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  1. This is obviously a problem and I by no means denying that. And I think nobody denies that really ... The term "easy" can mean almost anything in such a complex game, but if you specifically point to tactics or the ME, then you not talking about squad building etc. that obviously is a thing and esp in longterm saves you have advantages over the AI. But I cant stress this enough ... if you treat FM like a normal game, which is completly understandable, then you will find ways, no matter how difficult it is, to exploit flaws or just beat it by the mechanics given to you. If you treat it as
  2. @dannysheard and when I think about it ... its quite telling that you imply that I shouldnt be good at this game because I dont know about the mechanics that much. Thats right, I dont have a deep understanding about the many ways you can improve in this game. But I should do reasonably well, because I have some knowledge about football in real life (played relativly high in german youth football). SI has done a wonderful job the last years to improve realism, because with this knowledge I can dive into FM and can manage a team. You are playing the game and I try to be a manager with
  3. @dannysheard You missed the point completly mate. I did overachieve in my own view because I didnt exspect to reach the goal of top half finish with a comfortably margin. The game thought I come up in the exactly right place, so I did reasonably well as the manager, without ovrperforming at all. And I exspected to be worse, because I did not know how far the FM in terms of realism and better tools has come. Thats the point I am making. You point out EVERY SINGLE POST that you are one of the gods of the game. We get that and its fine, but you dont seem to understand how games wor
  4. Hello guys, after having read the entire thread, I think there ist a profound misunderstanding what FM is and, a different thing, has become over the last 10 years or so ... let me elaborate in three sections. At first smth about me and then the misunderstandings. 1. I am litterally the so called casual player. A 39 year old divorced dad of two, with a third newborn on my hands with my new wife. Luckily I have a homeoffice job (even without covid) which earns me decent money in a half days work and I can play games as a hobby, for one or two hours a day And I will say this ...
  5. Playing in the third Norwegian league with Alta IF (Journeyman) and watched the important game between my competitors for promotion. Fredrikstad got a stunning 0-5 away victory against Skeid but couldnt hold on, because after the match the game decided they lost 4-1 ... I think thats a really big issue, despite being in my favor actually.
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