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  1. I think it will be helpful to at least identify if it is Basic or advanced. But I also would mind sub-forum for advanced rules.
  2. Some friends stop playing, not because the game became harder, but rather more complicated and a lot to do in game. Thus main reason Touch/Classic mode was created. But in my own "bubble" that failed to attract those friends to play FM again. Some say "That still exists!" In a way, a more marketing on social media, should be done. I think just releasing features announcements on twitter is not good enough. I for one needs to expand to these forums and youtube and facebook and instagram and what else social media application exists out there. What I feel is this, that game is more then welcome by everyone if it became harder, specially in the lower league teams. But the game feels a lot more complicated to understand, the learning curve is much bigger then in previous games. To atone that, i think SI can do what Loki said in his video. Tutorial videos. if SI doesn't have the time, make partnership with youtubers so that those tutorials can reach the costumers. A youtube channel doesn't need to have the presenter and the same theme. There are plenty of youtube channels that use different presenters for different topics within the theme (this case Football Manager). For example: put someone to talk about tactics, another talks about Editor (a tutorial for the Advanced Editor is badly needed) , another talks about skinning and so on. I do miss those days. But the fact is that when i returned to FM05, it was a lot more simpler to understand the game, then it is today.
  3. There is something on what you said, that i didn't agree and need to comment. I think you need to let the streamers/Tubers, figure that one out. They are the ones that will make the content, not you or SI. I for one would give benefit of the doubt and let youtubers make the content. It will deepen the FM community further which it will be plus. Like the Loki said on the video it can also be beneficial for SI team to push the game forward. The second phrase, I would say, that a few years ago when Twitch was released, I said the same thing. It will never catch on. Yet now there are a lot of people watching others playing games. It is quite interesting phenomena. You would be amazing how insanely creative some these youtubers are, to make the videos fun and interesting. I for one am with Loki and hope that SI see the same benefits. For the past few years, i began to wonder, if Miles pass the button of being the face of SI/FM videos and let someone take the reigns of speaking the videos. That last few times I feel Miles was drag out of bed. A tutorial for the game and the editor is badly needed. I for one would go rather watch a 20 minute youtube video about tactics then read 5 pages of written tutorial.
  4. That is likely since in the last patch it remove some teams and add others in USA.
  5. I also agree with you. Still waiting for FM Touch editor for few years, yet the response is always the same. I'm hopeful that this editor arrives to FM Touch, but I'm starting to doubt if we are getting this editor in the upcoming versions. But I really hope I'm wrong.
  6. I say it shouldn't be included, because it hasn't happen yet. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has not been activated. United Kingdom until that day, is full member of the EU. What happen simply was referendum, to see if the british people want or not exit the EU. Brexit won by small percentage of difference (for me such an importance decision, Brexit should happen if Brexit won in land slide, like 65% or more, but that is my opinion). That means that the referendum will not activate the article 50 automatically. As said here we don't know what are repercussions, economically for the UK, let alone the football world in general, specially in the UK. There is also one thing not included with Brexit. Scottish Independence. It will happen, if Brexit happens. But it doesn't happen in the game? So why Brexit is in the game and Scottish Independence is not? As said, we don't know the true repercussions of the Brexit scenario. There is simply to many variables that could happen. The SI of old always said they only put things in game (like new teams and whatnot) that are confirmed. Makes somewhat confused and even make me wonder, why Brexit was so hasty included in the game, when Brexit itself is not confirmed.
  7. For the guy that call me a guy, fair enough. I respect that you have different opinion and respect it. What always made me wonder is that what exactly is so different between competitions in FM and FM Touch, that sounds like you (your colleagues) have to create a new Editor from scratch. Just small warning though. Patience has a limit. I might not have the patience to wait another 10 years to release the editor for FM Touch. No matter how might be that interpreted, but my ultimate vote is voting with my wallet. The all point of this thread is that no matter how much people here say those reviews on Steam are because of fail promise, or a bit unjust, they are opinions and have the same weight has everyone here who praises the game, no matter how much people here say, but they play it wrong, they don't understand the mechanics of the game, or that people don't understand how much new features and improvements are added. There seems some sort of lacking communication to show, how to play the game or how much features and improvements were added, to avoid those kind of reviews. And to be fair saying more then 1000 new features as way to promote for the new game, i think clearly that promotion doesn't work. I for one don't really go WOW, when Miles say that. Now is just... yeah right, move aside I want to see the hot girl that is standing behind you. For me FM Documentary was far more interesting the entire promotion campaign to release FM 16 and FM 17 combined.
