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  1. Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 3-1 Banik Ostrava Neubauer neutralises Banik Panic Goals: Aleksandar Neubauer (19, 30) Francesco Deli (88) PoM: Aleksandar Neubauer (goals 2, Assists 1, Rating 9.2) Attendance 8024 Czech FA Cup 4th round Bohemians 3-1 Teplice Teplice tamed in the rain Goals: Jaroslav Slama (29), Zdenek Linhart (45 +1), Damjan Bohar (90 +2) PoM: Jhon Valoy (Assists 2, Rating 8.7) Assistance 3918 Czech First Division Jablonec 2-3 Bohemians 1905 Linhart bags brace with return to form Goals: Aleksandar Neubauer (16) Zdenek Linhart (17, 69) PoM: Zdenek Linhart (Goals 2, Rating 8.8) Attendance: 338 Travelling fans Champions League Group D Man City 2-1 Bohemians 1905 City take revenge in Manchester Czech First Division Sigma Olomouc 0-1 Bohemians 1905 Shamsin shoots down Sigma Goals: Feiz Shamsin (5) PoM: Davide Cinaglia (Rating 8.0) Attendance: 322 Travelling fans Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 0-0 Banik Ostrava Bajza best not enough to secure win PoM: Maros Bajza (Rating 7.6) Attendance 7895 Champions League Group D Dortmund 2-3 Bohemians 1905 Bajza Bullet finishes off Dortmund There's now a new drink at the supporters bar called a Bajza Bullet. It's basically enough Slovakian Spirits to blow a hole in the back of your skull. Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 1-0 Slavia Prague Scapuzzi Scorcher Stuns Slavia Goals: Luca Scapuzzi (47) PoM: Luca Scapuzzi (Goals 1, Rating 8.3) Attendance: 8198 Champions League Group D Cinaglia sees red as Shakhtar steals draw We would have had to have lost and Dortmund pick up points against City to miss out on going through to the first-round knockout stage. Not sure how I feel about this as I think we could go deep into Europa with a favourable draw. All this does is ex Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 1-0 Mlada Boleslav Lone Linhart strike separates Bohemians and Boleslav Goals: Zdenek Linhart (67) PoM: Frantisek Krbecek (Rating 8.3) Attendance: 8198 Going into the midseason break with an 8-point turnaround. I honestly didn’t expect Plzen to drop the ball that badly. We need to make the most of this gap, I don’t want to be fighting at the end of the season with tired players. Looks like we got Juventus, I’m not too disappointed, we could have gotten Bayern, Real Madrid, or PSG, I really wanted Benfica or Napoli though. Hopefully we aren’t pillaged too badly when the transfer window opens. The big fish took notice of our performances and have come circling.
  2. Thanks @deltablue It was good football that won the game not just sit back and counter attack, though I did pull back a bit after our second. I also won that game while playing on the train so I got a few stares when I celebrated that victory.
