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  1. That is the real issue. I hope you find your mojo back. I have few hundreds of teams, but my intention is making the files easy to transport from FM to FM, but SI likes to difficult the editor lives... anyway, also want to play the game more. But with the FMT debacle, my motivation is diminishing.
  2. Hum... okay. Just curious, what this period if you have added any new features. :P I will send you in the next few months two fantasy nations (the optimum prediction is in about a month), trying to create. But I have still a big list of teams, without name and a logo. I will sort that out first.
  3. Just to say, that some nations is impossible to make swansea (a club from outside the nation and qualifying to the any club contienental competition). This is because the nation is hardcoded that makes impossible for this to happen, case in point USA.
  4. @krlenjushka just curious. Have you made any more progress regarding to the generator app?
  5. I corrected my post. It shows, that I'm not perfect and will occasionally do some gaffs/mistakes. When it happens I will correct them and if is offensive apologise to that some one... so, carry on with the thread.
  6. I just saw Miles Announcing on twitter that they added 4000 lines to new team talk & team meeting strings into FM22. What He doesn't tell and later he confirms is the 4000 lines includes translations. So it's not 4000 lines added it is much, much lower then that. Edit: When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I misread Miles quote. Sorry It is 4000 lines English + translations.
  7. I came to that conclusion a few years ago, but had little hope not to be true. But seeing what happen now, I share your vision. FMT on Switch and XBox versions will be goners in 2 to 3 years. it will join FM Live, FM Stadia, FM Linux and FMT. Their focus was always FM and FM Mobile.
  8. No, SI kill FM touch for good on every platform except the Switch. The will also something resembling Touch which is the Xbox version. If you have game pass you can play it on the PC.
  9. It was interesting read, but as someone that values FMT more then fat FM, 3/4 of these features went over my head. Of the 4 main features, only the on-pitch authenticy sounds alike a good improvement. To bad it took SI a long time to bring these things to the game...
  10. I read something here that is key: Press Conferences should be represented a bit better in FM. Aren't we talking about this for 13 years straight?
  11. This is quite easy, if think about it. Changes to something that important in the game is a headline feature.
  12. I completely agree with you. Since that change and few hints I picked up here and there throughout these last few years, a part me knew that Higher Up at SI, wanted to kill the classic mode for few years. I also wanted to add this, aside from @shirajzl opinion. There is also the point of Miles saying that this was a money decision, saying that the benefits of bringing classic/touch is not financial beneficial for them. Ok, all valid stuff. But the thing is, if SI offer FMT for free (also selling as standalone on Steam competing with their main game… go figure, which to this day confuses the hell of me)… anyway, if SI offer FMT for free with FM, it was clear message that the expanses of creating FMT was covered in the overall FM normal production costs. I see now that I was wrong (or am I?), but always thought the real expanses of FMT was adapting it to IPad/tablet platform and the Nintendo Switch (since last year with the Xbox version), which was covered by their sales in each platform. The new features of FM that went to FMT was cover in FM cost. Adding to this the lack of effort @shirajzl has said in the post above, the lack of editor (for example the quick fix of a existing bug in just few days in first FM Classic, where following a few steps you can use edit files, but it was fixed so quickly for stability FM Classic, when I don’t recall anyone reporting the bug has an instability bug, it was the case of someone that found the bug and being Good Samaritan, share with the rest of community), the little subliminal messaging of SI staff and how since 2016 version of Touch, had no dedicated videos or Miles talking about the features announcements I now come the conclusion the FM classic (later Touch) it was doom to failure since day one.
  13. You offer FMT when you buy FM, for 9 years straight, people kind assume that is the norm, not the exception to rule has you are picturing it.
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