  8. Yes, I know. Kubi. I never claimed that i should be removed (hell any feature removed from FM will be problematic at this point). I clearly stated that I have to put with them, including my assistant doing it and have possibility of something good or extremely bad happening as consequence. Some people do what I do delegate to the assistant, others do it themselves and then there are the ones that go to FM Touch. I feel simply it should never been included in FM in first place. Now I can't do nothing about it, just simply to put up with them. But i think i still can share here my opinion, on how much i hate them and will hate them.
  9. I agree somewhat with your entire post, but i fully agree with your last phrase. One example: Press Conferences. I admit there are some who likes it in FM. It adds realism. With that said, I don't like them in real life, i avoid them in real life. It exists to feed the media outlets to sell newspapers. I have to put up with it them on FM just because, where I think adds nothing to FM. No matter how much SI improves it, i will always consider them as boring. So adds to fun form me? Hell no.
  10. The DOF, is one of those features intent to add extra layer of complexity to the game and I respect there is people who loves this feature. But for me adds nothing the game, because the best part of FM is basically what DOF job is. Controlling your transfers, getting the players you want. Adding DOF adds nothing for this game. It is another pointless feature added to the game. Nor will I came here forcing my views that it should be removed. But if some ask to give my opinion is basically the removal of the feature would be my opinion. What I'm saying is. Sure FM is sim, all aspects of football should be in the game right? All of them? That is the part i find ironic when, i read some responses are yes. Because is quite simply your saying that in FM all good aspects and wrong aspects of football. Even those that SI is legally not able to, like corruption and death. Those unfortunately are part of football. We all know that. My view is this. You cannot simulate life at 100% into FM, that is not possible. I suspect it will never be possible. So what do we do? Make the game fun, make it entertaining. Adding features just because it exists in real life will not bring fun to FM. Make it more real, in the match engine and what not. The rest like Press Conferences and DOF and media, should either enhanced the fun or it has no business being in the game. But how do you choose, which features should be removed? Well that is the real question, because removing something will p*** off someone, because they liked the feature. The most realistic game ever, I mean including everything. Or Something that is realistic, but also fun. But what is exactly that? Well I have my own views, that a long time I figure that is no longer what others want it. FM should be what football is about and not what is currently is about. For me FM has become boring and I'm inventing excuses and what leagues to load and create fantasy leagues and what not, to force playing FM I never pass September of the first season before giving up. I spend most of my time simulating (going on Holiday). Testing my fantasy leagues. The reality is each version post FM09 (except like Fm10 and FM11), the game has become more boring. Note: Some may why don't you play FM Touch? My response is always: No editor to edit leagues and SI doesn't share the importance of an editor to touch. I respect that is not part of their vision for that gameplay.
  11. In basic editor, when setting up a League, to be divided into groups, there should be an option how the sorting of the teams into those groups is made. Without it, people are forced to go to the advanced editor to set this up.
  12. Got an idea for you, to add another extra to your database. Transfers are only allowed during beginning of June until the end of August. Meaning no transfers in January. The exception is emergency transfers, when a club hit hard by injuries. (not sure if you can do this last bit on the editor.
  13. What Tystevens says, is there are some clubs under the affiliation tab, set that clubs cannot be in the same division. To stop this just uptick the option. If you want to balance a bit more, try adding in lower league teams more cash for transfers and balance. It will be matter to try it and simulated a few years if this option helps or not. Also try keep clubs reputation and leagues reputation, close together. In mine, I try to keep all of these close, I use English leagues as base of research to change these, but I add my own flavour to it.
  14. I hope that one day, i can release that. I for one would be interested What is exactly that process? Is it hard to do?