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  1. kingjericho

    Long Live the Kings

    I remember seeing someone who was managing at this level sell a Polish goalkeeper to a Polish club for around £600k (he had asked way too much and the club agreed), so keep an eye on that!
  2. How should I set up my mentoring groups? I have 3 young players who have low determination and are unambitious. How many senior players should I add to the group? Is 1 senior players enough to influence the 3 youngsters?
  3. How about a refreshment for FM19? Is the "Tiki Taka" preset the way to go?
  4. kingjericho

    [FM19] The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

    Slonim - Pieršaja Liha - 2018 League - despite a poor finish to the season, we got what we wanted, which was avoid relegation. Kubak Bielarusi - eliminated before I took charge. Squad - some interesting players, but depth is short, as well as quality when compared to other teams. Transfers - I only signed a striker on a free who seemed to possess minimum attributes for what I wanted to do with him. Finances - money is so short around these parts that even bad finances are still peanuts. Career overview Season Team Country League Position Landmarks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 Slonim Belarus Pieršaja Liha 14th Next season This squad needs a quality boost if we want to do more than just survive, so that will be my only mission during the off-season.
  5. kingjericho

    [FM19] The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

    My first youth intake gave me four interesting players who I will promote to the first team as soon as possible. As per the league rules, I must have two U20 players in the lineup at all times, and four U20 players on the team sheet for every match, so every promising youngster matters.
  6. kingjericho

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    Is there a way to block the panels displayed in the match screen? In this screen, every time I reload the game the match stats reverts to another panel, and the players ratings stick to H/A team instead of always my team. In this screen the left panel also doesn't memorize what I want to see (match stats).
  7. As can be seen in the attached screenshots, the profile face of myself does not reflect the yellow sunglasses or the blue collar that I have chosen as appearance.
  8. kingjericho

    Long Live the Kings

    You don't use any TI for the transition phase?
  9. kingjericho

    Long Live the Kings

    Let's go daf! I'm interested to see how you cope with the new tactical options.
  10. kingjericho

    [FM19][SKIN] Football Manager 2019 Base Skins

    My base skin is not loading exactly like the default base skin, it lacks the purple background. I unzipped directly to the skins folder, along with the other two base skins, that are showing up normally. Is there a bug or am I doing anything wrong?
  11. Not that I know about, no.
  12. I started a save on FMT to save time, but I found some small things that show a lack of attention to details that FMT lacks from the developers. Individual training schedules mention role and duty, something which was removed from FM (full) two years ago IIRC; Inability not to highlight attributes on the player screen; League table always shows "overview" by default instead of "stage"; Inability to mas attributes which makes scouting very basic. In conclusion I still think I prefer FM (full) even with the added work, some of which I find dispensable.
  13. If you're playing on a PC you can remove league restrictions when choosing the starting setup.
  14. kingjericho

    [FM19] The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

    Slonim League - the league runs in the civil calendar so I take charge at halfway, and things are not looking good. Club - we never played in the top tier and the club's history is brief in achievements. Finances - not too bad but I think the numbers will be red by the end of the season. Career overview Season Team Country League Position Landmarks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 Slonim Belarus Pieršaja Liha ?
  15. Last year I had a great time managing all over Europe. So much that this year I'm planning to do the same. Loaded nations are the following: Belarus, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. I want to try some of these more obscure Eastern Europe nations in which I have never managed in. I'm excluding some nations (Russia, Romania, Greece, Turkey) as I don't want to repeat countries from my last save. The plan is to move freely and win silverware in as many countries as possible. Initially, I only want to manage one club per nation, so let's see how I can do that and win trophies. I'm starting unemployed and without a particular place in mind to begin. Also, I'm playing this save on FMT. Feedback from the community has been positive and I want to maximise my playing time. I restarted the save but this time in full classic mode, as there are some annoying aspects in FMT which I (still) can't cope with for a long term save.