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  1. Nice start to the new season beating lower half of the table Inter That was a well thought out transfer window. You made it sound smoother than it probably was and felt!
  2. Fun read Looks like you ticked off the getting out of the group stage last season in Europe already! Fingers crossed you make the UCL group stage and progress out of that group! But I’m forecasting a bunch there Loving the uptick in attacking form in the league this season compared to last. It was great to have that post on how you make the squad analysis table and interpretation of it Also the table for goals and creating too Tenterhooks is what I have now waiting to see if you make the UCL group stage! Oh, and now I see why you didn’t sign that Italian. He wasn’t Nor
  3. Hmm, I’m not sure where your D starts and your amid begins etc Also looks threadbare, and maybe a season for the youth team in the cups Is the 12 days until the end of the transfer window as well?
  4. Congrats on a league and cup double Good thing the league was wrapped up before that last game against KC laci! I bet ut sucks to be 3rd placed Skenderbeu Korce who somehow missed out on European football
  5. Between your reply and that last post, there’s some nice stats posted Royer highlighted is deserved, and he looks a player for the big games. He also attracts defenders interest, what with being fouled 53 times already! Thun’s Lorenzo Ficheria must be an important player for then considering the fouls he attracts. That CSKA result
  6. Still ticking along at the top of the table. The top few, and players shown look interesting prospects for the future if the develop. It’s all to play for now in the league in the last part of the league run-in. Fingers are crossed for a repeat in the league also playing out in the cup!
  7. That’s a top recovery in the Champions League winning against Lyon and Man City. League form continues to be excellent still, though that board rating It’s been a while I feel since I’ve seen his name consistently feature in the fixture goalscorers. He has developed nicely even with all of those injuries. It looks like he gets hacked a bit in games. How many fouls does he draw? Must be getting quite a few. The goals scored to when conceded is interesting, and the way your managing end of each half! Attacking mentality will be an intriguing experiment. Lastly, I see Portelo i
  8. Top of the league? That’s some good pre-season work coming to fruition here
  9. That’s an early league title! Congrats It’s great that Geddes is going to with you for a few seasons, and should give a decent fee if needing to be sold. Looks like it’s now planning for next season all that’s left to do with this season, apart from the giving experience to the youngsters/other players as you said.
  10. Congrats on promotion A fullback and GK in the youth intake. Is the fullback good enough for backing up the first team? The Cup run was so at odds with the league form. Bring on next season!
  11. Lots of green And fullbacks maybe How is your old team fairing?
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