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  1. 3rd division seems to have started well. The money deficit doesn’t seem to be causing too much of an issue either. How long does it take your youth intake players to get HGN again?
  2. The only way to possibly do this is how the clubs are currently named and using random name generator for existing players (like you can generating your manager name). And then the leagues also have to be taken into account…and anything else with a license in Brazil… Just thinking about all that extra work sounds tiring.
  3. This thread seems to imply otherwise about seeing some stats (not sure if all) if no data analysts 🤔
  4. That’s great timing to have the league revert, just as FM22 drops!
  5. Sounds like you’re having a good time already with this save! Hopefully the league form keeps on after that good win against NK Solin
  6. Congrats! Excellent Finals run, with extra domination in the GF It’s ironic that the last game threw up all those squad challenges, and significantly in important positions. Castro retiring, Toure injections, and who to or not replace them with. If you’ve been following Ben’s Luzern thread, you would come across personality mentoring plus much more What’s your plans moving forward, Asian Champions League and the finish?
  7. Nice youth intake! It would be extremely interesting to see what a big club’s (eg Barcelona) youth intake with top facilities gets to compare this intake with your intake with a smaller club with top facilities Or someone shares an intake to compare the preview and intake.
  8. I don’t mind either way, as long as the long way flows and is not one giant piece. As you said sections make it coherent and able to read in parts It’s something you need to plan for if going to be a long post. And if it didn’t fit in one post, sections allow you to break it into chunks.
  9. It looks like only the top release clauses can only really be seen as close to the a prediction. What I don’t get is why there is such a large difference between the player with the 44 and the player who has 18. And between the clauses of players 4 and 3. Is 11 million or so a random clause? I wonder if this will be the same in FM22. Could be worth post somewhere to see if someone bites in experimenting with this to see if there is a rule like what creates certain personalities Thanks for going back to this
  10. Phew. I need a lie down now That took me all day to get through, reading it in sections. A lot happened, but you could also say not that much either. It was a bit all expected and right where this season MVFC have earnt. Going to be an exciting couple of updates to complete the season
  11. And so that is that, with all that’s left is the appendices (very curious to see how long your plans stay in place and what happens). Thanks for sharing your save game in this thread, thoroughly enjoyed it
  12. No it doesn’t, but the resulting afteraffects are. Success in the Asian Champions League (WSW won it a few years back) didn’t result in a significant change because of the way the league is structured unfortunately, with the league running only in mostly the Summer months to avoid clashes with stadium timetables in other league schedules. The fact that the government payed for those other codes to have stadiums shows how a small amount of people affect a large population base. If the league ever truly becomes organised here, it will show it’s grass roots strengths. I guess the other question I have on this is if this is a set unchanging number 🤔
  13. Was it against Valencia? Would have expected much more than that for them, especially if your 3rd in the table! Not sure if ticket prices or day of the week affects attendance
  14. Depends on how many leagues you load and the level of detail wanted. 8gbs is what I run on a laptop as well. Although the chip (i5 8th gen) is not helping here either Looking at new laptop and would be going for i7-11th gen/maybe equivalent ryzen though not as familiar with, 16-32gb, graphics card (haven’t worked this out yet). Not sure how much choice in MB you get with a laptop though hopefully one with a high thread count. Can’t work out what the difference with the brands are (Dell/Lenovo/MSI/ASUS etc) and if it’s just the look and style of hardware, or if the set-up also differs.
  15. If another program is likely to be run at the same time as FM, than 8gbs is not enough. How many people play music through their computer, have a web browser open or some other program open while playing FM/doing other work on their system? Does the editor take up RAM as well?
  16. Business, poor administration and racism is what you’re then seeing with it ranked 5th in wiki. Also cronyism in government as well. When Australia made the 2006 WC, there was a noticeable bumb in its profile in Australia. Every time a WC comes round it dominates the sporting scene here, and to the point where the other codes start getting protective of their stadiums when WC bids come up.
  17. I still think 16gbs should be the minimum you go for in a computer these days if buying for FM or other uses, and even go for 32gbs + if you can afford it. It’s reasonably cheap to upgrade a system from 8 to 16 as well. Programs are becoming more memory hungry and 8 gbs is only going to slow the system down. Plus, it can have an affect in boost the 3D engine by raising the FPS rate if using integrated graphics.
  18. Getting only 8gb is only just enough these days, and is soon going to be not enough. Minimum RAM now should be 16gb, and as you’ve mentioned about affording 32 if you can. If your using 8gb of RAM in graphic design, your wait times for processing must be large. Especially if you have multiple programs open.
  19. That’s wrong actually, as the most played sport by kids in Australia is Football for boys by some distance. For girls it’s the second most played after netball. Australia is not a good example if your basing this on kids playing, land mass and population. Explain Uruguay producing so many good players for such a small nation (population and land mass).
  20. A quick way to check this would be to see what Brazil’s Game Importance is compared to India’s Game Importance. I’d imagine India’s figure would be low compared to Brazil’s.
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