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  1. 1. You will have 2 stages for each division. 1 stage is relegation zone stage - second stage is relegation decider. You can see at my file - for example stages 4 and 5. Stage 4 is called RZ SLB - relegation zone srpska liga beograd Stage 5 is called RD SLB relegation decider srpska liga beograd 2. If your fixed relegations are decided in that split league stage - then yes.
  2. This is fiile for FM18.Zonske lige Srbije 1.0.dbc Serbian level 5 system. Only levels 3 and 4 have dynamic relegation - level 5 is level with dynamic number of teams based on teams who are relegated from above. Check my secondary comps first - i have 10 - one for every regional level - i added every team that belongs to that region to that competition secondary teams list. After that check league promotion settings for every league - finally check dynamic relegation comp - 2 stages for every league with dynamic relegation. In my case 4 leagues in level 3 and 10 leagues in l
  3. I will find somewhere file with that new added system - with changed seedings and dynamic relegation competition added to database. If you want i can send it to you.
  4. So you basically want to create fictional USA system - no problem Exactly - all i changed in my "new" dynamic relegation system is this- i added new competition called dynamic relegation. All hidden stages are added here because its better like this. Also seedings are reversed compared to my tutorial - i wrote that somewhere in this thread. Seedings are ok now in editor - they changed that back in FM18 but my tutorial is created in 2016. Nothing else is changed i think. You can understand original system - after that is not hard to change it for your needs and with my new ad
  5. Is there any way to remove new added "show rules for" option? Option is not good for big league system. Not needed at all for small system. I would really like to meet SI guys who thought this is good stuff @wkdsouldo you have some ideas how to remove this "great" idea and set editor as previous one? I tried something but no luck - i guess i lost my patience with fixing stupid things in editor.
  6. I dont understand . if you dont have this kind of system - why you want to bother with it?
  7. Do you have dynamic relegation in real life? Anyway its hard to explain like this - i need to re-write this tutorial - however i dont have enough time right now.
  8. This option is used when you want to increase or decrease number of teams in league - not for this.
  9. You have option called "preffered lower division teams for promotion".
  10. Yeah this is for old version of editor and i need to change this but im too lazy for 2 years I changed lot settings related to this system - also some default editor settings are changed so you cant use this system anymore. Now - what is your question? I dont know how your system works in real life so i cant answer.
  11. I had similar issues with Serbia back in FM19 - tried to find solution but without luck.
  12. I know that I tried to find the way to do this for almost 3000 cities/villages in some automatic way.
  13. You can give them seeds 0 and 1 and set seeded draw. Also set "use seeds as pots" under group settings. Other way is to set preffered teams for specific groups - not sure where is that setting.
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