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  1. Is there some other form that I missed? Looking good in Europe and in the league
  2. Blitzing is the word that springs to mind when I see league tables of any team you put up, especially the first team (wow, what a start!). Those youngsters look like the basis of your team for the next decade. Looks you have more in the u21’s too. Europe is pretty good so far, what with the lack of shellackings. Going to be interesting to see what happens next in the group.
  3. Looks like a well positioned platform to launch for a European placing. Incidentally, what are they? Also had to do a double take who you were, as I forgot you switched clubs.
  4. I thought it was Sherieff Rangers (or something like that), not Rangers Rangers. I like the new players a lot, and think they’re a double quality upgrade. And not just cause I’ve seen the results
  5. Nice work on getting promotion. Was that only 3 seasons early Do you think you’ll finally go pro for next season? Also, will your squad need an overhaul?
  6. Can I gengenpress you for that site please?
  7. Whoops, meant to include in other countries with higher rep/club set-up (ie France/Germany?).
  8. Beating Victoria Plzen was pretty special at this stage, much like hour good form. Are you trying to fun away the league?
  9. Oh poised in Europe, with no team able to ‘just’ draw. The league? Not sure what to make of it, except to say that still in contention for that second spot (not sure about first yet). Can you use a couple of not so developed players in your u23/u18’s sides that are close (maybe 3/4 or more the way there to first team)? Do you have many of those types yet? End goals are funny things. I went back and looked at your league set-up and was wondering whether a team of a larger rep/setup could be the last team, but chosen because of language you speak?
  10. Had to figure out what you were talking about, youth facility update!
  11. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else post this!
  12. It’s funny to look at posting that now would be a great time to go on a hot scoring streak once the League restarts, considering your actually getting good results. Then looking at how many you’ve scored to games played and it’s in that irritating point of not quite enough to go into a game and expect to get the goals, instead in that range of hoping to get enough goals. Hope It’s enough to get a better striker which pushes the ambition of your forwards already at the club to improve their goals to games ratio. That yoof intake
  13. What’s with that player in black on the pitch near Costa in the first picture of the Counterattacking goal?
  14. Interesting, not as much change as I thought. Still change did happen and as you mentioned, developing loyalty looks possible (even if it’s by a point or two) by playing them. Though how loyalty is affected when a bigger club comes calling is a different question. Also curious was how one honest personality is 15 and the other is 8 Thanks for looking
  15. Wow, what a goal! And a cup win. An international cap for Costa. And European qualification! That's a lot happening to finish this season.
  16. Decentish yes. Definitely not going to be able to throw his weight around. Going to need to be clever and tricky to get far. Pity about his vision and flair. Thanks for sharing the screenie.
  17. Lots happening in a short amount of time. Getting there in both the league and Europe, but might need better depth (?). Another bunch of Champs money next season is nice 👍 More disruption to your backline. Not been settled for a few seasons with players staying. Curious about the Gram player needing scouting as possible replacement for Stahre. What’s his interested clubs page look like (what you did for Green)?
  18. That was a steady pre-season, leading into the new season. Looks like you’re rep has risen too, what with being able to attract better players. Two coaching badges? I think your board had a fever! Onwards into the season
  19. 5 star Diminutive winger Besam not getting any love? And diminutive? Not seen that before. Oh, and teams means international teams?
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