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  1. Dossena as in ex-Liverpool fullback Dossena? He’s now a DC ? Players look pretty decent, though blurry as I have trouble seeing imgur pictures (not the only place this happens). Know how I can see them clearly using imgur?
  2. That’s amazing, beating WSW 5-4! Getting tight at the pointy end of the season. That loss against Eastern AA was annoying to read about. Moment of madness etc. Now on to beat Persita
  3. You hide determination, you might as well make personalities and media handling static. That or just remove them completely from the game. How else will you start to decode what personality is what without an editor or reference point? Wouldn’t it be easier to create (or have created for you) a skin that does this, has determination as a hidden attribute?
  4. Probably the one stat that would be good to see raised by 50%. He looks like he’ll be involved in all of those phases too.
  5. More good progression, and also into cup finals. That youth intake suggests almost a whole back four plus a forward. Will be interesting to see what you get.
  6. Your form looks great, and you’ve hit the ground running. I think the injuries are the only thing that looks like being a bother for you. The clubs colours though are really vivid. Do you think that is a secret weapon on the pitch blinding the opposing team?
  7. That Champs League group is tough. Time to surprise and get second or third Good start to the league even with the Olympics scuttling preseason plans.
  8. And he’s still only considered 2 stars from 4-5 stars. Looks like he’s going to be a monster player for you Very interesting break down of his development stats as well. Looks like it gave you good feedback on how your targeted training is working.
  9. Nice start to the league. Getting better against the better Champs League sides, though possibly need a tighter strategy away from home, maybe? Maxed out capacity stadium crowds already? Time to ask the board for a new one! That’s the quietest transfer window I can ever remember you having in all of your stories I’ve read.
  10. Go read those stories I put in one of my last posts in here and then meditate on what you’ve just posted. It’s not just that the are great to read, but can give you a lot of information about training, personalities and other parts you’ve mentioned.
  11. Nice win to bring up your first league title
  12. Stop with the attacks and actually explain using how making determination hidden will work using your last post above how your idea would work.
  13. Why don’t you read threads in the FM Career Updates forum, like: or: I don’t think I need to go into all that you said you think I should as if you’d done a little bit of due diligence on this site, you would see that making determination hidden would not be necessary. It is the only thing of personalities visible, which then gives a guide to how to progress that player’s personality and media handling. Or if you want to keep them or not. You want to make this game less accessible to people playing it?
  14. Possible I guess, but would mean all personality attributes are then hidden. Need to change title from remove to hidden.
  15. Why are you determined to make interactions all about aggression? A determined team can overcome an aggressive team. To improve in training, you need a will to succeed. A winning mentality needs a determination to succeed. Might want to look into your vision about this. Your trying to remove a positive trait from the game.
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