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  1. Albania played very well in the 2nd half, they deserved a goal. Also their GK had a pair of excellent saves
  2. With NL out of the Euro this thread will lose some posts for sure.
  3. Beast player. And I'm a Benfica fan, but there's no hating for João Mário.
  4. Yes. around £34m
  5. So... Real Madrid still has Florentino in charge?
  6. Simeone does not rest players, period. If he could he would play the same XI all season long.
  7. Jovic has potential and can become quite good if developed properly. As for Saponjic I think he's another one those players that came in the "pack" with Jovic. Like Andres Diaz came with Di Maria, Filip Markovic with his brother, and so on.
  8. I did a thread about Sousa's Viola setup a while ago. While I agree that in terms of defensive positioning the formation to go would be 4-4-1-1 it's very hard to replicate how the team plays IRL with that setup. Although you can achieve something interesting, and looking in hindsight maybe I could have gone with the 4-4-1-1. The RB needs to act as the third CB, and the LM needs to come inside because the only players that provide width are the LB and the RM.
  9. I love how that item still mentions the Vanarama Manager of the Year award
  10. Home nation - Portugal R Patricio A Lopes Eduardo Cedric Vieirinha B Alves R Carvalho Pepe R Fonte Eliseu R Guerreiro Danilo W Carvalho J Moutinho J Mario Adrien A Gomes Nani C Ronaldo R Quaresma Rafa Eder B Silva Other nation - Belgium T Courtois S Mignolet J F Gillet V Kompany T Alderweireld J Vertonghen N Lombaerts T Vermaelen J Denayer J Lukaku B Engels A Witsel R Nainggolan M Dembele M Fellaini K De Bruyne N Chadli Y Carrasco E Hazard D Mertens R Lukaku D Origi C Benteke
  11. 8-0 is impressive no matter the circumstances. I guess they made up for the missed goals vs Valencia
  12. RIP "there will be no further updates"
  13. All aboard the OTF train In all honesty this is a good idea, I spent months in GD and TT before finding about the OTF because I had the forum bookmarked inside the FM subforum
  14. The fact that you were almost knocked out by Varzim of all teams is hilarious. They are in the portuguese 3rd tier irl