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  1. Cheers! Fingers crossed we can get some through. The upgrades are coming through quick! Now Average JC and Fairly Basic YR
  2. April 2017 - Bleak Time for Education in Locri May 2029: Pulisio Opens Locri Football Academy Over the 11 years of Pulisio's tenure no focus has been made on the youth setup. Occasionally HOYD and U20s managers have been in place and trialists have come in every year with 9 players being offered youth contracts in 11 intakes, none of whom made a first team appearance before being released. However during this time a generation of young Calabrians have been inspired by the most successful club of the region's history and an 'unnamed' sponsor has come forward to help fund the development of a new Academy. A young boy growing up in Locri with a lack of education has two options; Pulisio's mob or the Mafia mob. Or both... A good portion of the club's transfer budget has been set aside to sign local youngsters for the u18 and u20 sides as well as filling out the club with youth staff. Nevertheless, Pulisio's focus will still be solely first team affairs, with youngsters not being given a look in the first time until deemed of the required standard. Youth football and loans. More of the latter, there's some laundry that needs doing...
  3. The Seria A Champions Goalkeepers Full Backs Centre Backs Defensive Midfielders Wingers Strikers Awards
  4. Something tells me that their keeper may have had a visit from the 'Ndrangheta mafia before the game...(Locri is a hotbed of mafia activity)
  5. More importantly, where did San Marino end up