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  1. Alexivan, gaming inovation is hardly something that cannot be without any bugs. Even if you develop the game for 3 years, there are bugs bound to appear. Perfection in the software industry doesn't exists. What I do agree, is that the marketing this year, for me I consider to be one of the worst ones, because I liked the daily announcements they made a few years ago on these forums. Last year was okay, but didn't like it to have to go to twitter to see the announcements daily. Regardless of what i think, I simply need to accept that SI or whomever decides such marketing strategies, decided that this year the announcements should be made this way. For me the teaser, was not enough to get me exited about FM17, but for others they liked the teaser. Everyone is entitle of their opinion and mine the teaser doesn't make me want to go and push the buy button.
  2. When i play any football game, be Fifa, PES or FM, I always have commentary off. I always hear music when playing those games.
  3. Hi Sangue Blu. Do you have any plans to do these files for FM17? Is there any problems in adding a handful of created teams to one of nation files?
  4. I will reserve my opinion of the new features, when they are fully announced. But a 30 seconds teaser is not enough to satisfy me. I still prefer how it was released a few years ago, when they announced a feature a day. For good or bad, at least made the community engaging with each other. But, oh well, they decided to do this way this year.
  5. I expect the new features announced only in October, not before. The Editor features announced around the game release, not the beta. If they release before that, I might be surprised.
  6. The lack of an editor in FMT, makes me not use it at 100% of the time.
  7. We only have the information that its in the days leading to beta release, which can be any time between today and the release of beta. Meaning your guess is good as mine. just be a bit patient.
  8. It will be the days leading to the release of Beta, which is been said it will be release at the latest 2 weeks before game release. Meaning the beta can be release 2 weeks or earlier. Correct me if this is not right.
  9. Then never mind, my bad. The odds of the promotion and release of new beta seemed to have improve.
  10. Its unlikely yes. But as Miles said. The beta will be released at the latest 2 weeks before release. it can be early, from my understanding. If it is 2 weeks before the release on the mark (and we all know this kind of development can have their delays). That means a 4 weeks gap between the release of the beta and the end of the promotion. Also it is been said that the features would be released in the days leading up to the beta release. It was said days, not weeks. if you make the calculations, in average 4 weeks is around a month or more. With the information provided, I'm very pessimist that features will be released before the promotion ends. But again I hope I'm wrong.
  11. The issue here it seems, that a lot of people think the promotion will end before any announcements of features are made. Its not the promotion itself. A lot of people believe that features announcement will be released before the promotion ends. Others, believe that will not happen and they will loose the promotion, just because they want to see what new features will make to FM17. from my understanding from miles post this promotion is intended for the loyal fans that pre-order the game regardless of features. What I conclude is that they will not release any features before the end of the promotion. I hope that I'm wrong
  12. No, but there is always hope that SI come to their senses and remove Press Conferences... one can hope.
  13. No it can't. The editor is only available on the full FM. FMT either PC or Tablet version doesn't have (unfortunately) an editor.
  14. I also prefer to stay with attributes, in all honesty. What has been suggested, is the same as attributes, but with a percentage graphic attributes, which is basically the same. Instead of being a scale to 1-20, it would be a scale of percentage of 0 - 100.
  15. Here is the thing, no one has it right here. Some people will like a ME better then the other, not even the moderators have it right. What SI can do is in their best of their abilities improve the ME with each version. Everyone has one they prefer for example still prefer FM07 ME. Why? I don't know it feels like real football to me. Am I wrong? No... Am I right? Yes in my point of view... and No in other people's point of view. If the OP doesn't like FM16 ME, then thank you for sharing your point in a very honest and critical view. These kind of threads should be welcome, so that SI can read them and push to improve the ME and correct the issues people have with the ME and the game in general.