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  1. No problem im here if you need some help. Maybe i find some motivation to continue my work. I dont play FM at all, i stopped all my work in editor... guess im bored after many years
  2. I managed to open it but files in there cant be loaded to editor. I never managed to do it. Anyway there isnt anything interesting in there so dont bother.
  3. When you add teams to your competition you can assign for example seeding 0 to host nation. Other high seeded teams can have seed 1. After that set "invalid groups for seeding" to 1-7 and your host team will be drawn in group A.
  4. You probably deleted something. Often case when you use manual text editing.
  5. Your rounds have wrong stage name. Fate actions are set to semi final and final.
  6. i think this doesnt work for continental rules for some reason. Probably because its hardcoded.
  7. You can join them manualy. Some basic knowlege about editor xmls is needed. For example you can create clubs xml first and after that you can add created stadiums and competitions from output file. Basic text editing knowlege needed and also understanding of editor xml.
  8. Use this tutorial to extract friendlies on advanced list and after that you can edit it.
  9. You have some teams assigned to parent division and some to child. Check that first. Also check if your parent/child settings are ok. Many guys here dont understand what is parent comp.
  10. Check how many teams you have in your competition and how many in ranking level info section.
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