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  1. "Chile’s Alexis Sánchez has played in 52 games for club and country in his 2015-16 season, which began last summer. His Arsenal teammate, Germany’s Mesut Özil, has taken part in 55. And the Argentine ironman Lionel Messi — despite missing a number of games this season to injury — racked up his 56th appearance this week." That was just an article I did read when trying to find the average games played by a premier league player, I couldn´t find that info, the fact is that many players play most games for their clubs in a PL season, in my FM game most of my players played 30 on average when I started in the PL, the AI clubs are only a bit higher as they too take jaded players out. If I played my star player 56 times in a season he would probably be dead and he has 20 natural fitness. The big problem seems to be internationals which FM doesn´t handle correctly when it comes to fatigue, the league itself and the European games seem to be done just fine. If f.ex. central defenders aren´t injured then they usually play in real life, not much rotation going on in most clubs when it comes to the two central defenders.
  2. No, if they are fringe when found by your scouts then it´s on a relative comparison to your club alone, so a 15-18 year old playing for f.ex. Brentford in the Championship is a considered a fringe player for a top PL team then he probably already has the stats to be exactly that kind of player, at such a young age that is very good (usually). The potential ability is however an entirely different matter, that´s up to you to decide upon viewing your scouts report.
  3. Maybe this is known? Anyway, I already had a scout on youth in the UK with the usual parameters, I then thought ... why not search for fringe players between 15-18? If they are fringe at that age there is a good chance they would develop into something good plus the fact that their stats are probably already good enough to perhaps enter as a sub and develop at the club. I asked another scout to do the above and he actually came back today with 12 new good youngsters, much better than what the youth scout had come up with. I signed two cheap ones and I will see how they develop.
  4. Tottenham has in 2047 5 first team players who have played a total of 22 games but they are eating 25% of their wage budget, they are all 33+ and have heavily declined on their physicals. At my club my former 10 times Ballon D´Ore winner is no CR7, his natural fitness made him lose speed/pace far too fast and he stopped performing at the club, I really wanted to keep him as he was the best club leader I have ever had but he wouldn´t budge on the wages. With a heavy heart I offered him out for half price, Barca came knocking with 20 million euros, I got those wages off my chest but the former world beater has played 3 games in an entire season for Barca. At my club I have learned not to gamble, if you are 29+ it´s time to find another club. Some keep their physicals remarkably well but for the most part these players have 2-3 seasons at best left in them. I noticed a couple of other top clubs having the same issue, overpaid 33+ players not playing at all but eating a large portion of the wage budget. Physicals while not being everything are simply too important in FM, the AI actually recognizes this and stops giving these players playing time but their finances are now hindered in the future by players they can neither get rid off nor play, this means that reinforcements are heavily wage limited for some AI clubs. You rarely see these players take a pay cut and join championship clubs, they prefer to stay in the free transfer market rotting until they retire.
  5. The AI has a huge problem with overpaid 32+ aged players they neither can sell nor play, these players simply refuse to to take a pay cut and if they are on 300k + it pretty much ruins the chance of bringing in reinforcements as the AI maintains a certain wage level. Many of these players end up in the free transfer market and rot there, the AI seems okay at deciding which "older" players havn´t yet lost their physical abilities but the ones with a fast decline are a huge problem. Selling them is extremely difficult unless you are willing to let them go for half the price or less, even so you often get the "no one is willing to pay the player´s wages" message. I have seen teams in the PL go on a decline because of the above, if you end up with 3-4 of such players they eat a good chunck of your wage budget and for some there is no way of keeping up their physicals. A player can work around by simply letting players go at the age of 29-30 and still get a good cash return, the AI holds onto them and gives them long contracts on outrageous salaries.
