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  1. Youth intake 2029 This is the first year I didn't even bother renaming some of the players as they were just too bad to even consider! Let's take a look at their attributes. For comparison I've added the last two years on. Harrop is the standout player both in terms of CA and PA and attribute scores. His profile is below (18 for passing!). Elsewhere, we have some decent options but we'll just have to wait and see who makes the breakthrough. From the 27 group, Bondswell is now our best CB, while Tallack is no.2/3 and Larkin gets decent game time. Gordon played his first games in the cup this year as well. From the 28 group Brooking and Holder have done really well this season, while Hadland made his debut when I was seriously short at CB. They're not the ones you'd necessarily have chosen straight away. Personalities are overall a lot better now so I have more faith in the 29 cohort progressing more rapidly. If you're interested, the average attribute score this year was 49.26, compared to 48.69 and 48.79 respectively the seasons before. Slight improvement.
  2. March 2029 Just to give you a little idea of the challenge I'm facing around jadedness: Does anyone have any ideas? I've checked training and it's not a ridiculous schedule and it's also part time. I can't get a sports scientist. I didn't have this situation in any previous season. Is it just playing these players regularly for 3-4 seasons at too young an age? The good news is Geddes came back midway through the month from his 2 week holiday. That's what happens when he plays! The bad news is I've had to send him off again at the end of March! So, the two draws at the start of the month are largely due to Geddes's absence, while the loss to Farsley just seemed a bad day at the office (especially finishing wise). Not as good form as the previous month, and that means we've not taken advantage of Chester, who have come back in to good form themselves. It's going to go down to the wire I think, 7 games to go! There were some other notable moments this month, excluding the youth intake which I'll do in a separate post. We break our record attendance which is great! It's help contribute to only one monthly loss in terms of finances, so we're back above the £600k mark. And we have a new record appearance holder! Excellent work Hudson! We'll probably keep him even though he's rated poorly by the Assman as his attribute distribution still allows him to do a decent job for us and we're short of CBs as it is! Finally, I was at last able to try and get Geddes on a longer loan deal. Charlton accepted the bid, but... He doesn't want to come. I'm going to need to replace his goals. I've got someone lined up currently who isn't as good but has very useful attributes, so I'll update if it comes off.
  3. February 2029 This has been a tough month just to get a team together. I've resorted to sending players on holiday. I'm not sure what I've done wrong to be honest. Only Tallack and Bondswell didn't have a holiday at the end of last season. I'm going to need a bigger squad next year! I threw the FA Trophy game by playing my reserves, and have really had to scrape the barrel of combinations in some games. However, it does seem to have worked. We've dropped just 2 points from a possible 18. Aldershot were 5th, Chester were top at the time. Both of those I used our more cautious 4-4-2 formation that I've not used for a year or so. Players such as Farmer and Williams have been chipping in a couple of goals each, while Knill won the game against Aldershot. That team effort has left us with the ability to move top with our game in hand. I'm really surprised that Chester and Dagenham are floudering so much. Their form is shocking. I'm not complaining though, as with 14 games to go anything could happen. Another exciting end to a season looms!
  4. January 2029 We're getting a lot of bids in (100+) each transfer window at the moment, but most of them are extremely low in value. Bearing in mind the potential of these players (according to my HoYD who has 15 JPP, so not completely awful!) is championship or league one, while they remain on good contracts there's no way I'm selling. It does mean I've got quite a few unhappy players! Another unhappy player is Parsons, who after 3 years of sitting on the sidelines has realised I won't be playing him. I'd only kept him due to his ability to lead a mentoring group still. He departs with a superb record for us. He was our main man until Geddes blew him out of the water. The stadium expansion is also done, not that I think we'll get close to filling it yet, our reputation hasn't caught up with our promotions yet. We're hitting 1600-2000 fans per game. So, how did my unhappy squad perform in January? Not a bad month really. Dagenham are second so that's not too disappointing. We're also really struggling with keeping players fit again! We're pretty comfortable in that play-off places zone, but 10 points behind the leaders with 2 games in hand. We've actually gained points on all the teams above us which is good news.
  5. Haha, I'm going to keep trying to!! Yes, we play quite narrow in defense, trusting our taller CBs to win the ball in the air.
