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  1. I don't understand how can someone do this. Stealing someone elses work, for what? They don't get any money from it. Dan, as many here share my view. Don't give up. I for one (a lot of people agree with me) I really appreciate the hard work you put on with this. If one day FMT is able to use edit databases, this is must have file.
  2. This is me as well. I'm currently using FM20 to test a few things out.
  3. Trying to understand this. Let's imagine that in case of USA, the fifth level is divided in East, Central and West. There is more East teams than there is Central teams. How does the game "know", that the closest teams to the Central League, should go to that league, instead of randomly picking teams. What i mean is it would be weird for a New York team playing in the Central League than for example teams on that an Ohio or Indiana team on the same Fifth level (which are states closer to the center of the country, then the New York state). How those the game know to sort the teams when a league is full. Also when the level has multiple leagues (like example above), is it better to set up the prize money on each individual leagues or on the parent league of those three sub leagues. I want the prize money to be the same to all leagues on that same level.
  4. Hi guys. I would like to make a suggestion. On the Editor, when you choose: Add Nations Rules, and choose Add lower leagues, can we have the ability to change the Season Update Day. It is currently greyed out. I ask this because I would like to change some European Nations from Winter Schedule to a Summer Schedule. As currently is, I have to recreate the nations from scratch. Thank you for your time. Grade
  5. Change a Player stats, or play a league that isn't officially supported by SI, changing rules you don't agree with, changing number of teams in certain league or play full fantasy league with made up teams and much more, that can't be done for FMT.
  6. I for one, wonder is SI are taking the game way to far, beyond what they can handle it. But since I have no insider knowledge of SI and their inner workings, it remains that... a wonder!
  7. I for one think SI should embrace it. I always believe, that the game shouldn't be a 100% simulation game of real life. Wait hear me out. There are factors, that how much you can improve programming in the next 100 years, you can't simulate in the game. One of which i call "luck". I mean may I recall all of you the luck factor that Portugal had in the 2016 European Cup, to win it. I mean I'm Portuguese i was happy to win the European Cup, but common on, Portugal hadn't win any single of its group phase games. I mean the way we reach the finals, but special the goal at the final was a very fact Hail Mary goal. It was one of those sort of goals, that Eder just took a shoot and everything... was in the right place at the right time, for Portugal. That you can't program in computer game. That is always going to be missing in simulation game, so we don't always going to have a 100% simulation of a real actual match. If we relied on the current Fantasyless/luckless match engine in FM, Portugal would never win a 2016 European Cup. Or if you want an English example Leicester in the 2015-2016 season. it would never happen in FM (I mean in the that those 7 years of anyone career, in my save anyways). An FM can't predict that sort of luck, that sort of every factor fit right for Leicester in 2015-2016. Another example all the simulation i conducted as i developed a World Champions League fantasy league the finalists are always 5 to 6 top teams, try many ways to find a mix of different winners. The only exception is when the user takes over a team. What I mean is I think SI need to adapt to have a bit of fantasy in it. People ask why people like older games (FM is no exception), I think it was less rudimentary in graphics and gameplay in today standards, but we still had a lot of fun with them. For me no matter versions FM will have, FM 07 will always be my favorite game, since I believe it add that balance of realism and fantasy, just right. I for one would like, for SI to embrace it, and make ways of embracing that this sort of thing will happen, since the user is better than the AI. The other way, I fear would make the game even more restrict to the user and I fear that would remove another level of fun to the game. Forcing that game to be harder for you to maintain you manager position shouldn't be the way to do it, for example. I mean adding ways to force the game to be more difficult, is not exactly the way to do it.
  8. I will probably buy FM21, but I will wait for the reviews.
  9. This was raised by me several years ago. It was said, that SI want that FMT be equal to all platforms, for the exception of option to remove the 3 nation limit on the PC version. If you wish for large database on any platform or any sort of an editor, please, raised in the Wish Thread on the FM Touch sub-thread (it is pinned on top of this sub-thread). The more people ask this soon, rather then later will have these options.
  10. Nope. FMT hans't an editor available for it. At least at this point.
  11. I do believe, for some years, the game feels too much of a job. Sure, that game is entirely a game simulation of a real job, but we can't forget, that it is a game at the end of the day and we play for fun. I would trim down some of the features and making other work to its full potential or, just give us a FMT editor and Stadium Editor, I would be happy.
  12. I don't see that happening, as SI stated before why there is not editor. Also, unfortunately, many people that play full FM, think that FMT is dumb down version, so I think is unlikely that adding an editor to FMT, will all over for the full game. Even if it happens, it only shows, that perhaps SI had focus on the wrong stuff and they would adapt to the new reality.
  13. For FMT, there is no editor, for any version. PC/MAC, Tablet/IPad and Switch versions are all in the same boat. Reasoning for no editor, is all versions will have the editor at the same time. We all are basically waiting, for technology for Ipad/tablet and Switch to catch up, that can handle properly an editor and the game handle edit files. At least that is official statement by SI.
  14. Hello. This thread is not about, your favorite FM games or a poll for voting, but a thread about past FM/CM games (independently if a year from now, FM20 will be included here with the release of FM21 or so on). This thread is to be little corner of this forum where you talk about every past FM/CM and sharing your memories with other users here on these forums, but also showing the younger lads the history of FM/CM. We all know, how much i like FM07 and talking about FMT and its lack of an Editor, but I want to share my experience when i got very special player, which I payed a very high price for a player (90 million or so), but I got to have him and became such a monster, that when he was no longer in next CM database, i felt a bit sad. This player was the key for my first World Cup victory and Champions League. I mean I was just a lad, I didn't understand half the game, never won those two titles before. I mean I reached the final, but always failed. To the point i played little of new CM version because of him. I talking about Tó Madeira. Who here remembers him?
  15. That is what they are trying to do by delegating several stuff to your staff in FM, but some players don't really trust the AI to do it. I prefer thousand times, FMT. The only that would make amazing was the inclusion of an editor in this mode.
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