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  1. With the editor you can remove the affiliation the clubs from USL has with MLS clubs. It is what I do when I edit the USA clubs. So no they aren't hardcoded.
  2. When you get use to play FM a certain way, with a certain leagues, it is hard to let go. For exemple since I played Dallan's Club world cup like it is Champions League, I don't want anything else. It is required to have that. Playing FMT without it, the game looses fun for me because I want to play against teams I never heard of. There are games, that now is requirement to do so. The Total War series, is one of those games. If Paradox releases Cities Skylines 2 it needs to allow mods or can alienate their fan base that came rely on mods to play. FM is one of those games. An Editor is requirement for most people. I cannot talk for others, but if my thread (bellow) is any indication, you miss the mark of why people want FMT editor, your response clearly shows that. "...use the editor for FMT specific stuff is very small..." "...to edit stuff within save games most likely..." Way to go to be dismiss about the editor! Here for certain what people want for an editor. People want to play with custom leagues (fantasy like world leagues or pro/rel MLS) or leagues that aren't supported in game. A lot of other want to make small edits, like make corrections of players stats or teams. Others want to edit team kits. Other want to add lower leagues, because of the challenge or play the team they support. Others want to add legends players. Others want to create their own team and put it in any league they want. Those shows small part of what people want from an editor, they may be very small, unimportant stuff for you. For me, all of those reasons, are equal reasons to have an editor in FMT no matter how dismiss you are of them. I respect there is people don't use the editor. But don't be dismiss of people who want it and for them is essential to play fm. I gave a try for FMT and I like it. In fact i think it would bring a lot of people to FMT. I don't play it because I just got use of using the editor, that is hard to let go. So for me the editor is essential to play FM, I prefer to continue be annoyed by the FAT FM, then play FMT without it. So yes, i will continue to say I want FMT editor to you Lucas, I will be much more annoying about it, every time you dismiss it. I will be so annoying that starting at one point you and people at SI twill see in every dark corner a Wookie saying "I want an FMT Editor!". :P
  3. While I value what you want for Football Manager, but here is the question, where is the borderline between game and simulation feeling like a job? Where is, okay, that is a bit too far, the game feels like a day job? I for one think the FAT FM, feels like a day job, one that have your boss constantly nagging on your ears. Which is why I prefer FM Touch, but can't play that unless SI decide to bring an editor to FM Touch. What I'm saying and what others are saying, we also want players to have their career mindsets, it makes it a challenge and the game far more interesting. However the lack of detail of the interactions and the examples above where question show up, when in first place shouldn't show is what we have a problem with (people are ignoring by sending their AM). Also It kind feels that a lot of players at this point are more inclined to be a version of Balotelli or have a double personality that breaks the immersion of the game. Also there is times questions that in some way, we as users can't defend of like players saying you broke your promise of selling me to another club, when there was no offers for him. That question shouldn't arise in those conditions. For me its this lack of detail in the interactions, that I avoid like a plague. I hope FM19 address that a bit. But if it is such a limited system, why do you guys feel compelled to give such importance? I mean, the real survey for FMers is who of them, watching football match on the TV or the net, stay to watch the Press Conference? Of my group of friends, none give importance to Press Conferences. They are simply a reason to quote mangers to sell news and newspapers and change their meaning to create a war of words. I don't know if others are the same, but it is survey of who watches the Press Conferences in real life, that I wish to find the results, but not only here in these forums, I'm talking about all players. Other titles like Mass Effect or Detroit, when done right can be amazing games, but again they add extra attention to detail and they build the games with that functionality in mind. In FM is different beast and while value I want to strive for that, if the attention to detail is there. At this point it isn't there. I prefer the Press Conferences and tunnel interviews to be toned down to be more meaningful in key situations (like a Final match or relegation battle). Unless SI finally complies with a lot of user's request and give us an FM Touch Editor (yes, I will continue to be annoying with that). For your last phrase, that is all swell and all of that, but I like to play with fantasy leagues, so... No FM Touch Editor, I have to continue with FAT FM. At this point I'm on a weighing scale, at one end is my patience in weight and on the other the total weight of FAT FM and FAT FM is getting fatter with each release, my patience getting smaller. I hope FM19, with change of image, things change for the better and putting FAT FM on diet. :P Only 1 to 2 weeks until late September.
  4. One hand that is quite true, it prevents a top 2 or 3, or 5, with the same teams winning all the time. But there is major negative in my view. The franchise model, prevents the creation of small town team to go and win the league. Stories like Leicester are not possible or the Eibar story, where small town team, is able to win the premier league or like Eiber reach the La Liga in Spain, where in franchise system, they would never exist. Eibar is managed financially, structurally and work, quite well, there trade off is making the big money of the La Liga. Which for me is also part of what makes a team successful, not only how they are managed on the field, but off it too. Trust me if Rangers situation was any clue, a big team if run poorly, can close down or relegated to lower division. You only need to look at the English leagues history, there is not a 30 or 32 teams history, but much more teams who such a rich history who are not part of Premeir League and that makes pro/rel even more interesting. It make me extremely confusing and frustrating when I see teams in USL, but more in the NPSL and PDL, teams open one season and the following season they close or move to another division. Or closing the league down, because the league has gone bankrupt, like both NASL leagues. And then you have the cases like the whole situation of Columbus Crew moving to another town, which confuses the hell out of me. If Benfica or Milan happen there would be a revolt by fans. Despite the negative points of Pro/Rel, I prefer it. I hope USA do move from the franchise model to pro/rel. Sure many people say is not financially viable. I think these are excuses. You can adapt to size of USA and make it viable. If Russia and Brazil does it, so can USA. Also I prefer to be fan of a team who is in the third and fourth divisions, then the ever possibility that if my team is no longer financially viable by “Owners”, they decide to relocate teams because “owners” think they can milk (milk they do) more money from another city. I prefer the Leicester type of team win the league once every 10 years, then to be fan of team no longer exists or is in risk of leaving their respective towns. Every time this debate surges on other forums, I can’t stop thinking about the fans of San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams, the Oakland Raiders and the potential Columbus Crew, feel about this discussion, I think they were in favor of pro/rel, because if their team moved to another town, they could easily form a new club and fight to climb the pyramid and win the top league of the team. Not to mention the highlight of a league is normally the end when you see the intense fight to keep on the top division or a team fighting for promotion. It adds an extra layer of drama to it, which makes fun.
  5. It is pointed to release announcements of new features at the end of September. Until then we are all in the same boat.
  6. Thank you for the clarification post.
  7. It’s written in post. In fact you quoted the paragraph.
  8. Lucas to be fair, I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with constant say, that FMT editor is not possible. Because it is possible, in one of the platforms, the PC/MAC versions. SI simply decided to make an option to keep all versions of FMT equal in all platforms (PC/MAC/Tablet/IPad), as the cross save compatibility is the main selling point. Which I find understandable, but bit wondering with switch version having no cross save compatibility. But please don’t paint half truths about why there is no editor on FMT. PC and MAC versions of FMT, are very much capable to handle an editor, an hardware or software limit is “a” mooted argument. Simply say the truth, please. There is no editor due to hardware restrictions on the tablet/IPad and we want to maintain cross save compatibilities between the PC/Mac version with the tablet/IPad version, including the editor. I’m starting to wonder if this is too hard to write? With your reply above (special the “isn’t”), I think I have the answer about the editor for FMT 19. No editor! Okay got it.
  9. You say simply what SI said at the beginning of this thread, where it literally says: "The first details of the key features in Football Manager 2019 will be revealed in late September..." They will not change that timeline, unless Miles, decides to share some bits with us, like he did a few years ago. But I highly doubt that.
  10. I think that is called a Teaser Trailer, to get you excited for the future game. Normally a Teaser Trailer doesn't show nothing and it's only job is to keep you an eye for future announcements and get you exited about it. The trailer does its job well, and in it by itself is well produced (shows you as manger, which is kinda the idea of the game) and as @john1 said it looks excellent. Well done who ever was involve in it.
  11. I really like the trailer. Got me exited for it. The new logo, also looks more minimalist. I like it. I will probably buy with the pre-order discount, because no matter what I say, of never pre-order games, without knowing the features, but if the features are disappointing or not I end up buying the game. Might has well get discount for it. :P Counting down for the late of september for the new announcements.
  12. I'm sorry, but that is no excuse, in my view. I'm also a Customer, and I have full interest on editor. See what i did there? I can also easily say, its better to create an editor, that to add more features to FMT and making FMT like full FM, unnecessarily convoluted and complicated. Sure, if you don't want to use the editor, then your entitle to that choice. But you need to understand, that people aren't like you and a lot of people want a FMT Editor. Not sure if we are the majority or minority, but it is one of the biggest requests (not saying number 1 request) for FMT. As you can see in this thread, why many people use an editor. The need is there, no doubt about it. Despite not liking or agreeing with this kind of opinions, thanks anyway for your input.
  13. grade

