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  1. We reach the last eight by the skin of our teeth! Arsenal are now the side in our way.
  2. Great double performance against Benfica where we were the dominant side. We now face the tricky, but not impossible, Napoli!
  3. After losing his professionalism after off-field events I thought it was time to give in to the offers. It could have been different Hampus.
  4. A tougher draw than we'd have liked and I'm not sure how we're rich and they're modest when their top earner is on £80k pw, more that double our squad
  5. They're looking good as per below, obviously you can see where each year we've improved the facilities. Hopefully now with regular CL money we will no longer have issues with chairmen. Every two years we have elections and the first one, Tony Eriksson, has just left. I always sneak in 'develop youth' and get rid of others they impose. Oh and here's Grahn now, he's looking the real deal:
  6. Yeah he will still be good, just doubt he'll improve much more now. Had a bid of £9m (inc. clauses) just before which I would take now... HOYD recommended offering him a youth contract and he was seconds away from not getting a pro-contract and having his contract run down to be honest. Luckily kept him on and the rest is history!
  7. Hoffenheim are the current Europa League holders so can't judge them as a weaker side, but I reckon we could pick up a result or two here.
  8. Youth Intake 2027 A decent intake with two players, both strikers, who have the potential to go far. Dawood is physically brilliant and has the base attributes for a goalscoring striker - just not a grafting type. Esmaeil is an ethnic Iranian, could he be our Persian Prince?
  9. Cheers, hoping we can get past Dinamo to the CL groups, anything else is a bonus. Regarding the stadium, I can only assume that Sweden are hosting a future Euro/WC and the game is creating some new stadiums for it. Cant see a way of finding out though. At the moment we're playing CL qualifiers on a construction site
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