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  1. Lots of green And fullbacks maybe How is your old team fairing?
  2. He’s done well for you. He doesn’t strike me as a top striker, but certain skills leap out along with that pace. Does he have a second nationally? That name doesn’t strike me as Irish. Does he know Spanish yet considering he is Irish. I wonder if you’ll get a big offer for him before he hits triple figures. Better if it happens after, as that’s more likely the end of the season.
  3. Nice. Been enjoying Jersey’s form Geddes hits the signed contract boost
  4. Wow, that league form is stellar! The Champions league Final is also amazing, in that more goals for you didn’t go in. I can only think that with the second goal then playing slightly more compact and patiently, but still with tempo. But I don’t know if I’d change in that moment either.
  5. 10 tiers in Austria Hmm, what other nations begin with A? Argentina, Australia, Andorra, Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan? And then I keep wanting to add Alaska and Antartica
  6. Congrats on another season in Serie A Real skin of the teeth stuff that survival this season was. Great work, though at times could not tell if you where going to or not. Does this wipe out the debt? I don’t imagine the transfer kitty will be big or anything if this does. Could be under-guessing this though. Big post and pre seasons you’ve got now.
  7. Phweep! And La Liga kicks off. Looked a pretty straight forward preseason.
  8. That’s an awesome run, reminiscent of when Liverpool actually went on their run, but better and sounds like more consistent. I’d argue that pushing tactics at this level is not unexpected, as Man City did last season. Look how Sterling performed for City and how he performs for England. Look at how Stones has been rejuvenated. Good managers are always looking for that edge, and sometimes things work and other times not
  9. The tactic’s board shows only the tactics people post about. There’s always more to be discovered, but if it isn’t posted, then it’s not known about. For instance, we discover different tactical ideas on this part of the forum in the different threads.
  10. Lots happening! Season has started well by the looks of things, with some nice tweaks in the squad. I like how your easing away from Dante already this season, with your central mids putting up some nice numbers. I forgot how quick Joao Roberto is I really like the look of your new HoYD
  11. Ouch! That was not the run I was thinking looked like coming. The good news though is that your still in the hunt to stay up
  12. Tough start to Serie A. Looks like you’ve turned a corner though, to have a better second half of the season. Your doing ok in the cup too
  13. Play like the second half of last season and I think you’ll be fine
  14. Nooo! Reminds me of Brentford trying to get out of the Championship The youth intake was right when you needed it. Hopefully this will mean storming the league next season.
  15. Transfers, new boards, greener pastures. It’s all about survival this season. Good beginning to Serie A, with a very fast goal in your first win of the season
  16. Nice work, and you made up a point on the league leaders. Your defence definitely isn’t helping with this and looks like a work in progress. Signing down Burgess helps a lot. It’s great when you see that sort of impact afterwards. Hopefully it’s sustained. Fingers crossed for straight promotion, but looking good to make the playoffs
  17. Busy! First important stuff, congrats on getting married Going to a wedding the day after would have been an interesting experience! I guess we were lucky to get any updates recently
  18. I’d say you were even better against Sevilla than Athletic Madrid. How have Lyon been, and who is in the other Semi? I’m not sure any team is completely like that. You’ve got a good core of youngsters, but if only promoting from U21, then would need to become more tactically flexible (creative mids and widemen are specific positions). I like the looks of Apollonio and Qi, and would consider giving them minutes in the first team off the bench since the league looks like being wrapped up
  19. Hmm, seems like Liverpool just need a top top striker to really dominate the Prem if reading your thread is all they need now they’ve bought a defender That half season is awesome. Ian Rush remembers back in the day when he was scoring for fun
  20. I’m pretty sure Arsenal felt the same way during their invincible season. Well positioned at the halfway mark
  21. A good month, with a couple of top results in Europe against Athletic Madrid. Might want to recalculate Royer’s results, taking out the DestRoyer performance as it was quite the outlier, to see what the rest of his season shows. Love that nick Disappointing to see Costa injured again. Only 10(4) appearances this season is not a striker you could rely on. Looks an interesting youth intake, but that striker from Benfixa looks something else! So tall and already very technical. Be interesting to see how good and fast he can become. That’s quite the International call
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