  3. Season 2018/19 Starting the new season with some rankings increases in both the Czech Republic and Europe. Transfers A lot of youth that will either stay and help us build and either be sold on for a lot of money. Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 2-2 Sparta Prague Scapuzzi Saves Bohemians Blushes. Antonin Panenka disappointed in effort to replicate his penalty that would have won the match. Goals: Luca Scapuzzi (79, 83) Attendance 6125 Czech First Division Mlada Boleslav 0-2 Bohemians 1905 Super Shamsin seals win over Mlada Goals: Luca Scapuzzi (36), Feiz Shamsin (73) PoM: Feiz Shamsin (Goals 1, Assists 1, Rating 8.4) Attendance 250 Travelling Fans Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 1-1 Slovacko Early goal not enough for Bohemians Goals: Srdjan Spirodonovic (4) Attendance 6073 Czech First Division Viktoria Plzen 1-1 Bohemians 1905 Bohemians bottle another early lead Goals: Luca Scapuzzi (5) PoM: Frantisek Krbecek (Rating 7.3) Attendance 406 Travelling Fans Champions League Draw. Will be tough, hope to steal points from Shakhtar and get third in the group. Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 2-0 Slovan Liberec Bajza Brilliance Stuns Slovan Liberec Scapuzzi in career best form with 5th goal in 5 games. Goals: Maros Bajza (68), Luca Scapuzzi (72) PoM: Maros Bajza (Goals 1, Assists 1, Rating 8.9) Attendance: 5996 Czech First Division Teplice 1-2 Bohemians 1905 Dydowicz double defeats Teplice Goals: Daniel Dydowicz (18, 21) PoM: Daniel Dydowicz (Goals 2, Rating 9.0) Attendance 339 Travelling fans Champions League Group D Bohemians 1905 1-2 Dortmund Dortmund resist Deli Special in Eden Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 3-0 Brno Bohemians Batter Brno Neubauer off the mark for Bohemians with a brace Goals: Aleksandar Neubauer (17, 32) Srdjan Spiridonovic (50) Srdjan Spiridonovic (Goals 1, Assists 1, Rating 9.0) Attendance 5998 Czech FA Cup 3rd Round Olomouc Holice 0-2 Bohemians 1905 Bohemians Labour to victory Goals: Srdjan Spiridonovic (20) Jaroslav Slama (83) PoM: Jaroslav Slama (Goals 1, Assists 1, Rating 9.0) Attendance: 256 Travelling fans Czech First Division Dukla Prague 0-0 Bohemians 1905 Dukla Bohemians Draw again. PoM: Francesco Deli (rating 7.6) Attendance: 2038 Travelling fans Champions League Group D Shakhtar 0-1 Bohemians 1905 Shamsin Steals win in Donetsk Czech First Division Zlin 0-3 Bohemians 1905 Zlin Zilch Zero Zippo Goals: Jiri Jesinek (35), Daniel Dydowicz (42), Andrew Nabbout (75) PoM: Jaroslav Slama (assists 2, Rating 9.0) Attendance: 289 Travelling fans Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 2-0 Lokomotiva Vltavin Bohemians leave it late to derail Lokomotiva Goals: Roman Maeck (84), Srdjan Spiridonovic (90) PoM: Francesco Deli (Assists 1, Rating 8.3) Attendance: 8189 10 games in and we sit second to Viktoria Plzen, still plenty of time to overtake them. Disappointed in those early season draws but at least we got points from them. Champions League Group D Bohemians 1905 2-0 Man City Eden no paradise for City Well, this is a much better second placing. If we’d held on to the draw against Dortmund we’d be 3 points clear at the top. Now I need to make sure we're competitive away from home against Dortmund and Citeh and beat Shakhtar at Eden.
  4. Holy cow, that's a mo I'd have kill for to grow as a 16 year old.
  5. Czech First Division While last season we were pushed all the way by Sparta Prague, it was Slavia Prague that pushed us this season. While the table will show us as clear 8 point leaders we’d slipped to second on goal difference with three games to go after a mini slump that saw us pick up 1 point from 9. Let’s just say it was brown trousers time. Fortunately for us Slavia played Viktoria Plzen and Sparta Prague who couldn’t knock them out of second but were looking to cement their places in Europe. Even though we lost 2 more games than we did last season and conceded 3 more goals, we won 4 more games and scored 9 more goals. We had the second leading goal scorer in the competition and I thought he was rather inconsistent with his form. We scored 62 goals in the league, Zdenek Linhart scored 14 of them no one else scored more than 5 league goals. It is possibly the lone striker formation but Linhart didn’t play all games either. I do need to look for a second goal scorer. Champions League After scraping through the group stage in to the first knockout round. Bayern looked us up and down and we found ourselves out of our depth. 2 late firls half goals put Bayern up 3-0 going into the break and it was just a mountain too far. We pulled one back but were well and truly outclassed and put out of our misery with a 2-0 loss in Munich and 5-1 over all on aggregate. Czech FA Cup. We lost to Dukla Prague in the 4th round when we were expected to make the Quarter Final. Our only consolation is that Dukla went on to win the competition, so at least we were knocked out by the champions. Facilities After 1447 seats were added at the start of this season, another 1742 seats are being added this season bringing us up to 8189 capacity. Training and Youth Facilities are also being upgraded. Youth Intake Milan Marek, A defensive midfielder who has been labelled a once in a general product only problem is I don’t use defensive midfielders. He is competent in both central defence and central midfield so I may train him to one of those positions. Milan Prochazka, an attacking midfielder with plenty of flair who is also competent at striker, though with his finishing I hope I won’t be relying on his shooting. AMC is probably one of our stronger positions so maybe some intensive Striker training might be handy. Ondrej Jakubov, a central defender and the third of my high potential youth products. Probably a fair way from first team football just yet, but we’ll see.
