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  1. Who cares about loading time. Its normal when we have huge databases.
  2. Any progress about child comps bug? Maybe you can separate lower levels to multiple parent comps?
  3. krlenjushka

    Dynamic Promotion with B teams

    Set 2 top playoff spots for your league (just to have info about 2 possible promotion spots). Btw this can be problem also because game will ignore b teams and mark next team -this can be confusing for players. Maybe its better option to set qualification spots in qualification rules instead of top playoff settings. Minimum number of teams in stage is not problem. You can qualify some other team just to fill the number. I think its best to upload your file and i can try to make 2 new stages so you can take a look and learn for other comps.
  4. krlenjushka

    Helping Clean out a custom database

    update your edito first.
  5. krlenjushka

    Dynamic Promotion with B teams

    This can be done but im not sure how this will effect whole system. In your case there is no "fixed" promotion places. You have 2 "optional" promotion places (case where your top 2 teams are not B teams). So you have to set hidden stage to determine promotions first. After that you will have to set similar stage to determine relegations. Of course number of promoted teams is crucial here.
  6. krlenjushka

    Is it a bug or just I miss something?

    Untick "squad selection rules" box and try again.
  7. krlenjushka

    Editor BUG

    that downloaded file is probably fm18 file? just load that file in editor 18 and save it as uncompressed file. after that load it to editor 19 and make your changes. i guess SI forgot to disable loading of dbc files.
  8. Yeah - tbh im not sure whats gonna happen if you create new continental rules. Maybe its hardcoded only for default qualification system - not new added. Never tried anything with Liechtenstein so i dont know.
  9. krlenjushka

    Overwritten editor file

    Only way to learn this is to loose big file - i guess we all learned that way :D
  10. krlenjushka

    Overwritten editor file

    I dont think so. I never use backup settings but i guess your backup file should be here if your backup setting is enabled
  11. krlenjushka

    Overwritten editor file

    in editor data folder - same folder where your other editor files are located.
  12. krlenjushka

    Overwritten editor file

    yes is you have backup file.
  13. Export your files as xml with editor 18 and just import them to editor 19.
  14. Its hardcoded for Liechtenstein.
  15. Send file and i will take a quick look when i catch some time.