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  1. Hello I just looked on the internet and saw that they are trying to get football manger on the concolles. Can somebody confirm this? And is there already more information about it? Thanks for the replies!
  2. Hello I want to start with making a new club and be in charge of all the money from the club. So that I don't need to ask for more tranferbudget or asking for a youth improvemen that they will reject. Can I accept that by myself or isn't that possible?
  3. Hello I have a question about players that want to leave their club. When I have a player that wants to leave and I reject a transfer offer from an other team he gets absolutely mad. But when an other player from somebody's else team wants to leave and they reject my offer the are still happy. Why is this a thing?
  4. Thanks for your answer, he singed a new contract with the club unfortunately so no free transfer for me.
  5. This is a huge talent that I scouted and strange enough the accept a 0 dollar bid from Udinese. So I did the same and they accepted it too he has still nearly 2 years on his contract and isn't on the transferlist. Why would they do this?
  6. Yes I singed some good players for my B team because there where a lot of players that I could singed for free so I thought I can let them play in my B team. But then they think it's for the real team.
  7. When Im buying players for my B-team the board goes absolutely mad because they think Im buying team for the first team. How can I change that or do I need to accept that they are getting mad every time.
  8. I still don't know if it's possible becuese there aren't any jobs available. I don't know why that is but if I see one I'm gonna say it. I have applied for a job and I'm now a coach of a club and coach of the Netherland so it is possible.
  9. Hello everyone I had 2 save games with the Netherlands and by the first one Promes had 4 stars rating and at the second he had only 3 stars. Both where in the beginning of the game. It was not only promes that had an other rating some other players had other potential to. Can someone tel me why this is? Thanks for the answers.
  10. Hello In the beginning of the game I have choose to coach the Netherlands and not coaching an club. But after a single season I want to coach the Netherlands and a club. Is that possible and if yes how can I do that? Thanks for your answers!
  11. Thanks for you advise. im going to use your tips and maybe im a little over reacting because i draw 4 times in a row it could be simply bad luck what you said.
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