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  1. I've never really noticed before but is it saying his career started when he was 11? Like 5 years before he became a playable player in the game?
  2. I'm in my tenth season in Iceland, I've gotten to the EL semi final, and I'm still struggling to get any decent sale price for my players. So I'm still on a buy low and hold on to someone as long as I can and hope they make me money in Europe instead. I currently have a player on a loan back after sale. Had to sell for less than 100K and has had the golden boot in EL and CL.
  3. Nice, it's a bit of a money hit, but you're probably not hurting for money. At this point the rep going further will be more beneficial.
  4. Your Thai striker has become a beast in my current save. Hope you get to see some of what he becomes in my save.
  5. I did something like that a few years ago, balkanising Australia, it was quite fun to watch the simulations but it was pure fiction. If I ever did it again I'd want some sort of macro, or the ability to create a massive XML to upload data in one hit.
  6. I would use Fiji and The Cook Islands instead of American Samoa and Tahiti as American Samoa will have players come through with American as a second nationality and Tahiti will add French as a second. Also, those nations will only ever play each other in friendlies no matter how high they rank unless something has changed since I last used oceania nations as a balkanised Australia.
  7. Id even settle for from when the game starts for some of these records but a lot of the information is already in the game at least insofar as league games and goals and would just need to be tabulated once it starts. although that would only be active players. For each competition might be a little trickier though.
  8. Damn, the top of the table is tighter than a ducks rear end. No room for error up there. Good luck!
  9. Maybe he'd have gone to OB. I'm disappointed game. Annicchiarico scores his 100th league goal and 200th over all goal for the club and I get no inbox notification of the achievement? No press conference comment? You used to notify me every 25 goals. Now all I got was a brief mention in the commentary ribbon that I almost missed because I was trying to make tactical changes.
  10. God loves a trier apparently, but you've got to put a little more try into it.
  11. Wow, an Australian club was competitive enough to win the Asian Champions League... and then beat Man Utd.
  12. In other news, Francesco Annicchiarico has taken up Icelandic citizenship this season and already scored his first goal. Olivier Mallet is not far away from Icelandic citizenship and having seen the absolute monsters Belgium have in the striker department that are also his age, I'm betting Mallet will take up Icelandic citizenship and form a strike partnership with Annicchiarico at international level too.
  13. Olivier Mallet, if Qualifying rounds of the champions league counted to the Golden boot, he'd have managed to score the golden boot in both Champions league and Europa League in the one season. Oliver Mallet: The Mauler of Maccabi Tel-Aviv (7 goals in a 14-0 agg win), the Zapper of Zalgaris (4 goals in a 7-1 agg win), The Slayer of Shamrock Rovers (4 goals in a 10-3 agg win). Unfortunately after scoring a brace in a 3-2 loss against Sevilla in the first game of the group stage, Mallet went MIA until we bundled into the Europa League knock out rounds. In the knockout rounds of Europa Leagues he returned as the Celtic Killer (6 goals in a 10-3 agg win) and the Wolf of Wolfsburg (2 in a 4-3 agg win). He scored 1 against Bayer Leverkusen in our 3-1 agg win and both goals in our semi final 2-6 agg loss to Hertha Berlin. Interestingly enough, he still managed to be the Number 2 forward in the Champions League forward of the season.
  14. Because the game still says we're in Oceania region.
  15. For some reason that has really started to annoy me this season, the lack of record stats. If I want to know the number of goals scored or appearances overall for the club, I have to hope they're in my all time XI otherwise I have to do math from their history. Good luck on getting to 1000 goals
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