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  1. A few things I remember about that Porto side (memory might not be real): - Derlei was key. He was a team player, high work rate player. He played on Carlos Alberto's position. - Pedro Mendes wasn't exactly a destroyer. He had quite good passing skills, he was also a threat from distance. - Costinha was a typical anchor. He was decent on the ball, but I would never have him as a Regista or DLP. - Deco's roam from position is impossible to achieve on fm. He went from one side to another, searching for the ball. Even the strikers are quite difficult. They were both strikers a
  2. I use a similar tactic. Check how many crosses per game or how many headers you are having and its success rate. My Carlisle team has around 52 crosses attempted per match (most of them coming from WB-A and IW-S) and my Karlsruhe team has around 43 (WB-A with an average of 18 per match). If you don't have someone to consistently win headers on IF-A and ST position then you are losing a lot of possession. If you want to keep possession, switch to FB-S, for instance so he doesn't have the cross more often PI. You can give him the get further forward, or switch on the overlap TI
  3. Not a fact. Some might train with reserve team or u23 on match day, but not much more than that. If you want to prepare your starters for the next match, you include the whole squad on that type of training. They all see the videos, they all execute strategies on the pitch, prepare set-pieces, etc. What might happen and doesn't happen on FM is partial rest, for instance. Instead of skipping all of the training sessions scheduled for the day after the match, starters might rest for one session and do one after. Even this, don't know if it's not taken into account on the rest settings.
  4. I think your coaches change preferred formations and style over time and they meet yours. At least it happened with me on fm20
  5. Try one way and another. Start a save with 1 league loaded. Get familiarity to the best possible and try.
  6. Personally, I've never put a lot of effort into 3atb tactics or even 2 upfront, so I don't have much experience, but I've come across some teams on fm20 playing it. One of those that was particularly effective was Mansfield. They played something like: ST-Strata: PF-D / AF-A CM-Strata: BBM-S / BWM-D / CAR-S DM-Strata: WB-A / WB-A D-Strata: CD-D / CD-D / CD-D Cautious mentality, I think. Their WBs had 7 goals and 7 assists each by February and they had a lot of crossing chances but their strikers were mostly short so they didn't make much of it. Their AF was a pace
  7. Some things I don't like: 1. Pass into Space as a top team 2. Pass into Space with Huntelaar upfront 3. IWB-S will move into DLP space, I would go with a FB-S maybe. 4. You expect your WP to play as Beckham or TAA, but you have him as an inverted role and Gravenberch is right-footed, which will make him cut inside even more. (he won't play outside-inside ball, he'll play inside-outside, most likely) 5. Not sure about the use of Lisandro Martinez as DLP on such a strong side as Ajax. 6. Does Gravenberch have the vision to play WP? Things I do like
  8. I had Marega as a PF-A for Porto and his stats remind me of him. However, your player has way better mental stats. I would try it. With his strength and bravery he can recover the ball many times and in good positions
  9. Just a bit of a rant first, I'll go into tactics then: I don't get why people seem to focus so much on "I want to win playing exactly like this, scoring like that". That's not how Klopp, Guardiola or any other manager thinks. They play the way they do because it's how they believe it gives them a higher chance of winning. They don't want to play gegenpress or possession. They want to win. Every tactical idea they have/use is a way of getting to the objective, it's not the objective itself. Now, about the topic: first, as @Robson 07 asked: do you have the players to do it? then: you place
  10. Check Cleon's replies on this post, his tactic and his Mezzala
  11. I wouldn't say Dictates Tempo ruins a Mezzala, but it definitely contradicts a bit on what he does. A Mezzala is not a standard midfield role: he's part winger, part forward... Description on MEZ-At says "will often leave his midfield responsibilities to his team-mates". So dictate tempo would be important for midfielders who can have more of an impact. If you play him as MEZ-Su maybe it makes more sense but you won't use his vision as much. Seems to me that his best role-duty suitability would be AP-At. However I think the problem might not be the role, but the whole tactic.
  12. It might not be a problem. Depends how you create your chances. My Left IF has 1 chance every other game where he's narrow and dribbles outside so he has to shoot with his outer foot (left, in this case), so it helps him to have a decent left foot. However, if you want him to be a creator and dribble inside with the ball, then he better have a good inside foot.
  13. There are no formulas and such bottom heavy teams are hard to score against. However, my take on it: drop the lines - if you want to press high up the pitch, you are going 3x7+GK. They can pass it around, and most likely they are playing cautious or defensive mentality so they'll be happy to do it. Lower the tempo as well so your FBs have the time to get to attacking positions. You might also want to change the duty of your support CM to Defensive or drop him into DM-strata (so when they recover you have 4x3 on defence). Your free players are your wing-backs so focus play on the sides and havi
  14. This is from End of Season Porto Statistics. Surely the correlation isn't that high, but it suggests a trend. Crosses Attempted / 90 x Chances Created / 90 for each player (even players who barely cross)
  15. Team Scout Report, then check Scouting Centre. All players available will be there. You can also try any other player. If they are listed for loan, they will most likely accept your offer and you don't need to pay wages
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