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  1. It will be the days leading to the release of Beta, which is been said it will be release at the latest 2 weeks before game release. Meaning the beta can be release 2 weeks or earlier. Correct me if this is not right.
  2. Then never mind, my bad. The odds of the promotion and release of new beta seemed to have improve.
  3. Its unlikely yes. But as Miles said. The beta will be released at the latest 2 weeks before release. it can be early, from my understanding. If it is 2 weeks before the release on the mark (and we all know this kind of development can have their delays). That means a 4 weeks gap between the release of the beta and the end of the promotion. Also it is been said that the features would be released in the days leading up to the beta release. It was said days, not weeks. if you make the calculations, in average 4 weeks is around a month or more. With the information provided, I'm very pessimist that features will be released before the promotion ends. But again I hope I'm wrong.
  4. The issue here it seems, that a lot of people think the promotion will end before any announcements of features are made. Its not the promotion itself. A lot of people believe that features announcement will be released before the promotion ends. Others, believe that will not happen and they will loose the promotion, just because they want to see what new features will make to FM17. from my understanding from miles post this promotion is intended for the loyal fans that pre-order the game regardless of features. What I conclude is that they will not release any features before the end of the promotion. I hope that I'm wrong
  5. No, but there is always hope that SI come to their senses and remove Press Conferences... one can hope.
  6. No it can't. The editor is only available on the full FM. FMT either PC or Tablet version doesn't have (unfortunately) an editor.
  7. I also prefer to stay with attributes, in all honesty. What has been suggested, is the same as attributes, but with a percentage graphic attributes, which is basically the same. Instead of being a scale to 1-20, it would be a scale of percentage of 0 - 100.
  8. Here is the thing, no one has it right here. Some people will like a ME better then the other, not even the moderators have it right. What SI can do is in their best of their abilities improve the ME with each version. Everyone has one they prefer for example still prefer FM07 ME. Why? I don't know it feels like real football to me. Am I wrong? No... Am I right? Yes in my point of view... and No in other people's point of view. If the OP doesn't like FM16 ME, then thank you for sharing your point in a very honest and critical view. These kind of threads should be welcome, so that SI can read them and push to improve the ME and correct the issues people have with the ME and the game in general.
  9. I for one think is bad marketing plan. There needs to be something to create the hype to make people want to pre-order aside from the 20% discount. I for one need to have something worth for me to buy the game with the discount. But has it was said it is FM. But I can't shake the feeling what if they announce a feature that I don't like? What do I do then? No... I think have been more grounded then previous years and I need to see the features first, before i make a decision. A feature that I would certainly pre-order the game would be FMT Editor, but I find it extremely unlikely that to happen.
  10. It depends on the system to replace it. To be fair the octagon or any replacement would be sufficient. A game like FIFA or PES depends on atributes, sure, it doesn't have the detail that FM has, but it is still important feature. The atributes is the foundation this game as set itself. Its the way we judge a player, without the need to watch every training and match available. I for one don't have the time to do that.
  11. You do know there is many different styles of stadiums world wide? You have on FM a very small percentage of style of games it exists in real life. There isn't more stadiums because SI do not have the right to use those stadiums. Providing a Stadium Editor, it enables people to create their version of the stadiums they want to use. Much like the Editor does now to edit leagues and players and staff. This is not unnecessary extra, this kind of things can have depth to the game, then some of gimmick features that have been added to the game. I vote for Stadium Editor. If Fifa Manager did it. And if you are too worried of SI spending valuable time in creating an editor, instead of other more gimmick features, i say do what OOTP does. Allow to import from 3D programs into the game. But I prefer an Stadium editor.
  12. I got few questions. Are the new features going to be release, one a day? if so starting from which day? Or are they going to be release sporadically as bundle, like it in the year when FM Documentary was released? Is there going to be in either way of release of the new features, an FM Editor news or will it be like last year, where we only got any editor news about the around the release of the game? Getting a discount sounds nice, but I reach a point of my life that kind of marketing really doesn't work for me, so i need something substancial, something of a real improvement.
  13. How much is in question here to have the rights to use this kind of map? I'm sure that SI can state a value, but are talking about around 150 Pounds? 1500 pounds? 15000 pounds? I think this is an investment that the game needs, since it can benefit the game. I for one has been forward for this.
  14. Issue, might be the wrong word. As I said, Miles is quite big to choose what to say or not to say. Personally I wouldn't say what he said the first time, knowing perfectly well that the internet can be sometimes weird. There wasn't any comments in previous years like Miles said this time. What do you expected? People started to freak out. I'm not surprise to see after Miles statement, the theories began to surface.