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    Spends time making databases for Lincolnshire and generally help people around the forum with PC and Editor issues. Running the Regional Databases thread and generally promoting Regional databases. Managing Grimsby or Grimsby Borough.

    Chandlers Ford Golf Academy Club Champion 2012

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  1. I have been editing since 2006, I have always made lots of backups and used cloud/NAS backups... I was lazy and didn't make a new file after tweaking an edit for a couple of weeks. I opened it, closed it and tried to open it again... "Cant open file". It happens to anyone... no one is safe! SAVE OFTEN and make LOTS of new files.
  2. If you mean load them can you not do that during game setup? Loading lots of players may affect processing speed. The editor can have hundreds of thousands of players in it but you still need to tell the game to load them.
  3. I make a spreadsheet and plot out all the dates Here is an example of one I use. I look in game to see how many games are played each month to work out where I need to move fixtures. Lincs Calc.ods
  4. I am waiting for new nation creation to be a thing... One day... one day (been waiting since join date).
  5. Glad I am still on FM17, all working well here. I was going to pre-order FM19 but I only play on my Lincs & Humber Database,
  6. To get your teams to play in the first season you need to swap with teams already in the competition on the competition teams screen. Its a long list of teams playing in the cup, just pick some teams at the level you want. I usually pick from the bottom.
  7. I agree its possible but has many MANY limitations based on experience in previous versions. Maybe its changed, maybe it hasnt. You can always switch all your edits to an extinct nation and make it playable if the former doesnt work.
  8. For non-advanced editor stuff I have been bring across edits for years without issue using the inbuilt importer. I have to make some additional edits for new things and clean up some old edits but generally 90% of it works. I spend my time tidying up instead of creating new. For simple things its not hard at all but the more complicated the more risk it wont work. Doesn't mean its not fixable though...
  9. Never needed it until today. Needs must I guess! Scare myself when I see my join date... I still know so little compared to most.
  10. My idea about setting old winners just screwed it up. Will use your suggestion. Im just shocked my idea seems to be working, advanced editor has always scared me (yup 11 years editing and never touched it until today, check my join date!).
  11. I see your confusion, its a main league as normal and a cup with group stages. I pull teams from the playable leagues into the cup. I want to exclude the winners and runner up of the top league from the cup group stages, later joining at the knockout rounds. I think I have it working but had to set the finishing positions for the previous year to make it pick the correct firs teams to exclude in the first year rather than two random ones.
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