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  1. Portugal... If my team being SL Benfica was any clue. Shout out to Wrexham...
  2. Did you have the chance to check if there was the Unique IDs change?
  3. The endless problems of Unique IDs everytime SI rembers to add stuff in their updates... Since the final update has been released, now real work begins for my files.
  4. thanks The group stage instead of Qualifying rounds, it is odd, it is weird... I LOVE IT!
  5. Interesting. Do you have a specific reason for choosing the group stage instead of the qualifying rounds?
  6. For me the game that hit the right balance in everything is FM07.
  7. I just want the new match engine and graphics be an actually gigantic improvement. I expect the tactics side continues as good. The rest I don't really care... aside from scouting. I delegate everything... SI can have minigame you have to slay a dragon to have improvement in training, for all I care. Now seriously, aside from match engine and tactics and scouting* the rest at this point, it is wasted time, utter pointless endeavour. *when I say scouting is actually researching the players myself, like in old versions of this game. That is unrealistic, sure, but that was half the fun of the game itself.
  8. That is my main gripe with editing stuff on editor. At each update they release there is probably a change in the UIDs (in major updates, that probability is certainty). That's why I only play the game properly when the last update is release... that way SI won't change the UIDs anymore and I have to change stuff only once. Like the graphics (logos and kits) of every team I created (imagine like 500+ created teams). Luckily a few automation process of Windows and Mac OS help me with that. I made suggestion on editor suggestion sub-threads a few yeas ago, for SI to make unique IDs for create stuff (add a C for created Clubs or p for player/person, before the ID number), so that we don't have to constantly change the UIDs. It would make our lives a bit easier, but until this post was written, nothing changed. Maybe for FM25, but I will not hold my breath for my suggestion to ever see the light of day.
  9. Is there any ideas of breaking up Russia apart to make smaller nations?
  10. My vote doesn't go to the best game, as this is subjective, because the game has improved since then, but the most fun I had with the Football Manager game was FM07. Others failed in comparison. Classic and later Touch versions were also fun, but the lack of an editor prevented them from making the top three fun FMs: FM05, FM06, and FM07.
  11. Georgetown (KY) - 2000263769, has no local region set.
  12. It wasn't a standalone for several years, up until recently, Touch was part of when you bought the full FM, and then it was sold separately, which made Touch financially unviable. SI has their reasoning to do this. That is right, but I question when they began to sell separated from the main game, was it viable then? Not sure, about that. But I don't have the numbers if Touch players were higher when it sold with FM and it dipped when it was sold separately.
  13. I thought that you couldn't add new local regions in the editor, like ever... Unless you had an edited version like Cleiria's mod.
  14. That would be excellent for Mac user perspective. Thanks.
  15. So my main computer is iMac 27" and I have tiny windows laptop, to use this I have to use on windows. But editing the Excel spreadsheet on tiny screen 13.5", is a pain. I was wondering if I created the first steps on the windows laptop so it creates the excel file, then moving that excel file to my iMac, populate things there, then moving back the excel file when it is done to the windows laptop (probably replacing it the existing one). Is this possible?
  16. Not use if this is possible, but got me wondering (haven't try your file yet). Instead of using normally the parent/child divisions (to make regional divisions), I use more basic style, I place all teams in the same division and set up groups to divide them (ex: 48 teams, divided in 2 groups of 24 teams)... anyway, the basic editor doesn't have a way to sort these teams (i figure is set by default: by reputation). The option shows up in Advanced editor. Is there a way to add for example by local region (don't remember the name, since currently not at home)? If this is possible, I can avoid going to advanced editor to do this. Also can we extend for example championship and promotion or relegation playoffs? The limit is set on 20. if possible what is the maximum limit?
  17. I wouldn't mind either. But I would like for the Editor to be more user friendly. Not talking about the advanced Editor as easier to understand, that is daunting task to undertake, but I'm happy with basic editor as I normally do very common league systems (just wish for few incrementals in basic editor). What I'm talking is compatibility of moving existing files to newer versions. My main criticism is each single new version, the IDs of my created teams and leagues always change IDs to higher value. It would be nice to have a unique IDs for created stuff so that we don't have to change logos, kits and faces to new IDs each single version. No doubt in FM25, we are going to new range of ID value when creating club or a player or league, since I deduce that they will be adding quite a lot of stuff to the database due to women's football. Sorry to hijack your thread for my complains and wants.
  18. bummer. I was wondering about that as well from FM25. As the "eventual" upcoming changes, it is harder to plan anything for FM25, until we have hands-on it.
  19. The pricing depends on production costs. Unsure, what that exactly entails. If they need, to hire more people for these leagues or not. Also not sure, if SI pays to have these extra leagues in it... and all of this, among other things, affects final pricing. I think that FM is currently becoming a bit expensive. I was under the impression that researchers were on a volunteer basis... I also was under the impression, that the leagues were added based on what kind of research the team had on those respected teams, and not a licensing thing (since we are not allowed to discuss it, for some reason). Anyway, yes, I think is debatable. Yes, fans do an excellent job in their spare time, glad there is an editor for it. They do this for the love of the game and these leagues. I think the death of Classic mode, was simply that, lack of an editor. You can question my reasoning for this. And yes, I think Si should be the one adding these leagues or have a more flexible editor, for example, the ability to add extra nations (existing ones or fantasy).
  20. That can be debatable. One hand, no problem the fans can do it, but on the other technically we are buying a product from them.
  21. That is what i'm expecting, but on the other hand, SI is going to do what they always want regardless how a select few feel or state on official forums. If the numbers aren't there don't expect much change.
  22. And women's football is the last card to draw a lot of people, that isn't playing FM. However, SI did report that mobile game isn't as viable, as they predicted and it is the main reason they partnered with Netflix (unsure who seek whom here). What I'm getting is, that if nowadays everyone has a smartphone and they aren't selling what is expected shows how niche the game is. And also can't moan or praise it, since never played it and I do have a smartphone... meaning there are probably some people like me who play FM and FM Touch but don't bother with the mobile game.
  23. Yes, every year I moan, about the same features, that add nothing to the game. But if noticed, at least I stop moaning about the FM Classic Editor.
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