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  1. Hum... the beta (what i call the game when is release two weeks prior to official release, only for those that pre-order the game) is release two weeks before release, that gives about two weeks of future video announcements. This what I think is left: - I predict, one about the "Graphics Engine" whatever that means. Probably ME video is included in that, despite it will have a separate video with some best highlights of the ME. - One about Transfers (which was included in Miles Hangman twitter game). - Another one about a Fantasy Draft Revamp (and multiplayer announcements). - Not sure about if Player Instructions (Miles Hangman Twitter game), was included like the new roles one. -I probably predict a video about FMT and FM Mobile (probably seperated). But that would be within the two weeks the beta (who pre-order) and the official release of the game. Most likely in the final week before release in November. - And on the release a list of new features of the Editor on the Editor sub-forum. Did I miss anything?
  2. What i do wonder is... of these new features being announced what will be included in FM Touch? How about some actual ME footage? An 8 second video is not enough. As a matter of fact how about some actual screenshots of those things announced? I would like to take more closer look at those, instead of pausing a video.
  3. Maybe I got used of the good life, having all these years the editor, gave me the freedom to create a fun game (short but fun), despite not agreeing with some of the features in the full game. This is going to be the 5th released of Football Manager with the Classic/Touch version. If there isn't going to be an editor for Touch (PC and Mac version at least), I'm going to probably not buy this game version. It begins to hard to justify to buy this game, and it is probably is number 1 request for Touch. I don't know about the others who requested this, but I begin to get tired of waiting. I created a topic 3 years ago to help show the importance of an FMT Editor (at the time was FMC Editor). That in time cover by other threads and probably forgotten with time. Like everything else. Here is the link: If this version doesn't have any editor for this version of the game, the justification for me is quite clear. Micro-transactions is far more important then any FMT Editor. That will probably place SI equal to any other game developer (which still firm believe they are different). Take has much money has possible from the costumers with their DLC and micro-transactions cr*p, despite the costumers already pay a full price for their games (games aren't that cheap). I hate DLCs and I HATE they charge extra for them (in general terms). I even would spend money for FMT editor if was release has an DLC, to show ho big of fan I'm for FM. Sorry if this comes out harsh, that probably is my impatience and disappointment speak out loud. But I'm clinging to little bit of hope for the FMT Editor, but I know the probability to happen is quite small. Even if they show with the editor, probably it will not have all bells and whistles that Full FM editor has. My optimism about it is at all time low. Rant over.
  4. That is not a bad idea. Probably I will suggest that of future features... Well if I earn salary in game it would be nice to receive in real life. That would make the game even more realistic. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  5. Most likely. And also most likely you will get a list posted here in the forums of the new features (Changes) to the editor, when the game is release. It has been that way for several previous release games. Any earlier then that will be a nice surprise.
  6. I'm sorry for saying this, but in a way it is a loyalty bonus. The discount ends nearly or less from the game release, with little information released (two videos). Not to mention the discount started few weeks ago before the first video was release. It is a loyalty bonus, no matter if you call it another name. Even if the discount had no end date it still is a loyalty program, the key thing here is if we have the previous games you get a discount, that is loyalty bonus. anyway, just to get this small note. Please continue to discuss Dynamics.
  7. I don't see any people patting me on the back, but rather, people agreeing with my point of view. If the deal ends before the demo release or the game is released or the news of those features are not released, of course those people have to give up the deal and probably pay more latter. The same happens to me waiting for FM Editor news, since they are always released on the day and not before. I understand it is not priority for SI or selling point. As for the video of the question. Like most features it has potential, but i'm on the fence if this another feature to add more work for a computer game. What i means is this would simply means even more way for the game to annoy you or is not quite fully implemented and will work fully as intended in future versions? That is my fear with features like these. Edit: As OldTimer as said is this dynamics thingy is for FMT as well? Or these videos are only for full fat FM?
