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  1. Rise of The Phoenix

    Cheers @kidthekid, @ManUtd1 and @Bartrcm
  2. Rise of The Phoenix

    So we've got Barca in the final. Last time we faced them at the Nou Camp we lost 8-1...I'm hoping for much better this time!
  3. Rise of The Phoenix

    Thanks @False 9 . Only set the keeper to play to full backs, shoot less often for everyone and DMs play risky passes.
  4. Rise of The Phoenix

    A good result in Germany, let's hope our home is a fortress!
  5. Rise of The Phoenix

    Leverkusen beat holders Bayern! Best draw, but they will be a difficult side to face.
  6. Rise of The Phoenix

    This was Pyunik at their finest. Incredible win.
  7. Rise of The Phoenix

    Not really the record you want...
  8. Rise of The Phoenix

    More red cards...but a goal away from home and a narrow loss isn't bad.
  9. Rise of The Phoenix

    Goals galore at White Hart Lane!! This is a good draw, I reckon we can take on Porto.
  10. Rise of The Phoenix

    Big money splashed out on a youngster. He had gone completely under the radar - a starter for club and country and a huge improvement for us.
  11. Rise of The Phoenix

    Youth Intake 2023 Not a great intake but I guess I have to remember that the potential is in comparision to a world-class Geloyan! Another reasonable right winger, professional so should develop nicely. Beast of a centre back, 6'7 at 15 . We need to get him into the gym though. French-born Mathieu Lucas looks good but will always struggle to break into our team as an attacking mid.
  12. Rise of The Phoenix

    What a result!!! Lethal counter attacking to create clear cut chances and reducing superior opposition to shooting from long seems to be our forte.