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  1. People are starting to get impatient. Guys, there is 2 weeks till the end of the month. Have little patience. Sure i understand that people need to make certain decisions and what not. I for one, hope for a lot of stuff for the new game (especially for FMT editor), but I know perfectly as well that many of the features I want will not be included. SI, I and other users here have different priorities what features need to be added. But this is not the place to have such a discussion.
  2. Sorry @Pixel Viking, i'm with the rest. Your ideas have potential, to make new game that is on par of FIFA Ultimate Team. It is not for FM. Maybe a FM Live sort of thing. But I agree that FM needs a bit of revamp, but since we will in couple of weeks have new features announced and this kind of thing has been a bit debated in the last few years. Maybe SI tried with the new FM to make things a lot more cleaner and the game feel less complicated, without removing any features. Here's hoping for that.
  3. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    I voted. Thank you for this idea.
  4. That is no brainer. Of course the addition of FM Touch Editor is great addition.
  5. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    Can we please add an additional options for more secundary division options (like regional cup option). I would like to make Regional cup and County cup and this last one I'm force to place teams by hand in the cup settings.
  6. Another tweet about FM18: In #FM18 you’ll see a graphical representation of the biggest spending clubs and leagues during the transfer window.
  7. Please an FM Touch Editor! Please an FM Touch Editor! Please an FM Touch Editor! Please an FM Touch Editor! Aside that, the discount is always welcome.
  8. My advice is requested on the editor thread, here is the link. Official Editor Feature Requests
  9. Should I just...quit FM?

    I really do hope so. The reason why a buy the new version every year is always with the hope, that that time will be different. I'm glad we can have this discussion, because that way, maybe, just maybe SI workforce can strike the right accord that balance game out that pleases both parties on this discussion. For the old games, one side understand SI point of view of not making the old versions of FM available on Steam and they want to put people on their latest games instead of the old versions. On the other (my selfish and tantrum side), really wants to old versions to be available. FM Touch solves for me my issues with the full FM. The reason why i play FM instead of FM Touch, is lack of what I think is crucial feature, that without it, makes impossible to play. That feature is there is no editor for FM Touch. I don't play FM Touch without it, not because i'm expressing my anger no FM Touch editor, but rather I like to play a Champions League that includes all countries around the world (Dallan's version). Specially the inclusiveness of the FM Touch Editor is becoming more important due to stupidy UEFA is doing with the Champions league. Aside from lack of editor ( SI instead of making another editor, try to include FM Touch database to the existing editor), FM Touch as another big problem, that is a lot of people think it is kiddys version. I try to tell my friends that it is not. One co-work the other day asked what is FM Touch. I explained to him, this is what he said. "I thought FM Touch was only for Ipad/tablet". I always felt it made more sense if FM Touch Ipad/tablet version had brand name difference with FM Touch PC/MAC Desktop/Laptop version. maybe FM Classic made more sense for PC/ mac Desktop/laptop version. But I'm going off topic, since that is another thread entirely.
  10. Should I just...quit FM?

    I do well and learn everyday with FM and other games. It was due to Sensible Soccer that my interest in football began. But here is the rub, you say that the game isn't what I claim it is. Well I disagree with you. The game is what I claim to be. Now we have what is called a stand off. My opinion is not the law, but neither is yours. What to do now? Agree to disagree? I started to play the game series since CM 2, which was released on the PC 1995, but only played at friends house on the amiga that was released 97, i think. I'm saying this because it is been 20 years (OH GOD... I now feel old), since i started to play this game series. It is more of addictiveness, then anything else. I make up excuses to buy the new version in hope that I would really like the new game. I really, really try to make the effort, but in the end the fun isn't there. Also good luck try to install FM05, FM06 and FM07 on Windows 10 and Mac Sierra. The issue, again is not about succeeding in the game. It is about the game feel more like a day job, the a video game that you play on your spare time. but if you are enjoying the game then i happy for you. Again, you are focusing my opinion relays that me and my friends, don't win games, thus don't succeed, thus this game is too complex, thus we hate this game as is. No, i'm sorry, but that is not what i'm saying. Maybe I wasn't being clear enough. FM has grown to feel like a job. The grow complexity of this game, has become, too much to do with little reward. Sorry I don't see why all this effort I make during the season, with these 1001 new features and what not. At the end of a season, the reward is not there. At the end of the season I question where was the reward of all this effort and all of this hassle, that the game has put me in front of me. It is like these barriers that game puts in front of you and when you finish a season, the reward is not even a pat on the back and say (well done). It doesn't help starting a new season you go again back to square one and this time, you know the rewarding at the end of the season will be the same. You loose interest in press continue, you stop having fun with the game and start to feel like routine of day job. And I know my issue is not the rewarding part, because is the same level of rewarding as the old games. My issue is the growing complexity during the season, that each version of the game has added. Again, I don't say my views is the law. I'm not Judge Dredd. If you enjoy the game Great, i'm happy for you, and you are free do disagree with me. If you agree with me well I'm happy to say i'm not alone in this. I simply share my opinion, that I'm not having fun with the game. I do feel disappointment (sad sounded way to Trump), that to some, my opinion is sort of an insult to them and the beloved game series.
  11. Should I just...quit FM?

