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  1. I wonder if transfer preferences would help prevent it, to a larger degree anyway.
  2. It has only taken me 15 years of FM to consider advanced rules (no idea what year they were introduced) but actually they are not that bad... I think I have what I wanted working! Silly me! I will post up some screenshots when working. EDIT: It seems to work for 2 seasons then it gets a couple of bits wrong... I just wish I could have some indication of why the game does what it does so I can fix it!
  3. New season, so taking last years finishing positions to decide who goes into the group stage (0) and then the top teams from the top league go in at the knockout stage (1). I am doing this to stop clashes of domestic cup group stage and continental competitions.
  4. I would like to grab certain teams from a league for a group stage. I seem to have cracked getting teams placed 5th to 8th out of 10. The two relegated teams are picked up by grabbing all teams from the league below. This leaves me with the two promoted teams, one finished 1st and one won the playoffs. How do I get those last two into my cup? I am baffled as to how I grab these two clubs! I have thought of sorting the current league somehow but not sure of the best way to do that, I just seem to end up with the top 2 each time!
  5. I is possible when transferring out from the English Leagues I forgot to do a clean-up to make sure all clubs in England were back in England fully. It is an easy task to forget as it doesn't affect the game much if you mostly look at the main nation. I am curious to know how you spotted it, was it just in passing? Either that or it is a weird bug, it was not anything intentional!
  6. I posted a template file without my changes to avoid this issue, should be on the download thread.
  7. A similar approach but I would need to research continental club and international competitions for the region to ensure it would work.
  8. I didn’t create any players. Teams mostly had them in and the DB has a load which I identified from birth city. All players based in the nation with no birth city also got nationality. Plus I duplicated 100 people for England for each city/town in the nation, I changed the duplicates nationality and city of birth then set them to retired. This gave a huge boost to the name pool! Anyone foreign with enough days soon converted nationality too, the only ones I did were a handful of English people who had their days in nation adjusted so they would change nationality. That I would say is the hardest bit but was time well spent.
  9. Not noticed anything, I’m 5 years in to my save and everything seems to have stabilised.
  10. Have you checked out my Lincs & Cambs thread? I have a CIS added to Europe file ready to go there.
  11. How did you get rid of the weird rules? What were they?
  12. This or pre-1922 Ireland are the best. Ive got a pre-edited downloadable on my Lincs and Cambs thread that saves the need to do it yourself.
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