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  1. It will be only available on November 4th and we are likely to see on that day the list of features of FM17 editor.
  2. I see it as no big of a deal. not sure how this Brexit is coded. Maybe it something we can change in the editor, for those that don't want a save game with Brexit. I personally think Brexit will not happen, as from many experts say it would be the end of Great Britain and economically disastrous for the country since EU did say Imports and exports deals will not remain the same. As for being in the game, it could be a interesting challenge.
  3. What I want to know, is this brexit is coded to happen in a way or another. Will this affect English edited leagues as well?
  4. What is half hour long? The video or the QA or Both together?
  5. I Hope so... Can't watch it live, but the new features or the youtube video will be link here later tonight. I'm happy now that we are going to learn about the new features today, before the promotion is over. Sure the two are not related, but that is what a lot of consumer base here asked for. Here's hoping that we have a lot to listen from Miles about the new features. Cheers!
  6. The discount ends on October 14th. So those expecting to pre-order after seeing the features will not use the promotion. I'm guessing that could happen... But then there will be a proper discussion of the new features, which will be far more interesting.
  7. If you are going to be that way... so be it. You have your opinion and i have mine. That is the end of that discussion. What name SI calls it? I all forward to have the 3D and ME separated when discussing the 3D. Well lets call it... 3D? Sounds like good name for me. I think the player motion on that video sounded like too much unrealistic. For example I think that the ball should only move when there is an actual contact with the players body. I see too much of ball changing direction before the ball enters in contact with the players body. That should be improved. Stuff like this needs to massively improved.
  8. Not to offend you, but this kind of things needs to stop, for argument sake. Or we all go crazy here... because we are talking two different things here. You know perfectly that most of us, when we talk about FIFA, we don't talk about the ME. The ME of FM and FIFA are two different beast, that has nothing to do with one another, because it is pointed to two different game styles. I at least, (I cannot say we or what not because the only opinion i can make is my own), when make the comparison is the 3D engine. The 3D engine, is graphics, the representation of the match. Sure somethings have been improved, but the players movements, feel to robotic, too Actual Soccer (the last edition was in 98, that is nearly 20 years ago... Okay this kind of things make me feel old). Anyway, what I like for the 3D be is to the players have more natural and fluid movement. To be as smooth has the players movement in FIFA or PES. That would make the experience in FM, much more enjoyable, at leat for me. As for the comparison... that is worst then the car analogy. Seriously Mario Kart, is that the best you can come up with. Shame on you, Mario Kart is the most realistic game i ever played (and yes i drive to work on a kart (being sarcastic). Now seriously, if you said between Gran Turismo and F1 games, I would accept that analogy. But both games are fun in both terms. Now that we are clear (I hope), can we have proper discussion of the 3D Engine?
  9. But it is his opinion and his entitle to it, no matter how lack of observation or exaggeration. And it is out there, he can post no matter how he wants it and you and your fellow mods can say if it is useful feedback or not. That is life. As for if it is feedback, well that depends how you look at it. I think he has valid points in there. At least he was quite rational in his approach and he isn't cursing and yelling, like some other youtubers. But seeing the comment section of the Match preview video, the opinion seemed to be in line with his. To be fair it is one of those times that middle of October can't come soon enough, so the features are announced and we can move on.
  10. That is your option and I respect that. But the reason I shared the video, is because, I think he has, so much valid points. There few are bit of a exaggeration like that one. I see improvement in graphics, but some motions of the players still resembles first few versions of the 3D, that I believe shouldn't be part of the 3D engine. We have every year a sort of comment like this from Miles. To be fair partially is his fault, because he release something that marketing wise was mistake of video. They needed to had sort of sound there. Have two debs discussing the improvements of gameplay, the video might have quite enjoyable. That way people would see what was improved or not. This way most of the improvements, it is like that they aren't even there. Completely ignored. I think that the generalisation is wrong, because there are a lot of people (of the internet generation), that has a lot of common sense, then you and me put together. But the 2D after 1 or 2 versions of improvement was largely accepted. Can't say for the rest, the 3D still fails to impress me. Maybe I set the bar to high. I expect the 3D graphics after version 9 be as good as Fifa (even if it was like 2013 like graphics and no I'm not talking about gameplay, because we all know they are two different games, but i'm talking the graphics and movement of the players should be much better). That I blame the marketing strategy of this version, which I think it is one of the worst. If they did like previous years, then those features wouldn't be so ignored. Maybe they won't when SI release the features announcement. This outrage will go way. But like you, I'm expecting a lot of improvements to the game, event some new features. There is no doubt about that.
  11. This video sums up my reaction to the Match preview and all of the marketing strategy of FM17. You are free to disagree with me.
  12. If they are doing, then great. Not saying they should do it now. take the time they need. Not liking something, is my opinion and I do not force anyone to follow it or obey it. It is simple statement what I think is good or not. As for graphics being less computer intensive, is quite possible. Because the advancements in graphics was not new hardware, but also how you implement the software of the graphics and how to better use the resources of those new hardware, but also having APIs that help you in that process.
  13. Last game pre-order was Assassin's Creed Unity and it was problematic the way it was. I gave up after the first few days and it was a year later that I picked up the game again. never again. I prefer to wait for the period of the release, before buying a game. It may sound that I might be impatient. What i'm impatient about is the game is to release in month. The beta at the latest will be released in two weeks and the promotion ends in a week (it ends in the 14th, right?). What do we know now? A teaser trailer, that shows very little. You need to watch frame by frame to see any differences in the screenshots. A Match preview that is 9 minutes long, with no sound (here some music or a commentary of the devs commenting the changes of match preview, would improve the video greatly). The video by itself after the first few minutes becomes boring (it does, seriously). There is nothing to get exited about FM17. To be fair makes me wonder, if some features that SI want to implement in this versions is working at all. To be this quiet for me is worrisome (my wild imagination begins to wonder all sort of things). I may be seriously wrong about this, but that is why I think is important marketing strategy of future versions should avoid this strategy.