  6. 2028/29 Mid-season analysis Goalkeeper I've actually sent Dolan on loan as he wasn't getting game time. Boardman has been in superb form. He's faced a lot of action, but has let in just 30 in 23 games including 5 against Liverpool. I have taken him off penalties as he missed quite a few in November during our phase of not scoring goals. Defenders At centre back, Hudson, Tallack, and Bondswell have shared the game time with a few appearances from Robbins (below). There isn't an awful lot to pick between them, except perhaps Tallack has been more successful with his tackles. When I compare them against other defenders in the league, they're pretty average in terms of tackles and headers won. Tallack who is our best scores in the top 20% for key tackles and just below for key headers, but is otherwise well below average. Bondswell's stats are below for comparison. I'm not sure if this suggest my defenders don't have to do a lot, or that they're not doing a lot. They're good in the air, but certainly not winning many tackles. I do have a ball-winning midfielder in front of them, who is particularly good at tackling. Interceptions are also very high among my wingers and full backs. At full back, I've been impressed with Holder. He's averaging a good number of interceptions and tackles per game, although he's nowhere near our best defensive full back Matondo. However, his key passes of 2 per game is similar to Fitton, so I'm very pleased considering he's only 16. Midfielders Our numbers from our wingers are definitely down this season. Camara is joint top assister on 5, although Brooking has had an immediate impact with 3 in 6 games. Stow-Tricker gets the goals but isn't creating much. Tierney is the most creative, with 0.43 chances per game, but somehow only has 2 assists! Williams is the real disappointment this season and he's going to find it tough for game time with Brooking coming on to the scene. In central midfield, nobody comes close to Robbins as a ball-winning midfielder. Larkin looks a better prospect for the deep-lying playmaker role in the long term as he's creating more key passes than Knill does, although Knill has 3 assists to his name. This graph shows the impact Larkin is having when he plays, despite his poor average rating. Forwards Toomer has been much less effective so far this year. Farmer has more minutes, but I have serious reservations about him taking over from Geddes next year with just one goal to his name. Geddes once again leads the way. 21 goals in 18 appearances. Deadly. If I could improve the squad in any way it would be to find another goal threat. Geddes is now essentially championship quality, so replacing him is going to be hugely difficult, but if we had even one extra option I wouldn't be so concerned about losing him at the end of his loan. I'll keep playing Farmer as he could be half decent, but without many options in the U23 or U18 it may be a loan move or transfer to find a goal scorer next year.
  7. FA Cup Third Round Before I do a little squad analysis as I usually do at the half way point of the season, I thought I'd share the FA Cup third round result. First, our analyst gave his view. I think we'll upgrade our analysts next! So how did the game itself go? Umm, yep. I don't mind losing 5-0. I do mind the 3 red cards, as the bans will now bleed into league games. Knill is likely to get a 3 game ban. Twit. I think we'll try and forget about this tie quite quickly!
  8. December 2028 Now that's more like it! We start with another extra time conquest of a league opponent in the FA Cup! Stow-Tricker is the man to win us the game, sending us through to play Liverpool! Our first time facing a premier league team in the save. It's shame our ground extension to 4000 isn't ready in time, so we'll likely have a capacity crowd of just 2700 ish. Despite the fact we won't see major financial benefits of the tie, we are really starting to put Jersey on the map (football wise!). In the league we were superb until the final game of the calendar year. 35 points after 19 games is a very good return for a newly promoted side. We're not going to win the league this year, but if we get into the play-offs that would be fantastic. We've not yet finished lower than 4th in our 8 seasons, so it's good to be back in 4th place! Geddes has had a real purple patch this month with two hatricks. He's now our all-time leading league goalscorer. He only turned 20 this month! Off the field we've had some more positive developments. The finances continue to grow which is excellent as it means our current level of investment is sustainable at the moment. I signed a new contract. I think I'm now the highest paid person at the club, as I should be really. And we've had the youth intake preview through. There's a lot of green here. If I'm reading this right, we'll have full backs, a centre back and a right winger with good potential at the very least. Let's see if that matches up with what we get.
