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  1. Just by looking into one game, I would say it's not easy to separate what's the model and what's the strategy... Still, I would say @TheGreatest reply is a good starting point. Let me just add: Van Ginkel (MCR) as DLP-S so he doesn't fall behind the other CM; Gotze as T-A as is role is primarily a creator. Regarding his position, you could probably have more than one tactic, one with him on the right (RST or RCAM) maybe on another role, then one on the left as T-A. Intrigued about the wingers. Sometimes seems both are narrow, sometimes it seems the RW is closer to the line (it m
  2. It can still be about personnel rather than tactics. You have Canales and Fekir on midfield on a mid table team. Don't know if they are good enough unless you clearly dominate ball possession.
  3. Not OP, but I've started playing 4-4-2 recently and I opt to man mark the most defensive midfielder with one of my strikers. Also helps with narrow defending since opposition CBs have their first central passing option blocked.
  4. FB-A + IF-A on the left is risky, such as MEZ-A + W-A on the right. Feels too attacking. Where are you losing possession? Who's missing more passes? How are you conceding goals? Btw, Turnbull's physical attributes would make him a sub at most for me. He'll be bullied off the ball easily.
  5. Just to recreate how you want to play, and be reminded you never talked about winning games, so I'm assuming that's not your goal, only recreating the style: Cautious Mentality, Narrow, Play out of Defence, Much Shorter, Dribble Less, Be More Disciplined (so they won't stray from what you are asking them to do). Work Ball into Box seems too much, but it's an option. I have some doubts on tempo... High tempo will likely increase some risk taking, so more forward passes or even out of play. Lower Tempo won't help with one touch passing. Since this is based on a lower mentality, I would prob
  6. Nothing too spectacular. Most interesting things I've seen: Italy almost with 2 DLPs (Jorginho and Locatelli). Difficult to recreate Spinazzola's movement - WB-A / IWB-A ? Germany with a "false" back 3 - Ginter played too far right and advanced against Portugal, almost like a RB and even on defence, it seemed like Ginter and Kimmich were defending the same space. Nice interchanging between the front 3. Belgium switching between 3-4-1-2 with De Bruyne (or 3-4-3 with a False 9) and 3-4-3 without him. France trying to find a way to fit everyone, sometimes playing a 4-3-3 (with
  7. You can check on the UEFA Press Kits: Christensen played the first 15 minutes of the match against Wales as RCB then his average position in each 15 minute interval was always in front of the defence until the 60 minutes, suggesting he played as CDM ; then he played as RCB and CB (after Andersen was subbed in) for the remainder of the match.
  8. I would never use 3 atb without wing-backs. Especially if I'm not a dominant team (say Ajax in Holland or Porto/Benfica in Portugal). So drop them to WB and you can even set them on a attack duty, especially the one around the BWM. About the midfield, I would check the passing statistics and view the game. Check who's missing the most passes. Usually it shows who doesn't have passing options and so where you should change. I don't have much experience with CAR role. Seems quite good on the description (defence-attack connection and horizontal shuttlers), but I've always thought of th
  9. In contrast to the overlap instruction, the underlap doesn't wait on someone to make a move, it just increases the likelihood of the widest player trying to find someone making a run on the inside, either the winger, wing-back or a midfielder. With those roles, it'll be difficult for Chilwell to underlap Mount. For that to happen, Mount should be a W/WM/DW and Chilwell a IWB. To replicate Chelsea's pattern is not easy. Probably with a mix of Early Crosses, Underlap and Pass Into Space.
  10. I won't say they are wrong, I just wouldn't do it the same way: 1. DW-S is the pressing version of a winger. They are instructed to leave their positions and press (like PF and BWM). Without other players on the wing, you might be leaving that area very exposed. The name for the role is probably not very suited. 2. DLP and BWM-D both have "Hold Position" and I find that a bit too static for my liking.
  11. When you are playing a CL / league candidate match it's not the same as playing a mid-table team. They have the players to play around your pressing and they will likely have better pressing players. So, you should expect a decrease in possession. There's always 2 options: you accept it and try to exploit it (dropping the lines and going more direct, for instance) or if you want to keep possession, you might have to go to some extremes: drop the mentality, waste time, play shorter and lower tempo, dribble less. Then, you should check the opposition reaction: if they start to get frustrated/anx
  12. If this was IRL, I would say Barrios' positioning is off. Way too much distance to the defensive line. But this isn't RL, so... I would say Barrios positioning could be a bit better (what's his attribute?), but the other CM seems more at fault as he disregards his direct marker movement. Check his work rate/positioning/anticipation. I would also look into the use of the BWM-D. BWM are chasers and they are very useful when you want to press high (so you most likely use them on support), I don't find them very effective on a Defending duty, it also seems like a contradiction: chaser, b
  13. You can also start with a 4-2-3-1 and set your CAM to man mark, for instance, the LCB and the ST to man mark the RCB.
  14. @cocoadavid, do you change distribution against 2 strikers? I'm on FM20 and I find my cbs have a hard time against 2 strikers, so I generally switch to distribute to FB or playmaker (depending on their formation)
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