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  1. Cheers guys - yeah it's fun to see how far you can take some of the original players. Of course some will pass to the wayside, but while they're still performing there's no reason to outright replace them. I've made a point of bringing back some of my old favourites as well; Luke Berry back from Luton, Will Norris on loan in Jan and signed for £180k in the summer prior to season 4, Michael Morrison another January signing and most recently Scott Wharton (former loanee) on a free transfer. We managed to finish 2nd behind Barnsley in League One so season 4 we are in the Championship! On top of Norris and Wharton I only anticipate one more signing, we're in desperate need of an upgrade to right winger David Amoo who's struggled a bit in League One. Macaulay Bonne grabbed 26 League One goals, just two shy of his tally in League Two. I'm interested to see how prolific, or not, he will be in the Championship
  2. I really want to focus on building a top class academy, something that I've often struggled to do with Cambridge Utd over the many saves I've done over the years. Not too much come out of the academy so far except a high potential 6'7 striker, but were up to adequate JC /average YR so we should have a few more emerge as football league players at least. If I can get up to the Championship and be financially sustainable there I reckon I can build the academy and give the youngsters chances without looking to just bulldoze the league with foreign imports.
  3. Cheers, I weirdly enjoyed having the tough start! Yeah that was not good business sense from Birmingham at all. We also had 50% of the sell on so the buy back was really only £50k....£300k for 4 games in 4 months...
  4. I'm currently stuck into a Cambridge save and really enjoying it. Not going overboard with signings and trying to develop what I started with. Went in without starting with a tried and tested tactic, started okay in the first couple of games, then slumped. I lost every game in September and on the brink of the sack in 22nd position! Managed to turn it around and ended up losing in the play-off semis. 2nd season we stormed the league by 20+ points from 2nd place, 111 points in total. Now into League 1 and sitting in the playoffs at the half-way point. Team in a Positive 4-1-4-1DM as follows: SK(S) - Mark Howard (3rd season free signing) WB(S) - Bradley Halliday (original) CD(D) - Charlie Goode (2nd season free signing) CD(D) - Aaron Pierre (3rd season free signing, broke leg) WB(S) - Tyler Denton (2nd season loan, 3rd season freebie) BWM(D) - David Meyler (3rd season freebie, captain) MEZ(S) - George Maris (original) BBM(S) - Luke Berry (favourite player of recent times, signed back from Luton for £200k in instalments, HG at club) W(A) - David Amoo (original) W(A) - Jevani Brown (original, sold 2nd season to Birmingham for £350k, re-signed on loan and then for £100k in 3rd season) PF(A) - Macauley Bonne (2nd season signing, 190k in instalments) Backups - Dimitar Mitov (GK, original), Leon Davies (RB, HG at club), Jordan Norville-Williams (LB, HG at club), Emmanuel Onariase (CB, 2nd season free), Gary Deegan (DM, original), Emmanuel Osadebe (CM, original), Harrison Dunk (LW, original, club icon), Harry Darling (CB, HG at club, broke leg), Josh Gordon (RW/ST, 2nd and 3rd season loanee), Courtney Baker-Richardson (ST, 3rd season freebie)
  5. Yeah I realise that - think this kind of thing was in there several iterations ago and must have been got rid of to avoid any legal battles...
  6. Cracking season so far! Flopatelli.....
  7. This happens to me every thread I ever create - interested to see how the season went and whether Balotelli coped with being 2nd fiddle...
  8. Got to say that I love this! Interesting problem to deal, albeit an annoying one for you. Shame these kind of issues are only limited to regens.
  9. Just had a good read through this thread - like that you approach youth only in more or less the opposite way to myself. I bend over backwards to keep players at the club, while you're very happy to sell on and bring someone up the conveyor belt. How's Andre de Wit getting on at Dortmund? His physicals are insane. I feel that trophies are just around the corner!
  10. Diouf has decided to retire from management 3 games into his career. Quick £100k
  11. Attacking players with freedom to run at defences and we get stuck in. Not much else to it.
  12. Rat Among the Wolves First job turned out to be quite a lucrative one, just couldn't be turned down. I'm not keen on wasting my time developing the youngsters or scouting them, will leave that to the DOF. If they're good enough, i'll pick them. From first glance, the team don't look like they should be just 2 places above relegation. Will need to decide who has some backbone in the last 3 games of the season. No chance of going down.
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