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  1. Barcelona - LaLiga Santander - 2031/32 League table | Competitions | Transfers | Finances After a near clean sweep in my first season the bar was set to repeat the achievements. The first trophy came in the first match in a win over Juventus. We then started our way through the league, but Real Madrid stepped up their game even more this season and definitely didn't give us one inch throughout the entire season. At one point they only had one loss, against us. It came down to the last matchday where we needed a draw at Valencia but we spectacularly lost 3-1. Luckily for us Real bottl
  2. I'm no tactic guru and my analysis is always based on everyday logic: Play out from the back Shorter passing Faster Tempo What's the purpose in combining the three above TI? You want to play from the back and have a short passing game but also a higher tempo which encourages players to get the ball forward quicker. Also, on a Positive mentality your default tempo is already higher. AF(A) IF(S) AM(S) IF(S) CM(D) CM(S) F
  3. Apart from the midfield not being a straight line which tinkers my OCD this looks very well thought
  4. I've been noticing that in recent FMs good players hold up their quality into 33/34 whereas in older games they started to decline more rapidly at 31/32
  5. I get the question in the OP but personally I'm not that rigid in my usual approach to my team. There are key attributes I want all my players to have: Determination, Bravery, Work Rate. And I look for positive personalities: Professional, Determined, Driven, Resolute. For staff I look into these types of personality too, but I really also look for the attributes they need to excel at. For instance I'll sign a Physio with Determined + 20 Physiotherapy over a Model Citizen + 10 Physiotherapy. Personality is important to shape the core of the squad but you also need competent peop
  6. Congrats. The CWC can be hard on the players' legs, especially if you reach those dates with ongoing injuries. How big is your squad? I usually have 22, surely no more than 24.
  7. Barcelona - LaLiga Santander - 2030/31 League table | Competitions | Transfers | Finances Arriving in Barcelona to a 5-time league winning squad the goals were clear: win the league again and challenge for the Champions League, last won in 2025/26. We started the season well but around December we had an injury crisis with 7 players out all at once which meant a drop in form. We lost some points and Real Madrid were stuck to us at the top of the league. We went back and forth until matchday 37 when we lost 2-0 at the Bernabéu and that meant we had to go and beat Valencia on the last
  8. Barcelona Club Info | Club Vision | Finances There weren't that many top clubs looking for a new manager after the season ended. Curiously, Jorge Jesus retired and both Porto and Benfica signed new managers. In the end the decision came down to Barcelona, PSG, or RB Salzburg. All three are currently 5-time champions so domestically the expectation is to continue winning the league. For the first two the big goal is to win the Champions League. The job conditions were pretty much the same, I chose Barça because France seems a more interesting nation should I desire to have a long-ter
  9. Something like "I feel my work here is done", "I achieved everything I set out to", "I want to try a new challenge". Not only this but also not having questions that feel like I failed at the job.
  10. I'm currently playing a journeyman save with multiple leagues and when I want to change jobs I either let my contract expire or I resign at the end of the season. Every time I do this I get questions such as "why do you keep resigning from jobs?" and the answers are always in a negative tone like "it came to a point of no return". Is this a normal perception of my job? How should I address the desire to switch clubs and not being seen as a failure to step down?
  11. FC Porto - Liga NOS - 2029/30 League table | Competitions | Transfers | Finances The aim for the season was to be a serious threat to Benfica's dominance in the last years, and we did just that. I opted for a policy of always fielding my strongest lineup in league games and rotate accordingly in all other competitions, including the CL, of which we had a strong but accessible group. Benfica started dropping points around December and in the second half they lost a lot more points than I even expected. Their season was so poor compared to previous ones that I would have won the league
  12. With a squad always around 22 players do you need to use players from the youth team in some games?
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