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  1. Patrick Waye-Hive looks almost ready for a Serie A loan next season. If he develops well he should be a serious contender on your first squad before his 20s.
  2. You can have a general feel of what your tactic is doing even with 'key' highlights. But, the longer and more matches you watch - along with match stats and analysis - the better. In my opinion you should try a tactic for at least 4-5 matches to see what it is effectively doing, rather than something caused by a specific opponent.
  3. This complaint can only make sense in the mind of a LLM-journeyman-youth-only fanatic Regarding the announcement... I never take it too much into consideration. Recent years show it makes sense, commercially, to focus on things that aren't really what's important for the die hard fans such as social media and better graphics, so I try not to get very happy/angry and just try it when it comes out.
  4. I am not using this tactic, this was just my interpretation of it to best suit Benfica's players. Tbh if I were to choose a role to fit the way Seferovic plays, maybe a PF(a) would be the best option, as his main purpose is to close down the defenders. Even Bruno Lage said the strikers must run a lot regardless of scoring more or less goals.
  5. wow, haven't hard that name in a long time loved his old posts about the box formation
  6. I like the overall look of it, but it seems to be a tad over cautious. You're set up in a Balanced mentality and only have one player with an Attack duty, and he is on a role that only looks for the final touch. It seems to me you might experience some difficulties creating chances, as nobody will take many risks.
  7. That reminds me of Uruguay's approach. Basically they sit back, regardless of who the opponent is, and try to score via quick transitions and hope that either Cavani or Suarez score a goal to then defend that advantage until the end.
  8. I can't imagine a realistic scenario where Inter, in 2021, would try to sign União da Madeira's manager.
  9. Wasn't Vigneron the LB you sought for a long time? Why is he on loan?
  10. Thanks. I'm not the biggest fan of the level of detail the full version has evolved to in recent years, but on the other hand I still want to have good coaches and youth intakes, and I rely a lot on deep scouting.
  11. This is what I'm using now. Slightly different from what's in this thread, but Sacchi's philosophy remains.
  12. Looking good so far! I always think about FMT but then I never fully give it a try... what do you see as the best and worst of it vs the full version?
  13. What I am doing with similar cases in my U19 squad is leaving them there until a later age (17/18/19) and when they are nearer the first squad ability, I promote them and only then I start the mentoring. Bear in mind the negative characteristics can change in a single season so it's not urgent to mentor them immediately.
  14. Is your option for using IWB because you don't have good left-footers or something else?
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