    It is not the issue inability to win. Every time and everyone that complains about the game, comes in some one concluding, is because those people that complain don't win matches. Can we please stop with that sh*t? I beg you, for the sake of sanity and this discussion, winning and loosing is not the issue for those that complain about the game. And it is not confusing with effort with complexity. The issue is complexity. FM15 was the last game anyone of my friends I know the try the game in the series. And after a season he gave up. He had the effort, since he finished the season, since he was a fan of the series. The issue for him, was a season was too long, because he had a lot to do in game. He wanted just to play of building his team, take them to glory and play the matches and move forward with the season. He finally said, the game has become a job. For that, he would take an actual coaching course and do it for real. He just want a game that is gratifying and fun, not a day job. I don't deny this sort of game needs to have its own complexity. Well the old games of these series had complexity to them, but it was balanced out with fun. Then came FM09 and things have gone this way since. And to be fair, FM18 maybe, just maybe be the last game I will ever tried. The complexity of this game, is killing any joy i have for this game. At this point i play only for nostalgia, for loyalty I have for this series. Again as I said . This game should be about what football really means, not what it is. I would rather have... what do you call it... fantasy?... Fantasy it is, that show what football really represents to us fans, not the decrepit football we currently have, we agents and that sort of stuff. But that is me. I'm at the point that, maybe nostalgia is speaking, but if SI added to Steam all of FM series, I would rather quickly buy again FM05, FM06, FM07 or FM08, then all the bell and whistles that these latest games have been added. it all concludes and culminates in one single phrase: FM is no longer a fun and rewarding game! Ironanicly, these road we are currently heading with FM, all started with FM09. It was at that point, that the fun i add with these games, started to diminish. Which is a shame, as I want to continue play the game. I'm also in the field, that a game that requires to read any guide for tactics or to play the game, if far to complex for my tastes. Thanks for sharing the link to that thread.
  12. Should I just...quit FM?

    The old days that these series were named Championship Manager, was like that a "fast food game", and that didn't stop from the games being in the top of the chart, release after release. To be honest those games had a lot buzz going for them at the time, meaning it wasn't a niche market game. Everyone was playing the games. Today, that buzz doesn't exists anymore, perhaps the series is no longer a novelty thing or whatever reasons maybe. But the main reason why a lot of people don't play it anymore is because life got in their way. One friend says the game is no longer rewarding (there is no that instant reward feel that all games bring to the player/gamers), there is too much to do, too much effort to succeed in the game. To be fair the game became bigger and complexed, some people don't like that. They prefer the old plug and play of the game (that is why mobile games and release of old consoles in miniature) are coming back, because it was easy to understand and was easy to pick for short period of time and played. I know there is FM Touch, but it is still too much tagged as a lite version of FM. But one thing I blame SI is the non effort to make that tag disappear. To be fair Fifa Manager tried to be too much in small package. The games were beyond confusing. I tried two different versions and didn't know where to go and do what I wanted to do. FM has grown in complexity, but at least there is some thought where are the menus placed and those things. However, these latest FMs are a bit closer to Fifa then the past games. Meaning the complexity for me is growing issue. I feel some features were added just because. I feel they add nothing to the game, aside that feel more like managing a football club. Sure FM is Simulation and should mimic what is like managing a football club, but we cannot forget that in the end this is a computer game. We play in our spare time, like hobby. It needs to have the fun part. I feel FM is starting to suffer the same issues as Fifa Manager, meaning the complexity of the game is becoming an issue, at least for me. Meaning that is too much hassle, too much work to have that feel of instant reward that a Computer game normally has. That is why old FMs have instil so many memories in a lot of users. Sure this maybe because of certain type of an old saved games. I for one, see in my group of friends and co-workers, I'm the only one who still (used, haven't touched the game since April, instead spent more time in editor then the actual game)... or used to play FM. I'm actually the only one who bought FM17. Sure maybe my group of friends is not actually picture of other group of friends throughout the world. Maybe there are groups of friends that everyone is playing FM17 and is enjoying the game. But I can only report what I see and the opinions of my friends. To be fair my friends said the golden years of CM/FM are long gone, due to this endless necessity of complexity. Maybe what my friends want is back to plug and play games which may not be realistic as possible in managing football club, but a game that is an actual fun to play. I always say that FM shouldn't be what football is currently about, but what football should be about. No matter how unrealistic it is. Maybe we should stop be so critical about how things are unrealistic and try to let what the kid inside us wants, wonder of unimaginable, the wonder that anything was possible and a game that 5 year old boy can also play, like i did when i was kid. A game that offers all of that. Even if it means becoming again plug and play tactics or what not. There are other ways to make the game challenging. FM07 for me is the pinnacle of the entire series, because it was plug and play, it was fun to play (my kid version inside me starts to scream in pure happiness as I remember the game), and also it was challenging. Sure it wasn't perfect, but it was hell of game (played for almost 4 years). Should I believe Fm18 or any future version return to FM07? Well the kid inside me would say yes. The adult in me says throwing that all hard work out the window, says no. But to be fair the kid in me would almost certain kick my adult version as*.
  13. I would like to take full credits for that comment, but can't. I didn't say it first. Also I was being ironic with my post. Also I do understand that SI developing team is divided into smaller groups that tackle different aspects of the game. What I say is, if they improved the sounds great, if they don't improve, I'm fine with that, because I always play FM with music. As for SI offering the best game has to offer, well depends what features do you valuable most. I hate severaI features in FM and some are missing. You may have completely different opinion. I respect that. However for me I would rather have a FM Touch Editor (at least like the current editor), then an improvement of sound. You might not agree with me and that is fine. We all like to help SI offer the best game that they can. But the issue is there will be no 100% consensus of what features should be improved or not.
  14. I in the camp that even if SI improve the sounds of the game, I would turn off and listen to music. Got use to play like that, it will be hard to break that habit. As other users have said in these forums many times before. I prefer the resources go to something else.
  15. I think it will be helpful to at least identify if it is Basic or advanced. But I also would mind sub-forum for advanced rules.