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  1. On FM20 I believe you have to manually select before/during each game if you want to apply individual or positional OIs. By default, individual are applied. Don't know if this is any different on FM21. I use in every game, but I change them almost each game. Always Tight Mark lone striker, show weaker foot on strikers, if opposition striker has low jumping then show outer foot to wingers; if not then show inner foot,... I notice a big change in performance when I select them after I had forgotten.
  2. My ideas: 1. You are Real Madrid, you should play at least on Positive. I would play Attacking. 2. Be more Expressive - I never use it. You are basically telling your players to don't follow team instructions. 3. Lower Tempo - I wouldn't use it on Real Madrid, but that's an option 4. Take short kicks and distribute to Cbs - why both? 5. You can probably play with a higher DL and LOE 6. WB-A and W-S are crossers: who are they crossing to? 7. Kroos as MEZ? He's so good he might get away with it, but definitely not my first choice. 8. Hazard as IF? Same thi
  3. About point 1, let me just warn people reading this and trying to implement it: on attacking corners, let's say you leave your wingers on the halfway line because they don't help much inside the opposition area and they are fast so good to defend counters: they will run towards their full-backs as soon as the opposition gets the ball and leave your half of the field exposed. So make sure when you set this up you have other players with the "stay back" instruction and your wingers are taking corners/inside the area/offering short option.
  4. 10 rating is way too low for the Premier League. You need at least 13/14.
  5. Besides Tactical Instructions, Player Instructions and OI: do you have the players to press high? Aggression, Bravery, Strength, Work Rate, Team Work,... Other than that: if they are passing for the sake of it and not doing any harm, they are probably just passing between defenders where they have the numbers to do it. Let's say, for instance, they are playing a 5-2-3 with 2 DMs. They can outpass you easily no matter what players or instructions you have if you are playing 4-2-3-1, especially with a CM on Defend Duty. But they'll do it where there's no harm for you and where when they mis
  6. Positions / Roles / Duties ? You have shorter passing and play out, so composure is a must, mainly for defenders and GK. Underlaps work best if your wide players have decent passing and vision (the "underlaper" should have off the ball). They should also have decent crossing since you are playing wide. Regarding the high pressing, strength is also advised (so they "bully" opponents out of the ball). I agree with the others you have already mentioned.
  7. Do you have the players to do it? If you only have 2 players on the midfield they need high work rate and teamwork. They should also have aggression (to close down), anticipation (to read the situation), concentration (to remain focused) and positioning
  8. I've had success with an IF-A who was quite good on the air. I had my team cross from the right and he just had many chances attacking the area from the left flank. Regarding the overlap/underlap, I rarely use the overlap, but when I do is mostly to get crosses from the byline from my fullback. Regarding the underlap, I've had decent success in one occasion: I had a FB-S with stay wider and take more risks coupled with a IW-A (or S, don't remember) playing on the midfield strata. I've noticed when they played on the AM strata he was already to far forward to make the underlap movement. Te
  9. I believe people are confusing mentality with intent. Would you pick a defensive tactic for a season long? I would never do it. You pick defensive tactics in games you only want to defend, for instance, 2nd leg where you are clearly underdog and won the 1st (thinking about the recent Porto vs Juve); or just moments of the game where you are leading and don't want to concede (last 10 minutes of a game). If you pick a tactic with defensive intent for the whole season, of course it will be outperformed by attacking intent tactics. It's supposed to. One tactic doesn't want to concede and
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but what affects youth candidates age? I usually got between 16-17 year olds. This time, most of them are 15, with some 16 in the mix.
  11. Depends on my goals. If I want to maximize my chances of winning then I focus on match preparation and I don't do any other type of training. So, taking your example after the Maribor game: Day 1: Travel // Match Tactics // Teamwork Day 2: Def. Shape // Att. Movement // Match Preview But I also rotate my squad a lot. If, for instance, the Everton game is for a Cup you are not very interested in or is a game you think you have no chance on winning then: Day 1: Travel // Possession // Tactical Day 2: Play from the Back // Chance Creation/Conversion // Goalkeeping (l
  12. 1. I have my base tactic, then I make adaptations regarding opposition (distribute to fbs instead of cbs if they play 2 strikers, for instance). During the game, I keep making changes when I see fit (usually PIs or OIs) 2. I have developed a sort of plug and play tactic that works for me. Then I adapt to my team. For instance: when I was managing FC Porto, I played with high lines, with Carlisle I had to drop to lower lines, now I'm trying with Karlsruhe and I'm with standard lines. With Karlsruhe I made more changes since the league has a very different type of players than the other one
  13. Looks reasonable, IMO. I would just look into 2 things: 1. Left side: CWB - RPM - IF. Even if they are all on support, 2 are roamers, one is a forward. You might have a problem there against same-level or better teams. 2. TIs: Play out of Defence and Distribute to CBs. If you want to play out, leave that instruction and take the distribute to cbs. If you don't mind that your cbs find a player free on the wing, for instance, leave the distribution and take the play out instruction. If you leave the distribution, be careful when playing against 2 strikers. The HB will help, but it migh
  14. Watch the game in "full match". Try and figure the spaces the AI leaves. On FM20, AI wingers don't track full backs, so you always have space out wide. Tactic for this? Any with wingers/wide midfielders and full/wing backs (PI "get forward" or attacking duty) and wide (on attacking width). There's also the tracking of a deep midfield run. That's why MEZ-At and CM-At were particularly effective. There's also space in front of the penalty area, that's why long shots seem to have a bigger chance of goal than on real life and even players with 8 long shots score bangers.
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