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  1. krlenjushka

    Past Winners not being recorded

    i tested this on fm18 - probably thats why you dont have 16/17.
  2. krlenjushka

    Serbia v Switzerland / Friday / 1900 BST

    No its not time for that. I just want to see 1 game where some small team/nation have refs on their side. 1 penalty or something similar against germany, england, france, real madrid, barcelona... Simply we lost this game because penalty is not given. Because we are small nation. Simple. Football is dead. VAR is uselles because manager cant call it. Fraud like everything else in football.
  3. krlenjushka

    Argentina - Croatia, Thursday, 7pm BST

    without him argentina would be out in group stage probably back in 2014.
  4. krlenjushka

    Argentina - Croatia, Thursday, 7pm BST

    they barely managed to qualify to this WC. With team like this there is no way Messi can make some miracle...
  5. krlenjushka

    krlenjushka - HELP!!

    final winner is 0, loser 1, semifinal losers 2, winners highest 0/lowest 1 and so on...
  6. krlenjushka

    krlenjushka - HELP!!

    set ranking levels for rounds
  7. krlenjushka

    krlenjushka - HELP!!

    i guess this must be edited with editor 17.
  8. krlenjushka

    krlenjushka - HELP!!

    try now. its xml file now. FM17NationsLeague_test13.xml
  9. krlenjushka

    krlenjushka - HELP!!

    i just realized this is fm17 file. i edited this with 2018 editor
  10. krlenjushka

    krlenjushka - HELP!!

    its dbc file. use import option
  11. krlenjushka

    krlenjushka - HELP!!

    test world premier league and let me know FM17NationsLeague_test12.dbc
  12. krlenjushka

    Past Winners not being recorded

  13. krlenjushka

    krlenjushka - HELP!!

    Upload your file and i will take a look.
  14. krlenjushka

    Merging edited files

    you can merge almost everything if there is no clash data( same changes for something or some changes that could cause issues because order of changes is not ok ) in your files. BTW i dont like to use merge option -its easier to join 2 files manualy with xml editing - i want to have control when i merge files and i never had any issues with this method.