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  1. fm 11 the best ever for me but with the amazing CFM skin really got back into fm17 again. And into fm19 also. playing all 3 at the mo on 2 computers haha. That is hardcore. :D I play one when the other is loading screens basically haha.
  2. still same error message. trying 2 days now. still little white box saying sorry something went wrong for solutions please visit support codefusion. Then get this. "Currently your game purchase cannot be re-validated successfully, please wait 24 hours and try again" https://support.codefusion.technology/FM2018_a98n23p/?e=88500006&l=english
  3. have uninstalled x4. re started steam x6, checked all updates and followed all ideas in this thread.
  4. nope. fuming. added both steam and fm18 and nothing. Got game on this site. https://2game.com/
  5. I have never had a beta or fm not work like this. But will take a look at this. I have aso tryed to load from my laptop and same issue
  6. I take it you mean on delete cache folder you mean the fm18 one? This is not appearing
  7. Getting this error after just downloaded game. Can anyone help? unable to initialize steamapi please make sure steam is running and you are logged into an account entited to the game
  8. I used to love the top player lists ie average ratings and top scorers etc to show the top 100 players. Is it me and the DB Im using or is this a new thing for FM17 that now only the top 20 are shown?? I cant believe it.
  9. Gutted about this. It seems because i never set the storage MB on the start of the game I will not ever get any match reports from lower division games even though i have them on full detail, crazy
  10. Just wondering how many times this happens to other people? A miss placed cross goes directly in. I have lost count of the times it has happened already. And Reserves v U18s huge prob. I like to play my reserves v my u18s alot for fitness to the ones not getting games but on fm16 it seems to be messed up. The reserve manager will chose player to play in the match v the u18s but he still gets selected for the u18s also and ends u playing v himself. he played well in 1 team but crap for the other, funny. On his stats but games got counted lol. And does anybody know if its possible to get stadium background to show up on match day this year and what skin does it? Thanks in advance.
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