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  1. I would like to know if this is possible. In lower league, I like to place nearly 200 teams. The idea is to have a playoff that narrows to a final 40 teams. Those teams are divided into two groups (divided by region), where in end of all games the top 2 teams of each group gets promoted. is it possible? If so, How would I do that? What does this exactly do?
  2. I agree that i feel the same. Don't want some features that are requested as fmt will began to be a second version of FM. In terms of gameplay is near prefect, as it lacks the ditor.
  3. I follow Kubi advice for few years. It beats of having to create everything from scratch every year.
  4. That is the difference between you and me. I think the editor is must have feature and you don't. I respect that. However, despite understanding SI position, but spent since release think about it, i came to the conclusion, that is something I don't agree with. Decided to vote with my wallet. At least at this point still resisting not buying FM or FMT 18. As for how long I play FM/CM or you or others, is simply used as to say, how loyal I'm a fan of this series. Simply stating a fact and not the fact my opinion matters most then yours. Sorry if it you got the wrong impression. But since the tablet market has improved greatly in the last 5 years to double the capacity tablet, maybe the wait is not long.
  5. Dan. Which part of this file take you the most time?
  6. FMT is not option for those who want to play it, but can't use the editor in my case. So I personally, don't know if anybody else is in the same position as me, i'm in limbo. Not sure if i depart with my money in regards of FM18.
  7. Also the costumers have this weird attitude, that they demand perfection out of everything, including video games. Human beings are weird.
  8. When i tested his leagues, a felt that way. I thought the idea of using the top 6 tiers of the english league, was nice, for all leagues around the world. But what turn me off, is that teams in the lower leagues seemed to be mashed together randomly. Sorry Dan for the little detour.
  9. Just out of curiosity. Why Sangue Blu's files are terrible?
  10. I know and understand the reasons behind the dev team that want FMT desktop be equal to the tablet. But, is there anyway to convince the dev team the importance of FMT Editor for the desktop version? Is there anyway to show that this feature is badly needed for this version of the game? The reason for me wanting an editor (When i mean editor, i mean with all the bells and whistles the current editor has, since I want to create, edit and delete clubs, players and leagues.) is that, i pay with a certain type of leagues. I like using the english pyramid style in Portugal and the USA. I like to play a World Champions League and I would like to use krlenjushka's Fifa Nation League or probably making a Fifa World Cup the includes all nation in straight knockout competition (no qualifying). However, there is something stopping playing this game how I think football world should be about and instead of what it is about. The full fat FM. I think the game is too bloated, too many things to do, too complicated. I do not want a game that is simulation of real life (sure some aspects are needed for Football management), because at the end of the day, for me FM is a Computer/Mobile/Tablet game it should be fun. I do not find FM fun anymore. The only excuse to play FM is FMT, but I do not want to play FM like the establishment elite as said (like the dreadful changes to Champions League for 2018-19, for example). I want fantasy and unrealistic leagues, but with unbloated and uncomplicated gameplay. I want a to play a Champions League that has Barcelona vs River Plate or Man. City vs São Paulo or even Benfica vs New York City FC or play the portuguese league system in style of the english ones in the style of gameplay like FM05, FM06, FM07 and FM08. That is what I want to play. And an Editor is now my number one request. Without it, I find hard to spend money on FM or FMT. I cannot ask for the dev team to remove features from the full FM, because I know there is a lot of people playing the game and enjoy the added features. My only solution is FMT. So please reconsider your position on editor for FMT19. Or I will not buy FMT until the editor becomes a feature at least for FMT desktop version. I sincerely don't know what else to say for the importance of an editor for FMT. I tried to show what users would use it, to try show it is must have feature, but that was few years ago. To be fair not sure opening a thread, about the importance of an editor from FMT will be enough to convince the dev team (or their bosses). But my position stands. No editor = no money. Plain and Simple. I'm sincerely disappointed and sad that it has come to this, after buying every CM/FM since CM97/98. Please take this as the most honest and constructive post I ever done.
  11. I was forward the two year release, as it mean more developing time for the game. But I'm not sure if I can cope with 2 year of waiting for the new release. The two year release can all be great at first, but we need to look at different aspects. The first sure developing time, would be great as it means they can polish out some features. At the same time, if they focus on the same thousand features they do the year release cycle, a lot of people would say the exact same criticism they do today. Not enough innovation, the game is the same and so on. But add that 600 plus day of waiting. Not sure criticism would be that soft as they are now. Then there is the financial issue. SI is not a big company like EA, who can take the heat, like they have on Star Wars Battlefront II, where the reviews are on the s**t. Not sure if SI has that same capability to take such heat. SI is very dependent on its yearly release, since they only develop a 3 games in year release, meaning despite around this period of time of game release, probably there are periods in the year they won't make that much money. Then there is risk of each cycle. SI since it started they didn't make any other cycle then one year release. Changing to different cycle is such a huge risk financially, that for you guys to understand, changing cycle and things go haywire, could mean the end for SI. The financial aspects of each cycle is so huge different, that even EA doesn't risk in there games like FIFA and Madden. The only cycle I see SI changing to, is what I heard on youtube a few days ago, that EA is pondering in doing. Which means the subscription cycle. Even that is sort EA testing waters, because they know it means that costumers might spent a lot more then the one year release, regardless of promotion. That even the subscription has its own risks, like how they can keep the costumers paying the subscription , month after month, after month. Not sure if online version SI release a few years ago was subscription base system. Regardless of it was or not the online version idea of ever developing, always improving and see what happen. They stop developing for it and now are testing it very faintly in one country South Korea. I never heard how the game is doing there. But i doubt the subscription will work for a game like SI. I for one I'm forward the one year release, simply because it is model that SI knows about and it is enough for me to wait for. I'm waiting for one specific feature for FMT, to ditch the massive game. But it seems tablet developers, are not making massive improvements for FMT, so us desktop users, need to wait while longer for the editor. When I say wait, I mean wait for another few years, most likely. Maybe in the mean time, SI can make the full fat game more entertaining and less time consuming. Or this massive backlash on loot boxes and micro transactions (which FMT has on it), goes to one extreme to the other and authorities ban all micro transactions from the game. Maybe then we see an editor sooner. Here is for waiting for either of them.
  12. Most wanted editor features

    A simply way to turn off International and Continental Competitions.
  13. I agree. This also confused the hell out of me.
  14. Most wanted editor features

    Permitting the 512 or more teams in cups.