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  1. I lost the title mainly due to getting my 6 best players injured (4 long term and 2 for 3 matches or so) with 10 games to go, all of them were match injuries due to tackles, I am the most fouled team in the PL but wasn´t expecting this and it could happen in real life. Imagine Liverpool losing Salah, Van Dijk, Mané, Firmino and 2 others all at once . I have different expectations than the board though, my main goal is always to reach the CL which I did comfortably ... the title is important but not something I lose sleep over. I also think that´s why Mourinho has been spared even more harsh criticism, due to Kane and Son being injured, without them Tottenham never really got going and many Spurs supporters understood this. Should you be able to approach the board and state a desire to reassess ambitions due to the unfortunate event of losing too many vital players at once? I mentioned Spurs but I actually don´t know how this works in real life, how many clubs take into account that they have too many injuries and adjust accordingly.
  2. It will have an impact on the economy of all clubs, there is no doubt. Impossible to predict though as it stands, no one knows how long this unfortunate pandemic will last.
  3. I have had a few dubious offside calls on corners where one of my players was in an offside position as the ball was headed directly in from a corner, this was even more dubious. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2039820047 My wingback makes a low hard cross which the goalkeeper punches directly to the striker who scores, there is however as the picture shows someone lurking in an offside position, he does not have any influence on the goal according to what I am seeing. The goal gets nullified by VAR which in my opinion is wrong, seen this a few times and wondered whether others have seen it as well. Can´t seem to post in the bug forums or otherwise I would have put it there.
  4. They should just keep this out of the game, it´s bad enough to sit at home doing nothing, don´t need a reminder of this horrible tragedy in a game.
  5. If you start a new game it´s based on squad strength I believe and what would be considered realistic for that club. As you progress the board will look at what you achieved the previous season and set their goals to match, they don´t care about stadium size, sustainability, squad size and value. With Tottenham though you should be fine, just do as HelloJerry suggested, become unsackable the first season and then turn it off when you are safe and the board announces expectations which you find matches your squad´s abilities.
  6. Nope, it´s a single player game, don´t care what anyone else does and their opinion of me. Just wanted to pay for the seats.
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2036414982 The first 15 games of the season saw my squad with a conversion rate of 4%, I was struggling at 9th position and being expected to win everything I was under threat. My Gateshead board doesn´t mess around and they don´t negotiate. My stats were in nr 1 in everything essential from chances created to shots on target, very few from long range. I was angry, frustrated and didn´t have a clue, my whole team seems to be on happy pills since there havn´t been any morale issues. I was very reluctant to touch my tactics, I could see they were working on the pitch as I was having dozens of clear cut chances, even missed 7 out of 8 penalties. Without any changes to tactics or general approach to team talks things all of a sudden changed, the last 9 games saw me go from 4% to 9% conversion rate and move up the table to 2nd place ... at least the board is now satisfied. 3-5 goals scored each game and thumping of Man Utd. at home by 6-1. But why? I checked stats and the only thing that has changed is that my strikers are now scoring on the same chances, I even put my last 3 penalties away. Stats are unchanged from relative to all other clubs, that goes for both defensive and offensive stats, I just have far more efficient strikers now. Now I am scratching my head, why? Could it be that my training load is low at the start of the season? that still doesn´t explain all the missed one on ones from the "world footballer of the year" who actually was busy winning the World Cup before pre-season, he was very fit. (I don´t touch training) Could it be arbitrary changes in staff? I am getting sniped all the time due to the lack of good coaches in 2042, some leave for manager jobs. Could it be too many pre-season friendlies? I usually do about 8 Could it be my captains? ... I will admit that they aren´t the best of the best, I would say "good" ... but not world class leaders. The last evil match saw me lose at home to Watford in the PL, 32-2 on target and I lost 2-3, I almost threw my mouse but remembered it cost me 200 Euro .... I was furious, frustrated and in all honesty also very sad. FM wasn´t fun nor even remotely realistic, one game or two yes .... but when all games are like banging your head against a wall ... especially with a stupid board like the one I have ... things become hairy and unsettling. Then it all changes and I have no clue why ... feedback would be nice, there is none I can find ... at least not anything related to the absolute blindness that sometimes affects those trying to score. ... and then there is the quarantine, it´s driving me mad I think.
  8. Thanks a bunch for that info, have decided to deduct 150 million + 20 million in interests, can´t pay all at once. Already paid the first 35 million .... so it will be divided in 4 rates, one each year. Very helpful.
