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  1. I never thought it would be like this when I started it, was expecting an eternal struggle which would have been more in-keeping with St Pauli. But it's a nice little alternate Universe . Poulsen is always a player on my radar and I've paid around £15m on FM18 for him before so £2m is ludicrous... He's just class. Forces errors, bullies defenders, brings the wide players into the game. He misses a lot of 1v1s but most of his goals are aerial or tap ins. A little green arrow has come up for finishing and composure so it must have gone up a little, but not enough to go up an attribute yet.
  2. Christmas 2020 Transfers In 7 signings, although only 5 of them new to the team as Akpoguma and Schlupp were with us on loan last season. Another Nigerian, Umar was a freebie is an excellent squad player with pace to burn. My favourite signing and a complete bargain. The Pressing Forward role was made for Yussuf; what he lacks in technical prowess he makes up for with dynamic force! Another bargain signing from the Franchise, Kevin was on loan last season and did well at the heart of a strong defence in the last few months. Forming a good partnership with Udoukhai. A top performer in the 2nd tier who deserves a chance in the top division. Wittek is a good all rounder and grafter, though isn't as pacey as I'd like. Another experienced freebie to add depth to our squad in light of the extra games we'll be playing. Hojbjerg comes in on loan to add a bit of quality and creativity to our midfield whilst still being able to contributing to our high pressing style. We didn't have the budget for him but the board agreed he was an important signing and went all out to get him for me. Jeffrey was our 3rd best player last season and I full expect similar levels of performance this year. Transfers Out Miyaichi is just too injury prone for us and therefore a bit of a liability so I agreed to let him go back to Japan. I cashed in on Daehli; he's got quality but lacked the enthusiasm or pace to be an effective part of the squad. Niasse was moaning already so I got rid, albeit at a small loss, and Osawe, Buballa and Neudecker were all going to struggle to get games so I moved them out on loan. Tactics A slight switch in our main system as we move from 4-2-3-1, where I found the AM ineffectual in big games, to a 4-3-3. DFB-Pokal Disappointment in the cup as we go out in the 2nd round for the 3rd year running, this time on penalties. Bundesliga This form is just insane, especially our defence! Gobsmacked to be honest. Flying high at the top while Bayern struggle yet again and last season's champions Wolfsburg are down in midtable and already sacked their manager! Champions League A tough start with two losses made it look like we weren't cut out for CL football, but a victory at the Giuseppe Meazza and an incredible 6-2 thumping of 2019 CL winners Inter set us on the way to a successful first campaign. We could have finished top of the group by beating Lyon, but a 0-0 draw secured us 2nd spot instead. This is a good draw. Porto are a good side, but not at the same level as some of the other sides we could have been drawn against. Player Stats Our defence have been class and Poulsen has been scoring and creating. The only positions that seem to be struggling a bit are our wide players, especially since Cenk Sahin broke his ankle. The board agreed to sign Leonardo Bittencourt for me from Lyon, so hopefully he will add what we need. Mr. St Pauli is Back I was apprehensive about releasing him as my assistant originally, but I felt he wasn't quite the right fit as my no 2. He's now back working with the youngsters because he just loves the club. I've paid him very well for it too!
  3. A few surprises - Poland into the final, Ireland and Denmark in the Semis and Albania made it out the groups ahead of Croatia.
  4. Me too! It just came together so well, especially the run in the new year. Dealing with League and European football will be a real challenge for us. In the last two seasons we've gone out in the 2nd round of the cup, meaning we only had 36 games in total each season allowing us to keep our team fit, bar injuries.
  5. Helena Costa joins the coaching staff
  6. German Football Roundup 2. Bundesliga DFB-Pokal National Awards
  7. Das Runde muss ins Eckige! Wilkommen/Welcome to the show. Ignore the date above, it's continuous
  8. Player Stats Awards Newcomers Facilities Finances
  9. Knirschzeit!!! (Crunch Time) A fantastic result against Dortmund after the RBL goalless draw kept the dream alive, however Freiburg were the unlikely team to stump our 13 game (11 win) unbeaten run. Bayern sought revenge in a sound 3-0 loss vs the heavyweights making up for us embarrassing them in Munich. Thankfully we didn't slump to the end of the season, picking up a win against relegation battlers Hannover and finishing off with a win against high-flying Wolfsburg. So, where did it leave us in the table? Well, Wolfsburg had already won the league before we faced them, but that victory against them was crucial as it meant we climbed above Leipzig and stated ahead of Bayern and Dortmund to finish in 2nd place! Insane money!!! Big time for the club. The purse strings are yet to be loosened however, and to be honest I don't mind that. Season Review to come.
  10. Cheers! Yes he's done well, definitely Bundesliga quality. He's just finished the season with a bang on 7.00 rating which is pretty impressive. Here he is:
  11. smp20

    [FM19] Les Gones - Olympique Lyonnais

    Fantastic first season, congrats! One thing I've noticed is that average ratings are a lot lower this FM. Normally after a season like that players like Dembele would have higher ratings and all the starters over 7.0
  12. A 0-0 draw with Leipzig gives us 5 clean sheets in a row and we're still just 4 points behind Wolfsburg. 5 games left and we're in a suprise title race with the big boys!