://imgur.com/1vGd8kW National Division http://imgur.com/Bz0g1xJ National Team http://imgur.com/ovnPTE3
  11. How to create club in an imaginary city?

    Ever been? My boss used to live there, the stories are hilarious. sounds like a fun place to live but also strange and scary!
  12. Presenting the 'CORNISH INDEPENDENCE CHALLENGE' edit.

    Cool! almost done with my Lincolnshire one. i can't believe I've been doing this sort of stuff since 2006!
  13. TV games after league split

    Got a league that splits half way through. befoew the split I have it so that all games are televised. I've set it just how I want it using the move for TV rules. when the league splits, they play 16 more games but only 3 or so are televised... i would like it to continue using my move for TV rules but it just seems to not do anything close to what I want, just looks silly. any idea what's going on?
  14. Trouble with new nation edit

    This is always the first hurdle for anyone editing extinct nations. it is as simple as changing a word from false to true on the correct line of the correct file using notepad. the issue is always helping someone find it. you are not the first an and you wont be the last. It's the same every year and has been for as long as I can remember...