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  1. Sure. Was expecting much more from Pirlo. After the first game (where he played 4-4-2 switching to 3-5-2), I would say he wrote this just to have the thesis done. I'm guessing he wouldn't want to give away everything.
  2. It's only a google translation, still I believe it's readable. Don't know if this is the right place to post this, but as there's so much interest on replications, I figured people here would be interested. In short, he doens't add much: Pep's Barça is his role model. Pirlo Thesis 2020 - EN Translation.pdf
  3. I would probably try an asymmetric formation: GK: SK-S RB: FB-D RCB: BPD-De LCB: BPD-De (Stay Wider) LWB: WB-At RM: W-Su RCM: ? Would have to watch, probably CM-Su LCM : Same, but probably CM-De to cover the LWB runs LW: AP-Su CAM/RCAM: AP-At ? ST: CF-Su/AF-At Some PPMs would be needed surely (LW and CAM with comes deep, CBs with brings ball out and ST with tries to beat offside trap mainly)
  4. If you want him to chase the wide players, you could probably try with a BWM
  5. Most probably your reputation increased and now teams are playing more defensive. If you're playing the same way, you're probably finding less space, creating less chances, etc.
  6. I would look into the AP-F9-CM movement. Seems like they move into the same space. The F9 drops, The AP goes inside (not forward), and the CM-At goes forward and they meet. Maybe change Insigne to IW-S (he'll dribble more and ping the ball to Callejon) and as @zyfon5 said Mertens to T-A (he'll move wider rather than just dropping). Btw, my opinion on the F9 not working with the ME, is not exactly about the ME. Many teams play in 4-2-3-1, so the F9 moves on the space between 4 players (unless he has the PPM "Comes deep to get the ball"). He'll never find the space to receive the ball, but this doesn't mean it isn't working, he's making the CBs move out of their position and the DMs/CMs must make a decision between being close to him or let him receive the ball. With this in mind, you could probably try playing the F9 on the RS position. So he'll mostly influence their LCB and LCDM/LCM and open space for the RMD.
  7. My take on this: Some doubts about SK-A. I would say Allison is more a SK-S Would probably go with IWB-S for TAA. IWB states he'll go inside if there's someone in front of him, so this should balance the inside/outside movements (with Salah and the RCM). VVD, I would say is a Stopper. His aggressiveness stepping off the line is very important. The other CD, I would change to Defend. Then Fabinho as CM-D or BWM-D. He sometimes tries the long range passes, but I wouldn't say he's the playmaker. Then Firmino as PF-S I have some doubts over Mane. He defends deeper than Salah, so I would be tempted so start him on the midfield line, probably as an IW. About the TI's: Extremely High Tempo, I believe it's too exaggerated. That's like playing one-touch. Distribution could change from game to game. If their LWB is on attack, would probably try to go direct to Salah. And I would bring the LOE a bit down. Liverpool mostly presses the midfield line. Could never make it work on FM, but it should be a standard LOE and OI with no press on CBs and press on CMs/DMs.
