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  1. ranking info can be applied to whole competition - i used only this option. and tbh i used this rarely. ranking levels should be set in normal way as always.
  2. for example you have competition winner, runner up, 2 semi finalists, 4 qfinalists and so on. you will set like this If you have simple competition (like 1 league stage competition) game will easily find ranking levels but if you have complex competition you need to set ranking levels (you need to do this if you want to have history so no problem). Ranking levels info is here just to help manage board expectation.
  3. in "editor data" folder as any other editor file. click on download link in post #1
  4. Not sure. I need to take a better look at structure. Not sure what changes will be in that system.
  5. BTW you have 3 instances of vanarama national because you have different settings when you load your game. First is "default" and this file will be used after 2019. Other 2 are 2019 versions with active and inactive level below.
  6. why would you search promotion & relegation places in xml? its visible in editor
  7. Yeah i think this option doesnt work as it should.
  8. Competitions are set as continental qualifiers
  9. Sorry guys im.drunk 6 days.now. Will get back when i catch some tiem
  10. I will check that when i find some time. Not sure how its done in this case.
  11. Because you can have different cases: -case where that level is playable and level bellow is inactive - you can have case where that level is playable and level bellow is active too - also you can have case where that level is inactive check valid years section and you will understand this. maybe some other cases are here in this example - this is just quick explanation so you can understand how this works.
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