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  1. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! All your threads for FM17 were outsranding... but we need to start thinking about the new game! Can you think about doing an analysis on Tony Pulis' style? This would be a very different approach to your past threads - I'm unsure that will fall in the 'very fluid' category. It's a style that many users have tried to emulate. There are some threads about it and maybe you could give us a hand!
  2. Wow. I thought I knew what to do in FM18 but now the plans may have changed Love El Loco and hope this can lead to many success. btw, are the PI only for the striker and the keeper?
  3. 4-3-3 counter tactic

    Can you post some of your results?
  4. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Good job @Andrew Haines I'm giving this (another) go with Whitby. I'm trying to inplement an old-fashioned 4-4-2 so far not bad but to have real success I need to assemble a very strong squad, as this is a way of play that really requires good players in all positions.
  5. Three striker system?

    Sampaoli's first match with Argentina was a 3-4-3 with 3 strikers (sort of) Messi and Dybala supporting Higuain. If you would try something like this in FM it would be along the lines of a F9-Poacher-DLF trio. They balance when using 3 strikers is to not let big gaps in the midfield and defence. Cleon's 3-4-3 tactic was a good example, but note that with 3 men always forward you shouldn't expect a hugely solid block when defending.
  6. High Pressing Systems

    Don't use this line of thought to create tactics. Creating a tactic because it's player X's best role can influence the overall balance of the tactic. In this case, you have a DM behind a DLP and a AP - none of the three mids will have a strong presence in the box (even with the PIs). Since the CMs are playmakers the rest of the team will look for them when constructing, not allowing them to run off the ball all the way to the opposition area.
  7. Play up Pompey!

    Finally! Glad to see you break from 4th place
  8. Hard setup to recreate in FM. One point I have posted before is the option that has ceased to exist to select a Defensive Winger in the AML slot. That option existed in FM11 and it would fit what Mandzukic does to perfection.
  9. [Suggestion] Youth Intake Date

    I'm ok with not having a U15 team, we need to draw a line or else some years from now we'll have users requesting a U8 team. Regarding the youth intake date I think it's an excellent idea, it is unrealistic to have a whole squad appear in mid February which also makes it harder to plan the season. Having the kids come in at the beginning of the pre season would be a better option.
  10. Becoming natural depends on hidden attributes like adaptability, if this value is low the player may never become natural in a new position even if he plays there for a long time, whereas highly adapting players can deelop new natural positions within 1,5/2 years.
  11. [Suggestion] Club location map

    I like this idea a lot.
  12. I restate my point that this role should exist for the AMR/L strata. A real life example is Mandzukic who currently plays as a AML and is the main pressing point further in the pitch.
  13. What is Team Shape?

    In your example of the 4-4-2, you have no specialist roles, yet you choose a structured shape. In your theory is this more important to the overall performance of the tactic than the 12-step guide which links shape to specialist roles?
  14. What is Team Shape?

    Awesomeness. This may be what I needed to get that counter attacking tactic to work. It is solid but very short in goals scored.