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  1. Finally a proper new feature announcement. I was getting tired of the constant graphics updates and tweaks being considered as new features. maybe having this will make SI focus what is important in game, football instead of the fluff stuff recently added to the game. I for one, say the more football we have in game, the better.
  2. This dwell to a pointless argument quickly. Another thread will bite the dust, if this sort of discussion continues... I like this sort of threads were all fans get distributed on what they like certain versions over others, it shows how diverse the FM community are... then goes always to the same rabbit hell hole... truly a shame...
  3. Since You are from the country, what is the official name in english?
  4. The Confederations Cup, far as I know it's dead since 2017.
  5. Not sure if UEFA is going for a 48 team tournament. that means only 7 nations would be out of Euros. 32 is 58% of all nations in europe participating in the Euros.
  6. Here is my prediction. Fifa already approved a 48 team tournament set to start in 2026. Uefa moves in 2028 to 32 team tournament. it is 58% of all Europe that qualifies to the euros. Making it the qualifying easier I guess. Fifa in a few years will approve a 64 type tournament (16 groups of 4). it means that qualifying phase be finish in less games and need less time to doing it. What I'm getting at is... that I see all of this moving towards the 2 year cycle for both World Cup and Euros. This is been the plan for quite sometime (2016 or 2013 or earlier). it is not a coinci
  7. I ask this, because not sure about what takes to sell the game in country, but having the a league be in game was dependent the research volunteers provided the data of those leagues and the overall info SI had on those leagues. At least that is the impression i had read here and there in these forums. Thus why I ask if you were talking of selling the game or just having the league in game.
  8. Are you talking regards of selling the game in Latvia or just have the Latvia league be officially represented in the game?
  9. Now the big travel of this Euro is happening now. For example, Portugal has played 2 times Budapeste and 1 in Munich (1st match was in Budapeste, then went to Munich and then back to Budapeste for the 3rd game), and now in round 16, we are playing Belgium (though nut to crack) in Seville... On the other side of Europe, a 3 and half hours of flight, nearly 3000 Kilometers away.
  10. So in Engalnd resctrictions were extanded and they allow 60,000 people at a stadium. And I though Trump government was bonkers.
  11. And the problem is that now the Italians are suggesting that the semi-finals and final should happen in Rome, due to increase cases in England.
  12. As Long as it is not in Portugal, I'm okay with that. This past 2 years we had the Champions League, after it, we rise in the number of infections. It may not just that, but it is coincidence. So... I'm okay not having any major competitions in the next few years.
  13. Never thought about that sounds pretty good. however one small doubt. This wouldn't extend the duration of the tournament?
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