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  1. Is there any news about a fix to this bug? My files are on standby until this is fixed.
  2. Normally how many clubs does this include? Do you notice some decrease in speed when you have all 22 levels activated?
  3. This is absolutely brilliant. Congrats. I hope have success in bring them to champions league.
  4. Sent you a PM with the file. It is base file, where I simply add stadiums, Clubs and leagues before making the actual pyramid.
  5. But I wish to know how to fix those failed changes of Kits. Do I simply search for the clubs who have those failed changes and delete them on the changes tab under the club? Do I do something else? Do I ignore it? Not sure what is the right procedure for failed changes and how to fix them.
  6. Is it fixed in today's update release? I'm not at home at the moment.
  7. Imported file from Fm18, the Database Changes still not showing.
  8. Imagine I created a club in FM18. I experimented a lot with kits and found what I liked. When I move the file to FM19, the some of the changes are failed changes (all of them are kits related). How do you guys work with failed changes?
  9. It was on the list, but I would love for the Japanese Leagues. Thanks
  10. I also would be interested in seeing what you do with these leagues.
  11. Just checking Fm19 editor, if there was any update to Failed Changes screen (none). When I was checking one of the club details i saw this in the detail screen, just above the "Year Founded": What does exactly does and what exactly affects inside the game? Does also affect the kits? What is exactly the idea behind this?
  12. Not sure if this make life easier for mods, but... How about we merge the 2D kits with 3D kits? I mean I think this would make life easier, that instead of making the same kit twice for 2D and 3D, use simply the 3D, for every part of the game. The team information shows the 3D representation kits instead of the 2D. What do you guys think?
  13. Still continue to plan to move to FM19. But not until they actually and properly fix it. I spent way too many hours on my edits, that I will not waste more time to re-created them to FM19 from scratch. Which makes this frustrating. As you said, I'm moving to March to March schedule.
  14. In @krlenjushka spirit, this how I feel at this point:
  15. If the editor was on the top of the priority list and it was that easy of a fix, they would have release it by now. But the editor isn't a priority and to be fair sometimes I get the feeling that at times it is a nuisance. These "fixes" shouldn't be needed in the first place. But we are in age of good enough seems to be the norm. The FMF changes that makes former versions to be undetected by 19 Editor, making us going through a process that wasn't need because the new file system would make our lives easier. And if I could fix them... well, I can't... because the failed changes list doesn't show up and it is incredibly hard to understand it. Makes me incredible frustrated and it makes me incredibly angry with the prospect if I have to redo my entire database from scratch. I'm at a point that SI doesn't have a meaningful consideration of making the editor more easy to use and robust, but do have time to put pointless features like the cr*p of Brexit and VAR. How about freaking Manual? Don't have the time? Get a freaking Intern to do it. Actually, why don't put your freaking youtube channel to good use and release a few tips and tricks not only for the editor, but to the actual FM and FMT? Again get an intern to do it or invite some youtubers to do it. For Lucas' sake, don't get me started on FMT editor or lack of it PS: I'm very, very easy going, patient, and quite nice. I'm also sympathetic person of the hard work put on the game, since I have masters degree in Computer Science. But I really get angry, when SI said they have consideration for us and yet, we see little progress to the editor or any sort of help from SI part. Sorry Kubi, your a moderator and do quite great job, for little information that you have. But trying what certain things do in the editor, is not the best way to tell what that certain things actually do. Is it hard to say "it does this". Instead of checking your twitter or facebook feed, write that thing on the forum what that certain thing actually does. It would be nice if someone from SI would help some people out in these forums. It says so on the editor. It is starting to really to annoying me (not to cuss) this huge gap between us and SI personnel. SI is slowly becoming an EA type of developer, that infuriates me to no end to the point I'm considering if I want to be bothered with FM all together or not. "Soon" and "in the future" and whatever it is said here is getting on my nerves. How about a freaking apologise for a change? Or how about answering peoples question about the editor for a change? Sorry for the rant. I really, really needed to get this out of me.