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  1. Hi Tonao! Really really great work that you've done here so far! I really like it! I don't know if this is a known bug, but in the Campeonato Acre and Campeonato Ceara the league tables of past years don't get saved.
  2. You mean to make the whole league system from Scratch? Yeah I know, I think in the editor-file I linked, I changed something after I played this save and now it must be ok with the fates.
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/file/bn5dugcumz5587p/TSV_Heiligkreuz.fm/file Here you go.
  4. Aaah sorry, you mean the last playoff round should be played before 20th of May? Like Lothar Matthäus said... My english is not so good, my german is better :-D I'll try it like you mean it, if I'm understand you correct :-) By the way. How can I change the Season End Date in the Advanced Rules? In the Season Periods?
  5. Like I said above, the regular season goes til 19th may and the last fixture of the playoffs is on 2nd june. And the Season update day is on 1st july. So I think, thats enough time. I've done the league schedule like the german Bundesliga in 2 steps to avoid playing almost all league matches before the winter break. But the Season Review is showing straight after the regular season, instead after the playoffs.
  6. Hi Fredrik. You mean the "check for clashes with" option??
  7. Ok. But thanks for your tips. Maybe someone else has other ideas?
  8. Thanks for your answer! So the regular season goes from July/August until 19th may. The first playoff round is on 23rd may/26th may and the second round is played on 30th may/2nd june (1st leg/2nd leg) in every league which have playoffs. On all the competition screens the season date range is from July to June. And the season update day is 1st July. Maybe I'll send you the file and you can catch an eye on it? Of course only if you have time haha
  9. Hi there. I'm almost finished with my Level 12 German lower league file. But I got a weird problem with the relegation playoffs. In every League-Level the teams from the lower league are immediately after the regular season in holidays. The playoffs were played normally, but with shadow players. All end dates of the leagues are the same. I've tried many things, but nothing worked. Does someone here know how to fix this? Or is it a bug in Germany? If you have an idea on how to fix this, I can send you the file per PM. Thanks in advance!
  10. http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,21562.0.html
  11. Hi there, I hope someone can help me with my problem. I'm creating the lower divisions of Bavaria, Germany. In the relegation-playoffs between the 9th division (Kreisklasse or KK) and the 10th division (A-Klasse or AK) I have some problems with fates. So for understanding... there are 4 Divisions of Kreisklasse and 6 Divisions of A-Klasse. Each Kreisklasse has 2 directly relegated teams and 1 relegation-playoff team. Each Champion of the A-Klasses is promoted directly and the 6 second placed teams are qualified to promotion playoffs. In the first round of the playoffs the 4 qualified Kreisklasse teams are playing against another Kreisklasse team, for example: KK 1 vs. KK 2 and KK 3 vs. KK 4 So the winners of this 2 games are staying in the Kreisklasse, the 2 losers are qualified to the second round, where they face up against one of the 6 A-Klasse teams. another example: First Round... KK 1 vs. KK 2 = Winner KK1, Loser KK2, so KK1 avoid Relegation and KK2 must go through the second round. KK 3 vs. KK 4 = Winner KK3, Loser KK4, so KK3 avoid Relegation and KK4 must go through the second round. Second Round... KK2 vs. AK1, KK4 vs. AK2, AK3 vs. AK4 and AK5 vs. AK6 The winners of the second round are promoted/avoid relegation and the losers are relegated/failed promotion. Fate Actions are set for every possibility. So far everything seems fine. But ingame the next season won't start and in the pre-game editor test i see that one winner of first round is always relegated too and in the second round it seems messed up too... mostly 2 teams from AK, who's playing against are both promoted, obviously one of them shouldn't. Is it important in which order the Fate Actions are?
  12. http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3861/l9iddlgj_png.htm Here you'll see. It's because the editor only "see" the 58 teams from the Metropolitana-stage (Stage 0). I tried to solve it, but "Stage finished actions" on competition overview didn't work. Set a league fate in the Final didn't work.
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