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  1. Hardly ever ...takes too long to get a club going.
  2. You are absolutely right, my stubborn attitude is ruining the fun. I guess I got a bit too attached to the club but fighting the board every season just ruins things. Might do as Daniel says, Newcastle seems worth a try. I wonder if their sponsorship will reach the "right" levels given time ... which has been the huge problem at Gateshead.
  3. I ran into a brick wall with my Gateshead side after winning quite a bit, the board simply expects me to win everything next season too and they are always just satisfied, sometimes unhappy, I am fighting the board more than my opponents as I simply never have any funds, it´s hard to sell players in the future and sponsorships don´t really stack up as I was getting far less than the "usual" big sides. Are there any clubs at all who won´t expect you to win everything even after lots of success? I guess there is always the risk of a takeover and a new board. Arsenal aren´t known for
  4. This guy doesn´t like big matches as the only real downside, I thought I could manage that when I bought him but it has been a nightmare, he squanders so many chances every single game that it borderlines insanity. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2047469948 ... he has a conversion rate of 6%, most shots inside the box and he misses almost all his "one on ones". In comparison here is Liverpool´s goal machine with a finishing of 9, I do know it´s just a minor detail due to other stats being more important ... but still. https://steamcommunity.
  5. I have had success with regardless of age to put the most valuable prospects in the senior squad, give them "reserve duty" and mentor them, I believe they can only be mentored if they are present in the main squad. When they reach 18 you can loan them out but only do so to clubs in a division below you, don´t loan them out to vanarama sides if you are in the Championship f.ex. I have had no success with loaning out to smaller clubs. As for scouting I cheat, a legal one though but very boring and takes time. I scour the various youth teams from certain national sides, I
  6. I bought a world class GK at some point, I did promiss him to bring in a friend ... I didn´t know about that and was out of funds anyway. He was unhappy for 3 seasons, justified? maybe .... I thought he would make other friends once he learned the language or speak to the other Portuguese in the club as I had 4 of those (the GK was Brazilian), he was apparently socially awkward I guess and never got a friend. To be fair, he did perform okayish in the 3 seasons.
  7. I have had problems with various registration issues in the past, they have all been solved by going on holiday for a couple of days, the AI usually sorts out that stuff. Never did the MLS though, so don´t know about that.
  8. So, I scoured Google and found very divided opinions, some saying that determination only matters in matches and has nothing to do with development while others disagreed. I often search for 15-16 freebies and just sign them for the U 18 squad, rarely anything good comes out of it but recently I did get a good "3 star" backup striker who plays very well. Started my new season this morning and signed a 15 year old with 3 in determination but otherwise okayish stats for a centerback at his age, I gave him a mentor and his stats are skyrocketing and he now has 4 star potential, his de
  9. You have to remember that you will get the easiest of starts after a promotion to the PL with a very daring AI who is easy to exploit with counters, the first season maybe be survivable based on the first 4-5 months alone. When the other clubs start to take you seriously, that´s when you really need to man up. As many have said, the money alone from a promotion and a year in the PL goes a long way to solidifying your position, be it as a survivor or as a relegated club, just don´t push your wages, they will hurt a lot if you get relegated. Sign maybe one or two reinforcements upon promoti
  10. The AI doesn´t enter bid wars, that´s just how FM works. I have seen most of the major clubs interested in one of my players but they never compete, usually one comes up with a bid and that´s it. I have also noticed that the AI demands more money from me than other clubs even if my bank has very little money, I don´t know if that´s a coincidence ... but it´s usually not that much more. A hint is to shortlist anyone who might have your interest and just wait it out for the AI to make a bid, then you know the exact amount to bid. Many players have the "don´t want to sell" tag, my adv
  11. Squad depth is a problem though which I can´t solve. I am receiving far less sponsor income than the other teams, 260 million for Arsenal and 55 million for me .... but since my board expects me to win everything every year I basically need a very good side which the CL pays for, no money left for transfers, things are basically at a 0 every year now, I can pay my expenses and that´s it. I am the number one team in Europe and I can´t even loan an elite striker to Barcelona as an important player, my players have no intention of going there. I can´t sell anyone as they all love being at th
  12. All of my matches with very few exceptions look like that, I do get lots of 1-0 victories and the press tells me they "got hammered" when in fact I am just hoping they don´t hit the target because my keeper is sleeping at the far post. Most matches are nail biting hammerings, wood work shots, missed penalties and all the VAR nullified goals. I don´t have the "check eye sight" button enabled yet for my strikers, I really want to buy them contact lenses. As I already wrote, I am winning most games at the moment though but as the social media states ... "we should have scored more" ... yeah
  13. Yup, plenty of regens like this guy : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2041295103 It´s just a matter of retraining them which I have done, the clubs I loan them out to use him as a striker though which is fine, I just want him to get playtime and develop. But yes, like you mention, it´s about seeing an opportunity instead of an obstacle.
  14. How can I prevent the opposing players from breaking my players legs? ... The long term injuries were all due to harsh tackles, I basically lost my 4 wingers ... 3 of them were red card offenses. I did find out this season I can use strikers as wingers and that has helped me a lot. In most of my games I do see the opposing team losing their temper and getting angry because I have the ball most of the time, the amount of yellow cards given to the opposing players is also insane, as I wrote in my OP, I am by far the most fouled team as I dominate most games and I do get lots of match injuri
  15. I am in 2043 and in my game that has not been an issue. Plenty around with 15+ finishing.
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