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  1. I would love the idea, but they can't due to licensing issues.
  2. If... today's world that is a big word. If... this, if... that. To be fair all games/products that release yearly, have been stagnating, with small improvements, maybe because costumers expect too much of a year release. Games like Fifa, PES, NBA2K, and products like the Iphone, get the same criticism. I'm getting saturated with it all. Companies, don't have much time to make revolutionary updates. The product cycle is too small. If companies like their product and the majority of costumers like the product, expect little revolutionary upgrades to it, it will be incremented updates with new features that may or not add extra fun to the game (may or may not add, depends point of view of each one). The solution to this is quite simply. Accept and expect nothing revolutionary (like I have) or change a yearly cycle to 2 or 3 year cycle (which has been talk here in the forums, but probably unviable financially to them), or subscription base model (which has been talked about for the last few years, specially with Fifa and PES). What the user above said about CM4, is quite relevant to the discussion. Majority of costumers put polls here, about your favourite CM/FM ever, CM4 is among the lowest liked games of all SI games. To be fair, it was good thing, because the consequences of it, made launched a new era of great games by SI. If that needs to happen or not, depends on lot of factors, but it ultimately depend if normal consumer (that consumer that doesn't live and breath in these forums) likes it or not and spends money on it or not... well time will tell. I don't agree, with several features of the latest games and several decisions of SI with their games (lack of editor FMT, for example). I stated here in the forums (for example i hate press conferences and for good, bad or worse consequences of that decision, I put to my assistant to do them, one point why I like about FMT no press conferences). i was and still are among the minority in some of that aspects, but I accepted that fact that SI doesn't see and agree my way. So people, chill out. Wait for the new features to be announce and go making decisions to pre-order the game or wait for another set of announcements or entirely wait for the beta to be release and read the other people comment on these forums and on Social media.
  3. I praise the effort, for SI, being ecology minded about its product. Since I exclusive buy digital games (Steam and PS Store), doesn't really effect me. Now that we have that out of the way, lets have some in game and editor announcements of FM20 and FMT20.
  4. I agree this is the current procedure of releasing information of the game. I’m not fan, but I was okay with it. But this year you get information about stadia and what you can do with FM, but that isn’t exactly news since the thread about stadia a lot of people expecting what was announced today. That is the all idea of it. But what makes this year August announcement a waste of time you didn’t get a release date, but an estimate. I feel (and you’re allowed to disagree) that each year these kind of announcements in August are getting poorer.
  5. So this is the big announcement, that Miles announcement two weeks ago... that was a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, but to get announcement of an announcement of things we already know is a bit of disappointing and I was expecting more. Not even a proper date was announced. Next time will be what?, coming this fall!!!!!!! I’m sorry if I find this reply a bit arrogant, but i’m sick and tired of this pointless announcement that gives us nothing about the game. O don’t really expect something revolutionary or extraordinary, but gives us something more substantial. A simply we revamping press conferences is more entertaining than this. Sorry for the long rant. PS: I welcome the new release of FM20.
  6. Don't worry, if Miles twit a few days ago is correct, we will learn something at the end of this month. So there is 9 days to go. I'm guessing we will learn something about FM20, next week.
  7. Hum... I see what you mean. Okay, last National team play in 83 and the league the record show 2012. I'm not from Nieu, I was simply adding non-Fifa nations as Fifa nations for a tournament I'm making in editor, I couldn't find the nation on the database.
  8. There is a nation that is missing in Oceania. It's Nieu, which is member of the Oceania Football Confederation, since 2006, but it is not yet a FIFA member. FM tries to emulate real life, so, i think the nation Nieu should be added on FM20. Thanks. Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oceania_Football_Confederation
  9. Yes, there is. Fingers crossed for FM20.
  10. Why would I? You did the job for me!!! Have nice week!
  11. To bad SI want FMT be exactly the same in every platform. They could add Editor to PC/Mac platform as an incentive for that platform. Maybe Google Stadia, changes that, since FMT with all leagues on (also with Fantasy ones on), would be a dream.
  12. I think Miles on twitter a few months back said that they would have licenses for German main league for FM20. Don't know any more details, since Miles is always the skeptical in these kind of released of news.
  13. Check out Dan's database: He is probably the best person to ask for help.
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