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  1. I haven't checked yet but in the CL fantasy about an hour before the matches start the app displays an icon to indicate which players are in the starting XI, that is a good strategy to wait for substitutions. Only works for the first match of the day though.
  2. Who's the keeper passing to? He has good kicking but his passing is only 10 so he might not be aiming the kicks correctly. Also, how did you conclude this? Watching the match, analysis, etc? One thing that could happen is the keeper is actually kicking the ball to the TM but he loses all aerial duels so that is not shown in the highlights.
  3. Cannot be trained. I think it can improve for younger players if the overall team personality is Determined/Very Determined/etc.
  4. You need to see how the attacking midfielders explore the space, and try to have them occupy different areas. If you have for example two wingers and an advanced forward then you'll have pockets of space for the AMC to occupy in the central area, behind the striker. If you have for example inside wingers and a deep-lying forward then the AMC could be a shadow striker to make runs into the box.
  5. The shape in the tactics screen represents the shape of the team when defending. So if you have a flat 4-4-2 the team will defend like that, and then if you configure roles and duties you can easily make the team transform into a 4-2-3-1 when attacking. For example: P/a F9/s IW/a DLP/s CM/d IW/s WB/s CD/s CD/d WB/a GK/d
  6. In 12 seasons I had a GK with a minor injury in match. Never had a red card.
  7. Glad to see other FMT careers. Good luck
  8. More reasonable than Zidane's career in my save. Currently in 2037, he hasn't won a single trophy in the last 14 seasons yet he still holds on to the job!
  9. Here, some Mourinho tactics. And also the best thread in the Tactics forum:
  10. Lazio - Serie A - 2036/37 League table | Competitions | Transfers | Finances In last season's review my goals for this season were "qualify for the CL and challenge for the Cup", and we delivered on both ends. As always, the fight for a top-4 finish is as crazy as you can imagine, with all outcomes possible before the last matchday. Fortunately Milan played and lost to Juventus which meant we overtook them with a draw. We had a very strong run after January, and if it weren't for some surprise losses in the beginning, we could have a had a smoother finish to the season. In the C
  11. Try Portugal. Benfica Porto and Sporting have good young CBs (Ferro, Morato, Diogo Leite, Diogo Queirós, Gonçalo Inácio, Eduardo Quaresma). Also Vit. Guimarães has an excellent youth system that constantly produces great regens.
  12. Lazio - Serie A - 2035/36 League table | Competitions | Transfers | Finances This season was one inch from being a massive letdown, after promising so much. During the entire season we were rock solid on the top 4, in fact we topped the table from matchday 10 to 19, but I knew we were overachieving quite a bit and we would drop more points soon. What I wasn't counting on was on a second half with so many upsets that were inexcusable. We lost many points at home to teams in the bottom half, failing to capitalize on the lost points of the other title contenders. In the end we were tigh
  13. I have my CBs score between 1-5 goals each. Having good Jumping and Heading makes a huge difference.
  14. It took me until October 2035 to see the following VAR event happen: "The referee saw nothing wrong! Goal awarded!"
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