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  1. Downloaded full fat version now so challenge to start soon! What are the must have graphics etc for this version?
  2. Cheers. Debating whether to get FMT on the iPad for my commute as i just don't get time on the laptop at home anymore.
  3. Can this realistIcally be done on FMT?
  4. [FM16] My first ever unemployed career.

    Following this - currently making my way with Grimsby Town so encountering similar struggles
  5. Thanks - I didn't know if there was a way to see all PPMs for each player all at once rather than having to go into each player individually.
  6. Is there a quick way to see if any of your players have any PPMs?
  7. Top thread AD, I share a lot of your experiences. I'll read something on here, try and implement it in the game and fail magnificently so you're not alone!
  8. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Once i've extracted the first pack, and try to extraxct the others, I keep getting a message saying 'Cannot open file ... as archive'. Anyone shed any light?
  9. No it is a transfer offer, hence me being able to see what they've offered for the player etc. I'm fine thanks on the proof front
  10. Had this twice now. Get a message saying 'Club A has made an offer for Player B' but I don't get the option to view the offer. Only get the 'Transfer Centre' button and if i then view the offer from there, it's all greyed out and I get no option to cancel it. I've had no message saying that the chairman has accepted a bid over my head or anything. Is their an option somewhere to accept all bids that I have checked? Very strange.
  11. Do backgrounds not work with the default skin then?
  12. No idea how log it takes to process. Sorry. But yes you do need to sign for it .