  9. November 2028 We started the month with our FA Cup against League One Tranmere. I fully expected a beating. Looking at the xG alone, you can see Tranmere fully deserved it. However, they certainly didn't make the most of it in the game! Incredibly we win on penalties to enter the second round! We've drawn League Two Wrexham, with a potential home match (shame, as an away one would be the money earner) against Liverpool in the third round! That's about as good as November got. We've really struggled to score consistently. The volume of games has also taken its toll, with several players requiring rest breaks. I didn't realise the impact it would have at the time, but in the summer period I noticed that my U23 and U18s didn't go on holiday, although I'm not really sure why as the first team did. Now a number of those are in the first team without having had a break, so after half a season they're fatigued and requiring two week breaks. Bondswell and Tallack have succumbed, for example. I've also been relying on a small squad for a few years, with young players getting far too many games. Players like Geddes and Fitton have also required rests this month; they've played over a 100 games despite being teenagers still. With this in mind I have promoted one further youth player and brought in another CM on a loan. I really like Brooking and he's improved quite a bit since pre-season, so with Williams struggling to be an effective backup AML he's now played a couple of games. Matty Taylor comes in as he can play BWM or DLP, which allows me to push Robbins back to CB when two of my three centre backs are being rested! I think we're at a realistic level now where we would be prospective club to send loanees to, so while I don't want to rely on loans going forward, I will take the odd loan here and there to prevent my players burning out. On the finances side, our cup success has allowed us to continue to make a profit. Now, I did forget to take a screenshot before the next few games in December, but we were 7th at the end of November if that helps! Essentially not the best month in the league!
  10. Yeah I think it suggest a few of our players are great and the others are very average! There's more FA Cup fun to come!
  11. October 2028 We've had two poor results this month. Firstly, against Bath. Totally understandable when you go down to 10 within the first 10 minutes. The second game was against top of the league Chester. I made the rookie error of resting Geddes for two games in a row when I originally rested him so he could play against Chester with full fitness. Idiot! I think it's fair to say that decision probably cost us. In the cup, we've done something very special, and that's make it to the first round of the FA cup! Back when I started this save, that's something I wanted to achieve to recognise the long standing aim for a Jersey side to participate in the FA Cup in real life. We also continue our development off the pitch, while I reached the 400 game mark. Yes, those training facilities are downright expensive, but we still have £500k + in the bank and we're making good money each home game we play currently. While we may not be able to make full use of the facilities while we are part time, there's always the potential to turn full time in the near future if we bring in further money through player sales, cup success or by being a profitable enterprise. So, where do we stand after this month? I'm actually a little disappointed after my slip up, but this is a very solid start and shows we're fit to be in this league.
  12. September 2028 I've been snowed under at work so have done very little gaming this week! However, I did manage to finish pre-season and play the first month last Friday, I just didn't manage to post about it. This is the first year we've required squad numbers in the save! Another little milestone. This kind of shows you my thoughts over the squad for the year, with the exception that there is only one CB in the first 11 squad numbers. We're predicted to finish 19th in the league. Despite this, it's obvious this league doesn't have much to choose from, as there isn't much between many of the teams. Geddes and Toomer are in the Media Dream Team, albeit with Toomer in CM instead of DLF where I play him. The new money from the Geddes signing will pay for facilities, but it's also allowed us to once again upgrade our coaching staff and also sign some U18 staff for the first time. This is now the first team set up which I'm really pleased with. We only had one game in September, away to Cambridge. This would be a test of our ability as the media has them finishing third. A huge win! Geddes continues his form as we score 5 inside 22 minutes! Let's hope we can continue this! I think our problem will again be squad depth this season. I have upped my scouting budget from £0 to include quite a few leagues to try and bring in a player to bolster our ranks, particularly up front to rotate with Geddes.
  13. Pre-season 2028/29 We aren't quite to the league games yet, but a number of interesting developments have taken place over the summer. We've said goodbye to a number of players. In among a number of young players who didn't really play much, we have two Jersey Bulls legends as far as I'm concerned, Bailey and Hitchman, who both are no longer up to the standard we play but contributed hugely early on. We have secured some key contracts. Toomer signed his deal, but I've also just secured new 4 year deals for Knill and Robbins too after much speculation and quite a few offers for both of them. This gives us some security in knowing we'll only entertain significant offers. Speaking of which... A huge offer! The only issue is that there's no sell-on fee or loan back. However, this is just one of 6 offers he's considering. Wow! I can't believe he's staying put. In fact, it's a good job I can't believe it, as 3 days later Charlton bid this. We secure a huge, huge deal for us as well as keeping Geddes for the duration of the season. He must have some serious potential for this sort of bid to be offered. This is him on the day he was bought. Let's be honest, he's a beast for this level of football and I can easily see why he went for a near 2000% pay-rise. This sort of money is going to help us to establish ourselves at this level, and hopefully allow us to achieve promotion into league football within a few years. I won't go mad, but we can probably improve the training facilities as well.
  14. Thanks! Yes, we're definitely over-stocked in a few positions, however it's worth adding that maybe 5-6 of those are youngsters who've been given 2 year youth contracts just to see if they turn out any good and worthy of first team game time. That's an interesting thought! I haven't actually checked although I do notice other attributes growing, especially physical ones early on in their development. The best players with good personalities definitely see increases across the board.
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