  6. Question. If I chose Sydney, who have the sister city of Wellington, do I need to win the A-League with Both Sydney FC and Wellington Phoenix? (since there isn't a NZ league active in game.)
  7. Thanks, the pun subheadings are my favourite part of writing these. In fact the main reason for signing Francesco Deli was for the deli related puns I hope to use. (though he is a decent player for us also which helps.)
  8. I have a Karel Hrubes in goal for me at the moment, I might have to sack him on principle. I can’t take a chance they’re related.
  9. Champions League First Knockout Round Leg 1 Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 0-0 Slavia Prague Hamstrung Bohemians hindered by injuries. PoM: Enric Saborit (rating 7.3) Attendance 6447 Czech First Division Sigma Olomouc 1-2 Bohemians 1905 Scapuzzi Special Sinks Sigma Goals: Luca Scapuzzi (15), Tomas Cizek (62) PoM: Luca Scapuzzi (Goals 1 Assists 1 Rating 8.3) Attendance: 268 Traveling fans) Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 2-0 Slovacko Late Linhart goal Equals record for most league goals in a season. Goals: Jaroslav Slama (41), Zdenek Linhart (90+3) PoM: Dominik Masek (Assists 1, Rating 8.0) Attendance: 6349 Champions League First Knockout Round Leg 2 Czech First Division Dukla Prague 0-0 Bohemians 1905 Dukla deny Bohemians again PoM: Martin Dostal (Rating 7.4) Attendance 2038 Travelling fans Czech First Division Jilava 1-2 Bohemians 1905 Gilmour Brace Saves Bohemians Blushes Goals: Andrew Gilmour (57, 78) PoM: Andrew Gilmour (Goals 2, Rating 9.0) Attendance 268 Travelling Fans Red card: Michal Svec Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 3-1 Brno Bohemians Labour to late win Goals: Dionatan Teixeira (17), Damjan Bohar (81), Luca Scapuzzi (84) PoM: Dionatan Teixeira (Goals 1 Rating 8.1) Attendance 6304 Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 4-3 Viktoria Plzen Bohemians hold off fast finishing Viktoria Goals Maros Bajza (45), Feiz Shamsin (52), Francesco Deli (64), Jhon Valoy (82) Attendance: 6447 Czech First Division Sparta Prague 0-1 Bohemians 1905 Sparta slip up with own goal loss Goals: O.G. (70), PoM: Zoran Gajic (Rating 7.4) Attendance: 2500 Travelling Fans Czech First Division Zlin 3-3 Bohemians 1905 Linhart’s record breaking goal not enough for win. Goals: Damjan Bohar (18), Zdenek Linhart (66), Jhon Valoy (70) Attendance: 269 Traveling Fans Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 0-1 Mlada Boleslav Bohemians blunder against Boleslav Attendance: 6208 Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 0-2 Slovan Liberec Bohemians Slump continues against Slovan. Slavia Steals into 1st Attendance 6248 Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 4-3 Jablonec Late Teixeira Goal slaps slum Bohemians retake league lead Goals: Feiz Shamsin (4), Zdenek Linhart (17, 35), Dionatan Teixeira (86) PoM: Zdenek Linhart (Goals 2, Assists 1, Rating 9.0) Attendance 6174 Czech First Division Teplice 2-6 Bohemians 1905 Deli Delivers Defeat to Teplice. Slavia stumble handing title to Bohemians with one game left. Michal Svec (1), Daniel Dydowicz (7, 22) Francesco Deli (17, 19), Maros Bajza (25) PoM: Francesco Deli (Goals 2, Rating 9.4) Attendance: 283 Travelling Fans Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 2-0 Pribram Goals: Zdenek Linhart (23), Michal Svec (71) PoM: Michel Svec (Goals 1, Rating 8.8) Attendance: 6252
  10. Gah! So many of the signings I've tried to make don't want to come because of facilities (understandable, so they are being upgraded) and because of the standard of living. Surely Prague isn't that bad a city to live in?