  8. Should be also taken into account if you have "play through the middle", DM line on defend will increase mentality.
  9. There are some concepts that are very difficult/impossible to replicate on FM20 (or any other, for that matter). - Conte's 2 ST movement: one comes deep, the other exploits depth - both do this movement; - Also with 2 ST: one presses the CBs, the other man marks the DM, rotating between them as the ball moves from one side to the other; - Cut passing lanes: for instance what Salah and Mane do. They aren't man marking the WBs and they are not pressing the CBs they are halfway; - Klopps' "Cage" and other Pressing Triggers: Press on bad touch, press when ball is in the air, press when ball gets to their CMs/wings, press on back pass; - Flick's 4 man defense: if you watch carefully, Bayern always has the first line of 4. For instance, against Lyon, Kimmich pressed Cornet very wide and deep, so Boateng moved to RB, Martinez dropped to RCB; - Position Cover, also with Flick's Bayern: Perisic drops to LB when Davies is to far up (when Bayern doesn't have the ball); - Sérgio Conceição's 2 ST transition: when Porto doesn't have the ball he keeps one ST wide on the side of the ball to exploit the opposition WB's space and make one CB have to opt between leaving that ST alone or open up a big space between both CBs; - Lage's trigger for forward runs: On his Benfica's first season, when someone (mainly Felix) had the ball just in front of the area, W and ST would make a forward run; -Guardiola's aimed dribble: he said on an interview he wanted Messi and Iniesta to attack the CBs so they had to move out of position and opened the most important space; - And I would say the most intricate one is Flick's and some others space exploration: you see Thiago pretty much holding his position, but if he sees space he can dribble into, he will dribble and Goretzka will cover for him. So he's kind of a DLP-D, and also a RPM-S and Goretzka will move from BBM-S to A-D or DM-D ; Alaba plays CB but also roams further and is a playmaker. Kimmich plays CWB, IWB, and sometimes is the playmaker when he's inside and Thiago is marked. IFs will stay wide if they have space on the wing. So it has much more to do with spaces to explore than positions/roles/duties. There are many more, these are just some I could remember. Oh and Set-Pieces... (only one player can attack one post ? and can't set initial positions ? ) edit: btw, not complaining; just pointing out
  10. I've also started a career with Tottenham. My take on the team: Overall: The team has some quality, but not as much as PL Champion type of quality. Especially when you take into account some aspects that are very important on the game (also IRL?) like pace for forwards and jumping mostly for defenders, but at least someone that can help you with set-pieces. Also no set-piece taker. In FM terms, top attributes along Spurs players are 15-16 not 17-20 as you'd expect of a PL Contender. GK: Lloris grants you quality for some years, Gazza is a decent back-up. No point in investing in there at the start. Vorm and Whiteman are not reliable options and can be sold. RB: Aurier, Foyth and Tanganga are your starting options. Decent, back-ups, not more than that. It was were I spent some money on the first season. Hysaj, Hateboer and Meunier are decent options (though not much better than Aurier). LB: Davies and Sessegnon are once again decent options. Look out for Reguillon ending his contract on the end of the season. I let my DoF negotiate, he made a mess, so I didn't get him. Spent 60M+ on Gaya. Grimaldo is also a good option. On the first season I've opted to loan Sessegnon and kept Cirkin. Not good enough for the first team, but can play cup games and lets you rest Davies. CB: Here is one of those places were good is the enemy of great. Jan, Toby, Davinson, Foyth and Dier are good. None of them is great. And none of them will get you goals on corners/FKs... On my second season I'm trying to sign Demiral from Juventus or Dias from Benfica. I've opted to renew Jan's contract. If I had gotten Reguillon, would probably invest on the CB and either let Jan run out his contract or try to sell him. Be careful on how you handle him as he starts as the team captain. CM: Dier is basically the only defensive midfielder. Winks and Ndombele can play there, but they're both more offensive players. Speaking of them, very decent as DPL, Ndombele is also good on some more mobile roles. Lo Celso is your top tier midfielder, great playmaker, probably second name on the teamsheet. Sissoko is also a good backup with the bonus of being able to play on multiple positions. Gedson is close to Sissoko. Decent, can be retrained to play on the wing. Will stay with you for 2 seasons. Now... Dele Alli. Tricky one... He doesn't have the pace to be a winger, doesn't have the vision to be a playmaker. He has good mental stats, and dribbling also decent finishing. Might want to play him as DLF/F9 next to Kane or out wide as an IF (though his lack of pace is troubling...), can even be played as a MEZ/BBM/RPM as CM. On my experience he won't excel on any of those roles but he's valuable over the season. Keep an eye on Maddison as he's a good set-piece taker and English (helps with CL registration and club vision) W: Son, Lucas, Lamela and Bergwijn are your choices for the wings. Son stands out, but I never could get him to be consistent. Lucas and Bergwijn are decent backups and will do for the first season, but reinforcements are needed for a step up. Lamela is a different kind of player. He can be a number 10 playing wide, will help you unlock some games, but has some trouble staying fit. Jack Clarke provides the much needed pace when he returns from loan on the 2nd season. ST: Kane is your star player. Not much backup. Parrott is still a long way from being an option on his first season, Son and Alli can play there. About Kane: FM seems to favor strikers with good dribbling, acceleration and agility. Kane is definitely not that kind of player, but his stats are incredible, so play him. Moussa Dembelé, Gabriel Barbosa (can also play on the wing) and Lautaro, for instance, are great players who might be available for a decent price on the second season.
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