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  1. Good idea! One overPre-1922 ireland and one over CIS? Unless we can make nations from scratch now? Ive always wanted to do a multi nation edit, maybe now is the time to do one. If I make them over seperate nations I might be able to combine them or load them both together.
  2. Going to be interesting. Would be fun to see how the population of Lincs & Humber vote on the brexit... If we can get it to work. If not then it will be interesting nonetheless. Having skipped FM16 its going to be fun going back to editing again. Still planning to do it from scratch if the import looks messy.
  3. I will get FM17 in the new year I think. Remaking L&H from scratch is one idea, also toying with combining it with the county I currenty live in, they share a nice boarder too:
  4. Well not wanting to make a new thread I thought I would pull this one back as its relevant. My wee one is now well through his first year and more! He loves my PC, loves sitting in the chair, playing with the game pad, wearing the headphones (and eating the mic) and pushing the mouse and keyboard around. I guess FlickJ's one is now 2! Time flies! Ive mostly been playing a few games on the PC, nothing heavy like before but I do still dabble in FM15. Took Grimsby Boro up the divisions in one save and now doing a Lincs & Humber nationality only Grimsby side (bar some loanees). I am thinking of returning around the new year with FM17, considering starting from scratch with the DB (copying over data) so no to bring across all the legacy rubbish (read a stronger word here) I have accumilated from using the same base set of changes since we could first import them up a game! I don't think SI intended it to get imported over and over and over but it works! Anyhoo enough ramblings... back to my old FM15 save...
  5. It goes either way, I try to match them and sit back myself, using the extra man. A change in tactics to try and retain possession and play the ball around may work, long balls and deep crosses are pointless against a team sitting deep.
  6. Transfer it all over to CIS or pre-1922 ireland might help. Those two are still the best to overwrite. Just need to set the continent, which requires a value change in a text file to allow that to be edited.
  7. Add playable players, needs to be over 200. If the DB does not have them then duplicate and (or not if you are lazy) some of the low CA/PA players, refs etc. For nations with English names I usually just import a few really low CA/PA english players and wipe their birth city, takes seconds and has instant effect.
  8. Firstly, use CIS or pre-1922 ireland, change the continent to Europe (google or search on here how as you need to edit a .txt file setting from false to true) or another continent if you are not bothered about continental football. If you do want continental football then there is a method for that. As for clubs and countries etc the clubs need (I think) to be in the nation BUT the stadia do not. Put them all in the nations you want. There are others ways to do this and make it work, I have not tried basing a single satellite league in another nation but it MIGHT work (again never tried it but its worth having a go).
  9. Move it all to CIS or Pre-1922 ireland instead, no name issues.
  10. Im still on 15 with my Lincs & Humber, its not too much effort to update it each year but I cant justify buying a new game ATM with a baby in the house!
  11. Cant change the population. As for the international competitions, you need to do a few things. Set the nation continent to Europe, needs to allow this to be changed, should be a link in this thread at the top to do that. Then bump Azerbaijan or similar to Asia. Might need to kick a small Asian country out to make room. Finally make sure nation is full fifa member. Check my vids:
  12. CIS or Pre-1922 Ireland. Watch these
  13. See my youtube for help, its a little old but it still works
  14. Best way is to overwrite a nation like Pre-1922 ireland or CIS and add your own people. Try adding a load of low CA players, non players or refs from your chosen nation. These then give you the name pools you want.