  11. Thanks, It actually gave me hope that we could be competitive in the Group stage as long as we didn't draw a couple heavy weights. Yes, So much money. Hopefully I can afford to buy players instead of free transfers now.
  12. Transfers in: Signed on a Bosman for £53K compensation, Karel Hrubes has been used in rotation with last season’s free transfer Julio Iricibar. Solid if not spectacular, will likely be only a short-term solution if we’re to make regular progression in Europe. Last season’s on loan striker picked up on a free after his contract wasn’t renewed. Currently equal leading goal scorer in the Czech first division and two goals away from breaking the club’s record for most league goals in a season. Again, not a long-term solution and will probably find his way down the pecking order as soon as I can find a better striker that wants to play for us. Formerly on the books at Man City and Stoke and signed on a free, The Slovakian\Brazilian defender has formed a tight partnership with Serbian Zoran Gajic. Will be serviceable for a couple of seasons. Released by Melbourne Victory, This Australian Midfielder is probably more pet project though he does have potential. I need to give him more game time or maybe a loan spell to get him that game time to see him reach his potential. Also released by Melbourne Victory, was signed to be a backup to Linhart. Doesn’t look to have much of a future here though as we try to progress. Once on the books at Espanyol and Bilbao this free transfer was signed on deadline day. Unfortunately that meant he was not able to play Group Stage Champions League for us. Definitely one of the better players in the squad and should be around for a few seasons to come. Another free deadline day signing forcing Feiz Shamsin out of the right-wing spot. Played a handful of games so far and looks to be settling in well. Final deadline day signing and a ‘big money’ signing for us. Signed for £180K from Serie C he has enough about him to stay with the squad until the days we start to sign absolute superstars. Has settled into central midfield and will look to make it his own in the second half of the season. Czech First Division This is an impressive start to the season. Handling Champions League and regular league hasn’t seen a form drop off as we’ve only dropped seven points before the break. I am a bit worried about the depth of some positions meaning tired legs at the back of the season but with the winter transfer window coming up I’ll hopefully be able to convince the board to part with some of the Champions League money to strengthen the squad. Champions League After a squeaky bum time against Celtic that saw us through to the group stage I must say we gave a very good account of ourselves winning two of our home games and drawing one away. A 5-0 loss against Barcelona or more accurately a 5-0 loss against Luis Suarez was probably the only disappointment as far as the group stage went. I was fully resigned when I saw Galatasaray went 1-0 up against Sporting and we’d gone 2-1 down to Suarez to a Europa cup spot but I didn’t notice Sporting play spoil sport and register their only win finishing 3-1 meaning we held onto second thanks to our away goal in Istanbul. We scrapped through to the first-round knockout stage. Let’s face it, looking at the teams available, we were eyed up like a small fish in a big pond. We got Bayern, at least we won’t have to go far to be brutalised. Czech FA Cup The less said about this the better, after casually brushing aside lower league side, Admira Prague, we tripped over our own feet against Dukla Prague and our cup defence was over before Christmas. We were expected to reach the Quarter Finals, hopefully over achieving in the Champions League can placate that anger some.