  8. That I don't know. You have to ask Miles about that (I doubt he will give you a straight yes or no answer). Probably you have to wait for next years version.
  9. But there was tweet by Miles, that SI might have acquired the licenses for German leagues. But I think it would be for FM19, but not sure.
  10. I for a long time decided not to pre-order any games, due to how the gaming industry is treating gamers in general terms, with their half finish games (to be fair, this not a rant, but look how many games had so much problems on release, not to mention the exclusives stuff with DLC and Season Passes). We gamers end up paying more for gamers then a couple of years ago. I was undecided if I pre-order FM18 this year, as it goes against this decision not to pre-order games. After seeing this video, I'm yet to be convinced. I will wait for further videos, even if it means i loose the opportunity to get a discount. Probably not going to get the discount anyway since FM Editor related news is normally the last bits of features to be announced and normally is about by the game is release. I will wait for them for a decision.
  11. Most likely that is what is going to happen.
  12. We are currently in a society of people that want things right now. Also the society of today is entitled to their opinions and some way too extreme. Perhaps being behind a monitor and a keyboard, makes their idiot sides escalate to a new levels. Sure the developers of No Man Sky has promised a lot of features that weren't included in the first versions of the game, but a friend of mine that is more into the game has said that those features are being included into the game over time. Much more like SI is doing with FM, but in SI case they only announce the new features, instead of their long time plan. Maybe that is for the best, as there is too much ego on the internet. To be fair in terms of Miles doing good job on twitter... well it his account, after all. But there were times, that I said: "Holy Christ!!!! Did he just type that?" People tend to questions SI 1000 plus new features, is simply mismatch of what a feature is. For SI anything that goes to the game is a feature, while a lot of costumers little tweaks or changing a button of its shape and moving elsewhere within UI is not a feature, but a simple tweak. I think these forums are not horrendous. Just simply there are cases, that i felt could be handled any other way or it could be handled differently. We all go to these forums, because one way or another (some are just kind of hate/love relationship) have profound love for the game and we all want the game to improve one way or another. Maybe we don't agree with the direction that each version the game goes or what features get added instead of others (I'm FM touch Editor defender that should be part of the game two versions ago) and sometimes a feature we want so badly can make someone frustrated and disappointed. these users may feel the game is stagnant because little has improve in that side of the game, they hoped for improvements. We simply need to comprehensive to their points of views. As for being unpaid beta testers, well all developers are doing it. They provide early access because a million beta testers are better then 50 to 100 beta testers. What developers in this case, simply try to hide that it is in fact it is beta testing. Maybe if they were straighforward with this cases, maybe the gamers would be more understanding of the developers position to give a more polish end product. But what people are now getting angry and tired of (sometimes early access gets dragged into this), is pre-order this game and get these DLCs, if you don't, though luck, play a half finish product. Or pay 40 to 60 pounds a game, but wait if you spend an extra 10 to 30 pounds you get, this, this and this DLC. That is wrong and should be stoped. I'm glad SI doesn't do this (the payed features can be unlocked by achieving certain things with the game and I'm okay with that, because i'm patient person). This is been quite long. So Miles and SI, bring on the new features I'm ready for showdown.
  13. People are starting to get impatient. Guys, there is 2 weeks till the end of the month. Have little patience. Sure i understand that people need to make certain decisions and what not. I for one, hope for a lot of stuff for the new game (especially for FMT editor), but I know perfectly as well that many of the features I want will not be included. SI, I and other users here have different priorities what features need to be added. But this is not the place to have such a discussion.
  14. Sorry @Pixel Viking, i'm with the rest. Your ideas have potential, to make new game that is on par of FIFA Ultimate Team. It is not for FM. Maybe a FM Live sort of thing. But I agree that FM needs a bit of revamp, but since we will in couple of weeks have new features announced and this kind of thing has been a bit debated in the last few years. Maybe SI tried with the new FM to make things a lot more cleaner and the game feel less complicated, without removing any features. Here's hoping for that.