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  1. @libbyshuss what sort of speed are you watching your games at?
  2. Glad I've finally found this thread. Have always played the game the LLM way (always lurked the old LLM area). Was just about to start a youth only save but seeing this may have inspired me to start a new LLM one. Just making my way through the thread from page 1!
  3. Hi, Can you get older versions of FM on the mobile, or is it only '19 that's available? Thanks
  4. Ah - and I've just realised that FMT 18 & 19 aren't compatible with an iPad mini 1
  5. Cheers - looks like just 18 & 19. Can you get face & logo packs on the iPad?
  6. Is it still possible to buy FM Touch for the 2017 version? I have it on Steam but assume you can’t transfer this to an iPad?
  7. Still playing FM17 and am rooted to the bottom of the VNS with Slough Town so likely to fail at the first attempt. Would I need to restart, or can I take over a side that comes up at the end of my current season? Also, I see people get really good intakes after 1 year - how is that possible?! The blokes I got through were pretty garbage
  8. I'm sure this has been asked many a time but can you do this challenge on FM Touch?
  9. @b101 nice work! how do you manage to get through seasons so quickly!?
  10. Ah - gotcha. I may just persevere with it then if it's only until the first intake.
  11. How do the grey players work in terms of wages/contract? Do they just keep rolling over to the next year?
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