  13. I haven't played my save or even finished writing my mid season wrap up due to reading this roller coaster for the last day and a half. I hope you're happy, I know I am 😀
  14. Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 2-0 Dukla Prague Bohemians deliver Dukla defeat Goals: Dominik Masek (32), Luca Scapuzzi (73) PoM: Zoran Gajic (Rating 7.5) Attendance: 4700 (sell out due to reduced seating) Champions League Group H Bohemians 1905 3-0 Galatasaray Eden no paradise for Turkish Champions Bohemians got their Group stage off to an emphatic start with a convincing 3-0 win over Galatasaray. An uneventful first half gave way to a blistering second as attacking midfielder, Daniel Dydowicz, finished off a silky passing display from the six-yard box five minutes after the restart. Milan Jirasek doubled the lead five minutes later after a one-two with Jiri Jeslinek saw him slot home inside the near post. Galatasaray’s efforts to mount a comeback were delt a blow on the hour mark as left back, Juankar, was given marching orders for a second bookable offence. Ten minutes from time provider of the first two goals turned goal scorer himself, prodding home a Shamsin cross from inside the six-yard box. Goals: Daniel Dydowicz (51), Milan Jirasek (55), Jiri Jeslinek (81) PoM: Jiri Jeslinek (Goals 1, Assists 2, Rating 9.2) Attendance: 13710 (Played at Eden) Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 3-2 Jihlava Bohemians hold their nerve against fast finishing Jihlava Goals: Milan Jirasek (31), Jiri Jeslinek (66), Zdenek Linhart (80) PoM: Milan Jirasek (Goals 1, Rating 8.3) Attendance: 4571 Czech FA Cup 3rd Round Admira Prague 0-4 Bohemians 1905 Jiri Jeslinek leaves Admira in Awe. Goals: Jiri Jeslinek (10, 43), Andrija Lukovic (32), Feiz Shamsin (87) PoM: Jiri Jeslinek (Goals 2, Assists 2, Rating 9.6) Attendance: 37 Travelling fans Czech First Division Viktoria Plzen 1-1 Bohemians 1905 Late Linhart goal keeps Viktoria from Victory. Goals: Zdenek Linhart (86) PoM: Dionatan Teixeira (Rating 7.8) Attendance: 280 Travelling fans Champions League Group H Barcelona 5-0 Bohemians 1905 Five Star Suarez shoots down Bohemians Attendance: 422 Travelling fans Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 3-0 Sparta Prague Bohemians smash struggling Sparta Goals: Feiz Shamsin (39), Maros Bajza (74), Milan Jirsek (79) PoM: Maros Bajza (Goals 1, Assists 1, Rating 9.1) Attendance: 4700 (sell out due to reduced seating) Czech First Division Mlada Boleslav 0-1 Bohemians 1905 Early Penalty enough for Bohemians victory Goals: Andrija Lukovic (3 Pen) PoM: Enric Saborit (Rating 7.5) Attendance: 280 Travelling fans Champions League Group H Bohemians 1905 2-1 Sporting Bohemians bounce back to stun Sporting Goals: Jiri Jesinek (8, 37 Pen) PoM: Jiri Jeslinek (Goals 2, Rating 8.8) Attendance: 13693 Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 6-2 Zlin Goals Galore as Bohemians Batter Zlin Goals: Zdenek Linhart (27, 60, 79), Andrija Lukovic (33, 51), Feiz Shamsin (40) PoM: Zdenek Linhart (Goals 3, Assists 1, Rating 9.7) Attendance: 4609 Czech FA Cup 4th Round Bohemians 1905 0-1 Dukla Prague Bohemians cup defence ended in disappointing Dukla defeat. Attendance: 4319 Czech First Division Jablonec 0-1 Bohemians 1905 Goals: Zdenek Linhart (17) PoM: Dionatan Teixeira (Rating 7.4) Attendance: 283 Travelling fans Champions’ League Group H Sporting 1-1 Bohemians 1905 Daniel Dydowicz stoppage time free kick steals draw for Bohemians Goals: Daniel Dydowicz (90+1) Attendance: 58 Travelling Fans Czech First Division Slovan Liberec 1-1 Bohemians 1905 Bohenians struggle to draw with Slovan Liberec Goals: Damjan Bohar (64) Attendance: 280 Travelling fans Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 2-0 Teplice Dominant Bohemians take down Teplice Goals: Zdenek Linhart (26), Enric Saborit (88) PoM: Enric Saborit (Goals 1, Rating 8.6) Attendance: 6242 Champions League Group H Galatasaray 3-1 Bohemians Bohemians goal sees them retain second in Group H Goals: Feiz Shamsin (57) Attendance: 340 Travelling fans Czech First Division Pribram 0-1 Bohemians 1905 Wasteful Bohemians make tough work for win. Goals: Andrija Lukovic (23 Pen) Attendance: 266 Travelling fans Czech First Division Viktoria Zizkov 2-4 Bohemians 1905 Nabbout nabs brace in convincing Bohemians win Goals: Andrew Nabbout (26, 90+4), Michael Habinek (32), Tomas Berger (43) PoM: Andrew Nebbout (Goals 2, Assists 1, Rating 8.8) Attendance: 3347 Travelling fans (roughly 60% of the crowd?) Champions League Group H Bohemians 1905 1-2 Barcelona Suarez sinks Bohemians again Goals: Milan Jirasek (28) Attendance: 20800 Midseason wrap up to come.