  9. You need to be very attentive the type of mentality you play as it mostly dictates the tempo and passing ratio, lower mentality means shorter passes and lower tempo which is not something A. Madrid is known for. With the above said I haven´t had any success with defensive tactics either, mostly because the AI simply is more effective than I will ever be regardless of players. Inviting the AI to attack in FM 2020 is for the most part suicide. I have checked many of the tactics various streamers use and no one goes defensive overall, this tends to mostly be due to the problem you mentioned. Lowering the defensive line is not a good idea, I have never gotten it to work in this FM version... the AI regardless of team passes the ball around like Barcelona in it´s prime and boom ... 1 shot from 40 yards and you can knock on their door for the rest of the game. The AI is far better at being defensive ...
  10. I have never played full possession, I have tried to mix things to make it as less predictable for the AI as possible. After winning the treble again last year with my Gateshead side I got bored, I switched things around for pre-season and decided for a passing game, I have the players required and should do well ... I thought. Playing a standard 4-4-2 and working the ball into the box things couldn´t have gone more horrible and I think I am close to getting the sack, I have a conversion rate of 4% which is pretty much unheard of in football with twice the amount of shots on target than the top team ...I drew 1 game and lost 4 games in a row which a first with a 94-6 shots on target in my favor, their keepers got MoM in all 5 matches while the rest of their teams got absolute crap ratings except the scorer. But then I looked at the other teams, I saw M. City with a conversion ratio of 5% not doing any better than me, they too are playing a possession game based style. I then checked for passes completed and possession ratio, almost all teams with a high possession style of play were doing very bad except for Norwich, the latter doing just okay. I loaded up a different old save to try a Newcastle side I had set up a while ago, what I did notice with Newcastle was pretty much the same although with slightly better results, this side isn´t nowhere near as good as my Gateshead side so in some games nothing happened, lots of boring draws with almost no action. The one thing I did notice in common with games was that the more possession teams have the less their conversion rate is, perhaps you have experienced something different? PS: I am off to save my Gateshead side, things aren´t good though when three strikers in the same week wow to end their goaldroughts. The world champion and world striker of the year has a conversion rate of 0 in 34 shots on target .... FM hates me.
  11. I am in my 22nd season with Gateshead, my youth development has been 2 until now and the other facilities are excellent and have been so for a long while, I just got it upgraded to "youth development 1". All I have been given is absolute crap thus far, nothing even close to remotely usable ... not a single one could add any quality to the U23 squad. The youth development project has been one big money dump and a serious mistake I won´t make on my next play through (if I do one more). The big clubs like City and United have been filled with wonder kids until recently, the last 3-4 seasons have been meager for all clubs since there is no staff in 2042 ...well ... there is .... but they are absolute crap. I have to give contracts to all my staff every single year so they don´t get poached, they are very much wanted and I can´t blame the AI .... but the world class staff doesn´t really do much for the youth intake. I wish you better luck than I had though, I just think the youth intake is heavily unbalanced. I have won the CL 3 times now and am number one in Europe .... one would think I could attract one player that could at least reach sub-status ... but nope. As to why he says "terrific" group of players ... he probably compares the "potential" of the youth players vs the current ability in the squad. Many have already stated though that in lower leagues ... don´t bother with youth, rapid personal development is not a thing in FM.
  12. While the extention to 33k was made I was moved to St. James Park which was filled every home game, that was long ago, I am now ranked one in Europe ... so I think lots of plastics follow the green pastures. Remains to be seen, the 33k capacity has been filled every home game so I think it´s okay. Googled a bit more and seems like 200 million is a low estimate, will have to make a loan if I can.
  13. My new stadium at Gateshead was built for around 25 million Euro and had a a capacity of 17.000, then it´s capacity was increased to 33.000 for an unknown amount. The board had no further expansion options available and I checked the editor, it was already maxed at 33k. I have decided to expand however by 20.000 seats, then I googled to have a rough idea on how much it would cost me but came up absolutely empty. I know Chesterfield´s Proact Stadium with 10.000 seasts cost around 13 million to build but it gets exponentially more expensive as you add capacity, then there is the whole infrastructure to actually support the stadium like parking etc. So, the question is simple, how much should I deduct from my finances for 20k seats? I have set a preliminary allocation of 100 million for it which I don´t have, so it has to be a loan which will make it more expensive. Just really have no clue about how much it would cost me.
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