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  1. m the manager of England, I now have X3 players whose number of caps have stopped at 255. (I play them every game before anyone asks, one being my son). I was wondering why this is? The youngest being 29, which stops him racking up a fair amount of caps for his country, Thanks
  2. Interesting discussion, What are the 4 best coaches to have and to leave? I get my staff to a gold badge with natural aptitude and then leave them.... Normally i go for an Attacking Coach / Defensive / Fitness / Youth. (With myself as the general coach). I probably would only consider the motivational coach?
  3. I agree with Michael though, I would like to see the the Attribute Analysis / Spider web chart as an option when comparing players? Have both the player attributes comparation and the spider web chart as the options would be nice Thank you
  4. it appears a player can only be mentored by one player? And if you cancel it or the player leaves on loan, then he cant be mentored again when he returns? I.e If you have a 16 year old (Called Joe Bloggs) and you mentor him with Messi to improve his dribbling, then send Joe Bloggs the 16 year old on loan, you cant then mentor him with another player or even Messi when he comes back from loan? Its also the same if players dont get on with their mentor - if you cancel the current mentor then you cant give him a new mentor. It says - Joe Bloggs is not able to benefit from further mentoring? As an improvement, i would like to be able to change who is mentoring players and if players come back from loan, then give them a new mentor? Thanks
  5. Superb - Thank you. Having to exit the game and removing it from my background works. Long winded but worth it to get a 5 star youngster to keep life in my game now im in 2030.
  6. Youth Development / Selection… On FM21 it appears the youth selection is done prior to the new season (England – 23rd June) before the Season Review. You get the same players in your academy when you reload the game. With the FM20 and the previous years, I saved the game before the new season to make sure I got a 5 star youngster. If I didn’t, I would reload the game and go again. Yes, to 99% of people its cheating but I personally enjoyed developing the youngsters into club legends. For me It keeps the game interesting, especially when you’re 10 years down the line in your career. I am wondering what date I have to go back too, so I can make sure I promote a 5 star graduate from my youth academy?
  7. If anyone is looking to make a game exciting or add something different to your game, invest in the managers son option in the games store. You sons stats to begin with maybe utter rubbish to start but pursuing your son through playing games, he will turn out a pretty good player for a premier league winning side. For me - Its £0.99 well spent.
  8. Perfect - Being able to remove affiliated clubs would be a massive help. Also - When you get a new affiliated club, they are generally a waste of time. Great idea and addition to the game mind you. To improve it - is there any way to help chose, or put perimeters down to the clubs you can get? I.e. chose a Spanish side, or a certain division etc?.
  9. Each year the email comes from the Head of your youth development letting you know about the early assessment of your youth team intake for the coming year… Comments such as: · “One of our defensive midfielders has the potential to go far” · “There is an attacking midfielder we should keep a very close eye on” · “At least one of our goalkeepers looks like a great prospect”. For me – Getting a wonderkid through the youth academy and then training them etc is the best part of the game. What would be the best description to get? Is there a description basically saying you have a world class youngster coming through your academy?
  10. What is the best way to train or develop players? Leave it all to your assistant / backroom staff or to do it yourself and control players individual training? If it’s to leave to your assistant / staff – (apart from having 5 star staff and good facilities) what else is there to do? Or If it is to do it yourself and control players individual training. I presume this is all about getting the training rating up? Focussing on the below: · Additional focus · Intensity Levels · Player traits · Mentoring · Playing minutes in games Too often I see players having arrows pointing downwards (presume signifying their stats are getting worse). Trying to work out how to change this. I’m in year 2028 with Everton – Kings of Europe. Good staff / good facilties etc. Thank you
  11. I was hoping someone could let me know what attributes the "Final Third" focuses on in the additional focus part of training? Attacking movement - I presume this focuses on the "Off the ball" attribute? Thank you
  12. What is the best way to develop youngers on FM20 Touch? I have finally unlocked the no work permits unlockable allowing me to sign youngsters from all over the world…. Mainly Wonderkids. Unlike the FM20 Mobile version (easy to develop youngers) The Touch version doesn’t seem to appear to be as easy. Maybe the hardest part of the game. In fact I’m in year 2028 just signing players for £75 million or so. Having won everything. Its not time to work out how to develop players. Currently, my youth academy condition is excellent (presume this cold be better). My head of youth development is 4.5 stars (working with youngsters 20). I have two 16 year old kids who in their first year have both made 15 starts and 5 sub appearances. Game time isn’t a problem to develop kids? I’ve tried to leave training with the assistant as well as do it myself. Trying different methods on different players. I was hoping someone could help (give me an idiots guide) on what to do? Thank you
  13. The boarder or the frame around the player profiles (Were they have their picture, name, position, rating etc) towards the top left of the player profile screen is generally a light blue colour… Occasionally you see players with a gold border...? I was wondering what the different colours suggest? If it has any resemblance to the players ability or potential? Thank you
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