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  1. fm2017 mod

    Does this mod have any conflict with the in-match highlights mod? Because I have both mods in the same folder, and if I try to increase the kits size only the space increases, but the kit remains the same size.
  2. fm2017 mod

    Thanks I got it Even a reluctant reply was very helpful
  3. Hope to get this going with Ilkeston
  4. fm2017 mod

    I was hoping for a bit more detail. I read that but I don't usually edit any skins or panels so I am unsure as to what to do.
  5. fm2017 mod

    Is it possible to have just one panel on the right side? I currently have team stats on top right, and team body language on bottom right, and I would like to have just a big column with team stats.
  6. Awesomeness Is the Libertadores played over the course of two league seasons?
  7. Can you post your tactics screen?
  8. I'm pumped for this! btw Portugal's reset date is June 30
  9. What setup have you been using in the PL? That 4-1-4-1 looks nice. Similar to the art of counter attacking thread. However the DF will struggle when the team is favourite to win, as there is a lack of players attacking the box.
  10. Looks good!
  11. delete pls
  12. Just use the setup described in the opening post. Tactic principles carry on through FM versions.
  13. Can confirm this happens. I usually do one of two: 1- say "i have no idea what he is talking about" 2- contribute to this media created rivalry by always choosing the most aggressive answer possible
  14. Great thread, if not for anything else just to see back those regen faces and the tactics screen
  15. Solid season! Keep the best players and maybe next season, anything can happen in the playoffs.