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  1. Not yet. I have plans to add this in the future. I will explan this when i add those 3 features - not sure how data are coded so i need to check. Of course names are simple text, some numbers are simple numbers...
  2. No sorry i dont have time right now. My mother had covid19 so i was all about that. I hope i will find some free time soon to finish this update.
  3. You cant set stadium if there isnt that stadium in database. Its same when you create that in editor. You need to create stadium first in order to set it for some club. Pure logic. This will be fixed in next version. On version 1.1 you need to put UID in front of every column. You cant create new nations.
  4. Training ground is not problem - i can add it without any problems. I have plans to add kit section in next version (i thought this will be released 10 days ago but i had problems with script and also i was very busy at work) but i wanted to add only shirt,shorts and socks. I think reserve/yout teams can be added in the future. Need to check that section in editor.
  5. Yeah this is some basic stuff. Easy to do in excel.
  6. No problem. Make sure you add all data in right form. Check text file from first post.
  7. You can choose whatever you want to add or not. Thats why i added checkboxes to generator. If you want to add stadium with lets say name, capacity and city - you will check add stadium, name, city and capacity. If you have those 4 columns in your input file - thats it.
  8. You need only data that you want to add but you must same columns for all stadiums. Cant add latitude for some teams and for others not. Script cant skip empty places. If you have some data columns like that (some stadiums have some data and other not) you must filter your stadiums by that column (filter only stdiums that have added data) and add that change in different script run.
  9. I just tried to import this file as xml and i cant. i both cases i get editor crash.
  10. What do you mean by extract? You should be able to load fm20 file into fm21 editor.
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