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  1. This isnt related to linux - its about some editor files. BTW line 197 in my file is this: <boolean id="dcll" value="false"/> i dont know what is this
  2. Division with less than 11 teams

    have you set "valid years" option?
  3. Division with less than 11 teams

    its bottom level?
  4. Move this thread to pregame editor bugs forum. This is case only when i use some editor data. Thanks
  5. Thats how learning works
  6. as i did in your file. add new fixture rule, set rules in it and set that rule number to competition you want
  7. new rule is number 18 right? just add that number to fixture rule index
  8. yeah i linked rule to top division. is that ok?
  9. Check in game - dont worry about rules
  10. you can create that in editor. its not so complicated. is there any hardcoded things related to austrian leagues?
  11. I tried to add regional division to system and i had no issue. i created playoff for 3 winners of regional league. also have 9 relegation places in regional division. 4th level is inactive. editor test often gives some strange errors - especially before first update.
  12. yes. max squad 50 is shown on rules page. registration works. you check everything
  13. i just added new rule with registration - you add registration rules or whatever you like