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  1. Probably a joke, but a bad one. Just primarily do these leagues for you. Don't do because some is impatient people, cannot wait.
  2. Question of pure curiosity. Does this league work with Dallan's World Champions Leagues?
  3. What Dan isn't telling, is what music he is listening when working on this. I bet is Game Of Thrones theme in constant loop.
  4. Dude!!!! You're a Legend!!!!! It works for me too. Thank you.
  5. Is there any news about a fix to this bug? My files are on standby until this is fixed.
  6. Normally how many clubs does this include? Do you notice some decrease in speed when you have all 22 levels activated?
  7. This is absolutely brilliant. Congrats. I hope have success in bring them to champions league.
  8. Sent you a PM with the file. It is base file, where I simply add stadiums, Clubs and leagues before making the actual pyramid.
  9. But I wish to know how to fix those failed changes of Kits. Do I simply search for the clubs who have those failed changes and delete them on the changes tab under the club? Do I do something else? Do I ignore it? Not sure what is the right procedure for failed changes and how to fix them.
  10. Is it fixed in today's update release? I'm not at home at the moment.
  11. Imported file from Fm18, the Database Changes still not showing.
  12. Imagine I created a club in FM18. I experimented a lot with kits and found what I liked. When I move the file to FM19, the some of the changes are failed changes (all of them are kits related). How do you guys work with failed changes?
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