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  1. In basic editor, when setting up a League, to be divided into groups, there should be an option how the sorting of the teams into those groups is made. Without it, people are forced to go to the advanced editor to set this up.
  2. Got an idea for you, to add another extra to your database. Transfers are only allowed during beginning of June until the end of August. Meaning no transfers in January. The exception is emergency transfers, when a club hit hard by injuries. (not sure if you can do this last bit on the editor.
  3. What Tystevens says, is there are some clubs under the affiliation tab, set that clubs cannot be in the same division. To stop this just uptick the option. If you want to balance a bit more, try adding in lower league teams more cash for transfers and balance. It will be matter to try it and simulated a few years if this option helps or not. Also try keep clubs reputation and leagues reputation, close together. In mine, I try to keep all of these close, I use English leagues as base of research to change these, but I add my own flavour to it.
  4. I hope that one day, i can release that. I for one would be interested What is exactly that process? Is it hard to do?
  5. Easy guys, Sangue blu does this in all nations. I'm patiently waiting for the portuguese leagues.
  6. I tested out through the weekend. Thanks anyways.
  7. Did any of you guys try the randomise of kits for completly new teams? Where and how do you exactly do this in the editor?
  8. I'm gald that change to boundries as finally happen. From what you wrote, seems quite promising. The further explenation is always welcome to further the knowledge of those used to the editor and to easy into new users. The more the merrier. This can actually be helpful for those that create several fantasy teams to expand the lower leagues or completely full fantasy edits. Can't wait to try it. The undo button is quite welcome and bonus. I hope that we get a more detailed list of new changes to the editor. But of this last part i'm glad that the basic editor can now do the third place playoff.
  9. It will be only available on November 4th and we are likely to see on that day the list of features of FM17 editor.
  10. I see it as no big of a deal. not sure how this Brexit is coded. Maybe it something we can change in the editor, for those that don't want a save game with Brexit. I personally think Brexit will not happen, as from many experts say it would be the end of Great Britain and economically disastrous for the country since EU did say Imports and exports deals will not remain the same. As for being in the game, it could be a interesting challenge.
  11. What I want to know, is this brexit is coded to happen in a way or another. Will this affect English edited leagues as well?
  12. What is half hour long? The video or the QA or Both together?