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  1. SI for years, have been doing a minimal list for the updates. They don't even release an entire list of new features (some are just changes of existing features). I doubt that they will change their ways of doing things.
  2. There is. Go to the request sub forum of FM Touch and request for the editor. The more people who requested the more likely we get sooner.
  3. I think I'm like you, add more nations, let the lower leagues be the job of the brilliant editors we have in these forums.
  4. As I said, again, once I boycott this GIL (greed infested league), I will boycott, any company the 1 inch of them support the GIL, that includes SI.
  5. Then you probably on minority on this one. And if you think that these clubs are interested in making more elite level football to be player on regular basis, you are in for a very, very, unpleasant surprise. This competition is utter ****. All of these clubs should at this very moment should be heavily fined and points taken out and even relegated, to cut out money of them. I think it is the time for the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA and FIFA to man up and face these clubs head on, as the clubs have shown they do not honor their supporters, the leagues they played in or the country they pl
  6. This is a bit beyond my knowledge, but adding a continental club competition is not that different from a cup. You simply have to pick the nations in question and go for it. Maybe someone with more knowledge can help you or try it yourself. SI intent for the editor is self-discovery. sorry if i can't help you much.
  7. This is unrealistic, but for me in the ideal world love for smaller european clubs to retain more the star players, instead of being constantly poached by bigger clubs. One hand, yes, the came is bit unrealistic in the form, but on the other I would like for the real world go more of a FM approach.
  8. I recommend you go see Fenech world league file, to have the best idea how he did it. It is the best way to learn. But to answer your question, if you want a world league system with pro/rel between the leagues, I think you might want to drag all teams to the same nation (again look at Fenech file).
  9. The editor is only available on the full FM Steam or Epic versions. The Xbox and the Game Pass version are the same, that is using adaptation version of FM Touch if I'm remember correctly), like a the FM Touch doesn't have an editor. Unfortunately you can't add any leagues. You can only play in the leagues and their rules that comes with the game.
  10. Hi guys. Any of you that has access to the app (again I'm on Mac), can you post how do I input the information in the Excel for Awards, Media Sources and Official (another question how many officials should I add to my fantasy USA file or should not bother to add them?).
  11. I hope your mother is getting better. No worries about the update, take the time you need, first comes the wellness of the body, everything else is secondary.
  12. So I was creating a Nation league system (a USA and Canadian merger into one) file and an idea occur to me. Is it possible in creating 2 league systems which are in independent files (like one file for USA and another file for Canada)? Is the club UID 1st team of Canada the next number after the last team of the USA? Example: Last team of USA club UID is 20000066267 and on another excel do I start the Canada file with the first team club UID starts at 20000066268? Also krlenjushka how is coming the second update of the app? Do awards part work on the app?
  13. We have to comprehend that at this point SI has probably in difficult place, since most of its employees are working from home due to pandemic, which making gaming development difficult, such a complex game and have to prioritise which bugs should be fixed and what not. With that said, I agree with you this has been the norm for several years, now. Some bugs are low priority compared to others due to limit of time developers have, which in turn makes us players frustrated that some bugs are in the game after development been abandoned and hoping new features will do away with some of the
  14. No, No... this is the typical day here at the forums, if it wasn't for forum moderators and helping members in this community, these forums probably would be dead. Specially on the forums on the editor, if you want any help, other forum members and moderators can help you. I can't even remember the last time any SI employees has help in any of the questions asked by FMers about the editor. The reason they state, is they're busy working on FM (all versions of it).
  15. AND since this is the Football Manager Touch and Xbox edition sub-thread... there is no way to add other leagues, aside the ones that comes with Football Manager Touch and Xbox version. SI is yet to add that ability to those modes. If you want to play with custom leagues or Steam Workshop you have to play Football Manager on PC/MAC. If you wish the ability to add custom leagues to those versions, make a suggestion, on suggestion sub-thread.
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