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  1. Hi guys, So ive always played the full fat FM on PC (still do) but i brought a samsung galaxy tab A 10.1 (2019) yesterday to play FM touch 2020, with the full fat version you can have side icons only without the writing when you click so in preferences. How can i change it to side bar icons only on the tablet? ive gone through all the settings cant seem to find anything. Thanks.
  2. Well i got a lucky escape there literally about to order this tablet! why hasnt this been removed from the compatible list!?
  3. I have 2 times god knows then, i must of put it in the wrong section.
  4. as you can see rovers have 2,746 seats there home crowds are this every match as the rest of the stadium is terraced, the club sold 5,000 season tickets in game.
  5. Look at the league home attendances, it only seems to be in league games this is also happening with every other club with terraces/seats
  6. Anyone? ive tried here and steam but nothing.
  7. Ive posted it in the bugs forum but cant see a reply, ive been at bristol rovers and brentford and at both clubs the fans are only using the seats in the stadium and not the terraces, is having a massive impact on income, has anyone else noticed this? I thought it could of been just a match engine thing but checking attendances the fans are only using seated areas.
  8. I've raised the topic before on here, stadiums with seats and terraces the terracing is not being used, money wise is a game killer.
  9. Playing as Bristol rovers and first home game crowd was 2,700 i dont think in the clubs history every had a league home crowd that low, should be around 9,000. In game we sold 5,000 season tickets? But also there was 2 stands that seem to be shut down in 3d match. Also sure is been mentioned about the drop in FPS in 3d match it stutters. Gtx 1070, i7 8700k. Thanks, great game btw. EDIT: Ive just looked and the club has 2,746 seats from a capacity of 11,906. that first home game was 2,746 so it seems the terracing isnt being used only the seats.
  10. I cant remember which one but i think it was either fm15 or 16 beta was dropped on halloween?
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