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  1. The worst thing about the forced sales is the fact that it only happens with non-negotiable offers. You can get a 5M and a 7M offer at the same time, and the board will accept the 5M offer if it isn't negotiable.
  2. I play FM Touch, where tutoring happens automatically. The only way to influence who gets to tutor and who gets tutored is by changing the squad status of players. This is why I always give my players one of these statuses: Rotation: first team starters who I want to act as tutors & youngsters who don't need to be tutored Backup: backup players who I want to be able to be tutors Youngster: youngsters who need to be tutored Not needed: everyone else Many times I've signed a player who has demanded key player status and then the minute he's joined the club I've changed his status to not needed. Then a couple of years later when it's time to extend his contract he again insists on being a key player, but once he's signed the contract he instantly goes back to being not needed. No one has ever thrown his toys out of the pram because of this. The only thing (other than tutoring) I've noticed squad status affects is the offers I get from other teams (get lots of loan offers for first team star player who's "not needed" etc.) Other than that, does squad status really make any difference? I mean, I guess giving someone who never even makes the bench key player status might not be a good idea, but why would anybody do that anyway...
  3. Determination and work rate are the easiest to improve, especially for youngsters. Just give a warning for bad performance whenever possible (rating <6.4, 6.4 sometimes).
  4. Wait, so high teamwork can be a bad thing? I thought it just meant a player is capable of working for the team if needed, but it's actually more like "tendency to be selfless"?
  5. Not necessarily bugged, but on FMT they just keep training it until they learn it or you tell them to stop. You never get the message that it's failed, like in full FM. But thanks, I guess after a year it's time to admit defeat and cancel.
  6. What's roughly the maximum time it can take a player to learn/unlearn a PPM? I'm playing FM Touch, so there's no feedback at all about the progress of PPM training. I've had some players trying to unlearn their PPMs for a year now, probably pretty safe to assume it's never going to happen at this point, right?
  7. Also any filters you have on can slow it down a lot, especially if you have a "match x/y" filter active.
  8. Your wingbacks and wingers have the 'cross aim target man' PI... but you don't have a target man?
  9. Hi, another noob here. If my club's knowledge of a nation is 100%, will all the players based in that nation show up in the player search/all known players screen?
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