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  1. i think this doesnt work for continental rules for some reason. Probably because its hardcoded.
  2. You can join them manualy. Some basic knowlege about editor xmls is needed. For example you can create clubs xml first and after that you can add created stadiums and competitions from output file. Basic text editing knowlege needed and also understanding of editor xml.
  3. Use this tutorial to extract friendlies on advanced list and after that you can edit it.
  4. You have some teams assigned to parent division and some to child. Check that first. Also check if your parent/child settings are ok. Many guys here dont understand what is parent comp.
  5. Check how many teams you have in your competition and how many in ranking level info section.
  6. This is related to that C disk problem. I dont know whats the problem. Some windows limitation or someting like that. Only solution is to run this from D disk. Yeah on version 1.1 you need to use multiple uid columns like i explained in my tutorial. Version 1.2 is almost finished but i simply dont have time right now.
  7. Yeah just add lines to ignore teams from divisions 1 and 2. After that add all teams from that specific region (one by one or some other way - i dont know how teams are sorted there) and thats it. Also create cup with min/max number of teams - set rounds for maximum number of teams and game will adapt if you have different number of teams every year.
  8. No i decided not to bother this year. There is very low interest in serbian fm community for this. TBH im not sure is there fm community in serbia anymore.
  9. No i must do all by myself. But thanks for your offer anyway
  10. Unfortunately not yet. I have 0 free time I changed my job and its all about work in last 2-3 months.
  11. Not yet. I have plans to add this in the future. I will explan this when i add those 3 features - not sure how data are coded so i need to check. Of course names are simple text, some numbers are simple numbers...
  12. No sorry i dont have time right now. My mother had covid19 so i was all about that. I hope i will find some free time soon to finish this update.
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