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  1. Still playing FM17 and am rooted to the bottom of the VNS with Slough Town so likely to fail at the first attempt. Would I need to restart, or can I take over a side that comes up at the end of my current season? Also, I see people get really good intakes after 1 year - how is that possible?! The blokes I got through were pretty garbage
  2. What are the major things to look out for here?
  3. I'm sure this has been asked many a time but can you do this challenge on FM Touch?
  4. @b101 nice work! how do you manage to get through seasons so quickly!?
  5. Ah - gotcha. I may just persevere with it then if it's only until the first intake.
  6. How do the grey players work in terms of wages/contract? Do they just keep rolling over to the next year?
  7. Cheers. I think I loaded the league below but guess I’ll need to do more than just 1.
  8. Is it usual to start this without a full squad of players? Taken over Hayes and Yeading (FM17) and they only have 14 players. I assume I don't use the grey players.
  9. KUMB

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    Anyone have any experience with selling a leasehold property? I bought a flat a few years ago. The previous guy was in a shared ownership set-up with a housing association whereby the HA owned 75% of the flat, and he owned 25%. I believe the HA are the leaseholder to various other flats in the block which are rented out. I've now come to sell the flat and there are 2 leases. One lease between a Limited company (I assume the freeholder) and the HA and another between the ha and the previous guy. Should my lease be between me and the Limited company, or between me and the HA? The housing association are the ones that i get my letters from regarding ground rent and service charge and are listed on the lease between them the previous guy as the Landlord. Struggling to work out the relationship between the freeholder, the landlord and then me?
  10. Gone for Cardiff -1 at home to Burton tomorrow @ 11/10.
  11. 12/5 - Plymouth to beat Charlton looks good value. Plymouth in good away form and Charlton manager Robinson resigned last week so they have assistant Lee Bowyer in charge. Plymouth won the reverse 2-0.
  12. KUMB

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    116 years left on it so quite a while before anyone has to think about renewing it.