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  1. Regional divisions

    Hidden stage cant help here. Game cant sort teams in stage as you wish. Best way for level 4 (level 3 also if i undersand this) is to use regional boundaries for competitions but you have to check all cities. Level 5 is first level where you can use my settings but problem is this : if some team in level 4 is in wrong division you can have problem with mathematics for relegation. I think this can be done but i need to change "teams" section in your case. As you can see i use "ignore teams" option to ignore teams from other regions in "relegation zone" stage. In your cae i need to exclude all regions and to add relegated teams from all level 4 groups because i dont know where some team can be located based on "team move" action. Very complicated system. Also im not sure how regional boundaries option works on FM17. My serbian system is same in every level with child divisions so i use dynamic relegation without any major issues. I have level 6 system without single team in wrong division even after 20 seasons. Try to add all your clubs to level 3 parent divsion. Set boundaries for all 3 Serie C competitions and untick "use regional divisions to organize teams" in parent division. (active option but untick). Test how teams are sorted in season #1 and season #2. This is very big job and first think are you motivated enough for something like this For example i have working system but lower league finances are major problem for me. Serbian clubs simply get too much money and i cant set that. EDIT: for promotions to level 5 you can use divisions without any fixtures with fixed promotion number. I used divisions (every level 5 divisions should have their level 6 lower league). So just to clarify- its big job and you should make plan first (i can help with this because its most important part) and start to make database changes. Also you should test that boundaries so you can be sure how game will handle sorting. EDIT2: hmm one more optional problem. I dont know how many relegated teams from level 4 can be from certain region because game can move teams to fill the gap. Thats why "relegation zone" stage is very hard to make. That "use regional divisions to organize teams" option (i like to call it "hard regional rules") is made to keep teams 100% in their regions. Can be used in leagues with variable number of teams (IMO bad option becase you can have 24 teams in north and 12 in south after couple seasons - this is just example) or can be used in my dynamic relegation system. Its perfect for my system but this system cant be used in every country. Thats why i think you shoudnt use my system because you cant use it in every level and can cause problems.
  2. Show reserve teams in the editor

    I undersand now. And yeah i know some of database table types are hidden. I had some test in past just for my curiosity. Will see what i can do.
  3. Show reserve teams in the editor

    I can help with this because im very familiar with editor xml files. I often change something to speed up my work or for some other reason. Problem is - i dont understand what youre trying to do?
  4. How can I make reserve teams in Regionalliga promoted

    So this rule can be override by adding new 3rd division to database?
  5. How can I make reserve teams in Regionalliga promoted

    Im not sure why you have this problem. Maybe someone who is more informed with german database can help?
  6. B team play with parent club

    you have option called "can play in same division" in database--->affiliate clubs. You can try...
  7. How can I make reserve teams in Regionalliga promoted

    upload your save game also
  8. Dynamic relegation thread

    sorry i just saw this message - you have answer in your thread
  9. Regional divisions

    Most important thing is to understand "mathematics" in league relegation system. Explain your system in levels where you have regional leagues. Also if you wanna use this system you must use "hard regional rules" - i like to call this option "hard" because if you use this game will stick to "regional divisions" settings in every club 100%. Thats why your settings in leagues must be 100% accurate or your system will stop. I even managed to use my system with leagues where promotion playoff with some other child division is included (sometimes you have 1 and sometimes 2 promoted clubs-this change number of relegated teams in real life and in game too). I tried to understand Italian system but its to hard. Not sure how Serie C works.
  10. I dont have FM16 anymore but if you can upload your file as xml - i will take a look and i will found problem. write name of one stadium with that issue
  11. Its common problem because you dont understand how editor write and read changes. Thats why everybody have so many failed changes when try to transfer data to next version. I guess this is issue with default stadiums? Upload your file and i will take a look. I wanted to explain this issue but i never find enough motivation for it. When you know what youre doing you can transfer your database without issues (or with limited issues). Also changes to default database should be in separate file or you should know how to delete them from your complete file because this usually need re-do in next version.
  12. Is this file created on FM17?
  13. Show reserve teams in the editor

    Yeah many things can be visible and editor can be changed for your needs.