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  1. What marketing purposes? I fail to see the marketing purposes, to make the same background color like FM has. I don't mind, the purple, but I prefer the white.
  2. The reality of FM, that I believe, it needs to have a balance between a realism/simulation and being a computer game, that people play for fun. What that balance is, I can't really say, because I would simply be saying my own opinion. Despite thinking it needs tweaking and some reorganisation of some of the screens/features inside of the game. If you skew too much to the simulation, a lot of people will get bored by FM. If you skew too much to game mode, you loose in simulation/realism and a lot of people will say the game is unrealistic. It is a balancing act. As you said, in real life those sort of thing happen more often, then in game. But if you do it like real life, you probably will alienate a lot of FMers.
  3. First of all, don't question Miles word. Don't like his approach to costumers and how some situations were handled. But if he states it is best selling edition ever, I have to believe him. Yes, I know. I just checked google and told me the all-time peak of players playing FM20 was nearly 78 thousand people. Which i think is great for the franchise. But hardly the 100k to 200k every day play as you stated, thus, the reason why I asked where are you seeing those numbers. I'm sorry that you may feel that I'm questioning your word. I'm not, but we at at the golden age of misinformation, more than ever we need hard proof what is being said on the net. So I was interested in seeing those numbers.
  4. If you don't mind, I would like to see the stats your saying... just purely out of curiosity.
  5. I agree. The best suggestion is to request it, on FMT Wishlist thread or on Featured Request sub-forum. Since SI says that they listen to community, the more people ask for it, the likely we the editor enable for FMT sooner then later.
  6. What he said. Also, have you play FM20? You better try the demo, before trying to import everything to FM20.
  7. Good Evening. When you set up your league, under type you can set up: league, group, league with split and Inactive league. When you choose group, can we please have the option of setting up between reputation (default on basic) and group these groups by Local Region? Thanks. Grade
  8. Okay... you went there: But if that is not enough, you can search the USA data info where I reported, missing clubs or clubs that weren't in previous years. Some clubs continuously remain in database, when they were defunct of over 3 years. So... that is that. But you got, to go there... didn't you. Oh, well... maybe @krlenjushka has better time with this guy. I'm out...
  9. I entirely agree with this. And @KUBI like every year we are left behind. I mean if @krlenjushka, who is the Jedi Master of the Editor, is frustrated, I would heavily take his words has a serious warning. I really don't bother with the thread war that is happening in GD forums, none of it surprise me, mean some threads are like that since FM09, I got use to it. No do I bother replying there (even if I have strong feelings and concerns of some features and creative decisions). But at least they get a reply from SI, from time to time, when things are a bit much (or when Neil thinks he needs to intervene). But here in Editor Hideaway, I don't really recall anyone from SI to reply here. They really, really, don't care about us. That is saddest truth. Some of us keep resistant and are loyal to SI, to try to work with an editor (no matter the condition the editor is in). Specially banging our heads onto the walls, try to interpret what half of the errors the editor reports, actually means. Sure they improved a bit, but the error feedback is still bad. Half the time to seek what the error means, I have to search across google, because, there is nothing here. Most of the time, even the Jedi Masters, are a bit walking in shaky grounds. There are threads that are simply empty, because we simply don't know the answer. I'm sorry, but these sub-forums, just shows how bad things are in these forums. The lack of SI interaction with the community, is quite shocking bad, because why? Trolls? People too stubborn to listen to help? Who? I mean, you can see those people are still here on these forums, they didn't go away. Interact with us or not, they will continue to come here, since this kinda is the official forums. The difference, here in these sub-forums, we are trying to extend the fun, in creating realistic leagues, fantasy leagues or simply adding nations that are not released officially by SI. Why do you think all these years I play full FM, when I have the classic mode available? Because I kinda like fantasy leagues. We do this during our free limited time, for free. And we try report bugs when we found them. Yet, year, after year, the interaction with a SI employees that works full-time or the part-timer, is non-existing. No help, no nothing. You, Kubi, provide us with breadcrumbs to us, that is it. I bet that those breadcrumbs is what they feed to you or is simply you go and find out*. I for one, nothing against you Kubi, would like an official reply from SI to @krlenjushka question, but also I would like to hear from him/her an actual explenation, why certain decisions have been made on the editor this year. (And no, I don't want Neil to come put out another fire, I want the person in charge of these editor decisions to reply here and interact with us). And yes, my frustration are on all time high as of late and mods replies are not enough to satisfy me. *I hate, the Find Out philosophy and politics from SI, seriously. But, that is personal rant of mine.
  10. I agree with you, but not sure if that will happen, since the word in FMT is consistency across all platforms. IF 3D is one platform then SI want to be in all platforms.
  11. Old games (05, 06, 07 and 08), you could put team talks done by your Assistant Manager and it skipped that screen altogether (while today your force to see it). Something of the like could be done. However, I think the classic (FMT) is fine the way it is.
  12. This sort of misconception is ruling around the internet. Too bad little is done to change the view that FMT is a easier then FM.
  13. I was in last few weeks trying to figure it out a good reason, why an editor to FMT should be added. Aside from what has been said, nothing occurred to me... until now. Want a reason for the editor should be priority in FMT? Sure i give you plenty of reasons... How about all of 83 reasons in the sub-forum here on the official SI community: https://community.sigames.com/forum/728-editors-hideaway-download-forum-fm20/ PS: Not counting what is available on steam workshop or other fan sites.
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