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  1. I will try this once i get home.
  2. What is like the club expanses in the lower leagues? Did you give more prize money to those clubs to her with expanses?
  3. This show why an editor is important. @kingCal could easily add them, until the team was officially release. Not being annoying, just trying to show why an editor in FMT is important.
  4. If I'm correct, SI remove it in one of updates of FM17 in favour of your 3D manager.
  5. I read today, the plans of Giovanni Infantino to expand the Fifa Club World Cup. The idea from what i read, is to make 24 team or 32 teams competition, every 4 years, by replacing the Confederations Cup. So I like to request anyone who is vastly knowledge in advanced editor to create this competition to be hosted has the same nation that it will happen the World Cup, but year earlier like much of Confederations cup. How the qualification to this competition, is up whoever tries to do this, but the idea of having the winners of Champions League of each confederation of the last 4 years is a plus. I don't do it myself is my knowledge of advance editor is very minimal at the least, but it would be nice to experiment with this future tournament.
  6. Hi Lucas, thanks for the reply.
  7. Since I don't want to hijack the thread and don't like to be insistent on this subject, but your reply made me wonder and perhaps the ultimate decision wasn't yours. However you can put forward this question to whom made the decision, as i'm curious to know the answer. The PC version of FMT has online mode, and the FMT tablet version doesn't. So... with that in mind, why does this decision of online mode was like this, but when comes to editor the decision is quite opposite, saying there isn't an editor because it would only show up in both versions of FMT (PC and Tablet)? Why the editor didn't follow the online mode decision, like FMT PC has it and Tablet doesn't? Again sorry to be insistent on this and hijacking the thread to another theme.
  8. Editor in FM Touch?

    That i do know off... No. But maybe someone else can answer that. but it is likely you will need to look for an answer via google, since we are not allowed to discuss on these forums 3rd party programs. Again, if you still haven't suggested on whishlist thread, i advice you to do so. The more people ask for it, more likely we can see an FMT editor, rather sooner then later.
  9. Editor in FM Touch?

    There is no editor for FM Touch either for desktop and tablet version. SI has said an editor only will show up on both versions, when the tablet has the capacity to handle the editor You can't edit at this point on FM Touch. If you want an editor for FM Touch, do what others have done, suggest it on the whishlist thread:
  10. Probably they can't due to licensing issues. But it would be awesome regardless.
  11. I would like to know if this is possible. In lower league, I like to place nearly 200 teams. The idea is to have a playoff that narrows to a final 40 teams. Those teams are divided into two groups (divided by region), where in end of all games the top 2 teams of each group gets promoted. is it possible? If so, How would I do that? What does this exactly do?
  12. I agree that i feel the same. Don't want some features that are requested as fmt will began to be a second version of FM. In terms of gameplay is near prefect, as it lacks the ditor.