  6. Me;- Congratulations lads, you have just won the FA cup, it´s a moment many footballers dream of : Gonzales;- "Is in a corner picking his nose while watching Youtube" (complacent) Osvaldo;- "Pushes Adams out of the bench onto the floor while shouting something in Spanish" (Aggressive) Adams;- "Whispering while lying on the floor" ; Are you going to fine me again boss? Did I do okay boss? (Nervous) Collins;- "Shouts" ... BINGO!!! ... "Looks at me and hides the phone momentarily".. (Complacent) Francisco;- "My 6,2 doesn´t reflect my ability, I am the captain, if you say otherwise I will "Spanish gangster expressions" ....(Aggressive) Correa;- "I am the best boss, I scored two goals and want to be part of the next game in 1 day, but I am also jaded ... could you send me to Hawaii? Like now? (Pleased) Nanni;- "Runs around naked spreading confetti all over the room" ... (Thrilled) Me: "I should have been a psychiatrist". After the game: Ortiz;- Boss, I am gay and the whole world shall know. Can I by the way join Correa on that trip to Hawaii? I feel sort of tired. Me thinking: "In hindsight, they did warn me about having an almost entirely Spanish squad, should have paid attention to those new Spanish soap operas on TV, might have learned something"
  7. If you are a PL team with an extremely busy schedule it´s far better to send youth on loan. If you are a midtable PL team or lower I would advice against sending 17 year olds on loan if their personality needs "fixing", I found they develop well in your first team with access to U18 or U23 games while mentoring them for the first year. At the age of 18/19 you need to get your most promissing youth players some first team football, that means dealing with the loans yourself, dont delegate this. First and foremost you want them to be regulars, don´t accept squad status, also check the recipient club´s training facilities, make sure you can recall the player by January if he isn´t getting enough games. Don´t keep them in the club unless your plan on using them regularly. I still doubt the effect of subbing youth in for the last 15 minutes, I have had no luck with it.
  8. It´s a farce, nothing to do with unsettling players, it´s just that the AI is flawed. I have the best team in the world in 1944 at Wrexham, mostly 5 star players and when Bayern or Barca come knocking my players aren´t interested in them, they still bid ridiculously bids week after week while I have to pay 150+ million for any player resembling anyone in my squad. I havn´t seen anyone in real life bidding 25 million for f.ex. Jack Grealish week after week to unsettle him, in FM they do that. I thought it was to unsettle players when my club was in it´s infant years in the PL ... the pattern has however stayed exactly the same after I surpassed everyone. I do have the luxury now of just saying no to the endless amount of bids coming in week after week. I have only seen one realistic bid in the past 5 seasons or so, that was 130 million for a winger worth 90 million.
  9. Not that I have seen, my best consistent performer every single week in training is at least on 9,5, he is not inconsistent in his profile description but plays like the wind blows getting 6,1 in one match and scoring 4 in the next. My best performer has rather average training ratings.
  10. I use the editor to "mend" game errors and that is definitely a bug/error. In the end the only conscience you have to satisfy is yours, if you are sure it would never happen in real life correct it. I had two youth players I promised to loan out, I then ran into an injury crisis early season and was forced to call up two youth players, I changed their squad status to "squad players" and offered them a new contract as they would both be seeing a lot of first team football for the foreseeable future. However the promise was still in place and they both wanted to leave the club because I didn´t loan them out, I used the editor to correct that. In the case of a very unlikely sacking you can set yourself to "not sackable" for a short period of time. Havn´t used it yet but it´s there.
  11. 60 million for a 4,5 is extremely cheap in my save, almost all players are set to "don´t want to sell". I wouldn´t call him Messi/Ronaldo level..... just a tad below that but not far from those two.
  12. I do that too, buy some "relatively" cheap youth to loan them out. I can´t however develop them at the club as I have a game every second/third day and training is mostly about preparation. If I want a player here and now I have to splash the cash and in 2043 there are no cheap players. It´s far easier to buy good players in the early 2020s.
  13. Just spent 205 million Euro on a right winger, he better be worth it as I am an evil shouty manager, made me think if people ever spend that kind of money on a player. PS: One of my board requests is to spend my transfer funds, so I did.
  14. I know staff have CA/PA stats, I have always wondered if CA on a HOYD matters.
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