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  1. Em termos da equipa SI e não dizer o quer que seja, isso infelizmente é o normal. Já uns anos para cá que eles deixaram de interagir com os pessoal aqui nos forums, no qual deduzo por causa do trolls do forum. Para mim isso é problema , pois está criar uma grande separação entre o pessoal do SI e nós os fãs. No editor nota-se muito mais no que FM, no qual o pessoal que usa o editor, está simplesmente sozinhos, sem qualquer input da equipa do SI desenvolve o editor, em prol da desculpa que estão a trabalhar muito para termos um Jogo sem bugs e afins. Se não fosse por algum pessoal aqui aju
  2. I just wish, SI gave this version of the game a bit more love, rather than just adapting the new features of Fm into this mode. While we are at it, a bit more interaction with us FMT fans. Maybe... But FMT20 had very little skins. Maybe this year could be different.
  3. I might as well join you in stoping my costume leagues. The guys who work on FMT, will be probably be celebrating, when the day i stop complaining about the lack of FMT editor.
  4. I agree with you, but here's the key of the issue. Micro-transactions has been part of the FM Touch/Classic, since the first version, almost 8 years ago. Since then many have complain this and SI hasn't remove it... Let's say it is one of those things that I don't recommend holding your breath until they are remove, because they will never remove it.
  5. Hi. I'm somewhat well verse in the basic editor, but a newbie in the advanced editor. I want to create a sort of Final 8 of this years champions league but with U18 competition of a nation, where there is a stage group and the winners qualify to this final 8 cup. I want them to take place in the same city. Is this possible? Also when I'm on the nation tab, under the Required teams and you select one of the leagues, there is an option that says Game Edition. What is this for? Thanks for your help. Grade
  6. In FMT your staff is limited to the heads of each department, this is due to make the season quicker. That way you spend less time spend in hiring scouts and whatnot.
  7. This list of feedback is best for you to write on feature request of FMT sub-forum. Maybe if a lot of people request most of these features, they might add them to FMT.
  8. Yes... yes, i did. I agree with you that has less steep curve to learn to play the game than FM. But I think that saying it is easier, is not the right word to say. Say it it is more, quick and play or plug and play or something of the likes. My issue of easier to play, has gain a reputation... a negative one for FMT, since most people brush it aside of being a easier version of FM, where it doesn't have anything easy about it. It is a quicker version than FM, where certain areas of the full FM is not included or simplistic version of them, since are features that slow down the speed of a
  9. But every year there's some sort of few bugs, that makes us wait for fixes. This is not something new. But with that said I agree with you.
  10. Can we please stop with this tag of FMT being an easier mode, please? it is quicker mode, it doesn't have anything easy about it.
  11. Nope!!!!! SI has yet to give us one. I have been waiting 8 years for one. it seems I will have to wait for year 9...
  12. Depends on what platform you want to play. If it is on PC and Mac, you can quite easily put bedgepacks and face packs. Real Name Fixes a bit tricky since I only used Sortioutsi fixes. In FM20 i couldn't change Zebre and Brazilian names. Without an editor makes our lives a bit more difficult. For Ipad/tablet, I'm unsure, since I haven't play on those platforms.
  13. Something I wondered... since I'm against brexit and hate it to have in game like FM Classic. Since there is no editor to remove it... is there any way to remove it? Please? If not how is Brexit is handled in FM Classic 21? That I what i'm saint for quite some time. I hope you and I are wrong, but very much doubt that.
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