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  1. struggling to find a final save

    Take on a mini project - add yourself as a RL manager and control as if you are them - tactics etc. I'm currently playing as Kevin Keegan at Newcastle re-creating the Entertainers.
  2. Yes, just finished my first season so will pop up a mini-update 60k is the maximum capacity I believe.
  3. Ok so I've decided to start a game managing Newcastle...under the guise of Kevin Keegan! The Entertainers are back
  4. Sorry I do not see this problem. I play a possession 4-1-2-3 strikerless and we play it short through the middle or low crosses into the box - my players do not lump it in the air. It must be something you are doing, but playing 'long ball' isn't the only effective way of playing FM17.
  5. Screwed over royally with the stadium. We had an 8k+ ground. Now down to a 3k all seater....
  6. Best of luck in Wales @XaW - good choice!
  7. This was an unreal performance. It ended 6-0 but could really have been 10+!!! Football League Cup first round vs 2 league higher Birmingham...
  8. League Table ~ FA Cup ~ FA Trophy ~ Facilities ~ Finances ~ Transfers ~ Best 11 Youth Intake Three King's of Lynn 2018/19 Jamie Eton-Collins ~ Louis McIntosh ~ Rossi Jarvis Back-to-back promotions sees King's Lynn in the football league for the first time in our history . We backed an impressive league campaign up with a great FA Cup run (beating Preston and Middlesbrough before losing to Liverpool) and retaining the FA Trophy. We've got some money behind us now which is helping towards facility and stadium upgrades. Our youth intake this year was poor; not one player worth mentioning.
  9. congrats @profii!!
  10. League Table ~ Domestic Cups ~ Facilities ~ Finances ~ Transfers ~ Awards ~ Player Stats Youth Intake ~ Luke Jones ~ Abdul Ibrahim Three Kings of Lynn 2017/18 Cameron King ~ Louis McIntosh ~ Dion Frary An excellent first season . There were a lot of players coming in and going out as I built my East Anglian-bred club but we still managed to tear the league apart with a 20 point lead and win the FA Trophy. We're looking good financially thanks to our Wembley appearance. Only downside was a poor showing in the FA Cup, losing out to lower league Corby. We had a very good first youth intake; both Jones and Ibrahim look set to have bright futures at the club.
  11. Well I'm two seasons in, updates to follow . I've decided to go full East Anglian - I will only sign players born or home grown from a town/club in Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire.
  12. Testimonial

    How old is he? They need to be 30+
  13. Some good guesses here. @Svenc that's an incredibly detailed make-believe account of the game It was, of course, 2-0 Grimsby. Ahh well it happens. Just had to be the first game of the new season to be a right kick in the teeth! Welcome to the conference, King's Lynn.