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  1. You have many empty "database table type" numbers. So who knows what "empty" numbers are - if you add manualy new data to editor numbers 12,14,22 and 26 (i tested only to number 26) will give you some data - however editor cant show data because there is no UI files for that specific data. Same here.
  2. Sorry i forgot to take a look. I want to solve 5 issues at once and sometimes i forgot about something. About qualifucation places - try to use top 2 places settings instead of top/bottom position settings. I changed that because this caused issues 2-3 years ago so i thought maybe its same case again. This probably caused "Q" to disappear.
  3. No need for this. Editor will work just fine with regular comp editor folder.
  4. Exit your editor again, clear cache again, check your nation.ui file and start again.
  5. go to C:\Users\your pc name here\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive AppData folder is hidden by default in windows so you need to unhide it. delete editor 20 folder and you will start editor with starting settings.
  6. clear cache and start editor after that.
  7. 80 teams? People with 1000 clubs need this. Add 10 teams per day and you will finish in 8 days.
  8. How many clubs/cities you have?
  9. No because main team is in premier league. Its default game rule and you cant change it.
  10. We can ask @Wolf_pd to move this thread to skinning forum.
  11. I have old PC and i play with level 14 club. I dont care if everything is slow - will play my save for 3-4 or more so who cares
  12. Thanks for your answer. I tested yesterday all options related to youth setup. It seems youth training have big impact on this but its not good enough. I need to set it very high in order to get players with some average CA. After that i created "empty" players- just added names, nation and CA/PA- game added everything else. This is good way to control this. I think i should add this to future requests - some better control of generated players quality in empty clubs. Its important for people who plays LLM. Thanks again!
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