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  1. A testimonial suggest he doesn’t have long left in his career! Good to see he got one. Are you the manager?
  2. Was that your first International job offer? U18’s team? Get in!
  3. Hmm, it looks like teams need a minimum of 2.5* to produce any notable players.
  4. So close in the league, and a great result against your nemesis stopping them getting a double! I find it hard to see your pictures (blurry), but it’s definitely another interest youth intake. What are the other teams intakes and facilities like in Malaysia? Onwards to another season of intriguing!
  5. Seasons going ok, neither here nor there. Consolidated. That Youth Intake has a lot of unambitious personalities in it. Oliver and the Moran look interesting as well personality wise.
  6. Looks like your on the right tack with these preliminary feedback findings. Does it mean you now no longer need to wait until 23 for Model Pro/Citizen? Pro personalities showing Pro training results?
  7. Spoiler, that would have been awesome spoilered. Oh, naughty board rejecting u18 team set-up
  8. Is Risteski first choice? He looks awesome! I agree! To me he’s looking almost beckanbaur like
  9. Nice start to the season, especially that being better than Man City Tough choice between those keepers at the moment, though longer term it looks like it will be Adekoya.
  10. Tight race in Malaysia, though looking good for your first season in charge. Definitely a good base to build from.
  11. I was wondering when you were going to compare your youth players with your signings. I think I like the look of your new signings, but there’s nothing like the feeling of when an exciting youth prospect coming through on intake day. If you get one a season, it’s definitely not enough for a first eleven and then if you get multiple years of GKers, well that doesn’t help the midfield! It’s a tough gig doing a youth only save.
  12. Have they sent you on some more badge training?
  13. I’ve been enjoying your adventures with Liverpool. At times I wish there was more screenies of players (especially home grown and top world class). Thanks for sharing
  14. Dancing a bit too cultural to be second As I used to play hockey, I know how popular it is in India! The only sport where you can swing a club, I mean stick, and if the person comes in the wrong way it’s your foul!
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