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  1. [FM18] Once More 'Round the Sun

    Two goals in the same minute is certainly a rarity!
  2. Scouting Lengths

    In this year's edition the quickest report you can request is a 1-week report. You can change your preferences in staff settings. Depending on how many scouts you have and how many players you have asked scout reports, some players may be put on hold, so that will take more than a week.
  3. I have to recommend one of the best threads in the history of TT&S forum. It may be a bit outdated but the core principles remain.
  4. Just let him run his current contract. If you reach the last year of contract then you'll decide if it's best to renew him and have a possible sale for £32m.
  5. The weather!

    Weather and pitch conditions affect passing quality (especially if it's short, quick passing) and physical condition. That's why a classic hoof-the-ball 4-4-2 is the best way to go!
  6. Footedness and partnerships

    Any line is better than no line. The line imrpoves until a full green if the players have been playing together for a long time, and if during that time they have been performing well. Regarding footedness, I think you can see the advantages and disadvantages via the ME. For example a left-footed CB playing on the right side may have trouble clearing a ball under pressure, or else he may also try a risky back pass to the GK because he's not confident on his right foot.
  7. When rejecting, you can choose to auto-reject loans in the same (or lower) conditions, maybe you can apply that. Also, when offering the players, I think you can 'lock' the option to pay 100% wages.
  8. So you say you've been FM'd....

    I has a 2-2 change to a 3-3 in the last 2 minutes, but that's about it. In 5 seasons I think it's realistic to have something like this happen once or twice.
  9. [FM18] Once More 'Round the Sun

    I can't believe this worked! I've been dealing with my best player wanting to leave all summer long, and after rejecting all offers the board decided to accept one, and I protested the transfer and they actually reconsidered.
  10. Craziest match: Ended 5-8.

    I had a striker miss a penalty, and it seems the referee really wanted him to score because some minutes later he called a nother penalty, which my player missed again... and the called a third one! he then scored, finally.
  11. I don't use any tactical advice from my staff. I use them for training assignments, match preparation, team talks.
  12. Maybe you have too many columns for the size of the screen? I'm not sure if the Touch version has a horizontal scrollbar, but when you add too many columns on the full version you get a horizontal scrollbar.
  13. I think it's fairly well replicated. If you take some time to analyse the squads IRL, you'll see that in the span of 3-4- seasons the majority of the squad has changed.
  14. [FM18] O'Leary's Leeds United - If I Could Turn Back Time

    Ouch! What better way to get back up than two easy matches up next
  15. The team never really seemed ready for the upper tier