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  1. Selecting "stage" or "profile" has no effect as viewing the league (either by clicking or ctrl+L) always takes me to the profile screen.
  2. I think in a 4-4-2 diamond you always need depth from the fullbacks. So even if you want Hateboer in a more conservative role you can use WB(s), otherwise the right side will not have much attacking influence. Also, if you use a HB(d) that should free up the fullbacks to attack even more.
  3. Have you ever tried FM Touch? With your style of play you could roll through season even faster.
  4. I won't have much time for the full version this year. So FMT it is, at full throttle to breeze through seasons and go from the bottom of the big 5 leagues to the very top! Sunday rep and unemployed is the starting setup. I want success at full speed! Push the tempo, you say? Career overview - updated as save progresses Season Club Country League Position Landmarks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 Dorking England
  5. Do I have to re-launch the game every time I want to change to a non-standard zoom?
  6. (screenshot is from FM20 but the issue is the same) Is there any way to remove attribute highlighting on FMT permanently? I can disable it under "Strength" but the game doesn't save that choice, so every time I check a player's profile the attributes are highlighted again.
  7. It's a bug, it's already being worked on.
  8. Drop down menu disables attribute highlighting but doesn't save that, so immediately after leaving the screen the attributes are highlighted again. Also nothing in the Preferences.
  9. I don't think this is a bug, it's just how it has been designed. I agree it could look a lot better, though.
  10. I started with the preset 4-3-3 Gegenpress. Passing completion is around 90% which means we are playing it too safe... I'm not very convinced although most matches haven't been that bad.
  11. I can't conceive why SI would make so many changes to the match screen... In my opinion it has been downhill since they ditched split view (FM18?), and this year even worse. --- Regarding my own save(s), I have something going but last year I was too burned out by the full version before I could conclude my save with Nantwich. So much that I really wanted to play FMT this year, and in reality I have no reason to play the full version apart from some minor skinning details I fear won't be editable in FMT.
  12. That can also be a green or a red arrow depending on the player's level of training.
  13. Appreciate this a lot! Will the match screen mods work in FMT? Also, I took the liberty to attach a screenshot to ask three questions: is there a way to automatically disable attribute highlighting? (A) how to remove this scrollbar? (B) is there a way to show Player Traits in this screen? Thanks.
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