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  1. We shall soon find out With his goalscoring record I think he's worth a punt in a higher standard league!
  2. I got the job . Southeast Asia makes way for the Middle-East; a much better place for my club/nation dual management. Al-Wahda may be struggling at the moment but they have a proud history: A very good base for development. I'm hoping to steer away from relegation this season and push on for the Asian Champions League next season where I can showcase, hopefully, my managerial abilities. This was my final game with Johor. TWL has had an incredible start to the new season and I hope it's not the last time I will manage him. 10 in 3.....9.47....
  3. TWL is the best young player in Asia I went for the job at newly promoted Yanbian who were offering an impressive £30 transfer budget, however they were less than impressed with my youth policy. This would be a cracking opportunity to break into the Middle-Eastern managerial market at an Abu Dhabi based sugar-daddy club. Please...
  4. Top class work with Sunderland!! Can you imagine what their fans would be like?
  5. D'oh, I didn't realize it was asset management and not football management!
  6. First NT job on offer. A place I've visited IRL, so I'm going to take it!
  7. Cheers @L7M At the moment! Let's see how we get on against other nation's sides because the standard of football in Malaysia is pretty poor. Bar a few foreign slots it's non-league standard for sure.
  8. I've been declaring interest in other jobs. Clearly my board aren't happy and have given me an ultimatum - if i declare interest in any more jobs I will be sacked. Time to honour my contract unless I get headhunted.
  9. Hmmm, I'm sure there should be more than one team with continental football? And that we should be in the ACL preliminaries. Odd.
  10. Apologies I got carried away so it's a full season update. Yes, that's right, I stayed a full season with a club!! Just a week off a calendar year...It was definitely a successful season, as can be expected with the resources at my disposal, but a clear sweep of all the domestic trophies with just one loss was more than I could've hoped for. Malaysian Super League Despite losing our 3rd game of the season to FELDA, we won the league very comfortably in the end. Pahang and Kedah were our nearest rivals and we went into the Pahang game 9 points clear with 3 games left. After securing the title against Pahang we were in high spirits, thrashing PBDKT 8-1!!! Domestic Cups I believe that the FA Cup is officially the 'premier' domestic cup, even though the Malaysia cup has a great reputation. After handing out a few thrashings we found ourselves facing our 2nd team in the FA Cup Final. It was played in front of 45,000 Johor supporters (in a 110k stadium) and it was a real spectacle. Our 2nd team won the second tier and got to the Malaysia Cup QF as well - top quality from them! We cleared up in the Malaysia cup comfortably even winning the final 6-0, Tay Wei Liang leading the scoring charts with a Salah-like 20 in 11!! Transfers My aim was to hoover up as much local talent (or Malaysian dual-nat) as I could. Even my foreign signings were relatively local with Hariss Harun and Tay Wei Liang from neighboring Singapore and Agus Syamsudin from Indonesia. Facilities Upgrades all round on our facilities so we're looking pretty good. I would be very tempted to stick around for a long time but I was annoyed by missing out on the Malaysia National Team job to a terrible 0.5* rep local. I've signed a new 1-year contract but I'm not ruling anything out right now. Is it time for a European breakthrough? Player Stats Great performances all round; particularly from our strikers and full-backs. I won't be making too many changes for next season, although our best CB doesn't want to sign a new deal at the moment.
  11. In all honesty I may have been able to get in a better player for one of my international slots but I really wanted to bring him in and develop him.