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  1. @krlenjushka just curious. Have you made any more progress regarding to the generator app?
  2. I corrected my post. It shows, that I'm not perfect and will occasionally do some gaffs/mistakes. When it happens I will correct them and if is offensive apologise to that some one... so, carry on with the thread.
  3. I just saw Miles Announcing on twitter that they added 4000 lines to new team talk & team meeting strings into FM22. What He doesn't tell and later he confirms is the 4000 lines includes translations. So it's not 4000 lines added it is much, much lower then that. Edit: When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I misread Miles quote. Sorry It is 4000 lines English + translations.
  4. I came to that conclusion a few years ago, but had little hope not to be true. But seeing what happen now, I share your vision. FMT on Switch and XBox versions will be goners in 2 to 3 years. it will join FM Live, FM Stadia, FM Linux and FMT. Their focus was always FM and FM Mobile.
  5. No, SI kill FM touch for good on every platform except the Switch. The will also something resembling Touch which is the Xbox version. If you have game pass you can play it on the PC.
  6. It was interesting read, but as someone that values FMT more then fat FM, 3/4 of these features went over my head. Of the 4 main features, only the on-pitch authenticy sounds alike a good improvement. To bad it took SI a long time to bring these things to the game...
  7. I read something here that is key: Press Conferences should be represented a bit better in FM. Aren't we talking about this for 13 years straight?
  8. This is quite easy, if think about it. Changes to something that important in the game is a headline feature.
  9. I completely agree with you. Since that change and few hints I picked up here and there throughout these last few years, a part me knew that Higher Up at SI, wanted to kill the classic mode for few years. I also wanted to add this, aside from @shirajzl opinion. There is also the point of Miles saying that this was a money decision, saying that the benefits of bringing classic/touch is not financial beneficial for them. Ok, all valid stuff. But the thing is, if SI offer FMT for free (also selling as standalone on Steam competing with their main game… go figure, which to this day confuses the hell of me)… anyway, if SI offer FMT for free with FM, it was clear message that the expanses of creating FMT was covered in the overall FM normal production costs. I see now that I was wrong (or am I?), but always thought the real expanses of FMT was adapting it to IPad/tablet platform and the Nintendo Switch (since last year with the Xbox version), which was covered by their sales in each platform. The new features of FM that went to FMT was cover in FM cost. Adding to this the lack of effort @shirajzl has said in the post above, the lack of editor (for example the quick fix of a existing bug in just few days in first FM Classic, where following a few steps you can use edit files, but it was fixed so quickly for stability FM Classic, when I don’t recall anyone reporting the bug has an instability bug, it was the case of someone that found the bug and being Good Samaritan, share with the rest of community), the little subliminal messaging of SI staff and how since 2016 version of Touch, had no dedicated videos or Miles talking about the features announcements I now come the conclusion the FM classic (later Touch) it was doom to failure since day one.
  10. You offer FMT when you buy FM, for 9 years straight, people kind assume that is the norm, not the exception to rule has you are picturing it.
  11. I all honesty... I will edit the Champions League from the day is included the game. The format is horrendous.
  12. Despite I prefer this type of promotional stuff, it is another video with some improvements... this one was far more boring, still not convinced to give 40 euros for this dlc, specially now we won't get two games for that price...
  13. At this point FMFC is clickbait, as they lure people in 2020 with some contests to win souvenirs, but as a blog it has been a dry desert, much like their youtube channel.
  14. if the blog post wasn't called "Major changes for FM22 Touch and Beyond" and highlighted the important and key word of the blog, it won't return. FMT has been killed on Mac, Ipad/Tablet platforms and PC only via game pass.
  15. To be fair I had about 95% of me join you laughing off such comment, but those 5% were suspicious and believed the end of FMT. Well those 5% were right!
  16. if you think they will back down on this decision. FMT is dead once and for all. if I'm wrong, I will be happy that I'm wrong, but I doubt I'm wrong.
  17. Nor this was a last minute decision. This has been a long time waiting and planned. believe me or not. :P Edit: I edit my reply above and say it here, not blaming @Marc Vaughan. I'm blaming the higher ups. Sorry, when angry i don't think as clearly.
