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  1. Language, my dear sir. Language... A gentlemen needs to be careful about ones language. Said this it absolutely shocking, that this st***d mistakes are still in game, god dame it. F***!!!! It is like they want to make editors life harder.
  2. Simple, try to make fantasy league for USA and add clubs from outside of the USA and they don't qualify for any continental competitions. For example.
  3. Love the music. But like its somewhat dark tone, with at the end such optimistic view of the world (the unification party), but what it got me was Amy Adams character's decision at the end of the movie.
  4. Finally watched Arrival with Amy Adams. I knew that this movie should be watching in full focus. Or you loose the plot. There points in the movie, that I say "what?" but at the end of the movie all make sense. Also it is breath of fresh air, with movie that isn't about aliens invading earth.
  5. I'm not talking about anyone in concrete or I'm offended by anything. Tweeter and Facebook are a waste of time, aside of talking to family members (more the facebook time), nor do I need to state my point of view to validate my ideas, with the exception of giving SI and moderators a hard time about a FMT Editor. I was simply talking about in overall, that there are times, when people are equally offensive as Gina's and they don't get fired for it. Simple as that. To be fair, I'm more offended, when someone releases a movie, that is bad in storywise, I cannot criticise it, because do
  6. Sorry, I didn't reply sooner using the confinement to play FM and playing though my Assassin's Creed backlog. I'm still on Syndicate. No way, I'm saying the Gina's comment isn't sack of bull. It is. I feel is that some comments coming from Lucasfilms staff comments are equal insulting and offensive and they are praised for it. There is no consistency. I wasn't talking about Justina, not sure what she said and on what context.
  7. I have no prefer movie on Back to the Future Trilogy, they are all great.
  8. To be fair, I have seen more insulting tweets than that one. Look no further then one of the writers of the High Republic insulting some fans as White Racists. Yet she keeps her job and Gine is fired... That sounds fair.
  9. Rewatched 1941 a classic comedy by the hands of our old pal Steven Spielberg. Very funny movie.
  10. It's a comedy in a barber shop! Time moves slowly in comedy, specially in barber shop.
  11. Krlenjushka, thanks for the quick reply. Yes, agree, for long time I had my data on Excel, but now use Apple's Numbers, since my excel likes to attack commercial ships, and now decided to go rogue on me. If it is the case of a database that has fictional clubs, then a good practice is leaving the kits for last?
  12. Hi peeps. Well, there is something that I wish to ask this community, that for several years has been bothering me. Failed Changes. I don't really do big files anymore, but I did in the past a large file, but failed changes made me now avoid venturing to big files. In a sense I like to do big files, but somewhat the lack of info is preventing of following my dreams... in a way. :P So do you people have any suggestions or tips or good practices, to avoid these failed changes, specially for files with a lot of changes? if you have them, what is the best way to proceed in correctin
  13. Hi. I would like to suggest, on the Database Changes screen, be able to group failed changes from low number failed changes to higher or vice-versa. On smaller databases, this is no issue, since they are quick to find, but on larger databases, with a lot of listed changes, this can be difficult to find. By grouping the changes from low to higher or higher to low, it gives a quick access to the failed changes. Thank you for your time. Grade
  14. Hi guys. On kits edit of the teams, you have the duplicate button, where you can choose how many times to duplicate the type you are selected. Well on my editor, regardless of your choice 1x or 20x, it only, duplicates 1x. That is it. Note: A bit of background I'm creating new teams, I haven't try of duplicate button works as intended on existing teams.
  15. When seeing the information of club or player, there is the number of unique ID number, can we please have like sort of right click option to copy this number? It would make skinning a bit easier.
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