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  1. End of season 2032 review A really good season all in all. In the league we only have 3 points more than last season, however, we did break the record of goals scored. Considering the club won 10 league titles in a row before I arrived, I'm pleased with this. We also won the cup again without much trouble. The big success is obviously our progress in the Champions League. We've qualified from our group two years in a row, and this year we've made it to the final. Whether that's indicative of our strength now we'll know next year, as our aim has to be to try and go deep int
  2. May/ June 2032 3F Superliga We started off the month by sealing the title. Reinholtz smashed the winner late on to end his slight goal drought. I had an undefeated season to aim for now, but also wanted to rotate the squad to give some of the younger players more game time. Unfortunately I overdid it slightly. After 48 games unbeaten, we lost 2-1 to Sonderjysk. Incredibly frustrated by this as it means that the season ends with us only 3 points further ahead than last year despite it feeling like we did significantly better. Our goal difference is significan
  3. Rest of April 2032 The rest of the month has been very good, continuing our excellent form. In the league we've won every game bar one despite rotation of the squad between the Champions League games. The one draw was against our closest challengers Nordsjaelland, so I'm fine with that. We will win the league if we win our next game. This is a much more convincing performance than last year, especially since the end of the January transfer window. We won 9 in a row, 8 of those coming after our January signings. I do feel it is becoming my squad now, rather than one I
  4. Champions League April 2032 I am struggling for game time at the moment due to work commitments, but managed to play the first part of April, including the two Champions League ties against Juventus. I went in to the Juventus game playing our positive 4-2-4 formation, rather than the cautious 4-4-2 that I often use in Europe. This had worked against Hertha and I thought I'd take the risk and try and blow Juventus away. After 8 minutes I was really worried, Juve took the lead and missed another good chance. However, Terzaghi scored a brilliant volley before crossing to Reinholtz
  5. Youth intake 2032 I'm disappointed by this intake. I've signed a few of the players, essentially any of the 3 star potential players with reasonable attribute distribution or good personalities. Nobody stands out yet. Often the judgement changes over the first few months, so we will wait and see if any start to look like potential first team players.
  6. February and March 2032 I may have gone mad in the transfer window, but it seems to have paid off. Terzaghi made an instant impact, with a goal and two assists in his first game. Panic has also improved and taken over Marinello as first choice DLP. Overall form has been brilliant in the league. 21 goals scored and 1 conceded in 6 games. One thing I have tried is not rotating too much and it's really helping. It makes it harder to give game time to some of our fringe players, but I'm happy with that at the moment. Mork has played in every single one of these games
  7. Transfers Outgoings The two big names are Winther and Campana. Winther has been on the edge of the squad and was a useful CB, but when a bid came in for £15 million it was an easy decision. Campana I offered out after his 8 league goals so far this season. I think it's a bit of a risk, but now I've had time to get use to it having not had the time to play the last week or so, I think it's the right decision. In other 'outgoing' news, my first big sale of the save has just left PSV for big money. He's developed into the perfect DLF in my opinion.
  8. When I had 12 monthly installments coming in, they always came in on the first day of the month in which the player had been transferred.
  9. Transfer madness I last played a week ago, and had been playing pretty solidly over the last few weeks. I hit a kind of wall last Sunday in terms of playing to the point where I wasn't really enjoying individual games and was just clicking continue to get the season done as soon as possible. Part of the reason for this is that I have an idea for another save that's really exciting me, and wanted to get this save to a point where I could consider it 'done'. Therefore, before I saved for the evening last Sunday, I embarked on a little bit of transfer madness before realising that I should p
  10. December 2031 Another pretty decent month, although the overall form hides the one win from two in the league this month, which keeps us unbeaten, but unspectacular. I'm never sure where they get the goal and appearance statistics, as it doesn't really add up for us at all, unless it includes friendlies/ reserve games, but Reinholtz really has made a breakthrough with us this last year and is thus fully deserving of this award. Karlstad is also in good form, notching another free kick and penalty this month to put him on 7 goals for the season. Can he make the magic 1
  11. November 2031 In the end, the start to November means we don't repeat last year. However, this game against Hobro IK was incredibly tight until Karlstad scored his penalty just before half time. From then on it was pretty comfortable, and Reinholtz got another hat-trick for us. This was a really good way to go into our pivotal game against Manchester United. A win would guarantee us a place in the last 16 due to our head to head record. The game was incredibly tense to watch. Haaland should have bagged himself at least one goal in the opening 10 minutes alone. However, as t
  12. October 2031 After a great start to the month, we picked up a few injuries to our defense and Daramy is also injured. Romero is out for 5-6 weeks, so Kruse may have to drop back into RB position temporarily. It definitely affected us towards the end of the month. We started off really well, beating Dynamo which is expected, and beating OB comfortably. From Horsens onwards, our defense hasn't been as strong, and I'd put that down to using Kruse at RB rather than CM. The result against United is obviously very good, but the draw against AaB involved conceding two ca
  13. September 2031 We start off with another free kick goal for Karlstad. He's definitely the best goalkeeper I've had at freekicks, although it's worth mentioning that Brian Harm also scored one earlier in the season in the Champions League qualifiers. This one from Karlstad was a belter though! That helped us seal a 3-1 victory before our first Champions League game of the group stage, home against Barcelona. We produced one of our best performances of the season. It was quite an even game overall, which is extremely impressive considering the opposition. Reinholtz did the damage,
  14. August 2031 We started off with a few transfers. I decided to cancel the transfer for Garfield Cambell. I couldn't justify £8 million for him. I've got a plan to perhaps retrain a CB as a BWM. More on this as it plays out this season. I did however, agree to pay compensation for Boskovic. His mentals, physicals and technical ability will make him a very good deep lying forward. His finishing is obviously the big drawback, but we can work on that as that really isn't the main role for a deep lying forward in my team. He's now our third 17 year old forward! We also sanctioned
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