  18. This is nothing personal against you or any other user here. BUT WHAT HONESTY? Seriously, what kind of honesty are we talking about? The one who spent years saying that they are committed to FMT, when users clearly stated the demise of FMT last year, or the year previous of that one or the one before. Or the honesty saying that they want to bring the editor to FMT for the last 9 years, as they were expecting for the technology to catch up? What is the exactly the honesty are we talking about?
  19. And some people wonder why do users lashout towards SI Team. I written several phrases on this post and all of them would get me ban from the forum it is how P***s o** I'm right now. Edit: just to make clearly, this is not aimed to @Marc Vaughan personally, this is aimed to the higher ups, who sold to costumers how they are commited, when they weren't. Just see last 5 years detail information release for FMT and you start to see clear picture. just think about it, if a dev wants to bring the editor to FMT, why has he not? the higher ups... didn't want it.
  20. This is FY for Touch users, but also an even bigger FY for Mac users... Damn, i can guess this, but why can't I guess the Euromillions numbers. :P
  21. Hopes: - To have a proper release information about FMT 22. More concrete which of the new improvements announced on the fat FM will be in FMT. Fears: - The end of FMT eventually, in favor of fat FM, at the least in PC/Mac and we will never see an editor. Maybe an Ipad version, perhaps. The release information of FM22 is only starting, despite being just over month from release date (2/3 weeks for beta release). So don't expect any information regarding, by near the release of the Beta release. If there is any release at all.
  22. First, go check FIFA 13 minimal requirements, I doubt if any new decent laptop fails to run that game. If it is that is how heavy FIFA/PES games were back then. Secondly, I for one want FIFA/PES graphics. When I say that, I don’t say how shiny, colorful or arcade it looks. I’m talking actual natural player movement, realistic player dribbles with non-linear movement, like FIFA/PES has for years. I think some people will not like where the graphics will be heading, since it is inevitable to move to FIFA/PES graphics. This devs interviews actually show the non-linear movement of players around the ball are welcome plus and step towards the direction. On the other video of reactions to gameplays, the dev, I got feeling of two occasions where they were actual bugs, but love the reasoning/excuse why do players behave liked that.
  23. It is really a combination of patience, understanding and disappointment management, not having yet an editor for FMT or have the existing editor edit FMT database. Been asking for it nearly 9 years, since it’s FM Classic creation. Yet (according to SIT (Sports Interactive Team)) we are all expecting for the iPads/tablet to improve to handle the editor and Costume files. Luckily with the M1 on the iPad Pros we are seeing that improvement. I mean if the MacBook Air with the M1 can run costume files, then the IPad Pro can do so, on paper… Oh right the reason shifted now that we have to wait for the switch to improve to have those costume files, because FMT needs to be equal to all devices… got it! I wonder what is the next console we will have to wait for the technology to catch on. Switch 5? WOW, I know it is Nano iWatch 5000? Is the Xbox on the same technology we have to wait? I used to like to hear about the commitment of SIT saying that they like to see an editor on FMT. Give me hope, that rather sooner then later we will have an editor. After 9 years now when someone SIT say they like to see FMT editor, I get a bit of meh/whatever reaction. Perhaps i reach a point of saturation of always hearing the same promises and nothing happens, that I’m at a point not interested on what SI says about it. Pigs are like to gain wings and fly then SIT ever release or enable the FMT Editor. I also will not bother to request any more… (pause a minute for any type of celebrations, if you wish to do so) …simply because despite several people here requested it, asking for it, begging for it and giving examples the importance of an editor would have on them, how they would use it in this game version, has made zero efforts to convince SIT for a decade (for what Marc Vaughan said we can clearly state it will be a decade long wait), not sure what will convince them to do so. I now view how comically ridiculous this entire effort from my part of wasting so much time to request it. SIT, can now promise the moon, I will only believe an FMT editor happens, when I have it actually physically installed on my computer and using it, because until then I think another like scenario to happen before they deliver the editor, now matter how much SIT will preach here, on social media or with megaphone on a anti-vax rally they say how committed they are to FMT.
  24. Thank you for announcing the improvements like this. Makes it far more interesting. Congratulations for well done video.
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