    Set Competition Level Lower Than 20?

    Weiry, thanks for the info. I will try it, later today.
  14. grade

    Set Competition Level Lower Than 20?

    How would like to know this. Can you share how you did that?
  15. Hello everyone. Its been while since we all have been in this thread and probably some of you have forgotten that this thread is here. It is nearly a 3 years since someone posted here, and nearly 4 years since I started this thread in hopes that we could see an FMT (FMC too bad they decided to drop this name). Some may say this thread was bit pointless, other said there is no use for an editor for FMT. I say, your entitle to your opinion (without insulting or respecting others) and do see your point of view as someone who don't use the editor or their are afraid that adding an editor, could bloated this FMT "format", so to speak, or for whatever reasons you have. The reason why I insist on Editor for FMT, is because I got used to the editor, before FMC/FMT version came out. I like playing fantasy leagues and what not, since I able to play a more just system, where money is no object. Also, the editor enables the possibility of playing in leagues, that SI doesn't release with the game, adjust somethings or I don't deny it, Cheat (if you want to call that). Adding a large sum of money, can be quite a fun experience. But if FMT has the Unlockables that permit that, makes the argument of "adding the editor will enable cheating" mute. Unlockables permit even somethings the editor can't, I'm looking at you "Bad Lasagna". I know that the lack of editor is a Hardware/software issue (at least what has been said before), then willingness from the devs, but I can easily argument that the importance of an editor for FM is fundamental to several people, me included. So I urge, from devs at SI or even Miles, to push for the editor to be rather sooner then later.