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  1. It's another academy challenge, so no signings) have to develop my youth or perish. I got promoted to Bundesliga (media prediction was 17th) last year, mostly playing with away tactic V1 and atm on 12th position there. It is already March, will probably stay in the ligue. My best player is 120 CA, the rest is around 100 CA. The player roles in your updated tactic suit better my ****** defenders 😂 Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the tactic for an absolute underdog team?
  2. Agree on this tactic being the best one in 19.3. I started a save in Liga 3 in Germany with a middle-table team. Won the league with no signings and sitting on top of Liga 2 after half of the next season. Being struggling lately (remember, no signings, just kept last year loans), but hopefully will make it to Bundesliga already this year. For a SUS tactic I just toggle my FBs and WBs down to support role (LB to defend). In my other save players are complaining a lot, not satisfied with the training. This time it's almost no whining. I guess it's because my players are crap compared to the rest of the ligue and should be just happy playing for my team😅
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