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  1. You need to set min/max number of teams under valid years - not required teams. Btw this option is not needed. When you set regional divisions for all clubs - set " use regional divisions to organize teams" under parent competitions and game will sort clubs 100% accurate. EDIT: about valid years min/max teams - you need to calculate max number of teams - for example you have region called north - in north region you have 55 clubs (all 55 clubs will have same regional divisions set). So in theory you can have maximum 55 teams for that regional division - its worst case scenario where all teams from that region are relegated to bottom level.
  2. European league system [Project][WIP]

    UEFA East-Central Division is finished with 2 playable levels for all 5 countries - Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine. I also fixed attendance for all clubs i edited so far and i fixed training and youth settings for clubs without that records. BTW default database have many countries with very strange data - proof that Head Researchers dont co-operate with each other when they edit data. I tried to raise this "issue" but as usual - i get very strange answers and bad attitude from people responsible for this part of FM. I dont wanna point fingers to anyone but why do we have Database and Research section??? I will just give one example -its Lithuania and who ever edited this - please dont do it anymore. He just added all 9 settings for clubs with reputation 3000-4500, all 7 for clubs with reputation 1500-3000. If this is way to edit database in game in year 2018. - please dont do it. Enough with this - screenshots from my latest edit: I will continue work - next is UEFA Central Division and 6 nations - Chech Republic, Switzerland, Austia, Slovakia, Hungary and San Marino
  3. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    im not sure tbh. im not very experienced with youth leagues - i always add that in regular way
  4. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    is this ok? you have 1 more child for next season
  5. Tv Rights for Serie A

  6. Tv Rights for Serie A

    im not sure then- i dont use tv rights often
  7. Tv Rights for Serie A

    check your version of serie a. must be edited rules - not overrides rules
  8. Playoff team seeding draw

    upload your file and i will take a look...
  9. Second Season doesn't begin

    upload your changed file and i will test in game
  10. Second Season doesn't begin

    first - when you add competitions always use "edited rules" instead of "overrides rules". also delete season update day from competitions- you have this setting under nation.
  11. Second Season doesn't begin

    upload your file.
  12. Playoff team seeding draw

    only change to fm18 are seedings. now seedings are correct - not reversed like in previous years. check this
  13. Editor crashes on linux when convert to advanced

    I have this problem again on FM18 but on different linux distro @KUBI can you move this thread here? https://community.sigames.com/forum/584-crashes-technical-issues-mac-and-linux/
  14. Everything explained. If someone know anything about this - please share your knowlege with me. @KUBI maybe you know something about this?