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  1. No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying a manager wouldn't fill their team purely with pacey players. You do it in the game because you know the match engine wouldn't be able to handle it properly. Your point about signing the best players your scout recommends with little or no competition also comes back to playing realistically. A lower league side (certainly at NLS/NLN) level isn't going to be able to sign players from across the country. They will be limited to players in their surrounding area. So signing the best 2/3 players from across the country is unrealistic. The game
  2. Signing more players than a manager would in real life that are pacey because you know the match engine doesn’t deal with it properly = exploit. If you play realistically, it is difficult at that level.
  3. Complete opposite for me. I don't see the point in playing a simulation game whereby you don't treat it realistically. The game isn't too easy if you start at the bottom and play it in a realistic fashion (hidden attributes, only finding players through scouts, sticking to budgets, not using ready made tactics, game exploits etc.). I'm still playing FM17 - don't think I've got out of the National League on any save yet
  4. I’m not talking about keeping schools open. Im talking about childcare bubbles. The guy I quoted was ignorantly saying they should be scrapped because people just abuse them.
  5. I was working during the last lockdown and would be expected to in the next one - they’ve never stopped people working, just said to work from home. Almost impossible with young children which is why childcare is needed.
  6. As well as the other point made above, all well and good if you also ignore the people that have young children and would then be expected to hold down a full time job as well as full time childcare. Not everyone can just hunker down and watch Netflix through this. People need support.
  7. Of course they do but it’s just going in and cherry picking the best of them that’s unrealistic. I’m not having a go - each to their own - but just pointing out that it doesn’t happen like that IRL which means you get unrealistic results and the game doesn’t cope with that. I’d love SI to put the time into the non-league level but it will never happen so I just have to impose my own restrictions (akin to the LLM ‘rules’). Is there still an LLM community lurking around anywhere?
  8. Signing a bunch of ex-pro clubs players. Squad building doesn’t happen like that IRL at non-league level. It all revolves around scouting/knowing players close to you etc. So the rise up the leagues due to that is unrealistic - obviously SI are never going to put time into that level of the game as it’s not aimed at realism any more but you can’t really complain about realism if you don’t play the game realistically in other areas, IMO.
  9. But to be fair to SI, you can’t really criticise the game for it. If you don’t play realistically, you’re not going to get realistic results.
  10. Just found out our second is on the way. Our little boy will be about 2 and a half when baby no.2 arrives. Any pearls of wisdom for making sure the 1st doesn't feel neglected?
  11. 22 month old is a great sleeper - usually does around 11 hours every night. He woke at midnight last night having been asleep for about 4 1/2 hours. Tried to get him back to sleep for a couple of hours and gave up around 3am and took him downstairs. No temperature, no sign of any other illness. He was up until 7.30AM and he's crashed eating his breakfast. Will give him a couple hours this morning. Anyone had this before?
  12. Anyone know if there’s still an active LLM community going?
  13. Exactly what I’ve had for the last week - same as a few others in my family. Wonder if they will officially confirm it.
  14. Anyone else have the situation of the child’s nursery closing but they are still being charged a fee? Ours has said 70% reduction in fees for those who are not key workers and therefore can’t send the children in. I can’t help thinking they are profiting from this as the gvt will be covering the majority of the wages anyway. Be interested to know what others are doing.
  15. In the exact same situation at the moment. Our little one turned 1 a couple weeks ago and has been going nursery since. First few times, he went into meltdown as I left but the last couple of times he's got a bit better. He still cries but by the time you're at the door, he's usually calmed down. I think it just takes a bit of time and they eventually get used to it. I tend to sit with him for a few minutes but to be honest, whatever I try doesn't seem to work. He also only goes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so by the time Tuesday comes around again, it's like he's starting all over again.
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