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  1. Another thing, players in FM 21 don´t look as much towards other players for wages. At least not in my Wrexham side, I have a squad player earning 325k and a star player earning 175k, this is actually normal in my club and I havn´t had the the previous problems of other FM iterations where everyone wants the same wage as someone else. Players tend to look more inwards than outwards when it comes to wages, I couldn´t figure out in the example I mentioned with my backup keeper .. why on earth was he demanding 250k? I have no idea as that would have surpassed my first choice keeper´s pay, he was
  2. Have to of course mention that I have never managed any of the big clubs, I always start in the Vanarama with some club and go from there, but even after reaching the PL with many of the clubs I have never had a wonderkid, it took me 17 years in real life and 16 seasons with Wrexham to finally get one. On top of that 2 of my players on loan (both goalkeepers) might be wonderkids as well, they both have 5 star potential but not yet touted by the media as wonderkids. Last season I had the crappiest youth intake ever in the PL, this season however is filled with promises of good players and
  3. I have been in your situation and I know how hard it becomes, some on this board believe FM simulates real life, it doesn´t, it´s actually far from realistic and you just have to look at it as a "game challenge". After winning the PL for 8 seasons straight and the CL 5 times I still get lots of players drooling when Barcelona comes knocking, Barca who havn´t won anything for the past 8 seasons, they have been basically reduced to a memory in the past. This is due to Barca actually being able to pay them 400K a week where my limit is 325k, the same goes for PSG. Last season for the
  4. Everything looked normal, I can´t really put my finger on it. I decided to try something lighter like preparing for the next match the day after a match instead of general training, that has gone much better. Then I add one or two general training sessions in the two days I have available. I never did the match review, so it´s time to start I guess. I checked for other odd stuff and it all happened after a very weird 10-0 PL victory, could be complacency in the following matches ..... this is however hard to know.
  5. Hmmm, I did the "rest" after match day trick in FM 20. Just tried it in FM21and after 3-4 games my entire team started playing like crap, would need to have this confirmed by someone else but I don´t think it´s viable to set any training the day after a match. It could just be a weird coincidence but it´s the first time in 20 seasons I experienced such a breakdown in team effort, everyone was playing blindfolded. I stopped and things went back to normal, it could be something else that coincided with my testing, I have lots of injuries currently so it could be that as well ... or the cho
  6. I don´t know, always used the "rest 1 day" option, could be I should try the "no pitch or gym work" option instead for recovery. I never have reviews the day after a match anyway, they do seem to rest well though even if they don´t get the recovery.
  7. Indirectly yes, if I am doing too well and know board expectations will be unrealistic after a single successful season I will change my tactics to something more regular, perhaps a default tactic. Furthermore I will make use of those who havn´t played much, so in a sense I am biding my time until I feel the squad is ready for whatever lies ahead.
  8. I trained the Juniors at OB for 6 seasons, the non-starters always showed up on Mondays for high physical intensity training, this is also how the seniors were coached, this is done to bridge the physical gap between starters and potential subs. Found an article explaining this, you can skip to conclusion. https://www.johansports.com/how-do-you-keep-non-starting-players-fit/ Training sessions also included intensive technical training midweek with training matches where the rules were different between the two teams. It could f.ex. be that the first team were not allowed to tackle (
  9. It´s really hard to tell without knowing all the facts including bonuses which f.ex. are a large part of my budget, if I win 6-0 f.ex. you can bet it´s going to be very expensive. As for projections themselves don´t worry about them, mine are always dead wrong but the board does allocate according to them, so you need to give it time. Sponsorship is incredibly slow to grow but it does grow, it took me 6 league and 3 CL titles to get the same as Liverpool with Wrexham while Liverpool won nothing .... but I did get there, there is actually an improvement here from FM 2020. Play your se
  10. Always try to dismiss any promiss in contracts unless it´s written in stone, sometimes it´s almost impossible to sign someone the player wants as his friend but most of the times it can be arranged.
  11. My last two seasons have seen my direct opponents lose/draw at the exact same date I lost points, that´s 12 matches in total so I do understand your suspicion. I feel it happens until I either just run away from the pursuit or it keeps going til the end of the season. The chance of this happening is smaller than winning in the lottery. SI says no and apart from creating artificial excitement in the league it would very suspicious and a lot of people would complain.
  12. That really doesn´t work, when you have 2/3 days apart between each game for two months straight there is no room to involve any sort of physical training, it´s match preparation, rest, restitution and perhaps a single or two light technical training sessions. If I give my players off how are they going to prepare for the next game? Allowing us to move all non starters to U23 or reserve team training schedules would be a far easier fix with the option to "make available for first squad".
  13. I think they do it automatically, at least mine do.
  14. I am asked every year as Wrexham if I want to enter the competition for the U18s or not, I always say yes of course. This started when the club no longer had their vision aligned with youth development at all, they all of a sudden changed to 2 goals only ... play entertaining and make the most of set pieces, they pretty much aligned their goals with mine after some 14 seasons or so. I wish there was a U23 league but so far I havn´t been invited to one.
  15. It´s also a trap, if you have a team that is on high morale and everyone is happy the wrong answers can really hurt, so in the long run it´s just better to decline everything unless you know it´s "praise only". Especially the "team talk" just before a big match which your assistant encourages you to do, it might lift their spirits .... nothing lifts their spirits, everytime I went in and said something it´s always wrong. I think we can win this: Players: Buhuuu ... *crying* ... no we can´t, you are so wrong, we are now extremely sad and will play like a sack of potatoes.
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