  15. Champions League Champions Qual 3 Leg 1 GNK Dinamo 1-4 Bohemians 1905 Bohemians turn up the heat on Dinamo in Zagreb Bohemians got their Champions League campaign off to a flier with a dismantling of GNK Dinamo on a sweltering Wednesday night in the Croatian capital. Jiri Jeslinek opened the scoring inside 90 seconds slotting home from the left wing into the bottom right corner. Dinamo levelled the scored in the 25th minute with Hilal Soudani tapping home a cross beating debutant keeper at the near post. Dinamo made things difficult for themselves when Josip Radovic picked up two yellow cards in 5 minutes receiving his marching orders just after the half hour mark. The night only went downhill from there for the Croatian Champions as Zdenek Linhart, who signed on a free transfer after last season’s loan at the club, put Bohemians back in the lead from the middle of the 18yd box. Serbian midfielder, Andrija Lukovic, added Bohemians third for the evening finishing off some silky passing moves with a blistering shot from 20yds out 10 minutes into the second half. A second Dinamo player, Petar Stojanovic, was marched on the hour mark after receiving his second yellow in 5 minutes reducing the Croatians down to 9. Bohemians finished the rout with Dionatan Teixeira flicking a header inside the near post from a corner on 76 minutes. Goals: Jiri Jeslinek (2), Zdenek Linhart (37), Andrija Lukovic (56), Dionatan Teixeira (76) PoM: Andrija Lukovic (Goals 1, Assists 1, rating 9.1) Attendance: 401 traveling fans Milestones: Competitive Debuts for Bohemians (Dionatan Teixeira, Karol Hrubes), Competitive Goals (Dionatan Teixeira first goal for Bohemians) Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 3-0 Viktoria Zizkov Bohemians start league defence with convincing win over promoted Viktoria Zizkov Newly promoted Viktoria Zizkov found a formidable opponent in Bohemians hot off their Champions League victory. Milan Jirasek opened proceedings prodding home a goal mouth scramble after a Thomas Berger free kick into the centre of the box. Zdenek Linhart doubled the lead just before halftime with a thumping shot from the edge of the 18yd box. Linhart then closed out the match in stoppage time racing onto a Jhon Valoy through ball to coolly slot home. Goals: Milan Jirasek (27), Zdenek Linhart (45, 90+1) PoM: Jhon Valoy (Assists 2, Rating 9.0) Attendance: 4700 (sell out due to reduced seating) Milestones: League Debuts for Bohemians (Dionatan Teixeira, Karol Hrubes, Andrew Gilmore) Champions League Champions Qual 3 Leg 2 Bohemians 1905 (7)3-3(4) GNK Dinamo Late goals salvage Draw for Dinamo On a warm wet evening in Prague, Bohemians 1905 did what they had to do to get to the next round of the Champions League Qualifying stages. Jiri Jeslinek once again opened the scoring in the second minute, this time converting from the penalty spot after some jersey tugging in the box from the Croatians. Just after the half hour mark, towering Serbian defender Zoran Gajic tucked home a flick on from his central defensive partner to double the lead and extend the aggregate lead to 6-1. Ten minutes into the second half, Bohemians failed to deal with the cross from the right wing and Armin Hodzic pulled one back for Dinamo beating the keeper at the near post. The scores stayed like that until a frenetic final ten minutes saw Serbian midfielder, Andrija Lukovic, power home a shot from the edge of the D and recreate the two goal buffer. Filip Benkovic found himself in open space and fired straight at the keeper who