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  1. Cheers - here's Gregersen: And here's Porvardarsson. He went to Utrecht for £2.6m, we couldn't afford to bring him over Cheers - yeah Kobenhavn are still decent, but not a 'powerhouse' in my save.
  2. Transfers Thorn ~ Bogedal ~ Gregersen ~ Linden ~ Tjaland ~ Kahlenberg This season the squad is really starting to take the shape that Saga Noren likes for her teams. Thorn initially came in as the frontman and he did a fine job before the arrival of Tjaland, while Bogedal came as his understudy but ended up playing a lot of games at AML due to injuries. Faroese Gregersen was a steal from Esbjerg and I hope he is a mainstay for our future to build around. Linded was another freebie, however he hasn't performed very well in the middle at all. Kahlenberg is a real future talent, wh
  3. Thanks, it's now a hat-trick of cups for Saga This is our record against FCK since Saga took over - 4 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. Not too bad and hopefully will get better over time. Out of the ones you've listed only Borkeeiet and Skipper remains. The latter has turned into a decent centre back with an average rating that defies his actual ability.
  4. Personally I like Brodersen and Ostegaard, but I feel it's often a good approach to keep the best potential players and see which ones perform and loan out the slightly older, lower potential players. One of the youngsters could definitely end up forging a key partnership with Eriksen!
  5. Brondby 2025/26 Overview It was a busy winter transfer window, letting our star centre back Nicolaisen leave before going on a free to Lorient in the summer was the catalyst for bringing in some young centre back replacements including splashing out on Teo Wagner. So, we managed to completely bottle the league title. With 5 games to go, we were 3 points clear of FCK, only to lose 3 in a row and end up finishing in 3rd place. We had a good campaign in Europe, eventually being knocked out in the semis to tycoon-owned Southampton. However, we did manage to win some s
  6. He wouldn't sign a new contract and then agreed a deal to go to Lorient in the summer for free. Decided to sell him now for £1m, no time for disloyal players, but we now have massive hole in our defence.
  7. 2025/26 Mid-Season Update Domestically it has been going pretty well. We've formed a solid defensive base having only once conceded more than once in a game, of course away to FCK. However at the same time we've not been that great in front of goal, compounded by two woeful 1-0 defeats to lowly Vejle and Randers to concede 1st place to FCK before the winter break. No problems in the cup, into the QFs. We almost went the whole group stage without conceding until Qarabag got a last minute equaliser. Nonetheless we topped our Europa Conference group and we're straight int
  8. First signing, Kevin reunited with his mother. He's a complete and utter cretin but, hey, family is family.
  9. Brondby 2024/25 Season A couple of dodgy results along the way but we've pushed our way into Europe thanks to finishing 7th and then beating the team in 5th . Roll on the summer to rebuild.
  10. A quick update on Saga's progress as a football manager. All those 1's have rocketed up, apart from GK training and adaptability...
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