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  1. Remove DAY settings like wednesday, monday. Date will remain same.
  2. If i remember - couple years ago i tried to set this and no matter what i set that minimum was 15. After that i never tried it because i really dont need that option. So yeah - its probably a bug.
  3. Leave only date settings without day specified.
  4. You need to extract your file as xml file. When u use save option its saved as fmf file.
  5. Thats why i always create "serious" files only after last patch. All this so far is only beta testing and we are free stupid beta testers. Just like every year. THIS GAME MUST BE RELEASED EVERY 2 YEARS!!! This is only way to have enough time to play the game without major bugs. Also this is only solution for their teams to have enough time to create something that works. Nobody should raise any bug threads in bugs section - you will just waste your time because 95% of bugs every year are not fixed.
  6. You have section called ranking levels and ranking level info in advanced rules.
  7. Check ranking levels and ranking info section.
  8. This known "currently" under review issue is still here. I guess this will be fixed in next patch - november 2021. You should really remove editor bugs section because it only takes space on your server.
  9. Not to mention that sh**y option "show rules for" is still here. Its imposible to edit files with 50+ comps. For every small change i want to make i need to find that competition in dropdown list. And list is not same as advanced list - its sorted by division level and alphabetically i guess. Whoever "invented" this - he is complete *****.
  10. Great work guys! Your own default rules still cant be verified.
  11. Take a look at some default competition with opening/closing stages and copy settings from here.
  12. Check what games are played on november 30th. Check champions league and uefa cup. If you always hace crash at same date - its something related to that.
  13. Well decide because i need to put something in this file
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