fumbled into the back of the net. A minute later Hodzic added his second to the tally leveling Goals: Jiri Jeslinek (2 Pen), Zoran Gajic (34), Andrija Lukovic (81) Attendance: 4553 Czech First Division Slavia Prague 0-1 Bohemians 1905 Bohemians Smash and grab in Eden A warm evening in Prague saw Bohemians seal a win from their more fancied neighbours. The only goal of the match came from Lebanese winger, Feiz Shamsin, calmly finishing a blitzkrieg counterattack just after the half hour mark. Bohemians withstood a battering as Slavia hit 31 shots on goal with 10 on target but the defence held firm to steal all three points. Goals: Feiz Shamsin (35) Attendance: 5800 travelling fans. More than can fit in our stadium PoM: Dionatan Teixeira (Rating 8.2) Czech First Division Bohemians 1905 1-0 Sigma Olomouc Bohemians batter Sigma for small win In a complete turnaround of stats from the Slavia Prague game, Bohmenians absolutely battered the Sigma Olomouc defence for little reward. It took a late strike from Italian striker, Luca Scapuzzi, taping a cross into the bottom left corner three minutes from time. Only his third league goal in 93 league games. Goals: Luca Scapuzzi (87) PoM: Michal Smid (Assists 1, Rating 7.7) Attendance: 4700 (sell out due to reduced seating) Milestones: Luca Scapuzzi 1st League goal for Bohemians. Champions League Champions Playoff Leg 1 Celtic 0-0 Bohemians 1905 Dull Draw sets up tough game in Prague 324 travelling Bohemians fans saw a rather uninspiring display of football on a cool Glasgow evening at Celtic Park. Unable to secure an away goal for their efforts, Bohemians now must make sure of a win or another scoreless draw if they want to make the group stage. Attendance: 324 travelling fans Czech First Division Slovacko 2-1 Bohemians 1905 Hi Flying Slovacko end Bohemians undefeated streak. Bohemians failed to make the best of their chances as a confident Slovacko came from behind to win. Feiz Shamsin opened the scoring for Bohemians just before the hour mark running onto a Peirce Waring cross and beating the keeper at the near post. Slovacko hit back 5 minutes later in identical fashion and with 15 minutes left took the lead after stupid tackle on the edge of the area gave away a penalty. Goals: Feiz Shamsin (54) Attendance: 339 Travelling fans Milestones: Pierce Waring first league game for Bohemians. Champions League Champions Playoff Leg 2 Bohemians 1905 (1)1-0(0) Celtic Kangaroos jump into group stage. An early goal to Feiz Shamsin was all that separated Bohemians and the Scottish giants across two legs for a change to play in the Champions League Group Stage. Craig Gordon kept Celtic in the game but a lack of lethal shooting from both sides meant scoring was limited. Goals: Feiz Shamsin (7) Attendance: 15167 (Played at Eden) PoM: Martin Dostal (Assists 1, Rating 7.6) Milestones: Record Crowd for Bohemians Czech First Division Brno 0-2 Bohemians 1905 Bohemians bounce back to top of the League A rotated squad saw Bohemians retake top spot with a regulation win over Brno. Zoran Gajic opened the scoring close to the half hour mark knocking in a flick on from debutant Tomas Cerny. Bohemians possession kept pressure on Brno culminating in an own goal just after the hour. The hosts chances weren’t helped by their wild shooting that rarely troubled the Bohemians keeper. Goals: Zoran Gajic (27) Attendance: 325 Travelling fans PoM: Zoran Gajic (Goals 1, Rating (8.4) Milestones: Tomas Cerny Senior Debut Just randomly Shows the results of the Australia Vs Bohemians games.