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  1. Just caught up on this, a very interesting project! I'd be keen to join if there's still a space for me
  2. I think when you get below the top 10 leagues it's going to become very difficult, trying to develop in a nation such as Indonesia, let alone Bhutan, should take years!
  3. Good first couple of seasons, though I feel you need those promotions to the top flight sooner rather than later to help with the leaky finances...easier said than done!
  4. Makoto Nakamura = Pace 20, Acceleration 20, that's for sure! Congrats on the two CL wins already, looking forward to when you're trying to do it with the piddly nations.
  5. Wooo! I'm only 9 days late for this but you've still only just started . All th best with this challenge, Pana is a lovely place to start!!!
  6. Really enjoyed catching up on this, not got FM20 yet but I think when I do I will start in the depths of the non-league as I haven't done it in a while. Congrats on the promotion and the survival, looking much better so far this season than last. I really like this new feature, hopefully it works the other way and you can poach from the Yorkshire clubs around you!
  7. Wycombe do not have a youth setup I'm afraid - check club facilities and it will say no Junior Coaching and no Youth Recruitment.
  8. We reach the last eight by the skin of our teeth! Arsenal are now the side in our way.
  9. Great double performance against Benfica where we were the dominant side. We now face the tricky, but not impossible, Napoli!
  10. After losing his professionalism after off-field events I thought it was time to give in to the offers. It could have been different Hampus.
  11. A tougher draw than we'd have liked and I'm not sure how we're rich and they're modest when their top earner is on £80k pw, more that double our squad
  12. They're looking good as per below, obviously you can see where each year we've improved the facilities. Hopefully now with regular CL money we will no longer have issues with chairmen. Every two years we have elections and the first one, Tony Eriksson, has just left. I always sneak in 'develop youth' and get rid of others they impose. Oh and here's Grahn now, he's looking the real deal:
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