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  1. I'm ok with not having a U15 team, we need to draw a line or else some years from now we'll have users requesting a U8 team. Regarding the youth intake date I think it's an excellent idea, it is unrealistic to have a whole squad appear in mid February which also makes it harder to plan the season. Having the kids come in at the beginning of the pre season would be a better option.
  2. Becoming natural depends on hidden attributes like adaptability, if this value is low the player may never become natural in a new position even if he plays there for a long time, whereas highly adapting players can deelop new natural positions within 1,5/2 years.
  3. I like this idea a lot.
  4. I restate my point that this role should exist for the AMR/L strata. A real life example is Mandzukic who currently plays as a AML and is the main pressing point further in the pitch.
  5. In your example of the 4-4-2, you have no specialist roles, yet you choose a structured shape. In your theory is this more important to the overall performance of the tactic than the 12-step guide which links shape to specialist roles?
  6. Awesomeness. This may be what I needed to get that counter attacking tactic to work. It is solid but very short in goals scored.
  7. I would say so. It should work like a 15% discount
  8. Biggest difference I think I saw was a player growing 2/3 cm in his 17/23 y/o span.
  9. Regarding the ManU formation, it is possible, to a certain extent, to replicate these movements. If you use Lingard as a WM/a with a PI to cut inside and get further forward he will attack the box in more central areas. Young can be a simple WB/a, or even a WB/s if you don't want to leave the flank too exposed.
  10. I'm no expert on tactics, but looking at your setup I would ask you the following: Do you need all those TIs? It's harder to spot what is not working if you have so many TIs. Keep it simple and add more TIs as the tactic develops and as you spot some details that can be changed; The roles of the 'diamond' seem a bit static - the Anchor Man does not contribute to the attacking phase and the two CMs do the same thing in the Support role. Maybe try changing one of these roles? You can also try changing the Full Backs to Wing Backs, since they are the only wide players you need them to be adventurous.
  11. I learned some FMs ago thanks to Steven Taylor that high aggression + low decisions is a recipe for disaster.
  12. Some reasons why tutoring is not possible: youngster CA is higher squad status of the youngster is higher tutor is unhappy (unsure if this can be a reason) Tbh I don't think anything I mentioned above is your case but might add something to the discussion